Rudd’s hyprocrisy on homelessness in Australia.

In 2008 Rudd stated he was ‘declaring war’ on homelessness, “We can do better; we must do better” he declared and at the time there were 105,000 homeless Australians. He claimed that he would halve the homeless rate by 2020 and offer crises accommodation to every person sleeping ‘rough’. “Accommodation for every person sleeping rough” –  such a statement has a certain ring about it, it brings to mind another Labor leader making unrealistic promises.

Bob Hawke said during a 1987 election speech that “by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty”.  At the time the number of children in poverty was estimated to be 580,000, by 2007 the figure was put at 730,000. Hawke used one of the most vulnerable groups in our community to make unrealisable promises in a cheap grab for votes.

In 2009 various charities have noticed an appreciable rise in homelessness over past 2 or so years, yet Rudd promised to reduce the rate by 20 percent by 2013. It appears to be just another unrealistic Labor promise for cheap political gain.

So one wonders why there are so many Australians without a roof over their heads, why so many Australians have been waiting for public housing for up to a decade or more, yet Rudd was able to offer the pirates of the Oceanic Viking free housing with in a period of only a few weeks. Why is it that these invaders get free housing whilst Australians are living in cars?  –

A MOTHER with a spotless rental record and a full-time job is living in a courtesy car with her two children because of the rental shortage in Newcastle.

Maria Roberts said she was rejected from more than 30 properties because she is a single mother and has been sleeping in her car for the past three months.

She is among a growing number of people who welfare agencies say are sleeping rough because of a shortage of affordable housing in the Hunter and lack of emergency accommodation.

Newcastle Herald, January 15th 2009.

Not only will the pirates of the Oceanic Viking get free housing while Australian families are living on the streets, they will also get –

….”lessons in the Australian way of life”, help in tracking down family members and “assistance in . . . accommodation, medical help and advice, income benefits, English lessons and help with seeking employment”.
The Australian, November 12th 2009.

There is also the case of Peter Spencer, a farmer whose land was stolen by the government in order to create ‘carbon sinks’ as part of the Kyoto Protocol agreements. And it can never be repeated enough, you’ll find no salvation in the so called opposition parties either, only the Australian Protectionist Party can promise to provide a voice for Australians disenfranchised by the political establishment. Join the Protectionist Party and become part of the resistance!


  1. Mark Sydney says

    "Not only will the pirates of the Oceanic Viking get free housing while Australian families are living on the streets, they will also get …"

    How disgusting is this . It seems like a deliberate program to s*** on Australians. Those a***holes had to be bribed off that bloody ship. They were complaining about the catering !!!
    And Indians claim that white australians target them. What an insult.
    Our country is being taken from us.


    Hi all,
    If you read this particular speech from Kevin Rudd from 20/4/2009 at the Adelaide Jobs Forum, he mentions in the last paragraph that he comes from "the People’s Republic of Queensland".
    To me that sounds very OMINOUS indeed!
    When was this particular REPUBLIC created I wonder?
    Here is the link to the particular speech on the Prime Minister's website:-


  3. Another example of what a fu…ing TOSSER this Chairman rudd is:-
    He gives 10 million dollars to Haiti for thie earthquake, probably borrowed from his COMMUNIST chinese mates,
    the chinese gave 1 million dollars.
    Thanks ruddy you POS!

  4. Yep sign me up Sandon I’ll join the army…. nojaffa @ (for future reference)
    Sacrificing my life for such a cause would be my pleasure!!!


    Hi all,
    I have just found out about this.
    I thought that it maybe somewhat relevant to Australia.
    This fellow started his hunger protest the same day as Peter Spencer.
    Of course our (controlled) media in Australia has not ssen fit to publish any stories about this.
    What a SURPRISE!


  6. Hi all,
    Here is a great website about Chairman rudd's LIES:-

    • Yeah Angry, Howard sold our last asset to get us back in the black, while KRUDD puts us in the red within 3 years, I tell ya, if other countries have control over our government and this is the reason, we as the people are never heard as to where our money is spent, maybe government should spend it on upgrading our military system and then tell these other countries to bugger off!

      With our last asset sold, it is up to the tax payer now to fork out the bill, in fact all the bills. Maybe this is why they want more immigrants. To eventually use them as slave also, to get us out of foreign debt. Maybe we should form our own army and relieve these idiots of there "BIG HEAD" power before it really is too late. Arseholes the lot of them!

  7. $10 000 000 to Haiti already announced

    • I bet it was borrowed from his COMMUNIST CHINESE mates!
      How mush is Australian's overseas debt again……….OVER 100 BILLION DOLLARS!
      Thanks a lot kevie, you POS.

  8. Funding on the way to aid the homeless (video)
    14/01/2010 | 08:18 PM


    MMM $6,000,000 mere bread crumbs that wont even touch the sides!!! What an insult to the Australians in need, while much is being squandered elsewhere including international aid, immigration costs and much, much more!!!
    Bastard governments again…How many millions we gunna send to Haiti I wonder? Spose we have to wait and see what astronomical figure that Krudd would like to donate on behalf of us generous Australians….

  9. Of course the intial outlay would be small and only needed when a business is in trouble. For instants pops pies is going broke, he hire 6 employees. 4 of those employees have kids in childcare. 4 have mortgages. It would take 15 000 for pops pies to get out of his mess to keep going. Those people can still use childcare and buy things and also keep paying mortgages.

    2 months later Johns limo service can't afford tyres for his fleet. He hires 18 employees. He needs 3000 worth of tyres or he is off the road, you know where i am going from here. Instead of the 30 000 000 for the childcare centres who will lose those people the government could spend when necessary. Over a longer period of time.

    Simple but it makes sense to me but i guess i am simple lol

  10. Yo know Mia, i have one theory that government will not do. It is so simple and by chance it would keep the economy going and probably improve it. It may not but i think it would be better then how they do things now.

    Since the recession started, businesses and people have been going down everywhere. The government in all there glory still insist on bailing out the big banks, childcare, airlines etc. To me it would make more sense bailing out the small businesses. Ie they employ people. The businesses and the people are ok to keep going. They will still be able to buy products and services of the bigger businesses ie Childcare Harvey Norman airlines, whoever. That means those bigger businesses will keep going etc.

    It doesn't make sense to support those big businesses that noone will use because they can't afford to, being out of work. It is only a short term solution. Even if 15% of the small businesses failed after the bail out, it would be less of a concern then what we see now. That is my opinion, don't know how you see it.

  11. A strong economy is the best way to look after the homeless. Rudd has destroyed all chance of that now. With massive borrowing and severe debt and deficit plus the huge cost of government waste, we are at the pivot point where Australia's golden years have ended. The sad thing is that the situation we are in now was easily avoided despite the times we are facing. Borrowed money always needs to be spent wisely and if the borrowing and spending is prudent and spent on adding national value through hard infrastructure etc then we will come out very strong. Instead, we have a government which is economically incompetent and has blown the opportunity to return our nation to economic strength. It is too late now to return Australia to economic prosperity which could have easily been avoided with a sound economic strategy. State governments have made it even worse.

  12. It is ironic that you mention Ernie Dingo telling us to go on holidays. I get the same feelings as you. Yes Ernie i am going to pull a plane ticket out of my arse. It makes me angry when people in those positions say things like that, give us false hope. I mean don't get me wrong, i think Ernie is a lovable character and a great Aussie icon but he can also call us white man on TV even though we can not say black man. Anyway it isn't about Ernie because he is a decent person. I wonder though if he gets paid Aboriginal payments plus his salary? I wonder if he got his job because he is Aboriginal, although he is very good. Just like the Model, did she get her job because she is a model. Forgot her name. I don't bother watching TV anymore. I am sick of being discriminated against and being angry. Its like that ad, come on Australia come to NZ. How idiots, our government take all our money.

  13. See i see Protectionist party, Pauline hanson, One nation, Non custdial parents, family first, shooters party, fishing party, democratic labour party, liberal democrat, christian democratic, australia first, free australia senator online, then the enviro parties etc as top parties because they are about family and freedom. We know what the top parties are about so get rid of them as much as we can. Our votes do count, they really do, just as long as it is for the right parties in a good order. If somehow we could get all concerned to do the exact same vote, we would be laughing. However my own major problems, concern children so anything that helps me with children, ie non custodial parent, family first etc are my choice. Although i think protectionist have a concern for family too. If they don't say it, ther other policies more or less guarantee it though. Ones that promote people referenda are good. Ie senator online, i think do. Free australia. Australia first means exactly that before any other nation. One nation means join us together instead of divide us. You know what i am saying.

    • The small parties should not compete with each other in the same electorate as it weakens their chances of getting a candidate into parliament. Just say there is a PP candidate for the New England seat, then all of the other small parties should not run a candidate in that seat or else the votes will be so fragmented that neither party has a chance of getting in. The small parties need to liase with each other so as not to run candidates in the same electorates as this will ensure they never get in. The PP needs to concentrate on electorates where there aren't many more parties or candidates on the ballot paper also. The less there are running the better the chances for the PP. Try not to compete with other small parties or independants too. It just won't work. It's a bit like the Libs and Nats in QLD. Although in the past they often captured well over 50% of the votes between them, the single party with the largest majority of votes wins so Labor won that way because the Lib/ Nat parties were fragmented or split, even though they often got 60% of the votes. It's geared very well for Labor. Very unfair for the rest.

      • Thats what i said jack. In the Aussie identity forum, under Super party wins the election. same sort of thing as you are saying

  14. Only thing i can suggest to help us is to actually vote and not just for one party, number them right to the bottom so that more parties that go for equality are there with a chance. For instance if you vote for protectionist only and then 50% of people vote for the ones there now but vote labour liberal national in that order. then the other parties we could have placed second and third etc lose seats. We need them all to have seats. If you have any influence on other parties as a party yourself to gain seats etc, i suggest these parties support each other. It is our only chance. If you read these parties policies they are all for one very same reason, family. That is our most top priority, because the way government divide us now we can not communicate our concerns without fighting. If however, family was more of a concern then when we sit down to dinner we can influence because of actual reasons. Our families will eventually see why. Take a look at the Australian identity forum and see what i have said with regards to what suggestions i wrote for stradegy for 2010 election. It is under general discussion.

  15. Our vote for these parties is our most important voice. When we do donkey votes we miss an opportunity to get the ones who are actually in favour of us all into a better position. ie all fathers rights groups should vote for the ones i said. I don't care what i say so i write to them via the net and tell them to vote this way and get there supporters and friends and family to do the same. More votes equals more for us. No votes leave the ones there to do as they please. I worked that out long ago, when pauline got a lot of votes but not enough. How many people would have voted against her, heaps, all minorities. How many people could have voted for her but never did because they did a donkey vote. That is my point, for us to get any say vote for the ones that are fair ie for family, for leisure for equality not womens because women already have everything. They will not lose because that is not what we want. We want our women to have equality also, they have way more then that.

  16. In relation to kids knowing what they can get away with is alive and well and growing at a healthy rate!!!
    My son left my care for 2 years between 12 and 14years returning with an attitude that sucked to say the least and an education on all the negative things he can get away with as he has proceeded with in the past 12 months in my care!
    Suspended from school almost weekly until some teaching staff gave up and let it known they just didn’t want him there any more..Why do you do this boy..Because I can and I don’t want to go to school…Goes and steals a car, drunk with his local mates & a b&e….Police involved, Jayke you are going to end up in the s*** if you continue down this road..It doesn’t matter mum I get 3 goes before I go any where!!MMM well he was wrong there he has been up for several agrivated burgs, b&e’s and I believe 3-4 stollen cars while drunk….so before the court about 6 times in 9 months and still he walked from WA courts…

  17. As for voting for our Australian donkeys I guess we don't have a choice but to vote donkeys in but if you are enrolled and don't vote you will cop a fine, would be easy enough for you just to get your name ticked off and walk straight back out as many I know do. You don't really want to give the stinking governments any more of your hard earned cash. The governments need to hurt and you or even the whole of Australia not voting is not going to hurt them. There are other ways to hurt the government(s) it's just getting the big numbers involved to make it work,,,

  18. I found a thread not long ago which reads as follows
    14 Oct 2009 10:03:39pm

    On a recent trip to Darwin a teacher working in a nearby community bemoaned the attitude of her young indiginous students..When she questioned one of her students on why he came to school only intermittently he replied."I don't need an education, We have millions of dollars coming to us from the mining companies for mining rights".When she pointed out that the elders who were administering this money would not be there forever and an education would enable the younger generation to take on the mantle he answered with "I still don't need an education, we'll have enough money to employ somebody else to administer the funds that will give us everything we need"… How can this attitude be good for our indigenous,or any other part of our society that is given so much without any requirement to take on reciprocal responsibilties.

  19. Our Justice system obviously needs reeming and to be harsher on crimes being commited…Get rid of the UN and human rights while some is warranted most is crap ie the UN in NT not long ago checking out the state of the housing some Aboriginals are living in and how Australia should be ashamed that these people are still living in these conditions (are they helping themselves to better themselves or just relying on these do gooders to give them hand outs funded by us!!??). They in fact were living in a more comfortable and humane way than what they would be living in "traditionally" they were in humpies, like half a tin shed type, as most of them feel more comfortable in! the UN now requires us to give them more funding to deal with this and the poor form of accommodation and education they are subjected to. Are the UN jumping up and down about the growing numbers of our homeless youth or elderly who have worked hard for this country who are literally living out of rubbish bins??I think not as it's easier for them to get the attention when its Aboriginal related not the common white trash…

  20. Hey Sandon i'm glad I'm not the only one in tears when writting stuff over the internet, I do this often!!!
    Re kids doing more crime, this is so and is not being dealt with in an appropriate manner by our non justicial system. I have been in recent contact with Les Twentyman a Melbourne youthworker who proposes we as a nation bring back the national services.Wow what a fantastic way to deal with many issues we face today.the out of control kids could have focus and goals, interests even, the skilled worker shortage could be turned around and giving less "need" for immigrants, less crime wich will create less fear throughout our communities and many more bonuses. But because this is a good thing for many it will more than likely never happen.
    We have these out of control children because we need to work to survive, so in turn we are not there for our children, we are now more often grown up in single parent families (as I was) even less time for your kids if you are a worker (as I did) (all thanks to our governments).

  21. While I have gone on a lot about the Aboriginal benefits etc I may seem racist but really I am not, however I am very angry with the fact they get everything and more handed on a platter while we struggle even to be educated and then they come to you in the street and demand more and then spit at you and abuse you in a manner I assume you could only imagine! I do cringe every time Ernie Dingo comes on a new add saying that you Aussies have huge amounts of holidays owing to you and that you mob work far too much. My immidiate thought was that, yeh we "ants" are all working to hard keeping his race and the government etc.
    My partner was working up a ladder some months ago, when a local Aboriginal approached him and suggested he keep working to pay his taxes to keep him and his relatives!!!Unlike yourself and many other hard working Aussies in or out of business the Aboriginals get monies to assisst them in every way (this is not equality). I am angry with the government(s) not the Aboriginal people!!!

  22. I don't know what else to do I think of creating a rally or another group of sorts but my location is not ideal for this as i am 1000km from any capital city with a population of 700.

  23. Sandon I am very simular in many ways (stay at home, work, work, work with few friends etc) and I believe there are a huge amount of others out there as frustrated and angry with the whole system from A to Z as we are! But how do we fix it? as I said it's AtoZ and it needs to change sooner rather than later. There are many sites out there who have problems with one thing or another but they all seem to whinge about things and do nothing as we are doing now.I have recently come across, 1 or 2 months old which you can place free polls on issues you believe should be addressed.Once the polls have completed voting time, the site owner submits these to members of parliament and then places feedback from members if any. As site is very new it may not have any feedback for a while, if you have any suggestions to assist this site I am sure the owner will be very appreciative as he was when I gave him a couple of ideas.Since finding this site I have posted its link in hundreds of forums and anywhere else I could show it and may soon have stickers made up to advertise it.

  24. Can't keep fighting something that isn't working all i know is that we have to get as many people as possible, the ones who walk out etc, i used to because there is no choice, its a crock of s***. We however need to convince the ones who walk out to vote for Protectionist, family parties, non custodial, all the liesure partys ie Fishing, etc right down to last position being labour liberal national any minority party eg women etc. This is because we need more of those parties in top spot. When they are in with more of a say, women and other people aren't going to lose out. We wouldn't let it happen anyway. The parties i suggest are for us all not just minority so women and aboriginies will not lose but be more equal.

  25. Just like kids, you can't touch me. As soon as a white Australian male says he has been wronged, no he hasn't doesn't matter what way. As for petitions it is just another form of whinging that they just toss aside. The only way we will win is to just stop, no more. Walk out. Or fight violently. They say things to us that make it seem wrong but look what they are doing. It doesn't matter anymore, if i work i pay so much in expenses that it just isn't worth working any longer. I give up so stuff them
    They don't give a damn whether i starve so i don't care whether i make them any tax dollars. They don't care that i goto work with headaches because of stress over my children being stolen from me. So stuff them now. I told them they can lock me up because i am sick of there s***. There is no solution that will work. Nothing

  26. Discrimination Racism etc are just for some people not me, i am a white Australian male.
    Judges and lawyers can do as they please without consequence.
    All minorities can scream anything they like and just get money when they like, my money.
    Its ironic you mention that the abo said he could get someone else to do it for him. Of course the system is made to teach them so much so they can keep it going.

  27. I think you would have read how i said about the Bessser Block houses. Because they live like slobs and burn down houses we built so how is that our fault. I am sick of it, i refuse to pay anything now or work, stuff it, they have taken the lot so i aint playin there game anymore. They just keep doing it and get away with it. If we all stopped work, they would perish. We are too stupid though. Thing is it doesn't matter how much we do with petitions or anything. They just throw it in the fire. I have written to commisioners exxpressing my disgust etc but they just toss it aside and replies are like this. We find no discrimination or racism or human rights violations with anything you have told us. Judges, lawyer and the legal system are not held accountable for any wrong doings, you can write the minister blah blah blah. What that tells me is that best intersts of child are bull.

  28. Yep it is a system made for chaos. Chaos creates more government. More government means more power and rules. More power and rules means more tax. More tax means more for government. Why do you think they get away with so much discrimination, racism, sexism, hetroism? Most of us have similar backgrounds. I grew up in abusive home with mum, wasn't allowed to live with dad, even though he could feed and love cloth etc. He fights for custody pay s*** loads of money to greedy lawyers who aren't liable apparently. Was mugged etc by blacks as a child and now it happens to me. It is all money.

  29. Sandon I am very simular in many ways (stay at home, work, work, work with few friends etc) and I believe there are a huge amount of others out there as frustrated and angry with the whole system from A to Z as we are! But how do we fix it? as I said it's AtoZ and it needs to change sooner rather than later. There are many sites out there who have problems with one thing or another but they all seem to whinge about things and do nothing as we are doing now.I have recently come across, 1 or 2 months old which you can place free polls on issues you believe should be addressed.Once the polls have completed voting time, the site owner submits these to members of parliament and then places feedback from members if any. As site is very new it may not have any feedback for a while, if you have any suggestions to assist this site I am sure the owner will be very appreciative as he was when I gave him a couple of ideas.Since finding this site I have posted its link in hundreds of forums and anywhere else I could show it and may soon have stickers made up to advertise it.


  31. A lot of kids have being doing crime because of the way society has become. They have rebelled because they had no dad or no mum or had thoughts placed in there heads that boys are bad so must be taught not to abuse. Thing is they don't know what all the fuss is about because they haven't done anything wrong. They think men must be bad and then they rebel and then be bad but it isn't just boys. It is girls too. Dividing the sexes is a great way for government to become bigger and have more wealth and power. Anyhow, enough rambling, only peole can decide for themselves how they feel. All i know is that this place is becoming more and more like a communist regime with more and more regulations and laws and tax, and also more crime. Is there hope for our littlies, i hope so.

  32. This lie has spread so far that is in the centre down the road from me that has nothing to do with the company i worked for. If i had 3 women then where are they because i have been sitting here alone for ages. Point is all this way out radical feminism is hurting us guys and girls. I mean most men look at a woman and see a beautiful creation. I can't see what is wrong with that apart from the sickos of course. It has nothing to do with sex objects rather nore like finding your life partner. Women are the same. Government however use the radical side to there advantage. I mean, Child Support is for our children right, a place to swap money from one person to another. Your ex does not get the full amount CSA keep some so your payments are actually higher still. In best interests of kids is a lie, a big lie. Your child Nojaffa is just a product of government ideology.

  33. I told her from the beginning i would be friends etc but for 2 years now, i do not want a relationship and sex included for most of it anyway. I got defamed because i didn't go out with her and all the rumours said i was sleeping with 3 women. It was an absolute lie and if i did i would tell but i never did because i didn't want anything to do with women for awhile. That was my choice, i tried doing the respectful thing of being honest about it even before i said i would be friends. Things get so twisted around and now i am back to just being on my own again. Gave someone an inch and they took a mile. i even lock myself away from the world, hence being on here all the time. All i wanted were a few friends because i haven't got any. I moved to an new area and worked long hours and didn't get the chance. The reason it was a girl is because my business at the time only saw girls, childcare. I was there maintenance person.

  34. Its because i saw cute little ears and her personality was great. It has nothing to do with all the rot about sex objects. If men or women can't go out and look or chat to girls or guys, then how will we ever find our sweethearts. All these ideologies that make us lose site and stop our natural instinct or how we would normally interact are killing us. We hear of things like sexual harassment where if you say someone looks very nice today it is offensive. I mean you can't even compliment someone or hold a door open. Like one lady said when a man holds a door open for her it isn't about her being weaker. It is about his respect for her. She worded it, She feels like a queen that someone would go and do that for her, like she is worthy of being noticed. People think so many things are sinister when really they have no intent at all. A girl liked me, but i didn't want anyone because of all the thing that have happened, i do not want to be in a relationship and bring into it all this baggage.

  35. It isn't a bashing of women. I mean these women assume men see them as sex objects. Of course Aussie slang would say i am going out to score. A woman would be out on the prowl. Truth is though, when a man goes out to score he may end up with a girlfriend, he isn't looking to score as such but he is of mating age. Of course he is going to look for someone he thinks is cute. Eqqually the same for a woman. I mean have you ever seen a good looking man with lets say an ugly girlfriend. To him though she is beautiful, his sweetheart. He sees things that other guys don't see. I mean girls go out to look for a guy for the same reason. It happened to me and i ended up with 2 beautiful little girls. I have been seen as a good looking guy and recently i was with a girl who said, she couldn't see why i would want someone like her.

  36. This is that site, long read but it is worth it.

    copy paste

  37. Noone knows me, knowone knows how i live or how i treat my girls or how i love my partner or what furnishing i have or how i teach my girls or the way i dress or how i look or look after my daughters. It is assumed though, probably not by people from here that i could be an abuser or anything. Those assumptions are what destroy peoples lives. I mean, lets say someone is convicted of being a rapist, ten years later, they find a new thing called DNA profiling. They find out after this man pleas to be tested because he knows he never did a thing wrong. It is proven in fact that he did not do or couldn't have done it. But the fact remains is his life is still tarnished and people would still be very weary of him. He has still been in prison, people will want to know why. His life is F'd you might as well say because someone got it wrong. That person who got it wrong though does not pay for that and imprisoning an innocent man is not a crime unless we did it in our homes. Yep that is human rights and equality for you.

  38. Does that tell you that as a child i was only used as a pawn just like my kids are now, just like your kids, just like everyone. Go to a website called Angry Harry and read an article why government love feminism, it will open your eyes. It isn't a feminist mocking as such but more of the plots by government as to the reason they like it.

  39. She never fed me, but still the courts kept me away from my dad. I will tell you as an adult that has had a major effect on my life. I wrote to the apparent human rights telling them i would do anything i could to sue them and the judges and all of them for leaving me in that situation in there so called best interest.

    As i expected they said judges lawyers are exempt from being sued and there are only human rights for certain people etc. Basically they make it up as they go. They do not have human rights at all and they do not come under any of ther own laws as far as i can make out. They said it is in our understanding that we can not help you with any of my discrimination and human right claims.

  40. When her and i were together, we claimed all that we could. When she was by herself, she ended up getting more then we did, while we were together. Does that make sense to you, doesn't to me. It just causes families to want to break up. Or if they break up, there are huge incentives. Ie more money, less mouths to feed. Anyhow because of all the rubbish, i have been following a lot of Fathers rights campaigns. The money isn't the issue, in fact i paid my ex more then i legally had to at one point because i felt dutiful to my children. We ghad our own arrangement plus Child support. I still think Child Support interfere though and are ruthless in there approach. I think the whole system stinks because i love my little girls and it broke my heart the first time we broke up, that my little girl went psycho when i visited her at daycare one day.

  41. Nojaffa, The government only help minorities. I am having a lot of trouble with family law etc now. At one time years ago my partner and i broke up. I had nowhere to go, i was a stay at home dad. I lived in my van above my tools and finally i got enough work to get a cheap arse flat. While i was in my van, i got a call from Child Support. I had no money to even feed myself, or very little. They said basically even if i didn't earn money whatsoever, i still had to pay minimum, which was $20. Of course i want to look after my children, it isn't about that but what it is about is they do not care about how i survive.

  42. My point exactly about the years of work etc. No support. Shockadelic, i know i could go on centrelink but it isn't going to stop me going bankrupt and finding a job won't either. My point is my business will not be bailed out, and i do have to look for work, not a problem although i am on the verge of, what is the point anymore, i am just a slave whether in business or not. My business however doesn't get the help like handouts as larger government based businesses do. Unless i have Aboriginal workers. It also annoys me that these other minorities get handed money without having to look for work. I know i have to look for work whether i am on benefits or not. I have no help to stop from going bankrupt though, which was from the business who got bailed out by my tax dollars. Well all our tax dollars. It just seems we are all slaves and nothing else. The restriction while being bankrupt even though really i did nothing wrong are not good too. I will have to rebuild again, i don't know without going into full detail, i guess, i give up, i would rather live on the street and pick berries to eat.

  43. I recently had my 13 year old son in much trouble with the law of which nothing government, religious or otherwise was of any assistance for him he was in the wrong age group or not aboriginal! I rang, emailed and surfed the net for any info or assistance for months and still nothing…He was on bail with curfue as one of his conditions, bailed to a local aboriginal family who decided they would take him in (he didn't like my house rules and regs). He left the state in their care and ended up in a detention centre some weeks later…
    I am 4th generation, law abiding, tax paying australian but I don't get any assistance for anything…Thanks to our system which is evidently failling the majority!
    Oh where has that warm fuzzy feeling of being an Aussie gone!!??

  44. Sandon, self-employed people can still access Centrelink payments. You just need to fill out extra forms about your business income. You also need to 'look for work', but it seems you'll need to do that anyway. Don't wait til you're flat broke, ask now so you can start receiving assistance.

  45. If I do get the courage to "top myself" (and it does runs in my immediate family with no attempts!), I'll be sure to make a statement before I go, and no I won't go around killing innocent citizens….
    These law makers, governments and UN are obviously ****ing with our lives in so many different ways but are not willing to change things that obviously require addressing and changing for a better outcome for all….The 3% loans yes but there is much much more people don't know, I don't know about the besser block homes where I am they are building very nice corrugated iron houses, I believe @ $450,000 a piece. What they are getting goes way beyond those 2 issues. I recently was informed a local art centre who have aboriginal artist who earn $100 to 200,000 (tax free) a year with their art sales. I believe the art centres managment arranged for the artists centrelink benefits to cease as they now have a very good income. I believe the benefits were stopped but then reinstated by some gov department.
    I and I assume many others are very angry with the way everything is these days and it's not just Australia!!

  46. Government are in the end also ripping off the minorities themselves. In the end we will eventually be communist if we do not get the power behind us to stop them. Then it will not only us who lose out, it will be the minorities also. This will probably be in our children or there childrens generation that it will start to take affect. It has started to really move along in the last ten years quite quickly and now people are becoming aware of it.

    Pauline Hanson was aware but noone would believe her and then they said she was corrupt but the truth is the have underhand tactics because they in fact are the corrupt ones.

  47. Nojaffa another reason people are unaware of such things is this. Government will place a minority in one area. Only that area knows about the abuse of that minority, everyone else is none the wiser. Then they will move into another area, affecting an new area. The abuse starts people in that area wise up and then complain but are seen as the racists or sexist or whatever. Everyone else believes they are when they are not, they are trying to expose the truth.

    Government do this for nothing more then causing havoc, dividing people so we all dislike someone or some ism or race or sex or tribe or type. The reality is though government cause it for power and for money. I mean people approve a new form of government to help this minority but are really being sucked in. Government gets bigger and also gets more votes because people think they are gods. They themselves are not gods but people like you and i. It is a system that noone really has worked out yet accept a few. When they do, they will be irate.

  48. Might I add, many greedy lawyers and accountants are having their own pockets lined with the dealings of the aboriginal issues….I just read about those above who have the thought of topping them selves…I have and I assume many others have also had this thought, but this alone only stops the pain for you and creates more for your family and friends and doesn't make any statement in society, you are just another statistic…The governments and law makers (not police and or other law enforcments (who I believe are as frustrated as you and I)) need to be held accountable.

  49. It’s not just Krudd it is all past governments who have had a greedy little hand in where we are today… I am waiting for the general public to stop and wake up to it all but it seems they don’t care… I live in an an area that is highly populated with aboriginals and am seeing evidence as seen on youtube “Poor Whites – South Africa” is happening here in Australia…Many Aboriginals are driving $70,000 vehicles, ok so this is fair if they worked for it or won lotto but they have not… Getting to the homelessness issue, I have noticed in recent months of hostels nation wide closing down due to no funding, but we have plenty of funds to splash around when our traditional land owners want something…Our workers and diggers of this nation are not being looked after. I heard some months ago meals on wheels was looking to close also due to non funding and lack of volunteers…Who benefits from these services are those who have worked hard and perhaps fought for the traditional owners land who seem only to take and not give back…I was south recently discussing with my family of what is happening in the north of our country and where majority of our taxes are going (to waste). They were shocked as to what is going on and obviously had no idea of what is really happening, as most city folk don’t. This is only the begining and unfortunately our future isn’t looking good at all.

  50. Angry Harry is one of the reasons the BNP are doing so well. He is for exposing the truth

  51. Ever since Howard ammended the Child Family law, have you heard that family law is now a part of the higher courts, why? My guess is that now parents have to use mediation first so family law isn't needed so those 2 courts merge so family law judges can stay in a job. They have worded it in another way but its all bull. We the people believe all the s*** when really it is covered up in so many ways that when you actually sit down and read into it, well!! Its like the statistics on the wage gap. My ex earnt more then i did in her job, one reason i stayed home. More men abuse kids but that was another reason i stayed home. Statistic and media lie. My ex wanted to suffercate my child. Even though i think she is a good mum,it still doesn't take away the fact that women also abuse but men are portrayed as abusers and evn more then what women are. The real truth is actually the opposite. My mum held knives to my throat.

  52. It hasn't just happened to me but thousands and thousands. I did nothing wrong except breaking up with my ex, she broke up with me too. We are both to blame for that. I got sick of trying with her, holding my children from me so i just said piss off. Its been a year now. I support mens groups for this very reason.

    A man had his ex wife ring him when there child turned 14. She said come and get him, if you don't he is on the street. That childs dad quit his job because he loved his son and would never leave him on the street. This abuse is never paid for though. Anyway he tries to find shelter for him and his child because now he has no job and nowhere to go. There is no shelter for him because there are no mens shelters that cater for children. This is the crap that has to stop. There is a much better system, and people like me do have answers that could benefit children and dads and mums but noone cares. As long as there is havoc there is lots of government. Think about it if there was a system to help families then all these other departments and law offices would not be needed. They would lose there job so they promote this s*** to keep themselves in work.

  53. She missed her dad so much, when she saw me she was traumatised. I was her nurturer. She crawled over to a ball and grabbed it. Screaming at other kids, hitting them and even her elder sister got a bit. Once she got that ball she crawled back because hadn't even begun to walk yet sat in front of me and rolled the ball to me. I did not know what she was doing until she sat and rolled it to me.

    I used to play with her, rolling the ball to her. Anyway, when other kids went near that ball, even her sister she just cracked. I had to leave that centre when she went to sleep because she was a mess if i tried to leave. This is what our law system and government approve of. Over the years i have lost my little girls and it breaks my heaqrt to no end because i had them because i wanted to. 1 day per fortnight is bulls*** and anyone who says i want them because, i want to avoid child support can not see the tears roll down my cheeks as i write this.

  54. The Besser block houses were made because in one area some years ago they were burning the wood houses they lived in. The thing that annoyed me was that if i burnt my house to the ground, i would be done for arson.

    That warm fuzzy feeling has been taken away from us because apparently it is racist.

    With your child, he can do anything he likes because none of us are allowed to discipline our own children, i worked in childcare and the little darling would say things like, you can't touch me. They think kids don't know but they are quick to learn. They do know. Also, the amount of s*** in foods these days and convenience has a lot to do with thier behaviour. My daughter was the same so her mum and i kept her off some foods and it worked good. She would get really irate and just very badly behaved.

  55. On rereading krudd’s promise on the homeless, he has done what he said he would do. Only it wasn’t for the people who pay his way, built the country, the people who voted the prick in, yes he has done what he said he would only he did it for the BOAT people, people from other countries that have no intentions of becoming part of OUR community, they want it to become just like home, the one they ran away from!

  56. Most people know, they just tend to ignore it until it really does affect them, We know about the 3% loans and houses built with Besser Block bricks because if they aren't they are burnt down. One thing though, the ones who do know about are never listened to. I complained to the commisioned of disrimination about many issues and of course as i expected, it returned a they can not help me and of course no judge or lawyer is accountable for any proceding blah blah blah. I forwarded the letter to the protectionists along with what i complained about. It doesn't matter though because they all have there heads so far up each other arses. We have no say, simple. It is a splain as day the mminorities are the only ones discriminated against. They told me in no more then a few sentences, of course twisting it to suit. Ironically i objected to being at the mercy of lawyer payments because they will not accept my terminology, terminology they taught me in a compulsory schooling system. It is all for them, simple

  57. Sandon, if I am to take everything you have written to heart I don't see any reason to vote for any Party ever again. I would just go up the back and top myself, but being the optimist that I am (95% of the time) I will wait until the 20th of March to see the Australian people make a difference. Believe me I am aware of the hardship of many people, my family included. The so called leaders of this great country, past and present need a solid kick up the arse for what they have done and are doing. Here's hoping that things turn around for you Mate.

  58. How about multi-culture. It is fair to say that we have many diverse cultures in Australia so all other culture except european decendant originally born here would probably equal this so called minority. We can't even stand up and say our concerns for stopping illegal imigrants and reducing intake to Australia because it is causing concern to our way of life and our employment. It is now costing us a great deal but as soon as we try to make our concerns heard we are then discriminated against and called racists.

    • Apparently, the world according to Krudd, it will be good for the country to take the population up to 35 million +. This despite some of our most eminent scientists telling the fools that this country is only capable of handling 25 million. We are an acient land, with poor soils and little water. We can't even handle the needs of the population we already have. All our infrastructure and institutions are under enormous strain, barely coping. Then we have the MUSLIMS ! A group so alien to Western culture and it's values that we are headed for real trouble with the members of this so called 'religion of peace'. Our traitorous politicans have signed us up to UN treatries without CONSULTING the very people that voted for them. No referendum was given to us to approve of these moves. The entire West is now infected with a Trojan horse that is committed to annilate our way of life, our culture and our religious background.

  59. Then every little community comes to the same conclusion that there is only a few bad people. Then add all that together and we have, what 95% untruths told to us. Hang on then so why all the regulations and laws andridiculous laws at that. Why all the frenzy, oh yes government like it like that because they rub there hands together when you hand them money and power to counteract such false claims that you think are true. Oh the government are seen as good people. "We are only trying to help" more like "we are only trying to help you give us power and money" The sooner people wake up to this annd everybody knows this, then the sooner we will have a peaceful harmonious existence with abundance. we will all get along together better and be more willing to help others in need. I believe that since we can see all other western countries fall because of there stupid ideologies, then we as Australian can change this in our own country and be the example to the rest of the west, that they did it wrong. I mean why follow others who are doing it wrong, if something is not working then why keep doing it. Do the opposite.

  60. Pity they can't see by doing it that way in the end they will suffer also. Do they create job out of nothing, yes. If they did in the right order then everyone would be much better off. But NO! they will not do it in the right order because they don't want too many smaller people having some sort of wealth and liesure time. That would be catostrophic to the Australian way of life wouldn't it. Which then sees another point of view, which people are blind to see. Because government start from the top and then have all these little sub-groups. Examples being, Police, Child support, Centrelink, Councils, Even Family law and Right down to the 7 men who stand around fixing one little pothole.

  61. I am depressed after reading the above articles and comments. krudd doesn't give a damn about you or me, it is "krudd's World" that he care's about. Does the APP honestly mean what they say about what they WILL DO if they get in or is it just another Party telling us what we want to hear so that we THE PEOPLE will help them gain entry into the big bad world of politics? I want to have a political Party that I can believe in, one that listens to the majority not the whinging minority, one that stands up and SHOUTS their beliefs doesn't whisper behind their hands so we cannot clearly hear what they say. Say it with a straight face not a smirk hiding their true agenda. If APP can deliver all of this I will join, buy a T-Shirt and do my bit to help return this great country to a place of hope for Australians and their future.

    • Not just KRUDD, Howard Hawk Keating and every other polititian whoever got in there. All say they are for liberal, National Labour Enviroment but when in power do nothing but take take take. Doesn't matter who you are. No wonder people in big business try to hide there money off shore. Imagine if they paid actual tax dollars. The government would be swimming in money and there businesses would be half of what they are. The only true fair tax is GST across the board so then people can either buy products and use services as they see fit. I mean if you wanted to get somewhere then you wouldn't get someone to mow your lawn or goto the sea every weekend. Even though that seems to be the case now only difference is we can't do those things because all our money goes to tax in one way or another. Thing is they shouldn't be in power they should be representatives and then maybe there services would be warranted and paid accordingly. They assume they own us like pieces of meat and then wonder why people get violent, and cause wars etc but they still don't care because they still laugh all the way to the bank

      • Oh i was going to join the APP in hope they may be of some benefit to us but i would only hamper there operations, i can see it now. Member for APP was a former bankrupt who drove his business into the ground. He was abusive to his children and a wife beater and he drank like a fish. Of course none of this is true but i guess ruining someones identity is how they operate. Even if i managed to get the truth out my reputation would still be tarnished oh and i still wouldn't be able to sue them. Thats freedom of the press. On the other hand to keep my mouth shut i could and up with a big payout, Another corrupt way of dealing with things. People think this doesn't happen but i am damn sure it does because seriously how can there be so many bad people. Yes i have met some people who are not nice but they aren't criminals or child abusers or wife beaters or racists or homophobics or whatever else they want to slander us with.

  62. Continued:

    Even those paying off a home can find themselves in serious trouble. The one thing I have learnt in life is that GOVERNMENT does not care about you – you are a number, something to wring taxes, surcharges and levies out off. Someone to fight their miserable wars. You are reduced to a unit, a small cog in the wheel, another brick in the wall. Once you have outlived your 'usefulness' you are shuffled off to some miserable nursing home to die……quickly would be nice, as that saves these miserable bastards more health $$$$$ !

    • I've just been told by that the unit I'm renting ($200 per week no bedroom, run down) is going to be sold and I have to look elsewhere…I just can't afford it.
      Meanwhile I see these Africans living in nice houses and apartments, I have worked, payed my taxes, never comitted any crime, and they come and get everything. How can they afford these nice houses and apartments if they are refugees?
      Life sucks.

      • I agree, did you see the news just after Christmas where a Sudanese kid drowned in a stream in Adilade? well ABC radio indicated he was one of 10 other children and his mother was pegnant with the eleventh! , they have been in Australia for six months and moved straight into tax payer funded housing , free medical care , education and directions to social welfare.
        PS- Nine news and channel 7 didnt mention the above as that would be rasist.

        Makes me wonder how well a white Ausiie would be looked after in the same situation. Oh and bet they will be a real benifit to Austalia ( not ! )
        Another thing that gets to me is the boat people are becoming that common now its not mentioned in the news ……..Aussie is stuffed!

  63. Governments past and present have been neglecting public housing for decades. In fact, some states are trying to rid themselves of all existing public housing and flogging it off on private markets. Public housing need constant maintenance and repair. Of course dead beat tenants are not helping the situation. Some have been known to totally destroy a dwelling they have been renting from the government. It is these sort of people that make it hard on all those who do the right thing. Nobody should be homeless in this country – what makes the matter even worse is once you no longer have a residential address, you cannot access welfare benefits. You are in effect unable to support yourself, thus you have to rely on welfare organisations to keep you alive! All those people renting at market prices are vunerable to homelessness. All it takes is to lose you job, fall ill, or become injured. Most Australians who rent are in this category, and it is rising rapidly as the Australian dream of owning your own home fades away.

  64. To all the people who bailed on the childcare industry through there share, you can not see that that was why you lost out. Imagine if the smaller people were supported better and then us smaller people paid for bigger people, your share prices would have then become much better. The reason is you are the smaller people. You are the people who support your own share based company. Since childcare is 90% government supported in Australia, it seems feesable that support to the smaller supporting childcare would in turn have turned there business around. Instead media fed rubbish is why the economy went down. Media are the ones noone should listen to and take too much truth out of. Which brings me back to another point. Government like this havoc because they gain more power and more money because of it. They supported someone who was already supported by them in the first place. They only look out for themselves.

  65. My opinion which doesn't count is if government had used that bail out money to help people stay in small positions eg small business, they would then been able to still send there children to these carers and then these carers would have been able to keep there business going and things would have looked much better for us all. Typical government though do everything in reverse, to support the rich. They never seem to take into account that if the smaller people were looked after better then they would then pass on that money to the larger people which would then eventually support government. Oh no, that would never be an argument for keeping the economy going.

  66. Believe me Aus Topping myself has been considered many times but i think it too late for me now, I am royally stuffed. I hope i make it till March but i guess March is for SA not OZ in general. Previous years i have done the donkey vote because i saw no sense in any party that was until Family first arrived, I also voted for Pauline but there is a lot of corruption and they singled her out but commit to there own shinanigans. My faith is usually very strong but i have been kicked down as low as i can go, there is no further. Unless i get a major miracle i don't even think i will make it to the polling booth. I guess like you, being an optimist is why i am on here. Whether i am believed about my situation or not, it doesn't matter. It's like believing whether a polititian is going to do the right thing or not.

  67. Oh and the people jobs that government bailed out actually look after our children, Since then people will be out of work i guess too they will be out of work because noone will send there kids to be looked after because they have no job and can't afford it. Makes sense to me. As long as government line there pockets, the rest suffer. In the end though will it be only government left. Well no, it can't be because where will they get the money from when noone is left to pay them. Will they go and mow a lawn for there friends in business, i can't see it and there friends in business will not have the money to pay them anyway. Is this recession, depression, civil war, world war, Or just plain stupidity on our apparent representative part. Employment stats at an all time low, or an all time high, of course we know stats are a lie.

  68. Gee how ironic, a customer had to cancel also just seconds ago because she can't afford to pay me now for my services, because she has no work now herself. It is getting worse but the pigheads in office think everything is so great, while they earn millions of the rest who are left.

  69. Myself and 2 employees, not much on a big scale but if that is the attitude, towards every 3 person small business or even up to ten people or even more then i guess we are gone. Yes bail out some massive corporation that hires thousands of people with my tax money. Makes sense to me but those people also suffer as a result of greed because they have to live with limited hours and pay and after bail out 30% of them lost there jobs anyway. Oh and i who took care of there business premises for 8 years, is now nothing until such times as there premises fall apart. They get shut down for being unsafe and then there employees lose there jobs anyway. Of course they can hire someone to look after there premises who is willing to accept below poverty line income and thats the world Australia is. To there demise.

  70. I can't even pay the local tip money for green waste because of greedy council. Therefore i can't empty my trailer to go and do the work that i have left so i can get some sort of money. I guess nothing matters

  71. They represent us not rule us. Sometimes you just feel like giving up. We all want better control over man made destruction but government simply do not listen to people because if they do, they themselves lose power and lose money. Why are car not running on water, i guessthey have manipulated versions of the truth but i say it is because oil is a big dollar industry. Simply changing over to water will definately see a lot of money just dissapate into thin air, not to mention the oil companies themselves and world trade and fake wars (oil wars, terrorist war, which one was it).

    Another issue, is signing our lives aways, our country but manipulating most people to believe that it is a good thing. Far as i am concerned, signing our country over to another country is an act of treason.

  72. Of course Euro, i would be in the 91%, I of course, like nearly every Australian, believe in helping others. As Australian we are noted for our generosity. I guess now though, we are going through some tough times and need to look after ourselves first or we will be no better off then the very countries we support. I believe government money should stay home and given to others when we are certain we are all fed first. If however you are one of the lucky Australians with wealth to spare then your donation, is your own choice. I, myself have donated even while i was hungry myself, it may not have been much but at least it was something. Foreign aid depends on where it is spent EG this global warming convention. We all know by giving money and not tools and trade or food that most likely these peoples own government will abuse that money and use and keep it in there own greedy hands. We weren't born yesterday and it also goes with great concern when governments have not listened to all the facts about global warming and then a lot of people oppose them spending our money, but they still insist on spending our money where they see fit.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      We should always put Australians first regardless of good times or bad. I don't want my tax dollars going to corrupt nepotistic racist regimes of third world. The third world do not have the intelligence, willpower or compassion for their own people so why should we continually wipe their smelly bums and blow their noses?

      Just imagine the schools, roads and housing we could build by not giving corrupt regimes our tax money? Let's get back to building Australia and leave the third world to self destruct.

      • Yes we had a desert wasteland and look what we have turned it into. A third world country has never even begun and if they have they have taken a long time to get to even a quarter of what we are, if that. If Australia hadn't of been settled, i guess it would still be a third world country now too. We are innovative. It is hard not to feel sorry for the citizens of such countries but i guess they let the power win. Still though it is never the children fault in these countries. It is definately there dictators though.

        Now that Australian are needing assistance, all foreign aid should stop and yes in good times we still need to stay on top of things. In times of abundance however, i don't think that help with food and shelter is too much. I completely disagree with handing money over or anything to produce weapons, since they are so volatile.

        • Which really is what we have done by letting Muslims live in a civilized world. I mean this place would be an absolute gold mine to them, A place to rape women, buy tools with free money to build bombs and shelter only a king would see. Not that i am racist but in this case i guess i have to be.

          • Look at the united states, constantly with border control so mexicans do not invade, there is a reason for this. Look at border control between South & North Korea. Obviously it is to keep the violent people out. Our government seem to just want to let them in and thenif we don't we are racists. I really don't care though if they think i am a racist, because i know that when someone doesn't get there own way ie take advantage they are usually labelled as something.

  73. On the note of 5 billion profit, that is the peoples money, not government money, we should decide where it is spent.

  74. There are plenty of disused buildings (including government owned properties) that could be used as crisis accommodation, but can't because of legal restrictions and insurance liabilities. Old schools, hospitals, factories and office blocks just sit empty for years, rotting away, boarded up and fenced with barbed wire. It may not be the Ritz, but its better than nothing.

    I've noticed in recent years the appearance of homeless immigrants, like an old Chinese couple I say pushing their shopping trolley full of personal belongings around. Were these people brought here under the 'Family' stream'? Then where the hell is their family?

  75. Christopher says

    All homeless peoples should be allowed to live in government own properties, parliament buildings included. Accommodation for new immigrants must be funded from politicians own pockets and in their neighborhoods. If they complain we could accuse them of racism.

  76. Areas who have had violent cultures moved into ther areas see there wives and children raped and bashed, so are ther concerns not heard. All because of minority is not a good argumnet. Everyone knows we get along with other cultures as long as they are good to us also. Slandering our own men and women is becoming the s***hole of society. For we are not racist, we are not sexist, we are not anything but concerned for our wellbeing. Noone ever consider that just because one of us stand up for the end of intake to Australia or importing cheaper products or being with our children that we in fact do have friends from other culture of see the opposite sex as a beauty of creation. Instead though we are ridiculed for trying to fight for all our freedom. They say the liberals are for freedom, if so then where is it because we do not have it.

  77. I think most people have been indirectly accused of being bad parents by a government who just wants money and power. They are finding every new minority they can find so they can cause mayhem and discrimination to the majority. Feminism has nothing to do with equality because equality has been achieved. Some things are impossible to be equal and i think a family consisting of a amn and a woman can decide for themselves through there own discussions what is best for them. If you want to get technical about things, really feminism is a majority because it is for all women. I mean men are seen a majority so why is it when we have concerns that we are seen as majority and not minority.

  78. It is only working for government, not the people who support them. I mean come on, in best interests of the children, wake up, are you an abuser , i bet 95% said No and the other 5% said no also, because they lie. It is telling you that whether you are in the 5% bad or the 95% good that you are all bad, we all abuse our children, we all have no say over our children at all. I don't know about you but i had children to love, to help grow and teach to cherish and play with. I had thembecause itr was my right to. I had children because noone can stop me. Why should someone else tell me what to do with my children, abusive people aside, most people never did a thing wrong and most people have enough brains that they know whats best for there child. Most people would not let there children look at porn or tell them to bash other kids.

  79. Well they say freedom of the press but how free is it really. Government control them with ratings for a start so they are already controlled but don't even know this. One reasoning for government is Inbest interests of the children. People can't even see how manipulated they are. Look around you and see how best interests of the children really are. I bet they are held back, bullied, have no father, are abused, become little turds because we have no right to discipline them and on it goes. People can't even see that we are made believe in bulls*** statistics. Look around you and i bet within your own little community, you see nothing of the sort so you assume it is the rest of Australia who are bad.

  80. We now have 20% of people in the line all for government. Is it wise to join them and try to get a top seat because once all of us are in that line, we are then a communist regime. Once a communist regime, then all those people in that line, will then eventually be slaves and receive less income. Look at China, this is how they work. $5 per week is there pay. Well Australia are we going to let this left wing liberalist bulls*** send us to slavery? Looks like we have been all hoodwinked, except the few who can see straight through there crap. I mean government have taken on feminism for instance because it creates money, while these people will only see there point of view. They have no agenda for equality so government happily lap it up. These people can't even see that they will eventually be victims Of king hitlers rule. Even the media who use gross distortions of statistics, lying to people to create a bit of lets say gossip, scandal are doing this for there own benefit. They also can not see that one day they will also be in this government line.

  81. Oh and with the rain and also the Festive season i can't go and do the work anyway. Once i go bankrupt because i can not see and end to this mess, i then lose the very equipment that makes me my money for food and shelter. I guess since there are no relief packages for me, i just then have to live on the street. All for the sake of 20 years hard labour, i am worthless. Do i see any point working or going forward, not really. I pray for a miracle but no, even nature is against me at the moment. Oh i guess overseas people are more important then myself. I guess since that is the case, people in top positions will see this country one day becaome a wasteland. Small business will have no right to be involved in this country, therefore, there employees also will have no right. To me, that spells disaster because it isn't just corporation that keep Australia going and growing, it's also the dirty jobs that build them corporations eg shovelling s***. Well to the demise of Australia, Australians say yes!

  82. In less then a month, i will be homeless, no handouts for me though, doesn't matter that i slaved my guts out for 20 years or more, doesn't matter that i contributed to this economy, doesn't matter that some multi million dollar company saw me go bankrupt because of there greed, doesn't matter that government used all ou tax money including mine to bail them out. Yep i am just your typical slave, with no say, i starve, have broken my back to survive and in the end it doesn't matter because i am a meaningless piece of s*** whos only reason to be on this earth is for the support of the greedy.

  83. Government owned properties is just another bulls*** lie that everyone believes, like government mad 5 billion profit. When are people going to wake up and tell the truth that government property is our property, government only represent us, they should not control us or own us. We paid for that property. On the note, of homeless and imigrants, Of course, feed the homeless, take care of our own first, they do need help. Why spend our hard earned money and starve ourselves to support another country of people though. It is just too tough to live as it is and we have taken on too many free handouts to people. Government property is ours so in the end we pay for it. Paying out of there own pocket is money we gave them do there job but they are not doing it right. They also increase there own pay to whatever they like.

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