John Birmingham (Brisbane Times) incites racial hatred against White Australians

In a diatribe against Australians posted in the Brisbane Times, John Birmingham incites racial violence against white Australians –

“The Victorian police, and their New South Wales counterparts need to get out on the streets and kick the living bejeezus out of a couple hundred worthless white scumbags. It’s the only way this is going to end.”

His deeply vitrolic piece against Australians comes on the back of recent attacks against Indians in Victoria and NSW. Like many of those on the left, Birmingham makes the automatic assumption that all of these attacks are being committed by White Australians.   Of course such assumptions are racist in themselves, but as far as haters like Birmingham are concerned, that is of no consequence.

Birmingham also neglects to mention the fact that for example, the near-riot in Western Sydney suburb of Harris Park in June 2009 was sparked by racial tension between Indians and Lebanese Muslims or the Indian student was assaulted by an Asian gang on a Melbourne train.

Despite Birmingham’s incitement of racial hatred against whites and that of the Brisbane Times for facilitating it, there is absolutely no recourse for any Australian to take this to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).  As far as HREOC is concerned, as an Australian you have no group rights and you do not even exist as an ethnic group as per their judgement (McLeod v Power [2003] FMC 2: Racial Villification) –

His Honour further found that in Australia, being ‘white’ is not descriptive of any particular or homogeneous ethnic, national or racial group; nor is it a term of abuse applied to an oppressed group. The words uttered by the respondent were offensive, but they were not transformed to any significant degree by the addition of the words “white” or “whites”.

So as a White Australian  you have no legal redress against being vilified – because of your skin colour. This is clearly an example of institutional racism against Australians under the aegis of the federal government.

Also of note is the fact that John Birmingham is the author of a number of books including the ‘Axis of Time’ series and ‘Without Warning’, both of which have anti-Islam themes such as references to the elimination of France’s Muslim population, organised mass skinhead attacks on Muslims in Europe and the rounding-up and deportation of the UK’s Muslim population. In light of the Muslim gang rapes and assaults in the past view years, could anybody imagine the hue and cry if Birmingham had written –

“The Victorian police, and their New South Wales counterparts need to get out on the streets and kick the living bejeezus out of a couple hundred worthless Muslims scumbags. It’s the only way this is going to end.”

He’d already be unemployed, but in Birmingham’s vivid imagination, its only White Australians that deserve a good kicking. His hypocrisy is breathtaking and given that, why would anybody want to read his trashy airport novels? The Brisbane Times should be taken to task for facilitating racial hatred but we all know that because Australians are the target, then they are fair game as far as multiculturalists are concerned.


  1. SBS is another facet of this MULTICULTURAL BS that that little labor party TURD al grasby inflicted upon our great country!



  2. Do race-based gangs make the rest of racist, too?

  3. Sandon,

    As for the ideology of Westernising Islam, there are 1.6 billion of them, so we can either try and make them more like us or we can hand them over to the Taliban and al-Q, what would you rather?

    As far as Australia and terrorism goes, the only two terrorist attacks to have actually taken place in Australia were the killing of the Turkish Consul an his bodyguard by Armenian Christians and the Sydney Hilton Bombing which was carried out by Australia's own intelligence network with the full co-operatin of the NSW Police Service. (Leading to a Royal Commision into the NSW Police Service.)

    So who should we be fearing the most here?



  4. Sandon,

    It will be through the combined mass of the political parties willing to group together or by those driven by politics but armed with guns that will change Australia and anyone who believes other-wise shouldn't be involved in either politics or the carrying of guns.

    The reality is there, people can either be naive and refuse to accept the obvious or they can man-up, roll up their sleaves and get on with what needs to be done.

    Where does the APP stand? Is it either willing to join with other parties or carry guns?

    Those really are the two choices.



  5. Sandon,

    On wealth, Iraq would be far wealithier than most European nations today had it not been for more than 20 years of conflict, same for Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and many others. Trade is the fundamental driver of wealth and most Islamic Nations have been dealing with economic sanctions for decades and the general reluctance from the West to trade in anything other than oil and US Dollars. However, the UAE are among the richest nations in the World, Iran is relatively wealthy even under harsh economc sanction. Then there is Africa, the porrest continent on Earth and still dominated by Christianity.

    So why isn't Christian Africa and South America as wealthy as the Islamic Middle East, Hindu India or Budhist China or the largely Secular West?



  6. Sandon,

    Subsidised Education that encompasses all Children, Subsidised Health Care that encompasses every Citizen and the Welfare Safety Net that encompasses every citizen in this nation are ideas taken directly from the Communist Manifesto by Marx & Engels.

    Along with many other social policies undertaken by state and federal governments alike, the most recent being the unfortunate stripping of land assets without compensation from farmers all over the nation, socialism/communism personified.

    The very egalitarianism that makes Australia what it is harks directly to the socialist/communist ideal for a classless society.

    Australia is far more socialist/communist that people think or are lead to believe.



  7. Mike, the world is easily changed, after all the world is a collection of thoughts, ideas and points of view and every one of those you change you change the world in some small way.

    Australia may not be the utopia we portray to the world for marketing purposes but by an large it is still one of the greatest nations to live in the world by a long way.

    Regardless of how many immigrants we have here, that is not going to change.



  8. Mark Sydney says

    Sickening It is a disgrace. White australians have become something to s*** on WAKE UP PEOPLE When did we decide that we should become a powerless sidelined group in our own country?
    SBS is just another insult to boot. We pay for their endless propaganda.

  9. Sandon,

    As for Islam, they aren't the first religion to step into politics and then use violence to further their agenda. The Roman Catholic IRA had been doing it for three decades before anyone had even heard of Osama Bin Laden, in-fact most of the terrorist acts up until the 1990s were committed by either Christian Fundamentalists in the US of A and Europe or by Communists in Europe along with some odd-ball Environmental Activist Attacks along the way.

    There has never been a religion of peace, Christianity included.



  10. Thanks Crimson for your comments, they are thought provoking. It's nice to hear some rational and calm comments (something at times I haven't been able to do, such at times is my anger, such as yesterday trying to walk up the railway steps with a gang of loud black Africans deliberately blocking the passengers way, they are becoming more and more agressive over here in Perth as their numbers grow) that may well open one's eyes to a closed thought.

    Happy Australia day everyone!

    Couldn't affrod my teeshirt this pay, next pay though I'll buy two. Really wanted to wear one on OZ day, (my birthday!)

  11. Australia hasn't adopted communist ideologiesies, they have been forced upon us. Some may be ok to an extent but now it is getting out of hand, only thing left is revolution time. Everyday they decide to make an new law as they see fit. Noone approves of it. They just use there self serving power to do as they please

  12. How is it easier to stop militant Muslims by letting them come here? That is ridiculous. That is allowing a violent person into a modern society, giving them the go ahead to do as they please and be terrorists. That view is an oxy moron.

  13. Maybe Muslim Islam whatever gave us medicine or science, so why are they lagging behind? Why is there countries so poor. I will tell you why because Idiots in Government turned it into a Communist Regime with laws only suited to some and not all. Just like this government does to us.

  14. If these people were not brought into this country or disrupting our lives and stealing our jobs, then there would be much more peace. Peace like it was before. Bringing them here has caused a stir which brings us back to the no culture can exist together peacefully.

    222 year and there is still conflict with Aboriginals. By saying it is right to let muslims take over the west with the violence and all there rubbish sharia law is an insult. It is not working and never will. Looking at Britian and Europe now in major trouble from it but you suggest "It isn't an easy task" Why should it be done in the first place? It isn't working so why bring more to these countries?

  15. You saying impose more laws upon us is a good thing and then say there were communist parties throughout the sixties, sound to me like you are a part of these communist parties.

    Law are illegal full stop. No other person has the right to impose there rubbish onto another. Laws should be made by a total people referendum, with different views or debates arised. Laws should not be based on religion and i will not stand for someone telling me that this religion or that religion says so

  16. In saying the BNP could be sued then all other governments can be sued also for imposing things upon us that are not wanted. Islam is not a peace religion as we have found out. Trying to size them as being not an easy task is crap. It is just another Left winged ideology to say bringing them to west is the right thing to do. In the meantime i guess you say, all the bashings and rapes and terrorist attacks should be forgiven, because of your ideology.

    It isn't right and the government will be sued for all this crap. Your own views tell us that.

    We live in the now not thousands of years ago and more peeople do not really follow religions so any culture that refuses to abide by Australian custom, culture and law is not wanted here.

  17. Oz, if one points at Islam an claims that it is a religion spread through war an then fails to point out the way in which Christianity was spread through Europe an then spread through the rest of the world in much the same fashion is not doing the whole debate any real service.

    That is not to say Islam is without fault, it is, merely it has its faults much the same as Christianity or Judeoism does.

    What the world needs at this point, Australia included, is to find a meaningfull way n bridging the theologies in a way that brings about a peace through mutual respect and understanding. At this point all three sides of the Abrahamian triangle are making rather more difficult than it other-wise need be.

    What the world is stumbling into now is an inter-religious conflict engulfing Islam and anyone who has failed to realise that really needs to have a more in-depth look at what is actually transpiring. The Fundamentalist Militant Muslims are using the Western World as a pawn to re-gain control of the faith, a faith that has slowly began evolving into a more Westernised Progressive theology, similar to the more Liberal Muslim Ideology that perpetuated the Golden Age of Islam, the very age that gave the Wesern World Science and Physics, our modern understanding of Agriculture, our system of Numerals and Mathematics along with the fundamentals of Medicine, such as the Circulatory System.

    The only thing that we in Australia have to fear is the Fundamentalist Militant Muslims being victorious in their struggle in regaining control of their faith. We would make that easier for them by not allowing Muslims to come to Australia and slowly becoming Westernised. It is not an easy process, nor is a process that is not without risks, as we’ve found out with the Hollsworthy Plot an so-forth.

    But is it a greater risk than say Communism? hardly, ASIO have released documents relating to very militant and armed Communist Groups in Australia during the mid 1960s an early 1970s who may have been planning much worse than the Hollsworthy Plot. Yet that being so, isn’t Kevin Rudd a quasi-socialist? Isn’t the Labor Party partly controlled by Socialist/Communist Factions that once belonged to the Australian Socialist/Communist Parties that perhaps were responsible for the above armed groups very existence during that period?

    Has not Australia embraced many Socialist/Communist Ideologies?

    In time Australia will adopt some Islamic Ideology, that is to say, those Ideologies that are similar to the prodominant Christain Ideologies, over time there will more than likely be a slow progressive move toward a more conservative society with a strong centre based on personel morality and social cohesion. This will undoubtedly lead to a much stronger focus on Law and Order and personal and civil obedience, which in all realities won’t be such a bad thing.

    That is one area where Islam and Christianity will begin to merge for a common purpose, once they move past the bigitory that exists between the two that is.

    The BNP won’t win a British Election, they will however upset the apple-cart, they may even win a seat or two, the BNP are really nothing more than One Nation will a more idiotic leader and even more money. Not to mention, there is also a fair chance the BNP will get itself banned as an organisation if it does not change its membership rules and the first time it disallows a member based upon its own Ideology it will be sued into oblivion.

    Street Level politicing is one thing, forming a cohesive organisation that can change the prevailant thinking of an entire nation is something else entirely and unless the APP is looking for a more direct action route the best it can ever realistically hope to acheive is along the same lines as One Nation, make a lot of noise and generally upset the apple-cart.

    I do admire the spirit of the APP in taking up the challenge, i certainly favour the APP over say the Socialist Alliance and other out-there organisations, however, if they all pulled together or allowed mergence to fight a common enemy the gravity created may acheive something monumental.



  18. On your last note, that is all i agree with because time and time again, i have said in different forums that the smaller parties should merge together but not into another one party but seperate sub sections, keeping there own name so supporters of each party will not be confused.

    I don't know what the socialist alliance is but i think i read in wiki that they are communist. Which i would not want near any government. Family parties, Leisure parties, equal rights for everyone parties and people referenda parties. I wouldn't like any party that takes rights from our Australians.

    I think Christian Democratic party has some good views but there are a couple in there that are s*** because they take the right of the individual away.

    People who do that, are not gods and have no right.

  19. Sandon and Mike, i am in-fact from convict lineage and certainly identify myself as being Australian.

    My interest in religion and culture stems from my research into the Australian people in order to prepare myself for what i know is coming and what i feal many people in the APP have perhaps guessed what is coming for Australia. It is the intention of myself and those i represent to either avoid that scenario or ensure an abrupt and postative outcome by whatever means deamed appropriate. Pre-emptive revolt, rebelion and revolution being in part used to defuze the likelyhood of any other scenario occuring.

    Australia in my opinion does not suffer from an issue resulting from immigration, it is suffering from a crime/poverty problem that is spreading, immigration is merely adding to society’s anxiety regarding the changes to our nation is undergoing.

    Australia at this point is wealthier than at any other point in its history and immigration has helped that occure, the problem there is that the wealth generated in Australia is not flowing through the entirety of our nation.

    Australia needs a much fairer regulatory taxation system that ensures that everyone pays along with promoting business growth through profit making and not taxation avoidence, this would make a real and fundamental impact on every single one of Australia’s minimum wage earners.

    Revolt, rebelion and revolution is not only needed in Australia, it is long over-due, we as a people will never mature until such time we demand and then build the democracy we at times inaccurately think we allready have. It need not be bloody or violent but it will not be without risk nor entirely peacefull if it were ever to occure. Further, it is better than the ulternative, that being a long drawn out civil confligration because the nation did not have a government that was strong enough to deal with the situation and change accordingly.

    The best the APP could hope to do in all realisms is seek out other groups who are small in number such as the Socialist Alliance not for ideological reasons but for the purpose of generating gravitational mass for other people to use as a spring-board for real action.

    In-short, the chances of another politcal party ever winning a federal election are as remote as an finding hen’s teeth, so in my opinion for as little as it is worth the APP and the people who support its ideal so passionately should perhaps look past ideology and work toward an end game that gives them more of what they want, which would be better than the nothing they would get trying to go it allone.

  20. And of course if you could work and actually get somewhere in life instead of paying for all the bludgers. And if you could let all parents, men and women have there rights to be parents anstead of the onesided views and rubbish that is completely wrong. And if our privacy was much more safe, get sick of government departments handing it around to each other like a newspaper. And finally, if we need financial help to have it in place like minority groups do instead of the force you to work dole because that is all we are seen as, slaves. Whats good for one should be for all.

  21. sorry about the spelling, just got home from work and am up at 4am every morning!:)

  22. It seems a losing battle to vote at all because the big parties have all the funds to powdercoat the system as they see fit. With regards to revolution, it would be bloody because they also took our weapons.

    I believe evrything including all laws need a major revamp. If liberals were really for the people, thye would be for us all. If Nationals were for the people and for business, they would be for us all. If Labour were for business and workers, then KRUDD went the wrong way because he is with liberals.


    I believe there are a few parties out there for different reasons, that the people need, should ban together, because if all there policies, which also overlap in areas were to be implemented, then we would be in a much better place. They don't include the big parties because we know there policies are a lie.

  23. Take one guy pleading for his daughters safety, only to be denied and then his daughter was murdered. Only in the news though you here of fathers doing this. If it is a woman the story goes something along the lines of, I are concerned about this woman, making her crime seem minute. False statistics that people have been brainwashed with. This is why we are angry.

    Our culture consistered of being family and playing with our kids and calling our wife sexy or slang words in good fun. The whole lot has been destroyed and over the past ten years it has gotten 100 fold worse.

    Of course we don't want to see any person denied food and shelter but when it comes at the cost of us ourselves, then we have to draw the line.

    I would say some people are angry and saying things out of anger. It would do us all good to have an new government that gives the people choice on major policies. Not just imposed upon us like sheep. Your very last statement is probably the most true statement.

  24. That is why, i guess your end statement is true to what we believe. Racism isn't just the problem, there are numerous things these governments have undoubtedly betrayed us with. Sending our money overseas, not talking of aide but the likes of, carbon trading and our farmers a dying employment. Minorities such as women and Aboriginals and Other cultures bleeding us dry, making everyday for us, harder and harder to even survive. On top of that, fathers have there kids taken as well, causing them so much distress. Then made pay as well but not reasonable pay, downright violation of pay where we are left with nothing, below the poverty line of standards.

    We then try to seek financial help ourselves but it isn't available to us. Now that is plain discrimination and sexism and racism just there. Here we are supporting so many different minorities through hard labour, then there is nothing for us.

    Then we are labelled as things also. Media make it sound oh so sweet but the real truth are in mens rights groups and fathers rights groups to how far these governments have gone to divide us all.

  25. The current governments have destroyed our way of life by imposing anti-racist propaganda, anti sexist propaganda etc but not adhering to it.

    Our children are stolen like a piece of rag, We are called abusers and racists etc but if you indeed, hang around with some white Australians yourself and understand our culture, would you say that was mostly false for government to label us this way. I am sure, you probably know of people within your own culture who are racist themselves. Or women who take your mates children but then are seen as abusers when they did nothing wrong, thereby destroying your mate emotionally.

  26. Crimson, i wouldn't have much of a clue about religious teaching but it seems you may have done your homework. To me sounds like, even though an apposing view to part but on an equal view to most of what we are about, you are adecent Lebanese person, Corrct?

    Anyhow, for that reason, any anti culture you find here is towards the ignorant cultures that do not want to mingle as you say. This country is meant to be a free country, religous values and all. It isn't a culture for violence though.

    I guess white people of this country are feeling rather threatened and violated by the likes of the above media release. If anti-discrimination, sexist and racial laws are for everyone, then that is what they should be for.

    Although, to me you seem to have migrated here, or parents etc. Our view is that we need to stop immigration because it is killing our once glorious economy, our jobs and the current influx seems to be racially violent EG raping women.

    • Sandon,
      There is nothingf wrong with immigration, as long as it is only accepted from Europe and Europe ONLY.
      European races are the only ones that will integrate and contirbute to Australia, and, not to mention, are the only people that are not a threat to our Anglo-European culture here

  27. Mike, thanks for your view.

    The Lebanese Civil War was an ugly era, an ugliness i hope never befalls Australia.

    I also doubt that the APP or any other political organisation is going to get the traction required to incite revolt, rebelion or revoution. Deomcracy as it is practiced in Australia can only go so far and there is no way that the APP will ever be able to challenge the entrenched ideology of the party blocs that govern us, nor could they challenge them in terms of funding, which would be required to gain media attention passively.

    Unless the APP is advocating a direct action or less than peacefull means of furthering their agenda they won’t get Australia to where i think you’re wanting it to go. All voices are welcome and the more that become vocal would make any revolt, rebelion or revolution more likely, however from what i can see here i don’t thing the APP are going to be the incitors or leaders of said revolt, rebelion or revolution, perhaps usefull partners?



    • When I mean revolt, I have no allusions that 'everything will be safe and wonderfult for us' should the APP ever win a federal election in years to come. All I want to revolt from is; the discrimancy myself and other members of the Cauasain community constantly receive from the media and other ethnic groups. If I could feel I could go anywhere in Australia and not be called racist names or be attacked simply because there would be racial vilification laws that protected me, if my neices and newphews and other white kids were taught in their schools to be proud of themselves instead of ashamed and made to apologise (for something they never did), if I could just for once watch a night of television without having 'white racism' pushed down my throat by the news and entertainment industy… I would call that a 'revolution'.
      As it is, I now feel I walk around with a bullseye target painted on both my chest and forehead, simply because of my skin colour and race.

    • Street level politics will lead to an APP victory.
      Look at the BNP

  28. Catty, it would interest you to know that the first Lebanese to come to Australia were Lebanese Christians (Lebanese Christians are the majority of theLebanese population in Australia), so i am not sure what barrow you were pushing there. Secondly, there are only 340,000 Muslims in Australia, far less than New Zealanders, Chinese or even Greeks or Italians for that matter. So i very much doubt they are the bringers of the end of White Western Civilisation given that a good number of that 340,000 are White Converts. Further, Western Civilisation is a civilisation driven by science, learning and knowledge, something the West obtained from the Islamic Empire, including parts of our language and our numerals along with the scientific principle of research.

    So to say that Islam is not in any way compatible with Christianity or Western Civilisation is rather naive and ignorant of the fact that there is not only a tomb for Jesus next to Muhammed’s (peace be upon him) but he himself dirceted all Muslims to follow the teachings of all prophets including Jesus, that an Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

    We all would not exist if it were not for our coexistance and intermingling.

    On another note, yes Kevin Rudd is a traiterous socialist swine taking over from John Howard and his treasonism. The system of government in this country is broken and both ideologies that control it are hopeless inept and completely corrupt.

    You can either keep voting for one corruption over another or brace yourself for revolt, revolution or civil confligration.



    • Hi Crimson. I first met Christain Lebannese in the early 1980's and their were very traumatised and dispared over what had become of their free country that was called 'The Paris of the Middle East' I have seen documentaries and yes, it was true, it really was. Until Islam ruined it. Like the damage Christianity and Catholicism has done around the world, so will Islam and our race unfortuneatly, will pay a heavy toll for it, as will the Abos, the Asians and other ethnic groups that live here.

      I agreed with what you said about both Howard and rudd and you are right, either vote for the same crap with a different logo or revolt, hopefully this party will be our revolt. That's why I talk to as many people as I can and give out this web site's address. My area has changed so dramatically over the last two years, I feel now I live in Africa, and I have also noticed as their numbers increase, so do their voilence (twice attacked now) and rudness.

    • Crimson,
      Muhammed taught subjugation through war.
      In modern times it has been cunningly re-modelled into a form of cancerous subjugation through supposed adaptation to Western societies.
      I appreciate what you are say re passing on of information etc, but please do not be so naive – i know you are not.

  29. Is that socialism or communism, i guess it doesn't really matter because they are both similar in there approach.

    Liberalism was a good theory until, it became apparent that the only agenda was for the minorities and not everyone in general.

    Labourism was alright to boost economy but there current policies rather more resembe liberalism.

    Must be only one left to try Nationalism or Centralism.

  30. I guess we have the same opinion, just worded differently.

  31. 1. Question why it was allowed to be printed in the first place….
    2. Do some research into the way political correctness and racism has/ is being twisted against those it was supposed to protect.
    3. The press are owned by the establishment and will use any method necessary to promote the great work…..
    4. welcome to the next phase of the great work which is to bring down white societies around the world.
    5. Socialism is inching it’s way towards us.

  32. OZPatriot – The problem with the article in question is this:


    • Exactly right, Catty!
      Try and grab the paper from yesterday if you can.
      I called the Brisbane Times (re the John Birmingham article) and apparently it is an online "opinion forum" and not part of the paper itself. They also told me that JB views were not apparently reflective of the paper or its owner – Fairfax media.
      I did get the national editors' number for this "oinline opinion forum" and his name is Darren Goodsir: (02) 9282 2025. The young lady i spoke to gave it to me and asked that i ring him for his explanation of the article.
      Why dont we ALL call him and ask what he thinks about renegade journo's inciting racial hatred against whit European Australia.
      It is everyones' duty to be the 'media rebuttal unit' on behalf of Australia – to put a stop to this disgraceful so called 'journalism'

  33. So what the Sunday Telegraph was trying to say, was that racism in Australia is perpetrated only by by Anglo Australians. What a disgrace!
    Then the story proceeded to ask Turks, Arabs and Africans about if they thought Australia was a racist country. Most of them said it was; especially the hijab wearing turkish muslim that had lived here for 41 years.
    Do you think thay asked a European or Anglo Australia (or anyone white for that matter) if they though Australia was racist? Not a white person in any of the photographs.
    A deplorable and disgusting case of racism against Anglo-European Australians!!
    I urge everyone (esp APP members) who has (or will) read it to call and complain: PH: (02) 9288 2307

  34. Part 1
    Forget about the Brisbane Times being racist – did anyone read the the Sunday Telegraph today?
    There was an article (pg 46-47) by Jennifer Sexton titled: Us and 'them' – Just how racist is modern Australia?
    It started off with a story involving that Vietnamese TV chef Luke Nguyen.
    And it started off like this (the 3 opening paragraphs): "When a bloke in a Drizabone and an Akubra approached Luke Nguyen in inner Sydney, he anticipated being asked where to get the best bowl of noodles.
    Instead, Nguyen, then 19, was told: " Go back to your f***ing country, you nip."
    "He spat on me," Nguyen, 31, says. "I froze in shock. I couldnt believe what had just happened. I had lived in Australia for 18 years. I was one street from Chinatown."

  35. More racist comments, check it out

  36. Mosque
    Sharia Law

    All double standards features, traditional in there invention, have come along way since the early days. All 3 cause havoc across the western world but a forth invention i would like to mention islamification, noted to include all 3 inventions with devastating effect across the world. LOL

    Mike take baseball bats with you. Don't be fooled again.

    I guess the brisbane times are going to post something. Probably the likes of. Members of the APP, have racially slurred the Brisbane times because we had our say in one of our columns.

    We aren't going to let them have there say, Because we want to be ruled by a world government.

    Until it happens to them Mike, they will not carewho complains and all complaints will be tossed aside, because they do as they please and do not take anything seriously. THEY WILL FALL.

  37. The lady involved was said to be the ring leader of this KKK mob who went into the local kebab shop and order 200 kebabs so her 200 family members could celebrate her 90th birthday and mothers day at queens park. When asked why she never invited her neighbours, who were of middle eastern decent, her words were shocking. It is a family affair, i do not know my neighbours.

    In a twist her neighbours had raped a 12 year old girl and were let off with a warning under Sharia Law. The woman was jailed for mentioning these events due to a technecality, Corruption a new law that came in, in 1984.

    These are grave times when a 90 year old woman can commit such terrible crimes.

    Does that sound about the standard of this newspaper. Sounds like a midday show.

  38. Not only do the Brisbane Times promote racism, they also promote police brutality. They are a real charm these guys.

    Freedom of speech is only for government minority groups and the media. As long as the speech is against White Australia, then there is no problem.

    I bet the media would have a field day, if such a crime occurred? I could see it now, 200 white people who caused havoc, by walking down the street, window shopping and buying a kebab, were targetted by police, who kicked the s*** out of them, for bbeing racist, only buying kebabs and not some wholesome chinese food from the take away next door. A 90 year old white lady who was caught in the middle, received 24 stitches across her forehead, when she asked the police involved why they were brutalising these people.

  39. Happy New Year everyone! Just to let you all know, today I rang the Brisbane Times and complained over the racist white bashing that foul idiot/traitor wrote over the Indian bashings/murder.
    At first the person whom I spoke to was quite polite but as soon as I mentioned that I supported the APP I was told ‘Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it’ (yeah right) and was hung up upon.
    As for Australia becoming a third world s***hole Nick, if America and England can fall and will most likely do so, I don’t see much hope for us. I’m sorry to sound so pessemistic, and I DO do my bit for the APP by printing out the leaflets and dropping them into letter boxes. Even the asians at my work are now complaining over the invasion, which I find ironic, considering we complained about them when they came over.
    Still everyone is scared of this ‘racist’ word…to think just that one word has led to the downfall of the greatest race that ever existed, after all, can anyone name me just three inventions that the African or Muslim races has ever created that has benefited mankind? And no, gangster rapp is not one of them!
    Wish me a happy birthday for Australia day, hope none of us Aussies gets bashed, raped or murdered like last year from our lovely African mates or those that practice ‘The religion of peace’

    • Yeah true that about Asians, I've noticed more and more of them complaining too, even about other Asians. An old high school classmate who's originally from Hong Kong said his jaw hit the floor when he went on a recent trip to Sydney, couldn't believe how many Chinese there were. When minorities themselves start complaining you know something's not right anymore.

      Also a friend from France also mentioned that when I spoke to him recently, in fact it was the first thing he said when I asked him what he thought of the city (Sydney)! That was without me having said anything like that to him in the past or him knowing that I'm anti-immigration. Of course it can only get worse the way we're headed. Imagine how it'll be only 10 years from now.

  40. Catty: “Maybe it’s time we DEMAND that politicans feed & house these people in their own SUBURBS ”

    No, their own homes. Billiting.
    Each refugee must spend a minimum of 1 month in the home of an elected member of local, state or federal government.

    Angry, the term ‘halal’ means ‘lawful or permissible’ which effectively means companies displaying this are acknowledging the sovereignty of religious law!

    Is this unconstitutional? Perhaps there should be a court case to test this.

    Truly halal foods are food over which Allah’s name is pronounced.
    Does Cadbury now employ someone to stand on the assemply line and bless every chocolate bar that passes by?
    If so, that’s both hilarious and very, very sad.

  41. Since they are NOT doing there jobs properly (should Have read)

  42. White Australia's fault and how does he work that out, by looking in his deep pit of an arse. What a joke and they still accuse white Australia but in fact are White Australia themselves. Do they take responsibility then, since being White Australians. Do they take responsibility for imposing there greed and corruption upon us. As far as i know, we all didn't approve of there misdeeds so the only White Australians to blame are themselves. I guess they should be relieved of there positions right away, since they are doing there jobs properly. We are there bosses so how dare they speak about or to us in that way. SACKED

  43. Well Mike – it’s a big thank you to Malcolm Fraser who made all this possible… and to hawke/keating for allowing the original lebanese migrants to bring all their families here to australia

    But Malcolm Fraser sleeps okay at night. He has stated publicly that it is white Australia’s fault that the Lebanese haven’t assimilated. It is a breath- taking response on his part and saves himself from having to reflect or question his own actions. Pompous arsehole.

    Yes indeed what a legacy Malcolm Bloody Fraser has left us.

    But he is not on his own, Keating allowed cat’s meat Hilali to stay here (a serial visa overstayer) and again it was against the advice of the Department.

    In both cases it was for short term votes purposes, but with serious long term implications for us as a nation.

  44. Nicholas Folkes says

    Aussie Protectionists wishing to lodge a complaint to Managing Editor at Brisbane Times, details are as follows.

    Conal Hanna – Managing Editor, Brisbane Times

    Switchboard: (07) 3308-1100.

    Call Conal and ask for an apology to be published in the Brisbane Times. This sort of cheap anti-Australian non-jornalism does not belong in any decent paper. John Birmingham is a hopeless Columnist to start with, add his racist rants against white Australian and he becomes a total dickhead.

  45. SUBJECT: Al-Muhajiroun And Islam4UK Are Banned By UK Government

    This is the sort of CRAP that Australians will see here if we don't stand up and fight against inappropriate immigration into our great country.
    Certain ethnic and so called religious groups have no interest in integrating into Australian culture and only seek to destroy us from within.
    This is happening with the muslims and must be stopped!

    • Angry,
      Whats worse is the fact that some of the members of this group who protested and yelled obscenities at the East Anglian soldiers a little while back

      got arrested, put in front of a judge, but then were let off by the judge because he didnt want to set a precedent for putting protesters into jail!!
      Further to this, they are all on welfare and so the taxpayer will be footing the bill (all were fined $1000 each).
      They then made it quite clear that they were proud of being on welfare and that they wouldnt really be paying the fine themselves!!
      This is just another case of this islamist scum rubbing our noses into it!!

  46. SUBJECT: Halal certification

    Hi everybody,
    Everybody needs to blackban CADBURY PRODUCTS stamped with this CRAP!
    Have a read of this about how this is funding terrorism.

    • I already have, I only other brands now…and I used to be a pasty chef!

    • Aye Aye!!
      Dont like Cadbury anyway – too creamy and not enough coco – chocolate for punces i reckon!!
      Cadbury have made a very stupid move in getting this printed:
      1. Australians dont like it
      2. They are (like the gov) pandaering to minority wishes.
      Why would they do this when the majority of people who buy this are NOT muslim?
      Is the muslim market big enough to warrant/Justify this ridiculous process??
      What a joke!!

  47. Now China wants to buy Australia's biggest sugar mill. Unbelievable, sell the lot, sell everything, crims. Maybe all of us should pool our money and buy it.

  48. See how lake Mcquarrie council think they can build a footpath and then send the bill the people living in the house. I thought the footpath was councils problem. i know i would never pay for something i never approved of, let alone asked about. They have got such a nerve. They say they are going to hear ther concerns. My concern would be, i am not paying, you can rip it up if you wish. You put it there, it is your problem. As if people have the money to just throw around. This government and council are crims. Revoke

  49. I read in the newspaper this morning that Rudd has brought 4 Tamils into Australia despite ASIO warning him that they are a security threat to Australia. What gives the prime minister the right to put our nation at risk when our own security agency warned him not to accept these four people. He has breached his duty as a public servant and breached his 'duty of care' to the Australian people. It is a dangerous precedent when a national leader puts his own ego ahead of national security. Equally to blame are each one of his fellow MP's who did not stand up and condemn this dangerous act. All representatives in Australia's parliament who doesn't speak out against this behaviour must also take responsibility for this dangerous breach of national security.

    • You're right, George.
      In fact Wilson Tucky brought up this issue of security risks about 6 months ago and he was. shouted down in Parliament!!

      • Wilson Tuckey is a good MP. He voices the will of his electorate despite the labels people attach to him. I admire this man and the courage he has displayed over many years. There are quite a few within the Libs/ Nats who have their say and exercise 'freedom of speech'. We all need to support politicians when they do good things.

  50. Maybe it’s time we DEMAND that politicans feed & house these people in their own SUBURBS before inflicting them onto us!! In fact it should be mandatory!

  51. Quote from OzPatriot:

    “Like i have said before, its not up to White Western governments (US) to house, clothe and feed 3rd Worlders – they should stay in their own country and force a change!!
    Commie social justice runs one way – to help minorities.”
    The whole idea of Western aid WAS to keep them in their own countries so that they could IMPROVE their own lot. However, it has all come unstuck when some bright spark thought it a could idea to bring their people over here for education in our universities. This was what The Columbo Plan was all about. Most never went back to their countries of origin. With all that nice education up their sleeves living in the West was better than helping uplift the countries of their birth. They merely set up shop here and send money back home – eventually most bought out their entire families under our so called ‘family reunion’ plan.

    Then we had the bleeding hearts in the Catholic Church (under Caritas) thinking it was a capital idea to bring Africans to Oz.! Never mind – the social cost won’t be borne by the Catholic Church – it will be borne by US dumb sheeple in the form of vicious crime rates, and growing war between Aboriginals and Africans. Labour is slowly turning this once great country into a third world toilet – another boat arrived today – the 7th for January alone!

    • Hi Catty, whilst I agree with you it was the Howard government who first bought the scum over, krudd has only upped the intake.
      Both Liberal and Labour are traitors.

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        That's right Mike. Liberal and Labor are both traitorous scum. The APP is the only Australian alternative. Liberal and Labor do not represent the interests of Australians but the free loading foreign trash sucking us dry.

        The 'writing is on the wall', Australia will become a third world nation unless we, the people of Australia unite against the evil twin enemies. Join the resistance.

  52. My God! I've just visited that site that OZPatriot suggested! "Ethnic MINORITY Organisations my arse. They even have Southall Black Sisters, African Womens League's etc……apart from every other ethnic race on earth organisation.
    I went to the senior citizens clubs page..18 of them..compared to around 100 of the Minorities Group pages….They should have a White English Group made up…imagine the cries of racist then….I think poor old Blighty has had it.
    We have got to WAKE UP!!!

    • Yeah, those sick bastards in Westminster have a lot to answer for.
      Who'd ever thought that white people would be their own worst enemy?

  53. Sort of off topic, but thought everyone might like to see what is happening re white racism against our English cousins in some councils over there:

  54. Clearly this John Birmingham is INCITING RACIAL HATRED against WHITE AUSTRALIANS.
    He must be charges under race discrimination laws!

  55. Dave Tierney says

    I am fed up with having to change my culture and attitudes to suit people of other cultures who come here and then say we are racist. We need to stand together and fight for our cultural rights. Oh dear, forgive me, I must have forgotten that as white Australians, we are not seen as having any cultural heritage at all. Remember the furore over the KFC ad last week, well I was offended by the movie ‘White men can’t jump’ but nobody listened to my concerns, especially the wimpish white apologists who inhabit the halls of government and the media. Who listens to us when we say Islam offends our cultural sensitivies? The answer, no one. I refuse to buy food that is stamped with the Hallal or Kosher mark. Both marks signify that the manufacturer condones the inhumane slaughter of cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. If we do not stand up for our culture, it will disappear in a few generations and it will be our grandchildren who will suffer. If this post makes me a racist, then so be it for I am a proud white Australian.

    • Yes dave. I don't like how ads convey men as being abuser, when women also abuse and kill. A woman can leave a child at a church door and the media will say. We are concerned for her welfare, or she is depressed or something. I mean come on If equality is equality it goes both ways not just one way. Not that i am against women but against the government and media causing a rift between the sexes and the races.

      They do it with slyness and corruption so they get more power and more pensions for doing so.
      We know exactly what you mean.

      Maybe it will be a white person who lets of a nuclear bomb. Pushed to the limit.

      Noone will hear your concerns dave, it isn't racist or sexist apparently. But i remember when they said if you feel like an ad is offensive to ring such and such a number. I guess unless you are white and male you have no say at all. If you are a white woman, you have no say unless it is against a white man. Which is not right because it is deviding us when really we have no reason to dislike each other.

  56. No wonder the Muslims call us 'infidels' with traitors like this jerk and the ones we elect to 'protect' Australia!
    What a shame its come to this, thank god my grandparents are now gone, they loved Australia, said it was the best country in the world, just as well they can't see it now, I'll never get used to this, I was raised in a predominantly white country and to have this FORCED upon me, along with this vile cancer called 'political correctness' is just horrible. Every ethnic race prefers the company of its own kind, its a biological and proven fact and the fact that certain members of our own race of people who took it upon themselves to do this to everyone else…well words just fail me.I'm not even that old yet can remember when we all looked the same, spoke the same launguage and the biggest threat was the school yard bully/ies. Now the threat is everywhere and we are all looking over our shoulders, stressed out to the max, and of course this is taking a toll on our mental and phsycial health.. Interesting to see that even back in Roman times, the far left of politics back even then were blamed for the fall of Rome and debauchery.

    • Your grandparents would still be looking down on you mike, same with mine. It isn't just biological either. Apart from the few, most likely when walking the streets, we see cultures all within there own. Even with Aboriginies, this is the same. You don't need any scientific evidence, it is right before our eyes.

  57. OzPatriot – I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the white race is already headed for extinction. Within 200 years the gene responsible for blond hair will be extinct. The white race is intermarrying with other cultures at a unprecidented rate. Faster than anytime in previous human history. So, in effect, yes, we are going to become a limited edition at this rate. How ironic, the race that was responsible for building Western civilisation is now responsible for it’s ultimate demise – curteously of the socialist left and their commie mates enforcing multi-culturalism across the entire West and bringing in a Trojan horse in the form of muslims. A religion so alien to our Christian roots, that I forsee terrible times in the next 20 odd years. I am sure Birmingham will be cheering all the way……as they one day force him and his family to bow down to Allah.

    • Catty, i know what you mean.
      There is still hope if white people marry other whites; this doesnt have to mean 'blonde/fair haired". If Europeans stick together and marry amongst themselves then i think this is fine. I dont see a problem with an Anglo Australian marrying an Italian for instance. The cultures are essentially the same – they both drink alcohol, respect women, enjoy the outdoors and love life.
      Its when we start marrying asians, africans, indians, arabs that dilution begins.
      Like i have said before, its not up to White Western governments (US) to house, clothe and feed 3rd Worlders – they should stay in their own country and force a change!!
      Commie social justice runs one way – to help minorities.

  58. All part of the dumbing down of Western Society by the bleeding hearts, apologists and communist left.
    Whites/Europeans will be limited editions if we dont stand up and fight sick bastards like John Birmingham – he hates and is ashamed of his own race – a sick and twisted state affairs.
    Next we will see race hate laws brought in to protect everyone except European Australian, just like in Britain.
    Then we are all stuffed!!

  59. [youtube 1w7a75LE1MQ


  60. millstoneridge says

    Catty, you are correct, it is attitude. I am doing nursing at Newcastle Uni though their Port Macquarie campus. We had to do a full day workshop as part of the course about Aboriginal health…. Suffice to say one lecturer could not handle uncomfortable, but fair comments from a classmate who had worked with and had Aboriginal friends, and was told to keep his mouth shut during the break. We had another lecturer during th afternoon session who was whiter than all of us, called himself Aboriginal and cited his mother as being part of the 'stolen generation'. This person was rude and extremely racist towards we 'whites'. ATTITUDE plays a big role, and a chip on the shoulder of these people does not help.

  61. I saw Mike Tyson as a brilliant boxer, that was until he bit someones ear off and raped women.

  62. As far as I am concerned, It all boils down to attitiude, not race. Besides, when we are talking about muslims, they are NOT a race. They are a ‘religion’ made up of many races, including (unfortunately) whites. Also, as stated before, most Australians are willing to give all a fair go, including refugees. Trouble starts when one group is given favours & privleges over others, and an unwillinginess of certain individuals to embrace the country and it’s people. That’s when aussies get toey, and their eyes glaze over. It’s not to much to ask that new arrivals make an effort, including learning the language of their new homeland.

    • Agree, because the ones that have in fact made an effort are the ones who we respect and are the ones who are our friends. Like the ones i mentioned above, who were my friends etc. It isn't about race at all. I look at Anthony Mundine. Now he ia a very good boxer. From following boxing most of my life, i see his skill and talent but i also see his arrogance and it isn't just me who sees it. Many of us do. He was a good footy player. He skin colour had nothing to do with it. It was his ATTITUDE.

  63. I used to work for this business that took on board the bad boys so to speak, the ones doing community service. Now there were a couple guys i would like to mention. One was a hippy. Smoked pot, long hair. He was white. He actually worked great so after his community service we hired him. Another was an Aboriginal, he probably worked harder then i did. He had two jobs. He got done for assault, 100 hours community service. We hired him also because he was a decnt person and a good worker.

  64. In the end jim it is about one word you said RESPECT but i guess that goes for everyone because to get respect you earn it. I don't respect any government or any other person intervenng in my life, when it is not needed. Stealing my children and then apologising to Aboriginies for the same thing, only i wasn't abusive, or had a house full of vermon, i fed my children, And most importantly I LOVED THEM MORE THEN ANYONE knows. Noone has the right to my children or can say how i have to love and treat them, especially when i have never harmed them.

  65. We wer in the top medical benefits, so wasted our money because we were still 5000 out of pocket plus the huge fortnightly payments. Nothing is right with anything. the promotion of sex like its an easy. Far as i am concerned it is too easy so someone like me who just wants one woman to love will never have her because she just keeps breaking my heart so my heart isn't free anymore.

    Sex shops everywhere, Porn like a newspaper add. It is pretty much harder these days then the good ole' days of laid back aussies jim.

  66. I do think government have not helped in any situation. Or the media for that fact. I could see that when people do in fact ask a service for help ie DOCS for instance, not my case though, just an example. They should be given help and those services should be use more pro active rather then just alienating a child from there parents etc. Those children in fact are more traumatised by a stranger taking them away from there parents. Maybe help in the beginning for a start if that doesn't work then take children but regular contact, improve parent etc. Sometimes life is tough for some people. One thing is government telling parents not to smack children. Now i for one hate smacking my children so i have found ways to discipline them better. however some children don't respond. Hitting in the head or excessive etc, i can understand. These things are why children have turned out bad. When you said parents who don't give a toss, i agree but when you want your children and care immensely for them, have done the best you can for them etc, not perfect of course and then an ex keeps them from you and government approve of this, i guess children do become bad from that as well, i know i did.

    • Another thing is our food Jim. My daughter used to be nasty, bad, temperamental, and just plain frustrated with everything. Gone are the wholesome home cooked meals because now to survive, we need all of us working. Hence take away foods, junk, take away is cheaper then when i was a kid, by comparison. Even foods in supermarkets are not all what they are cracked up to be.

      Anyway my ex and i came across a book that told of bad ingredients in foods and what they were likely to do. It was in a label type format with foods of concern and foods that were not bad, even as simple as breads.

      We decided to give it a go and sure enough our daughter started to settle.

      I can tell you that our daughter was premiture. That was a big deal for my ex and of course me but it sent my ex loopy. She turned out fine but the long hours the huge medical bills. Our little girl no bigger then my hand. The stress her not being able to come home. All those things started my ex and i becoming apart.

  67. The TV feed violence, death, rape, humiliaton as a form of sport and entertainment. What do you thing we reap from that? A generation of Choir boys? i think not…. but I have been wrong before

    Sorry JimboC – The Islamic world would have the most heavily censored sanitised TV & Media for their masses in the world – with no violent video games available to their kids – yet they produce some of the most vile people known to modern times. Why not even one of the good Sheiks from the Saudi Arabian Royal Family is immune – caught red handed torturing and bashing a hapless Afghani worker senseless. Then we have honour killings, amputations, FGM, beheadings, rape, lynchings, acid attacks, keroscene torchings, Ain’t Islam grande`?

    In regards to our own:
    Have you ever thought about the governments role in all this – after all, they are the ones that have dismantled the family unit, diluted the meaning of marriage, made abortion a taxpayer funded operation, and encouraged women to abandon the home for a ‘career’. Top that with changing closing times for pubs and clubs, thus having alcohol on tap 24/7, turning a blind eye to out of control drunken kids, especially at schoolies on the Gold Coast, thus turning it into a commercial event. Governments have made violent videos more accessible, especially R rated ones, allowed the judiciary to hand out wishy washy sentencing (saves them from building more prisons) Made the drinking age less, same with driving. In short, they, the government, stand accused of destroying everything that was good and decent in Oz.

  68. disrespectful to my Grandfather who fought for this country and watched his friends murdered.

  69. I consider myself to be decent, get along with many people, have fought people also. I have my children taken from me for nothing and when i say nothing, i me nothing. I hear of all these things and i can say if people didn't have a problem with something, then we wouldn't be here on this forum. Racism isn't right whichever way it goes. Sexism isn't either.That is why my children are taken because of sexist people. I don't have to prove anything to anyone really and if i do then so should the others ie my ex.

    Oh i dated a Macedonian woman once too. When you get mugged for a packet of smokes when you had none because you don't smoke, you can see the violence. Of course it isn't just with one culture but all. It just seems to be more so with some cultures.

    I don't like government turning this country into a Communist country neither. I guess that is disrespectful to the Australian people.

  70. .I have read most of these listing and finds some informed, a few totally ridiculous other just rubbish peddled from what appears to be young and ill- informed uneducated minds. There is really only one thing missing from our, and sadly most modern cultures. RESPECT. Without it we are lost and the sooner it is returned to our collective way of life the better we will all be. I am 65. I have live in many places and travel a lot. In spite of what I have seen and read, I still treat my fellow human beings as equal. I do not care to judge them by colour race or creed but by the respect they show firstly to themselves and to others. Thank you for taking the time to read my humble opinion

    • Jimbo, i guess our generation is angry that we treated like racists when our view is certainly the same as you. I have had many friends from different cultures. Indian, Croation, Macedonian, Dutch, Aboriginal. You name it. They were decent so of course i respected them also. Of course there would be some other culture, you would argue with as a person, not because of there race. It is appalling though how we are called racist for having a view.

      Our view is that, the current intake is causing us financial stress so slowing the intake is our right to ask for. The current intake are belting each other, Raping innocent women with gangs, Gang bashing innocent people and we are called racists for it, that is why we are angry.

      • Sandon, Parenting would have to take a huge share of the blame for the ills of our modern world. Thes problems are mainly the cause of parent who dont give a toss about thier kids and so the kids react the same and we get to clean up the garbage. The TV feed violence, death, rape, humiliaton as a form of sport and entertainment. What do you thing we reap from that? A generation of Choir boys? i think not…. but I have been wrong before

        • I do agree with you ther because i have seen what children get up to but one thing i also see is this. If you are indeed a good parent, You teach your children as best you can. Parenting isn't perfect. You discipline them as a parent should, not too abusive of course etc. Then when a child says to you, you can't touch me, i know my rights etc, you then have to wonder where it comes from.

          I know my ex and i breaking up is not at all best for our children but these things do happen. Its not right when government intervene and give a single parent more then the couple together. That just gives incentive. Its not right to expect someone to give up there children. i mean if any parent, male or female wish to be with there children it is there own personal right. Of course with all abuse aside, i am talking.

  71. On the other hand, i went ot TAFE. We had a Sri Lankan teacher. He was brilliant, very good at his job, strict, was not someone just raving about things, he could actually do the job we were studying. One day some students didn't turn up. They had seen an old man been run over by a bus, sure enough it was in the next days paper. That same teacher said, they should have turned up we see that everyday in our country. We all stood up and said you aint in your country. To us he was bringing his country to us, trying to impose it on us. But hang on we have our culture too. He should respect that. We don't see that in our country too often so it makes us feel sick. He didn't respect us. So we who did respect him, didn't after that. For awhile or the day anyway. That was 18 years ago and i still remember it like that. Respect breeds Respect. Disrespect breeds Disrespect

  72. And for the record JImboC – I couldn't care less if an immigrant person was PINK! However, when they show their 'gratitude' by thumbing their noses at our culture, laws and institutions my charity wears a little thin. In the words of Peter Costello: "If you have difficulty in accepting Australia and it's people then maybe this is not the country for you". The first ones I would ship off to Mohammad world are Sheik Hilali, Keysar Trad, Sheik Fez and Omri Bakri, and anyone else that won't make an effort to become part of mainstream Australia. That isn't racist………….that is getting RID of a trojan horse that will bring untold misery to this country in the form of racial tension and eventual riots.

  73. They'll still be calling us 'racist' when rescue personnel go around picking up little bits of blown up, charred white Australians when the bombs go off, indeed, Australia's first Islamic terror attack, will most likely be described in the media as 'our own fault for not showing enough respect for other cultures'
    Amazing how those white traitors in the media bleat on over how this is Aboriginal land, yet refuse to ask Aboriginal permission to allow other cultures to 'invade' their land. Indeed, they themselves, seem to have taken it on personally who is and who isn't allowed into Australia. I know for a fact the Aboriginies HATE the black Africans and there are large racial wars between them, they call the AFricans 'invaders' not us, only the white media now call us invaders, especailly on Australia day. It's interesting now too here in Perth, more Abo and white kids hanging together, both groups seem to know something is very, very wrong.

    • This government is tipping immigrants and refugees into regional and rural towns at a rapid rate – Toowoomba is one of these. No sooner had they sent Sudanese and Somali blacks to that regional city and the trouble began almost immediately. Serious fights began to break out between Aboriginals and these new black arrivals….and you are right. The aboriginals see them as rivals. In regards to the Indian stabbings and bashings – it is being done by other ethnic groups. My daughter lives in Melbourne and she said that ethnic gangs are roaming the streets looking for trouble. When the perpetrators of these crimes are apprehended I hope our newspapers and the Indian government make it clear that these crimes where committed by NON WHITES! But somehow I doubt it. It has to be up to us to make real noise over this one, get in touch with the news editors and DEMAND they report in TRUTH of these matters. I am sick and tired of this country being labelled racist, when in fact we bend our arses over to accommodate our non white inhabitants. Time to take a stand and stop profusely apologizing for things we are NOT responsible for!

      • As a matter of fact, the APP should challenge media outlets AND the Indian consulate on this matter. If it is found that no whites are invovlved in these attacks they should DEMAND a apology and a retraction of racist charges! Let's make no mistake, when they use the term 'racist' it is a direct charge against WHITES!

        • Catty, I lived in Toowoomba for 30 years. They have moved many of that culture to toowoomba. A few years ago ther was a double murder within there community. I remember as a child, defending myself to Aboriginies but things looked up. They used to have family fights and block off the street. They closed the Lake Hotel down for this reason.

          In the past 10 years the Africans have been moving in and also the Asian. Its because of The Uni. Toowoomba grew very quickly to be the biggest inland city in Australia. When i was a teenager, my family moved to Chinchilla, We used to leave doors open all day and night because of the heat. Then Aboriginies were moved that way and the crime began.

          Toowoomba has always been a violent place. Coming into it though, you would not think so but it is. When i left Toowoomba, i couldn't believe the amount of Africans there.

          • Sandon – As a child I used to live in a little town called Crows Nest – not far from Toowoomba. My dad worked on the Perserverance Dam at the time. The days of leaving your doors open are long gone. We used to do that when living in Crows Nest, but that was the Crows Nest of the past – I bet the residents don't do that anymore. However, I have the rare luxury of living in a rural setting where you can still do that with relative confidence. I am on small acreage and the surrounding neighbours keep watch on one another. It's the sort of place where everybody knows one another. We don't have a postal service – you have to collect your mail at our quaint local Post Office – even the local IGA store is something out of the colonial era, lol. It's rickety and wooden, complete with wooden floor. The local pub is the same! The train will only stop if there is a passenger wanting to get on/off at the township. I have lived here for 6 years…….and I want to die here too. We couldn't stand it any longer where we were living. It's a different lifestyle to the cities. People ACTUALLY care about one another, which is more than I can say about much of city life.

          • Yes, i know all too well the small community thing, people do care for one another. Chinchilla was like that. I know Crows Nest been ther many times, used to go to the falls for a dive. It was fun when we were mad teenagers. I guess you would know what Toowoomba has always been like then. Rev head etc. Harlaxton was the Bronx, it has been cleaned up and nowthe richies have the view from there. I had a block of dirt at Highfields years ago, was going to live there but now its all grown up too. As a kid i lived at Rockville, we called it the mini Bronx, Not a day without a fight with other kids, stealing milk money because we never got lollies. Yes Toowoomba when i was a kid had a lot of people but you sort of knew everyone by face. Now though, noone knows anyone lol

          • Owe the freaks we saw as kids living near the mental prison Bailey Henderson. We used to walk up a dirt track past there to a dirt bike track. On the way would see needles and syringes from the hospital dumped there.

        • Darrin Hodges says

          I suspect Catty as the details emerge about the perpetrators we'll find the results of the investigations will become somewhat under-reported. The truth does out eventually and your suggestion is a great idea.

          • Darrin – Keep a close eye on this one – if it emerges that these crimes have been committed by non whites, there should be a demand from the APP that Australian media and Indian sources (both media and government) retract the charge of racism. As I said before, whites are the only group that have this charge levelled at them. When was the last time a non white was labelled a racist? eg………..NEVER!

      • Yep spot on Catty , clocked this a while ago ,no discription means its probably not whitey , have you had a look at SARAH MAID OF ALBION good site ,shows the way the same s*** goes on everywhere ,as ive posted before ,telling the truth would show there immigration policy for what it is . Im ex dave the pom but I still urge people to take a look at the BNP website ,have a look at where we are heading , muzzies are the same everywhere WAKE UP AUSTRALIA

  74. The irony to all the dickheads claiming to kick white trash etc, is that they themselves are white and are discriminating against there own race and themselves, the idiots. Maybe it is there agenda to make us angry because they feel threatened themselves by other cultures.

    Shockadelic you are right, it will turn around soon enough, because in the end we will not go down without a fight.

    Your point about Aboriginies is very true and you would think they would learn from it. Still to this day after 222 years together there is racism so how in the hell are Australian white and Aboriginal going to adopt other cultures. It can't happen, not if they refuse to adopt our way of life and stop imposing there crap onto us.

    Also with Aboriginies, It would be safe to say that every generation past 1900 would have become used to each other because we were born here. Right from birth we don't know any different. We don't trully know the past except what we are told from books. We have accepted each other to a point. I don't think Aboriginies would like us to go now, they know if we left, they would be victims of invasion by less easy going cultures.

    • Well if we left now the Chinese would grab Australia in a millisecond anyway, there would be no question about it (I still think eventually they might take a crack anyway). India would have a go along with Indonesia but China would come bursting through the pack to be first. In the past Japan has already had a go, Indonesia from several accounts planned for a while to have a pretty much the only culture to have adopted this cultural relativist, empathetic approach to other cultures, I think either way you slice it the Aborigines are far better off with westerners.

      • The sad fact is Barry, this country is the best on earth, being isolated from the rest of the world. Our neighbours, New Zealand are as equally lucky. we get affectionately called the arse end of the world but is the best arse anyone has seen lol

        Sad though, we were too laid back and let the left take over. The money they spend is ours, but they do as they please, come up with some cock & bull reason. Won't listen to the people choice and have ruined us. Our arse is getting saggy lol

  75. The often unspoken but eternally present contempt for White Australians is one day going to turn around and bite these people in the arse.
    I’ve heard the insulting labels so much now, it’s like water off a duck’s back. (Racist? Okay, so what?).

    The hypocrisy of it all will become apparent sooner or later.
    Every ethnic group has an identity because of the history of their own people in a particular part of the world. Nothing wrong with that, but be consistent.
    Australia has *its own* ethnic/racial/cultural history too.
    We must therefore be entitled to the same acceptance, even more so considering this *is* the land of our history, not somewhere else.

    Where you are determines *who* you can be.
    You can’t really be French in Japan or Turkish in Iceland. It’s absurd.

    And yes, the British settlers were absurd too, when they first arrived, but that culture evolved into something specific to *this* place.

    Today’s immigrants can’t turn their absurdity into reality the way the British did, because they have to live *within* an existing cultural reality.
    The British simply ignored the Aborigines and lived apart from them.
    Today’s ethnics have no such luxury. Their out-of-context identities will remain absurdities forever.

  76. Why can't people like him see that all this anti Australian media is driving Australians to be more racist.

    • I wouldn't call it racism, more like defending our rights and our heritage that is too easily abused. Defending against racism towards ourselves. In other words retaliation. Are we supposed to just lap it up, take it on the chin, stuff that, it has gone too far now.

      • What i am trying to say mate is that all this bull*** the accusations the cries of racism when we show a TV commercial with a black person in it is driving Australians to be more maybe not racist but anti foreigner.

        • I know what you meant jacka. I know you weren't implying us to be racist. I was being sarcastic. Probably because everyone calls us racists. We are racist really because people from other cultures are racist towards us.

          Of course we will be more racially inspired when our good heritage is defamed by morons from the media and government. I know what you mean but i guess some other culture would see it as we are admitting we are racist. When really we are just standing up for what we believe is right.

          If other cultures were more friendly such as most of the Japanese on the Gold Coast, of course there would be bad amongst them also, then we would not have a problem. If government took our lives more seriously, rather then defaming us to other cultures for no other reason then there self gratitude then things would be different.

          If other cultures didn't impose there violence upon a country who took them from the land of the devil with open arms, there wouldn't be a proiblem.

          I am on your side Jacka and you mine.

  77. Sandon
    I too complained to the Human Rights, just after the Hollsworthy affair, to inquire about my Human Rights from terrorists, and that of my extended family, only to be informed that I had none, they only deal in “other issues”.
    So I asked who paid their salary and found out that they were part of the Attorneys’ office.

    So I wrote to that ministers office, with a complaint about my self defence, my rights against imported terroism.

    In reply I was informed that under section 166 of some act, much was being done to prottect all people of OZ, I should not fear.
    Then I was informed that if I had a complaint, call the police.

    And yet, the HRC is off to Christmas Island, proactively contacting the “Taliban refugees”, to ensure that they know of their rights so that they may make complaints against the Commonwealth if they consider their human rights may have been infringed or violated.

    Thank you SICOFTHBS for your site info.


    • Hi Alan

      Honestly, they avoid anything they can. well, thats what i have found out. I actually wrote back to them after there reply and said, you people just pass the buck. Tell us to write someone else etc. Because they really don't give a damn.

      They don't care about our rights. There response is plain as day that i have no rights and neither do you. If you did ring the police, they would most likely say, they can't do anything.

      It's criminal.It's just like when they never do anything about something of concern until it's too late.

      For ten years people complained about the hiway between Toowoomba and Brisbane. It was single lane part of the way. Which was the problem everyone was concerned about. Many deaths later they decided to upgrade to double lanes.

      They are morons, spending money in areas that should not get money so easily, while the rest of us suffer.

  78. To give him (Birmingham) the benefit of doubt perhaps what he really meant was "white trash scumbags", and if this is what he meant, he should have said so. Trash is trash whatever the color.

  79. If it does HR Get the Queen to stop Rudd from selling our country to the corrupt UN

    Saw last night on late newsand Indian was attack in his car and set alight. Apparently, it wasn't racially inspired. So what was it then hypocrites, you seem to mention whites being perpertrators, why don't you mention who they were. Civil War, Civil War, Civil War oii, oii oii

  80. get rid of the traitors in your government, we in the U.K have been suffering this kind of racism for
    the last 20 years, hopefully 2010 will see the beginning of the end of it, with a huge swing to the British National Party.

  81. disgusted i am. I am a 6th generation white Australian and my families servic3e to this country is thanked like this STUFF YOU KEVIN RUDD you treasonous bastard

  82. SICOFTHBS says

    Recent home invasion in Melbourne ,screw driver attack on father of 2 daugters & wife [high tec weopon ] ,they all must have seen it ,no discription given , same as no discription given on these attacks on Indians , lebos ,africans & some asians dont like them ,it is not anglo euros doing this ,but to report this accuratly would show the multiculi liberals for what they are & that what they are doing to this country is not working . having an identity change no longer dave the pom , cant help wondering where the mediators are on this site

    • Christopher says

      I agree, Footscray is now 98% mix of Africans and south Asiatics Muslims who just hate Hindus. To blame white population for their crimes is a crime itself. We need real change to political system in this country.

  83. His honour, Huh! people like you and I, not a god.

  84. Because of racism that was meant to read. Sorry

  85. Millstoneridge says

    I am so sick olf being branded because I am white.

    As a white Australian, I am becoming a minority in my own country with no legal recourse to defend my rights.

    When are the wankers in charge going to wake up and fix this??

    Really pissed off right now!!

    • SICOFTHBS says

      They wont Millstone becuase their lucrative pensions & benefits are in place , they are just as self serving as the ratbags in the UK , they [ourmob of idiots]ie, rudd wants to create a south east asian version of the eu which is basicaly 100% marxist , If you want the guts on it go to [google] from titans to lemmings the suicide of the white race , not a five minute read but it opened my eyes , another good sight is the green arrow forum ,read up mate it is what is happening

  86. Clearly this John Birmingham is INCITING RACIAL HATRED against WHITE AUSTRALIANS.
    He must be charged under the racial discrimination laws and handed an appropriate sentence.
    This type of behaviour MUST NOT be tolerated!

  87. Sadly, this is the sort of thing you expect to come from our media these days. And like I've always said, I think it's going to have to get worse before it gets any better.

  88. Yes, i recently protested to the Human rights commision and of course we have no rights whatsoever. In fact any legal person such as judges and lawyers do not have to defend any wrong doing they impose, apparently. Maybe 200 White women should go and kick John Birminghams arse. I know lets get all the innocent white women who were raped because of rape to kick his arse.

    It pisses us all of mate, so much for racism being for everyone.

    Everyone except White people.

    His words showed intent so are indeed racist. However if i was to call my Aboriginal friend Black without intent, I would have 200 Whites kick my arse.

    Makes sense doesn't it. Losers

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