Peter Spencer Rally a Big Success

Joanne Nova writes –

Over 300 people have rallied in support of Peter Spencer outside Parliament House today, and the ABC* have covered it (at least on their website).

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce also addressed the crowd, calling for a Royal Commission into vegetation laws. He says the state laws have robbed farmers across Australia of their assets.

“It might have been legally possible but it was totally unjust,” he said.

Senator Joyce says Mr Spencer should cease his hunger strike but the fight for justice should continue.

“This is obscene,” he said. “The Government became the thief of an asset and when the Government becomes a thief of an asset – when the individual is divested of an asset without payment – there is a word for that and unfortunately without being too dramatic the word is communism.”

Some of the protesting farmers are now travelling to Mr Spencer’s property to offer their support.

Unmentioned on the ABC story was that there are allegations that the interstate chartered buses for this event were targeted by Road Traffic Authority (RTA) inspectors. Bus inspections were suddenly arranged, which can take up to 6 hours, and incredibly called for over the New Years Day holiday and weekend? These inspections are legal, but the timing, if this is true, is extraordinary.

One of the bus company operators confirmed that a man who identified himself as an inspector from the Department of Road Transport and Infrastructure had called the company on New Year’s Day from a motel in Coffs Harbour and announced a “safety inspection” would be conducted on their bus. The company promptly cancelled the previously-announced service to Canberra as such inspections can take up to six hours. Cars were organized instead. The other company was also reported to have cancelled its service. [Freedom Graffiti]

This is the fast encroaching face of fascism-by-stealth, where governments create a prickly web of legal clauses then pick and choose whether to ignore or enforce the laws. By so doing, those in power can selectively help friends and hurt enemies. The only thing that stands against it is the free press. Where are the journalists? Who will pursue these rumors and find out if RTA inspectors were dispatched with the express purpose of harassing protest buses.  If true, those bus charter companies may have also lost some income.

REQUEST: Here’s hoping the ABC put the story on the radio and TV news broadcasts as well. The ABC website has done at least 8 stories on Peter Spencer which is commendable, but it’s not clear where these have been displayed (perhaps our ABC could include a list of where their stories are published when they post them). If you see or hear a mention of Peter Spencer on your local news broadcast please post a comment here. I’m especially curious to know if the ABC will put this item in their nightly news bulletins around Australia.

*ABC here means Australian Broadcasting Corporation – our government funded media.


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  1. millstoneridge says

    Interesting article that proves even Aboriginals are not immune to what Peter Spencer is going through – they have been locked out of their too.

    You are right Aboriginal groups and farmers banding together, now that would be something to see!

  2. Maybe Peter should link up with Noel Pearson – after all, they are FIGHTING government over the same issue! Both have beurocrats using new legislation to tie up land which is theirs! If they get away with this, ordinary people living in suburbia will be next!

  3. millstoneridge says

    Peter Spencer is down, so let the fight begin!!!!!!

  4. Here it is











  5. Benito, if yuo wnta to hear some REAL racit comments, please go on to an Islamic website, or an African one. There's even an Islamic/African website in London, boasting on how many whites they have raped and bashed. I know this is real as I have seen it with my own eyes! I happened upon the site by accident and was shocked over the comments on how many English were bashed, kinfed and sexually assaulted, they were boasting about them.
    Obviously you have been brainwashed early in your youth into believing all whites and only whites are racist, or you are racist yourself and have only exposed your hatred for the one race in this world, right now, in this centurary, fighting for its very survival and right to exist, in their own homelands and in the lands that THEY turned into thriving and once thriving establishments.
    Perhaps given your name you think you yourself have the right to come and claim all that was worked and slaved for. But somehow, those bones turning into sludge in far away jungles, many of them detached from thier skulls, I can assure you, don't think so

    • Mike you have no idea who put that website up or who is posting thereon. Try and understand that in some cases you are being exploited. Governments do truly awful things to give them relevance, as do organisations. The majority of people are just trying to get through their life as best they can, and do not wish to go to war. Politicians start wars, countries use the sale of armements to bolster their export income, so to enhance sales they must have desention and wars.
      Try and understand what Rudd is doing to the farmers in Australia. Research the "brigalow corporation", research the "heiner affair".
      This is far more healthy than hating so called foreigners, and you may do Australia some good.

      • You may do Australia good if you get out so we can have our job back. You people live on easy street pretend we are racist no matter waht is saidf. Doesn't matter who put the thing up it is still racist. You just expect everything your way as per typical pig who steals our money and our rights. You don't give 2 s*** about Australia. Just the money that comes your way. If you gave a s*** you would have the decency to respect our culture. Typical person like you always says we are the racists but anyone who says something against white Australians is not racist. Grow a brain you dimwit

        • Alright you silly pair of twits. I am 71 years old and live on an inadequate pension. Never had a job that paid super. The best dough I ever earned was $10.00 an hour doing something that no one else would do. When I stopped shearing the money was 56 cents per sheep, it is now over $2.00 per head. I do not blame anyone for my situation. No one else is to blame for whatever decisions you make.
          Get in touch with Mr. Spencers people and see how you can help put the government in it's place. Gee fellows what he is doing is that much better than hatred.

          • Well Benito, Maybe we are twits but it isn't that easy these days because of the corruption. We have no rights, i and others have attacked the commission for human rights. Up until probably ten years ago Benito, i only ever blamed myself too but now it is like winning a losing battle. I don't get paid super either and super is a crock of s***. It isn't going to support us. Housing, is way over priced now. Gone are the days when the missus stayed at home, we need her to work also just to pay for thing and survive.
            I had a 68 year old work for me who also has done it tough with the economy taking he money, No help from government even though he is of pensioner age. He came from South Africa, has been here 13 years. Maybe we are twits.

  6. Recently, an Academic from the University of New England took the Federal Government to the High Court. He charged the federal Government with giving subsidies and handouts to the elderly and industry that were not legal because of the Constitution. The cost and the result are immaterial to my point.

    If this individual can mount a High Court Case against the federal government, why cannot a group who has the interests of Australia, as paramount to their endeavours, not mount a challenge to test the validity of the claims made by Peter Spencer.

    Surely this action would encourage more support than silly racist comments, and the publication so much puerile slang.

    • Hey Benito, i see you are indeed a racist yourself. If we want to speak slang we will and noone will stop up. You call our slang childish but yourself agree that we should just do away with it, when it our cultural aspect. the very thing we are sick to death of. People like you telling us how we should talk. That is our culture and this is our country and this is our countries speak. If people don't like it then they should not be here. I wont be told to stop how i speak because it offends someone from another country. It offends me and all the rest of us that they speak and do as they please. Slang is Australian, GOT IT!

      • Sandon, I have never objected to the way you speak. I do, however, suggest that you clean up your writng. I do not care if you use slang, I do not care if you don't. Your attitude is not improving your life, is it?
        You suggest that I am racist, well my boy you are wrong. The main thing that I have agin people (whatever their race or nationality) is that they are feeble minded, in that they are so easily lead by people who spruik hatred, or the religous zealots in our midst who just spruik.
        Sandon, I love my football team and never miss their games, and am excited by the numbers they draw each week. However Sandon, there are more people going to Museums and Art Gallerys each week in Australia than attend all the football matches.
        Get out of the shallow end of the gene pool Sandon and get with the programme. A decent future awaits you.

        • Your a hypocrite. Why don't you clean up you act and writing. You say i am shallow but it is you who doesn't like people having equality. You don'tknow me or any of us here who have had racial taunts, such as yours.

          How dare you tell me how to write. If writing wasn't my skill the so be it. Maybe i am better at sowmething else. But that is just a typical stereo-ttypical persons view. Only see things how you see it. I guess when you are sick and tired of being discriminated against, raced against, and sexist people also throwing there charm into it. It what is happening, are you too blind to see or are you one of the ones who gets handouts at the expense of me slaving my guts out. Are you the typical whinger who gets everything for nothing including your education while people like me pay your way and get sent the the s*** farm.

          • A decent future. What a load of s***. My future has been destroyed by a w*** of a government. You get with the program

          • Another thing Benito, I love football, boxing, nature walks, museums and all things and because you do not know me then who are you to say what i should like. Anothers culture does not bother me either but when you are constantly kicked down, made pay bulls*** tax to keep other people, then you starve yourself, you have your kids kept from you because of feminist nazi's. People like you who still do not get it that the way we speak, slang is our culture, if it offends it is too bad. You do in fact care how i talk or you would not have mentioned it. If i said lets go to the local s*** hole. To Australians it would mean lets goto the pub. To other people they think it is racist. You must be lucky to afford to support your football team, people like me slave our guts out to pay your way. Mike below lives in an area were Africans rape women and then tell them it is there country now. Islam religion dresses there women from head to toe has many wives, if you don't bey that crap then you will be killed. Treat women like s*** in a country that opposes such rot. Don't call me racist Benito. If we did that we would be jailed.

  7. DAVE THE POM says

    Dead right Catty . I certainly smell a rat ,& hope you can understand me having dual loylties . I hope [not you & me , were on the case ] that joe blow out there can wake up to what is going , they should stand as you say ,but the PC machine has had serious effect in all aspects of life , my brother 46 yrs old lives in Brighton ,is totaly PC blinkerd ,my interest in the BNP means im just a racist , sorry catty but you would be surprised how far reaching PC has got into the pshycie HERE . And it is promoted in every TV show , multiculti crap everywhere, trying to tell us its all rosie in the garden .ENGLISH IS THE 5TH LANGUAGE around here LALOR Ive had a gutfull need abit of bush

  8. DAVE THE POM says

    If visitors to this site do visit the BNP site, & you think this is not going on in Australia you are very wrong, EU & even America are leaning heavily towards marxism .If you have acces to sat/cable ,Glenn Beck on FOX NEWS Is taking it to them in America at the moment ,he needs to take care ,he is not popular with the lefties . its a global thing , all the first world countries owe every body in the third world for all that is wrong ,[guilt trip] . google south africa sucks . If you want some info on where the soccer world cup is being held . If i had kidds wanting to go !!!! no way

  9. Seen the BNP website – it sure is on fire. I have been reading about Wootten Bassett. Just be careful how your BNP handles this one – it could be a trap. The Brits should stand as one solid (SILENT) brick wall against these cockroaches. Let them scream like demented banishes – you guys stand solid in dignified silence – make them show the ENTIRE country what a bunch of low down bacterial pond scum they are. We can see what is going on……and hell will freeze over before we let Australia get to that stage that poor Briton now finds herself in. Enoch Powell tried to warn your smug elite…..I wonder if poor Enoch is watching from above, his beloved England being torn apart.

  10. DAVE THE POM says

    Absolutely Millstone , rudd the dudd wants a southeast asian version of the eussr [eu] . A recent article by a contributor to the GREEN ARROW FORUM ,. THE UK with the help of THE BNP must get out of the marxist [communist] eu ,it must stop mass third world immigration & particularly wake up to the way the muzzies operate or your culture IS going to change, the BNP are on fire at the moment , anyone interested in what it is all about [visitors] take a look & see how far it can go.The disintegration that is. We need someone high profile to come on our side whos got some gonads, happy NY every body

  11. millstoneridge says

    NEW WORLD ORDER is on it's way

  12. The only real government is a people government, everyones voice for matters of concern. I think we can all agree that minor things can remain the same such as everyone has to pay some sort of tax just not like it is now, everyone should mostly stick to speed limits, to avoid chaos. You get the gist. Not helping a homeless person goes against our tradition so i guess that is why people are up in arms about it. Taking ones land is another.

  13. On rereading krudd’s promise on the homeless, he has done what he said he would do. Only it wasn’t for the people who pay his way, built the country, the people who voted the prick in, yes he has done what he said he would only he did it for the BOAT people, people from other countries that have no intentions of becoming part of OUR community, they want it to become just like home, the one they ran away from! krudd is not helping anyone in this country only himself and his coattail suckers.

    • Stealing our money from the poor and giving it to other less fortunate people but not as unfortunate as we are made believe.

  14. millstoneridge says

    Erosion of private property rights in Australia, and yes, you're not immune if you live in urban areas!

  15. RomanGoddess says

    The problem is the poxy socialist SOBs in power (I can't call them 'government' – that actually means they actually WORK for the people, not against them as these bloated sacks of s*** are doing!) They are using our hard-earned taxes not for OUR homeless, but some third-world monkeyland whose refuse is pouring out of their overpopulated cesspools and coming here illegally to pollute our shores with their filth. HOW DARE THIS GOVERNMENT USE OUR MONEY ON THESE WASTES OF OXYGEN? Their own 'homelands' don't give a toss…but let any Aussies try going over there and claiming asylum…they'd shoot us down like dogs! Why the hell are we expected to take in the unwanted refuse from these toilets and set them up better than our OWN people? Come on, Krudd you motherless pile of excrement! Stop kowtowing to the international morons just so you can look good in their eyes as a 'humanitarian' – you wanna do that, do it with your OWN money, not the taxpayers'!

  16. All Aussie slang with no intent just like your own countries community wording and talk, English have bollocks, they have different pronounciation from different area. Just the same as Queensland to NSW. USA has southern accents, Our slang is our slang and we appreciated it. Tell us to stop our slang in the name of polical correctness. We are the ones who have been raced against. Gone are the days when we used to all sit around and speak s*** as we called it so we could have a laugh and a bit of fun. Although, i bet we still do. It isn't easy to take away someones culture, when it has been with them for so long. 222 years we have been here and the Aborigines keep there culture. I guess murderous muslims who treat women like slaves and meat will do the same, gang raping africans will do the same. Our governments are protected while we put up with thhe mess they impose on us.

    Our homeless who i had a dream to help but haven't been able to make it thus far and now face there fate. Thanks KRUDD your a champion.

  17. Onya Barnaby Joyce – at least he had the guts to challenge these turds in Canberra – my only concern for Barnaby is that he will lose his passion and become just another colourless politican falling into line with the Liberal party machine.

  18. We are creeping towards communism – a police state if you will. Slowly we are being stripped of our rights and over governed & monitored to the sh*thouse! It's no secret that Australia has more politicans per head than anywhere in the free world. We have multiple layers of beurocacy up to our armpits. It's everywhere – our hospitals, schools, police, councils, you name it, it's all there to see. These bastards don't need an Australia Card – it's already here via the massive data collection that has been going on in the last couple of decades. Governments know more about you than your own mother! In fact you wouldn't sleep too well at night if you did know – what they know about you. I bet my shorts that they have a nice little file on Darrin & Nicholas. They would have had the same on Pauline Hanson. It's truely frightening what is happening to this country and as an individual you feel powerless to change things.

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