BNP: Switzerland Takes Stand against Islamic Colonisation

The voters of Switzerland have taken a daring and dramatic stand against the Islamic colonisation of their country by supporting a ban on the further building of minarets.

A national referendum completed today in Switzerland produced a 57 percent yes vote in favour of the ban, proposed by the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), the largest party in the Swiss parliament.

The poll result is a massive embarrassment for the Swiss coalition government which firmly opposed the ban.

The SVP claimed that allowing minarets would encourage the growth of “an ideology and a legal system — Sharia law — which are incompatible with Swiss democracy.”

SVP member of parliament Ulrich Schluer said the “minaret is a symbol of conquest and power which marks the will to introduce Sharia law as has happened in some other European cities. We will not accept that.”

He added that “Forced marriages and other things like cemeteries separating the pure and impure — we don’t have that in Switzerland, and we do not want to introduce it.”

The outcome of the referendum proved an upset to the pollsters, who, only two weeks ago, claimed that the ban would be defeated by a 53 percent margin.

The SVP campaign drew international attention by using billboards with dramatic images showing missile shaped black minarets piercing a Swiss flag.

Other posters (illustrated alongside) called for an end to the “political Islamisation” of Switzerland.

Muslims currently make up in excess of six percent of Switzerland’s population, up from 0.9 percent in 1980. This dramatic increase shows no sign of halting as official figures show that the fertility rate for recent immigrants is more than twice as high as for native-born Swiss.

According to official Swiss government figures, more than 24 percent of the resident population are non-Swiss nationals, although that figure includes many from European countries. The actual Third World origin section of the population is less easy to quantify, but estimates range between 10 and 15 percent.

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  1. Islam is not a religion ,it has all the nature of the third reich. it only loves its own, there is no love with in it for all of man kind, they should not receave protection,or tax beafit ,what w e must do is prevoke them before they are ready ,in europe, so we can crush them using virises,same with the blacks.The white man has alowed these breeds to breed to much, we need a reduction of about 3 billion.

  2. Nicholas Folkes says

    "SVP member of parliament Ulrich Schluer said the “minaret is a symbol of conquest and power which marks the will to introduce Sharia law as has happened in some other European cities. We will not accept that.”…………how refreshing to see the Swiss elect a Nationalist Govt. but also to have the courage to initiate a 'Citizens Initiated Referenda', this is direct democracy and should be encouraged.

    Don't forget Ironbark Social Club this Saturday at Rozelle. Come along and hang out with proud Aussies.

  3. Here's an article that I found which may interest some. It is what happens when a German academic tries to lift the lid on Islamic terrorism and the German authorities don't want to know about it:

    • Hi BK. Thank you for the link. Reading the article, I thought, that what they did to that man is ONE of THE REASONS why people do not join APP. People are simply scared to be ostracised, lose jobs and even physically assaulted for simply voicing their concerns. What do you think about the idea of suggesting that APP introduce "avatar memberships". Avatar members would not be required to provide any details. This is membership which would not be valid for electoral rolls but give moral support and show how many people are out there in the community who share APP views but scared to show up. The numbers of avatar members should be displayed on APP site openly. Eventually, when numbers of avatars are impressive and reach "critical mass" – many would revert to open memberships. What do you think?

  4. The traitor paper 'The West Australian' tries to make out that only white English are the main immigrants to Perth, what a load of crap. My area alone has changed in just two years from mainly Asian and white to Muslim and African. The traitor media are responsible for this genocide too.
    Even my Asian neighbours are complaining over the African hate crimes they are experiancing now. Why did these savages have to come here? Australia never did them any harm why have they invaded?

    • Mike – As I said before, the Howard government started to allow them in co-operation with the Catholic Church. The Cathlic Church has a huge charity arm, Caritas. They do mission work in Africa and sponsor these people here. The Labour government is continuing the process. Personally I think this is a HUGE mistake – the culture of these people is so alien to Western lands that I feel it will cause huge problems down the track. Both governemnts were/are bringing in Muslim & Christian blacks that have deep aminosity towards one another. They will merely transfer that hate when they settle here. Their youth will feel alienated (just like the French Algerian youths) and will turn on people inside their host country. Many will end up bitter and lost in a land they don't understand. It's a recipe for disaster…..but sadly, the pompous twits in Canberra will never acknowledge it!

  5. if thats not incitement to violence then wtf?????

    • Mark – our muslim community have the same mindset. The only difference between the radical muslim and the so called moderate muslim is this:

      The Radical is prepared to KILL
      The Moderate is prepared to be PATIENT

      However, their agenda is the same, and that is to convert the entire world to Islam! I have yet to come across a muslim that hasn't denied what I have said on this issue.

      • Mark people are fed up if people just sit by and d nothing what do you think is going to happen ?

        • You can almost taste it in the air here in Perth, it's like kindling has been added to a huge bonfire just waiting for a spark to ignite it.
          By Christ KRudd and co must pay for this one day.

        • Because they are so scared of having their faces on the front pages of the newspapers like those poor bastards who took revenge on the Lebannese during the Cronella riots…did the Muslims have their faces splashed across the paper after their attacks? NO!
          The traitor media are also to blame for this, just look at the insane rantings of Phillip Adams, allowed to call his own race racist for decades yet will refuse to acknowledge race hate crimes against his own like the Bill Rowe bashing death in front of his family on Christmas Day, 2007 in Geraldton.

    • Jacka – I won't join groups like Facebook, Myspace or Twitter – these sites are an open invitation for hackers to acccess your details. Call me a dinosaur – but I am very cautious one, and to date it has served me well.

      • Jacka – Btw, I am a nineth generation Australian. I am a descendant of Captain John Piper and his wife, Mary Anne Smith. He met her on Northfolk Island when she was 15…..he was 32. She was the daughter of two First Fleet convicts – Mary Smith & James Shiers. James lived to the ripe old age of 103. Captain Piper, his wife and most of their children are buried at Bathurst, NSW.

  6. [youtube det7TUsLy8U


    Are these the kind of people we want in our country ?

    • Yesssssss…and we have them here too – in Sydney and Melbourne, probably in Perth and Brisbane as well. Look how weak we have become. The British Poilce SERVICE is no longer a FORCE., just the same as our boys in blue. It's a sick pathetic tragic joke! Socialist left wing governments have turned our countries into multi-culti politically correct hellholes. KRudd has allowed 500,000 people in this year – and that is just the beginning. Is it any wonder why the BNP in England is gaining in strength from day to day. If the Liberal Party won't stop the rot, there is no alternative but to start up a BNP style party. The APP is clearly not being heard from in the wider community. The APP needs a leader who won't be intimated by pro immigration forces. Someone who will agressively question the MIX that we are bringing into Australia. If Krudd is running a democracy – we should be ALLOWED a mature debate on the issue.

      • *** it man if you want s*** done right you have to do it yourself. People need to start getting in the streets and protesting, demand change f*** it if they are offended this was our country long before they set foot on it.

  7. Gee Mike – If I were you I wouldn't wear them – you would just make yourself a walking target and end up in hospital – or worse. A permanet marker pen & posters will do just as well. That way you can leave web site addresses for those that want to explore deeper. I suggest The Australian Islamist Monitor website, Jihad Watch and Faithfreedom…and of course this site. (turn your speakers on) (turn your speaker on)

  8. I'm having some tee shirts made up, one has Bob Browns hideous face at the top with his words "Muslims are wonderful people" and then underneath some BNP stealing scenes of gang rape vicitms, and Muslims rioting declearing death for Europeans, etc, etc.
    Undereath that is the APP logo and website address to stop this genocide.

    Another one has (yuck) KRudd's face on it with the word 'TRAITOR!" and with HIM saying these words in a buble speech; "If you don't want Labour turning Australia into a Muslim country then join the Australian Protectionist Party,'


    • Mike – I listed a lot of very helpful websites in response to your post – But they seem to have disappeared! Mmmmmmmmmmm……………….:(

      But if I were you I wouldn't wear T shirts displaying that kind of stuff – unless you want to end up in a pine box. But a nice permanent marker pen & leaflet letter box drop displaying Muslim behaviour here and abroad wouldn't hurt. I will re-post those websites soon.

    • Mike – I listed a lot of very helpful websites in response to your post – But they seem to have disappeared! Mmmmmmmmmmm……………….:(

      But if I were you I wouldn't wear T shirts displaying that kind of stuff – unless you want to end up in a pine box. But a nice permanent marker pen & leaflet letter box drop displaying Muslim behaviour here and abroad wouldn't hurt. I will re-post those websites soon.

      • Cheers Catty, you're probably right and I will have leaflets made up, I already know someone at work who's son works at a printing shop and will do them for me.
        I just feel so helpless at the moment, watching this country slide downwards into the abyis.
        I have English friends at work who recognise all too well what is happening here, they left England to escape this and now watch in dispear over what has happened here, who would have thought this even just 10-15 yrs ago?
        We have some Africans at work, the older ones are ok but the younger ones, bought up to beleive that they rule the world are so arrogant, but they don't f*ck with me, they know where I stand, I won't even acknowledge them. But more than my hatred for them, the most loathing I feel is for our own white assholes who bring them over and make excuses for their appalling behaviour THEY are they ones who I wish to destroy.

  9. Its a start but there is still along way to go to reclaiming our homelands.

  10. Becasue Kraubb and the others in their arrogance believe the muslims can be controled as we are controlled.

    Look how easily we have been controlled since the end of the 2nd world war. To name a heavy blow that we took – Gun control.

    You, the reader, may not see yourself as a slave. As an object that is owned by the state. But dear reader, you are.

    At least till you free yourself completely, and therein lies the crux of the matter we all be discussing.

    • The problem is too few people are interested in questioning anything – that's the frustrating thing. I try to talk to people about this all the time, they don't want to hear it. As long as they have a steady income and all the gadgets and knick knacks they think they need to have around the house, they don't care. All governments need to do is keep dangling that carrot, of financial growth and greater wealth, in front of people. For the most part it's worked up to now. Would be interesting to see how a (heaven forbid) severe financial downturn would effect things – as far as some people are concerned, it's still a possibility, especially in the US.

      • Very astute observation Barry – US jobs figures are not improving (the worst in 26 years) and Obama has now gone cap in hand begging US companies to do more. The government is broke. The US economy relies on massive consumer spending, and at the moment US consumers aren't in any mood to spend big. World governments have spent trillions in stimulas packages to save the globe from total financial disaster. There is only one problem- once that stimulas money washes through the system, if there is nothing of substance to back it up, we are going to be in the sh*t again, bigtime. Instead of a V shaped recovery, we are headed for a W shaped recovery….and it will be long and deep. My hubby is about to retire (aged 60) and we have to make life time decisions as to what to do with his Super payout. He is one of the luckier ones….his superranuation is Defined. He will retire in mid 2010. Some analysts are predicting another huge downturn in the latter half of 2010 – 2011. But yeh – if that happens I think we shall great social unrest throughout the world. What do you think about the obscene Gold price lately?? China & Russia are stockpiling…

        • Yeah, the US is like a powder keg waiting to go off. Scary to think how potentially nasty that could get.

          A lot of people are saying to buy gold, even now. Heard of Peter Schiff? He's got some vidoes on youtube. He was supposedly one of the few voices out there warning of the impending initial financial crisis back when nobody was interested in listening. He reckons gold could go up to $4-5k. I don't know enough about it all myself, but my old man has some money he's been sitting on and I'm going to try to read up on it a bit.

  11. If any of you have any doubt what Islam has in store for us, then watch this movie…called FITNAH,

    Fitna the movie was made under a global terrorist threat including Bin-Laden and now here is a trailer by MP Geert Wilders of his new shock film regarding the jihadist threat to civilization (complete version with ENGLISH CAPTIONS). Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders released a film called Fitna online on Thursday. The movie is critical of Islam and its holy book, the Koran, which Wilders says encourages violence. Wilders's website went offline shortly after the 15-minute was reportedly launched, apparently due to heavy traffic. Wilders has lived in a secure location with a heavy personal security detail since 2004 due to threats against his life from Muslim extremists. His new film has already aroused anger in the Muslim community. Wilders said Thursday that he did not see his movie as a provocation, but rather as a warning. 'Islam and the Koran are dangers to the preservation of freedom in the Netherlands in the long term, and I have to warn people of that,' he said.

  12. LOVIN` IT !!


    • This bloke is a legend

      • Jack – I post his video's on any blogs I comment on – if you can do likewise it would be a huge help! Doing things like this spreads the message around to those who would otherwise not seek out Pat Condell's extensive activisim on Radical Islamist in our midst. Other people who do this are Wafa Sultan and Hirsi Ali. Salman Rushdie writes extensively on the Muslim malaise.

  14. If any of you doubt my words about Milan Cathedral – take a GOOD look at this !!!!!!

  15. Our multi-culti, muslim loving, left wing polllies won't escape their fate either – after they are done butchering all non believers in Australia, they will be next. At present they are USEFUL idiots that promote the muslim cause. Appeasing these turds will have a price.

  16. Mike – This is what we need to gather evidence on – remember when the BBC did an undercover Mosque series in London? They taped what these Imam's were telling their flock inside the mosques and exposed it to the British public. That is what we need to do here! These bastards need exposing – that way we can shove the evidence down the throats of smug bastards like David Marr/Bob Brown and co !!!

    • What do you propose we do knock ?

      • Jack – It needs a courageous investigative journalist team to do something like this – my concern is that Australia doesn't have them anymore. I think the last set of people that came under that tag where the Balibo Five…..and we all know what happened to them.

        Clearly the Brits still have what it takes – their Underground Mosque series went world wide – on UTube too – seen by millions! They exposed these Islamic clerics for what they are – indocrinators of hatred towards their own host country!!

  17. The only thing that will happen is that the Muslims will go on a massive breeding programme in Switzerland to overurn them, as they are doing here in Australia and admitted by an Islamic woman on the radio recently who was pissed off that her husband had returned to Pakistain to obtain his second wife. She told the radio host that all Mosques are demanding that Muslim men reproduce as much as possible to overthrow white Australians.
    And still KRudd and Labor allow them to flow into the country, they know what they are up to, so why do it?

  18. Thanks mate. I lost an Australian friend called Andrew Knox in 9/11, his last words were on the roof of Tower One was 'I can't breathe anymore' into his mobile phone.
    The next year two workmates died in Bali

    In both cases I saw Muslims celebrating over the deaths of white people, what a shame our ethnic loving politicans can't or refuse to acknowledge their actions will one day cause our race's Holocaust.

  19. RomanGoddess says

    Thanks for the book recommendation, Catty! I will track it down somehow.

    Thing is, all this current Islamic movement was 'foretold' by Nostradamus as well. But then, it was inevitable if nobody did anything years ago to control the spread of the Islamic disease.

    Can we use Western technology to defeat the Islamic hordes (such as high-level radiation of their nether regions at every airport – at least if we sterilise them they can't continue their obscene level of breeding?)

  20. Goddess – Switzerland has had a small muslim population for some time – the problem is that they are getting confident enough to flex their muscles. They figure they can afford to be provocative. Europe is seeing massive numbers of muslims within their borders. Left unchecked, Europe will fall to Islam within 30 years. The socialist left wing cowards have brought a Trojan horse into the very heart of Christendom – between them and Islam, Europe is set to fall to dark forces in the coming century. Once these bastards have the upper hand there will be a bloodbath between the two faiths. I don't want to be right…….but it's all there to see. See if you can get the book The Clash of Civilsations by Samuel Huntington – it's the stuff of nightmares.

  21. Yes, no thanks to the do-gooders who are welcoming these 'refugees' with open wallets…

  22. They may not allow a mosque to be built in Rome, for now – the bastards are already praying out in the open in front of the Milan Cathedral. Couple that with the Christian hating left (who have campaigned to have crosses removed from public hospitals & schools) and you can clearly see that Italy's Christians will buckle if they don't find the courage to fight back. I distinctly remember reading a passage in Revelations that said the Satan will gain access to the very gates of Rome and the house of God itself. I take that to mean……The Vatican.

    • RomanGoddess says

      Anyone know some good Mafia families nearby? Sounds like some 'people' have an appointment with 'de liddle fishies' of the Meditteranean…

  23. I have a brilliant idea – why don't islams just live in Islamic countries & STOP IMMIGRATING? Their constant haranguing of non-islamic countries' traditions and values is INTOLERANCE at the highest level!! If they don't like us 'infidels', then they're welcome to F**K off to a country WE don't live in!

  24. I hope you are right mate, I really do.

  25. Islamic immigration into the West is done for a reason – to expand their Umma in an effort to dominate the Earth….and they will succeed if we allow them.


    There is a backlash on the way: at present it is showing itself in small ways, over minor matters such as minarets, but presently it will manifest itself on more substantial issues such as immigration and bogus climate change. It is no coincidence that the people most loudly bemoaning the ban on minarets in Switzerland are those who most vociferously applauded the prohibition on crucifixes in Italian classrooms. The consistent principle is an attack on European Christian civilisation, complemented by subservience to all the enemies of that civilisation, secular or Islamic.

    The Swiss voters have not forbidden the practice of the Muslim religion: they have simply insisted that it should not indulge in triumphalism by towering over Christian churches. If they had really wanted to play hardball they would have insisted that the first mosque in Switzerland could only be built the day after the first Christian cathedral opened for worship in Riyadh. British and European Christians have been doormats for secularists and politically correct “faith groups” for too long. It seems the days of abject masochist subjection are over.

  27. Minarets, like the burqa and hijab, clearly show Muslims unwillingness to adapt to the modern Western world. Do western people still build gothic cathedrals? Do they still wear bustle dresses? Oddly though, every Muslim girl I see has a mobile phone to her ear. They want their cake and eat it. All the benefits of the modern Western world, while giving it the finger at the same time.

    • I know hey its bulls***, where would the middle eastern world be without the medical progress of the western world i tell you a whole lot worse off.

  28. BK – The vutures are already circling …..

  29. Barry – Do you have a source for saying that the vote might be overturned?

  30. Barry – If the Swiss vote gets overturned it will be because the European Union is heavily leaning on them. The Euroweenies are slowly digging their own grave – and it is one of the reasons why England is still bulking at full membership. France tried to ban the Burka, but it too sucumbed to ultra left wing forces and capitulated. I have grave concerns about Europe – unless they can stop the rot it will fall to Islam within 30 years.

  31. Death to muslims says

    We now have Tony Abbott leading the Liberals…I beleive he is a devout christian and doesn’t take crap from religious minority groups. Lets hope he can manage a double dissalusion , so we can throw out Rudd and his love for the VOTE people and start this country on the path towards political sanity.

    • Not defending Rudd here but do you not remember work choices ? or the Howard governments attempt to throw every union worker off every dock in the country ?

  32. Well it looks like the vote might be overturned. A lot of groups are unhappy about this and they're certainly out in force to do something about it…so much for democracy hey?

    I think it's probably too early for anything serious to be done, things just might have to get worse before they get better (speaking broadly about the west in general). Still far too much apathy out there and the lefties still manage to drown everyone else out when they bang their pots and pans together and make a lot of noise. But once something like this happens, it's easier for the next party in some other nearby country to have a go, keep pushing against boundaries, in the meantime these parties get more normalised, become household names and slowly but surely make some progress.

    Still, if it does get overturned I hope people get pissed off enough about it to continue supporting the SVP and not think ''well stuff it, no point in voting next time".

  33. If only the rest of the world would stand up and take note? Good on the SVP!

  34. BK – He doesn't have to live in a Muslim COUNTRY to experience living in a 'stong muslim community' – unfortunately, we them right here in Australia.

  35. What Muslim country did you live in?

  36. Do immigrants get the vote in Australia? I'm not at all familiar with Aussie's structure, but looking at House of Representatives results, they're obviously nowhere near the proportional system I'd assumed, since the 'Greens' were third in terms of votes, but got no seats, while the Nat. Party got 10 seats. I ask because one of the features of New Labour in the UK has been (1) Gerrymandering – they deliberately 'disperse' immigrants to help 'Labour'; (2) Postal vote fraud. I do hope you people have more sense than to hand out votes (and passports) like confetti.

    • Hello Revisionist – To answer your question, as far as I know immigrants have to be Australian citizens to be eligible to vote here but there maybe are certain categories of non-citizens who can vote, like Brits. But the problem is, it is very easy to get Australian citizenship, 3 or 4 years, and they've got all the rights of someone who's been here for 80 years. It is not right in my opinion.
      Yes, we do NOT use the proportional system for the House of Reps as there is only one member per electorate. Certainly it is possible that the Greens could win a seat in the House of Reps but in every electorate the number of Green votes is so low that the seat invariably goes to one of the major parties. As for the Nationals, although their overall vote is low, they are able to win seats as their electorates are often in the country and the Liberals often don't stand candidates there as they are in a coalition with the Nationals.

    • Revisionist – I suppose you know that here in Australia we have preferential voting which allows Liberals and Nationals (and other parties too) to pool their votes. It is something Britain should consider as it would likely prevent a party from governing, like New Labour, with only 35.3% of the vote.

    • Thanks, Black Knight. Churchill said something like it's hard enough to understand yourown system – anyone else's is impossible!

  37. Go Switzerland! Islam is not the way forward. Muslims have been trying to take over the world since the beginning of their religion. It seems as if they have found the way to do it. Move to other countries and breed. They know that most people in the West are complacent and or of the Bleeding Heart Brigade." After having lived in a strong Muslim community I do not want that way of life in my country.

  38. Seems the Swiss are more patriotic than Aussies, (at the moment) guess it will need a terror attack for our clods to tear themselves away from the tele.
    As for our pollies I couldn't write what I think of them, I would be using the 'C' word a lot and there are ladies present.

    • But I tell ya what, Mikey…I think that there are enough people who think like us out there who WOULD react immediately.

      I suggest every Australian maps out exactly where the 'terrorist factions' congregate in their neighbourhood, and if any stupid Islam is DUMB enough to try a Bali-style bombing on our soil, we will ALL KNOW IMMEDIATELY where the best recriminations can begin!

  39. As if we need a lesson in tolerance from the intolerant – these people are un-be-liev-able !!! Very funny, considering followers of their faith beheaded Christian schoolgirls not too long ago and the Indonesian government virtually did nothing about it. Hatred towards Christians in Indonesia is well documented.

  40. "Switzerland is sending us a clear signal: yes to bell towers, no to minarets," said Roberto Calderoli, minister of administrative simplification and a member of Italy's anti-immigrant Northern League party, told the ANSA news agency.

    Yeah well – If and when we ever see a BIG change in attitudes across the muslim world to other faiths within their borders we might be more accomodating. Christians & Jews have been fleeing muslim lands for decades because of intolerance and violence towards 'the other'. Islam is an agressive intolerant religion hell bent on conquering the world for Allah. The sooner we realise that the better!

  41. Well – at least they are consistant. Make no mistake. Their version of a single family, is ONE, under the banner of Islam. You would think the twits runninig the West would wake up wouldn't you? We are like frogs in slow boiling water……by then it will be too late.,27574,26419477-231

  42. In the case of Australia I won't hold my breath!

  43. This certainly is good news. It is a start but no minarets does not necessarily mean no mosques and no more muslim immigration. Hopefully those measures are still to come.

  44. This is great news. Now watch as all the muhammadans will riot in the streets….. 😉

  45. I like this SVP party. The difference between Switzerland and most other European countries is as soon as immigrants start causing trouble they show them the door, and the SVP is in no small part to thank for that.

    This is another good result for the right in Europe, hopefully one of many more to come. Democracy at work. Hopefully, citizens of other countries will take note.

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