Muslims say Australia must become Asian

An article in the Islamic “Al Sumud” magazine has declared that Australia must assimilate into Asia. The magazine is an official publication of the Taliban (Muslim extremists).

This threatening scenario is a logical one, given the ongoing treachery of the Labor Party and the Liberal Party – who have both been importing millions of Asians into Australia since the 1970s (which no doubt fits well into PM Kevin Rudd’s current plan for an Asia-Pacific Union). Much of this Asian immigration is from Muslim countries, such as Indonesia (which has the largest Muslim population of any country in the world).

The problem with Third World immigration is that, if continued, it will not only cost us our national identity and cause immigration-driven genocide against the Australian people, but also creates the very real possibility of the Islamification of Australian society, turning us into a country dominated by Muslim laws and Muslim customs.

An Asian Australia, being run according to Muslim culture – is that what you want?
Do you want a Muslim/Asian future for your family, for your grandchildren?

Liberal-Labor politicians know the threats that face Australia, but they don’t care – in fact, they are causing it!

If you want to protect your future, protect your family’s future, and protect your nation’s future, then join the Australian Protectionist Party and win back Australia!

Join Muslim Asia or perish: Taliban, The Australian, 6 November 2009
Australia must join Muslim Asia or perish – Taliban,, 6 November 2009
Kevin Rudd to drive Asian union, The Australian, 5 June 2008


  1. babywbathwater says

    Bye Bye Australia. If Muslim’s want it it will happen for sure and anyway if they don’t make it happen China will! Rock and a hard place really. Go to any Australian city, the demographics are more like Singapore or HK already!
    And Catty I feel for you. Arguing with that is useless as they only hear themselves and facts are meaningless to revisionist historians.

  2. John thatcher says

    Australia is making the same mistakes as the UK many (not all) muslims are the death knell to any decent country.
    Wake up Aus populate or die

    • I know this is abit late.. But I’d like to mention that being xenophobic in Australia is a waste of time.. This is a migrants country by the large & we, the white settlers made it this way.

      None of us are Australian as far as I believe, unless we have at some point bred natives in our blood line. My family had been flip flopping between Aus & Europe until settling down here, but I very much consider myself largely English, Irish with Danish roots (GGgrandparents) I think migration of people into Europe that cannot prove atleast double descent should stop, even if they’re white (probably have muddies blood anyway.. I find alot of Aussies funny in that way, they’re racist as fuck with their boong noses.. Makes me giggle) anyway, that’s because Europe is waaay to small tp accommodate everyone, all non lineage migrants of the UK should be removed from the country (the population would drop by atleast 5 million)

      Europe has made a mistake by opening its borders but Australia is multicultural by nature… So I don’t really care who comes here, I’ve actually had a nice thought of all Europes kicked out peeps being re-settled here & in Canada.

  3. Check out this Australian Muslim web site. They are talking about " Far right extremists "

    The funny thing is they are using a photo of the Cronulla riots to ramp up support. So the Aussies who were sick of the Lebanese Muslims thugs assaulting people are now classed as far Right extremists according to Muslims.

    • JozekRitter says

      I just like to know why are Muslim so intolerant, and I am not talking here just about ISIL that is killing journalists and anyone lese who does not want to convert to Islam. I am talking about more normal Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia,Iran and even Malaysia.
      I have a friend fro Iran and he has converted to Christianity. His relatives in Iran are sending him letters stating that if he returns they will kill him. Why is there one law in these countries for example that says is OK to convert Christian to Islam yet to convert Muslim to Christianity is punishable by death.
      Another example of intolerance: Phillippino workers (Christians) in Saudi Arabia have been trying for 10 years to get permit to build Christian church, but Muslims will not give them permission. Why do we then give you Muslims permission in Australia to build mosques, when you do not allow Christians to build churches over there.
      Another example of intolerance in Australia. Parents (Muslims) killed their own daughter because she wanted western boyfriend and wanted to marry him.
      I have been asking these questions for long time yet Muslim organisations are will not answer it, sent at least two does e-mails seeking answers, but no reply.
      Just like when Prime Minister called for the meeting of Muslim leaders to combat Muslim violence in Australia, he was rebuked. This means that all Muslim support killing of all Infidels.

  4. I'm not concerned about migrants other than those from the middle east, that are essentially muslims. Just look at the middle eastern boat people in the detention center. No other groups of migrants has ever caused violence before until these muslim refugees. This is not the friendly Vietnamese boat people we used to be familiar with. This is a violent breed of the middle east – Islam.

    The hell with other countries labelling Australia as racist, we must send them all back. The Australian government can't put Australians at risk by introducing a violent race, whose religion actually teaches them to hate, rape, rob and kill non-Muslims, into this country.

    Do not vote for any party that supports the further immigration of muslims. This is not racism, this is the rejection of those who worship a believe that endangers all of the non-muslims in Australia. This danger is real. Remember the series of Sydney Lebanese muslims gang-rape of non-muslim Australian girls back in 2001? Remember all thoses Muslims who went on sixty minutes telling us they are going to islamize Australia? Any governments allowing further muslim immigration into this country is guilty of selling their country out – treason!

    • The Kuta Kid says

      In most of the world "Asian" refers, now, to islam. So the heading to this Article says muslims-say-australia-must-become-muslim.

      We have to stop this back-handed way of saying the say thing over and over. and. of course, stop the advance of islam.

      the koran is supposed to be a bible of islam. why then? does it ceaselessly talk about the politics involved in overthrowing and subverting the Kaffir (non believers) so much so that 30% up to 81% of islamic teachings are tuned to this end? only around 20% is actually talking about worshipping God. that is not a Bible.

      That is using God's word to overpower one way or another "non-believers."

      islam is about controlling ALL aspects of life through ritual brainwashing the individual's thinking processes. pray 5 times a day. go to a mosque. listen to more crap again and again and again. its hypnotic.

      I have a few suggestions

      A. Use the terrorist act to legislate the koran as a doctrine of terrorist origins. the koran actually says all muslims must turn non-believers to islam so they in turn become muslim. the koran then says if the Kaffir will not accept islam then that Kaffir must be killed. That is the duty of all muslims.

      since when is that type of atrocity of thinking a Religion or Religious?

      I have read the koran so i know the above is true.

      B. Implement "hate-Speech" laws to include all immigrants, not just the population of Australia.

      C. Prosecute all who stir up ANY part of the population to create jihads or such-like against non-muslims.

      D. Create international laws that protect All countries from implementation Of shariah laws.

      E. DO NOT pay out any more support to any immigrant than what Australians get. Whats the dole? $300? well well. any more than that and our own Government is discriminating against all of us.

      Take away their extra benefits and watch them leave in droves.

      F. Deport all who preach hatred with their families. a nest of vipers is a nest of vipers.

      G. Any person that is born here that is convicted because of breaking any Federal Law could be enlisted into the armed forces as a Labourer doing HARD LABOUR. No mosques allowed.

      • Save Australia says

        In most of the world “Asian” refers, now, to islam. So the heading to this Article says muslims-say-australia-must-become-muslim.

        We have to stop this back-handed way of saying the say thing over and over. and. of course, stop the advance of islam.

        Asian means Islam? That sounds a bit weird. Lots of Asians are not part of Islam. Bhuddists, Shintoists, Sikhs and so forth. But if you have a policy of keeping muslims out, many muslims will just lie on their immigration application to get here – and either hide their true nature or later on "convert" to Islam. The best way to stop muslim immigration is to stop all Third World immigration.

        • D. Williams says

          Save Australia, I think the reply is referring to the understanding in large parts of Europe that “Asian” covers immigrants often from countries such as Pakistan, who by and large are Moslem. That said, we do have one of the largest Moslem countries, Indonesia, on our doorstep and they have made little attempt to hide their opinion of us…..

      • ihatenexus2013 says

        The Crimes of Islam

        16 July 622 Islamic era begins. Mohammed flees from Mecca to Medina to avoid being murdered by his apostate enemies.

        632 The Turks invade the Byzantine Empire between 632 AD and 641 AD. Egypt, Syria, and Palestine lost to Christendom and subject to the process of Islamicization.

        18 Aug 636 Khalid ibn Walids’ forces defeat Byzantine army at Battle of Yarmuk.

        24 June 656 Caliph Uthman is murdered by Muslim conspirators. Uthman is succeeded by Ali bin Abi-Talib, Islams’ fourth caliph.

        678 and 717 AD The Arabs tried to take Constantinople by sea.

        685 (685–695 and 705–711) Muslims re-open hostilities. The result was a series of Arab victories that led to the loss of Byzantine control over Armenia and the Caucasian principalities, and a gradual encroachment upon Byzantine lands. Year by year, the Caliphate’s generals, usually members of the Umayyad family, launched raids into Byzantine territory and captured fortresses and towns. After 712, the Byzantine defensive system began to show signs of collapse.

        7th Century The rapid Muslim conquest of Palestine, Syria, Egypt and the North African coast all the way to Morocco in the seventh century resulted in the permanent imposition by force of Islamic culture onto a previously Christian and largely non-Arab base. (William E. Watson, 1993).

        7th Century The Muslim empire stretches from Spain and Morocco on the Atlantic rim to the borders of China in the East.

        711 The Visigothic kingdom falls to Muslim conquerors in a single battle on the Rio Barbate in 711.

        September 715 The Muslim vanguard, under general Sulayman ibn Mu’ad, marched over Cilicia into Asia Minor, taking the strategic fortress of Loulon on its way.

        716 In 716, after years of preparations, the Arabs, led by Maslamah ibn Abd al-Malik, invaded Byzantine Asia Minor. The Arabs initially hoped to exploit Byzantine civil strife and made common cause with the general Leo the Isaurian, who had risen up against Emperor Theodosios III.

        717 The Second Arab Siege of Constantinople in 717–718 was a combined land and sea offensive by the Arabs of the Umayyad Caliphate against the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople. The campaign marked the culmination of twenty years of attacks and progressive Arab occupation of the Byzantine borderlands, while Byzantine strength was sapped by prolonged internal turmoil.

        717 The Arab army crossed into Thrace in early summer 717 and built siege lines to blockade the city, which was protected by the massive Theodosian Walls.

        15 Aug 718 The Arabs were forced to lift the siege on 15 August 718. On its return journey, the Arab fleet was almost destroyed by natural disasters and Byzantine attacks.
        (Historians credit the siege with halting the Muslim advance into Europe, and consider it one of historys’ most decisive battles).

        8th Century Muslim armies advanced into Transoxiana, India and the Visigothic Kingdom of Hispania.

        October 732 The Battle of Tours (October 732), also called the Battle of Poitiers and in Arabic:(ma‘arakat Balâ? ash-Shuhadâ – Battle of the Palace of Martyrs) was fought in an area between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, in north-central France, near the village of Moussais-la-Bataille, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of Poitiers. The location of the battle was close to the border between the Frankish realm and then-independent Aquitaine. The battle pitted Frankish and Burgundian forces under Austrasian Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel, against an army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by ‘Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of al-Andalus.
        Leopold von Ranke felt that “Poitiers was the turning point of one of the most important epochs in the history of the world.”

        735 Umayyad invasion of southern France (735-739).

        735 The new governor of al-Andalus again invaded Gaul. Antonio Santosuosso and other historians detail how the new governor of Al-Andalus, ‘Uqba b. Al-Hajjaj, again moved into France to avenge the defeat at Poitiers and to spread Islam. Santosuosso notes that ‘Uqba b. Al-Hajjaj converted about 2,000 Christians he captured over his career. In the last major attempt at forcible invasion of Gaul through Iberia, a sizable invasion force was assembled at Saragossa and entered what is now French territory in 735, crossed the River Rhone and captured and looted Arles. From there, he struck into the heart of Provence, ending with the capture of Avignon, despite strong resistance.

        735 Despite the defeat at Tours, the Umayyads remained in control of Narbonne and Septimania for another 27 years.

        737 The Caliph Marwan invades the Khazar lands and forces Islam on the inhabitants.

        737 Charles Martel fails in his attempt to rescue Narbonne from the Muslim invaders by siege in 737, when the city was jointly defended by its Muslim Arab and Berber, and its Christian Visigothic citizens.

        c740 Arab governors continued to levy extraordinary dhimmi taxation (the jizyah and kharaj) and slave-tributes on non-Arab populations that had converted to Islam, in direct contravention of Islamic law.

        750 In 750, the army of the Umayyad caliph Marwan II fought a combined force of Abbasid, Shia, and Persian soldiers at the Zab.

        859 The Sicillian castle of Castrogiovanni is captured by invading Muslims.

        1033 In Fez, Morocco, some six thousand were slaughtered in 1033, and many others died in the city in pogroms in 1276, 1465, and 1912. (;pg=PA192).

        1071 In 1071, the Seljuk Turks invaded Anatolia and defeated the armies of Christian Emperor Romanus Diogenes, who had been betrayed by his Generals.

        1276 In Fez, Morocco, some six thousand were slaughtered in 1033, and many others died in the city in pogroms in 1276, 1465, and 1912. (;pg=PA192).

        28 June 1389 Turks defeat Serb army at Kosovo Polje.

        29 May 1453 Constantinople, capital of Byzantine Empire, is captured by Turks, ending 977 year old Eastern Roman Empire.

        1465 In Fez, Morocco, some six thousand were slaughtered in 1033, and many others died in the city in pogroms in 1276, 1465, and 1912. (;pg=PA192).

        12 Aug 1499 Turks defeat Venetian fleet at Sapienza, Italy.

        29 Aug 1499 Lepanto, Greece, surrenders to army of Turkeys’ Sultan.

        1500s-1800s Harems of up to 1000 non-Muslim slave girls kept by Turkish and other sultans. (Murab III). Slaves mostly Christians and Jews captured in battle or given as gifts.

        29 Aug 1526 Hungarians lose Battle of Mohacs. 150 years of Turkish occupation begins.

        1 May 1544 Turkish troops occupy Hungary.

        8 Aug 1570 Turkish forces sack Nicosia, Cyprus.

        23 Oct 1596 Turks under Mohammed III defeat Austrian Archduke Maximillian near Erlau, Hungary.

        14 Sept 1613 Turkey invades Hungary.

        20 June 1631 The sack of Baltimore: the Irish village of Baltimore is attacked by Algerian pirates.

        1640 In 1640 there were many references to Barbary pirates on the Cornish coast. In one case they took three barks “in the open view of Penzance”, took three other ships the same night at Mousehole and the Land’s End, while three other vessels were pursued and escaped, one after eight hours’ fighting. Many other vessels were seen deserted on the seas. In another account there are reported to be sixty “Turkish men-of-war” on the coast. In a third, sixty men, women and children were taken from about Penzance. In 1656 seven boats and forty two fishermen were taken by Turks (actually Algerian pirates) between Falmouth and the Lizard. Moorish pirates were also active along the north Cornish coast and ransacked Padstow on a regular basis, the aim being to take white-skinned women, much sought after by the Arabs, away to their base at Lundy ….Ooh Aarh
        In one year the Turks had taken no less than a thousand Cornish Mariners, while Looe alone, in the ten days before the letter was written, had lost 80 men.

        Circa 1645 Murat Reis, the Arab pirate captain, was on Lundy Island in about 1645. He had taken 310 prisoners off the southwest English coastline to Salee Castle, Algiers, to be fattened up for sale.
        Cromwell got fed up with the Arab menace and insurance prices rising on Bristol merchant ships. William and his brother Giles Penn came to Redcliffe, Bristol but were not allowed to
        trade by the Bristol cartel. So they traded with the Arabs instead, and had to become ruthless pirates themselves to survive. As a result, when the Mayor of Bristol, who had his own
        brother held to ransom, was told by Cromwell to commission someone and put up a reward to clear the Arab menace, lying in wait on Lundy Island, he choose Robert Blake from farming
        stock in the North Devon hills and William Penn from Redcliffe, They took the fight to the enemy and bombarded their stronghold till they surrendered. They released 20,000 slaves.

        1651 In 1651, a search was being made for a pirate in the Helford River, about the same time as losses in Falmouth were being reported. The “Turkish” peril by that time became severe. A small fleet, under Sir John Pennington, and comprising a number of ships called the Lion’s Whelps, cruised the Channel for several years to suppress these Barbary pirates, who are described as “the scourges of all Christian navigations”. Later Sir John Pennington was cruising between Mount’s Bay and the Lizard when he saw the sails of five Turkish men of war standing in the Channel. They turned and fled when they saw Pennington’s fleet.
        It appears that a number of boats fishing off the Manacles, were taken by the “Turks” and their crews carried away as captives. The number of boats is given as seven in every account, but the number, of men is given variously as 42 to 50.

        July 10th 1656 A letter dated July 10th 1656 and quoted in the State Papers says that ’ seven boats and two and forty fishermen were taken by the Turks off the Manacles between Falmouth and the Lizard last Wednesday was three weeks.’

        17 July 1683 Turks lay siege to Vienna, marking deepest incursion into Europe by Ottomans.

        12 Aug 1687 Turks under Suleiman Pasha attack Duke of Lorraine and Louis of Baden at Battle of Mohacs and are defeated.

        30 Nov 1710 Turkey declares war on Russia.

        16 Aug 1717 Turkish invasion of Belgrade thwarted by Prince Eugene of Savoys’ troops.

        1720s Turkish pirates raid Loo, Cornwall, England, abduct residents of an entire town and sell them as slaves. (Empire of the Seas).

        1731? Turkish pirates raid Baltimore, Ireland, abduct residents of an entire town and sell them as slaves. (Empire of the Seas).

        10 Nov 1729 Portugal loses Mombassa to Omani Arabs.

        Circa 1790 Algeria. The sultan Yazid hung over a dozen Jews who refused to convert to Islam around 1790, and the rest converted for fear of the gallows. Maimonides, the philosopher who studied and perhaps taught at the local university, the Qarawiyyin, saw his own teacher put to death here.

        30 June 1815 Attacks by Algerian pirates ended by American naval hero Stephen Decatur.

        22 April 1822 Turkish fleet captures island of Chios, massacres or sells Christian inhabitants as slaves.

        15 July 1822 Turkish invasion of Greece begins.

        2 Aug 1824 Turkey captures island of Ipsara from the Greeks.

        5 June 1827 Turkish forces capture the Acropolis and enter Athens.

        16 Aug 1827 Sultan of Turkey rejects demands by Russia, France and Britain regarding truce with Greece.

        6 Jan 1842 First British invasion of Afghanistan ends in disaster. 16,500 massacred, of whom, 4500 were soldiers.

        13 Jan 1842 5000 British troops massacred at the Khyber Pass by Afghani tribal insurgents.

        1 Nov 1856 War erupts between Britain and Persia after Persians occupy Horak.

        12 May 1897 Turks defeat Greeks in Thessaly, causing major powers to intervene.

        2 Aug 1903 Turks suppress Macedonian uprising. Revolt lasts eleven days.

        17 April 1912 Algeria. Moroccan troops looted the mellah (ghetto) in Fes, Morocco’s then capital, murdering 45 Jews and wounding many more. (

        22nd? Aug 1912 Algeria. The news of the massacre of Frenchmen at Fez has been received with great satisfaction by the tribes, and a feeling of unrest prevails all over the country between Tangier and Fez.
        A friend writes from Fez that the acts of cruelty committed by the frantic mob in the Jewish quarter were simply horrible. Children had their heads chopped off in their parents’ presence,
        while others were tortured to death in ways too awful to describe. Over 200 bodies have been buried, and there are a good tally still missing. ( Bay Of Plenty Times, Volume XL, Issue 5849, 23 August 1912, Page 3. Reprinted in: Posted: Posted on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 8:03:56 AM by Milagros).

        April-Aug 1912 In Fez, Morocco, some six thousand were slaughtered in 1033, and many others died in the city in pogroms in 1276, 1465, and 1912. (;pg=PA192).

        12 Nov 1914 Sultan / Caliph Mehmed IV The Ottoman Empire called for a military jihad against France, Russia and Great Britain in November 1914.

        12 Nov 1914 Sultan Mehmed V, in his capacity as Caliph, proclaimed holy war and appealed to the Muslim subjects of the Entente powers to join in a common struggle with the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan’s proclamation was immediately posted on government buildings… This proclamation was confirmed in a fatwa issued by the Shaykh-ul-Islam on November 14. This fatwa specified that the holy war was directed against the enemies of Islam, particularly Britain, France and Russia…. On November 21, the Sultan renewed the proclamation in an appeal to non-Ottoman Muslims that they join the jihad. …

        1 Jan 1915 ‘Battle of Broken Hill’. Two Moslem camel drivers sympathetic to Turkey, ambush a train near Broken Hill killing four picnic goers.

        1915 Turkish genocide of one million Armenians in eastern Turkey.

        1920 Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, instigated bloody riots against the Jews in 1920-1921 and again in 1929.

        1923 Turkey annexes Mount Ararat, effectively stealing Armenian land and a sacred site to Christianity.

        20 Nov 1924 Turkey crushes Kurdish revolt.

        2 April 1926 Riots between Moslems & Hindus in Calcutta, India.

        11 Aug 1929 Haj Amin al-Husseini concocted a story that the Jews praying at the Western Wall were taking over the Al-Aqsua Mosque.

        11 Aug 1929 Arabs launch attacks on Jews over use of Wailing Wall in Jersualem.

        24 Aug 1929 Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, demands Arabs murder Jews. Sixty-seven Jewish men, women and children in Hebron and destroyed the synagogues. This violent action brought an end to a Jewish presence in Hebron that had been there for thousands of years.

        30 Nov 1934 Egypts’ Constitution suspended.

        30 Nov 1934 Moroccan Nationalist movement founded.

        1936 Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, imported Nazi influence into Palestine and used Nazi funds to finance his terrorist activities. He openly supported Hitler and Mussolini and led a revolt against the British in 1936-1939.

        1936 Beginning of the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in Palestine which resulted in the following casualties:

        British Security Forces: Arabs:
        262 killed c. 5,000 killed
        c. 550 wounded c. 15,000 wounded
        Jews: 108 executed
        c. 300 killed 12,622 detained
        4 executed 5 exiled

        11 Aug 1937 Iraqi dictator Bakr Sidqi is assassinated by Muslim dissidents.

        1939 Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, flees to Iraq where he cooperated with the Nazis in a failed coup attempt against the British.

        1 April 1941 Pro-German Iraqi Rashid Ali al-Ghailani grabs power in Iraq

        World War II Nazi collaorator Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, traveled to Bosnia where he recruited Bosnian Moslems for the SS. They slaughtered ninety percent of Bosnia’s Jews. The only condition Husseini set for assisting the Nazis was that, after they won the war, they would murder all the Jews in Palestine. After the war was over, Husseini fled to Cairo where he was given a heroes welcome.

        November 1941 In November 1941, Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, met with Hitler.

        15 May 1948 New state of Israel is attacked by Egyptian planes and invaded by Arab troops from Lebanon and Transjordan.

        5 Aug 1949 Damascus, Syria. 12 killed and dozens injured in the Menarsha synagogue attack, Damascus.

        16 Oct 1951 Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan is shot dead while making a speech.

        1952 Inspired by Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats’ uncle, Gamal Abdul Nasser led the coup in 1952 that overthrew the Egyptian government. He made Egypt a safe haven for Nazi war criminals and, in 1964, he established the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

        17 May 1956 Egypt bars Israeli merchant ships from the Suez Canal.

        15 Aug 1958 Lebanon 1958. Three people were killed in a bomb blast Beirut. The bombing also injured ten more and on the day that United Nations General Assembly was pondering ways to end violence in the Middle East.

        5 July 1962 Algeria. The Oran massacre of 1962 of European—mostly French—civilians in Oran, Algeria on July 5, 1962, at the end of the Algerian War (1954–62). Although the majority of deaths were European, Algerians were also massacred. Estimates of the death toll are 95 killed (a minority — 20 — of whom were European) and 453 disappeared.

        8 Aug 1964 Turkish planes attack Greek-occupied Cyprus.

        30 Sept 1965 Six Indonesian generals are kidnapped and murdered. 300,000 Indonesians killed in abortive coup.

        2 June 1966 Muslim Indonesia and Muslim Malaysia end five years of hostilities.

        17 Sept 1967 A soccer riot in Turkey kills 42 and injures 600 others.

        6 June 1968 US Senator Robert Kennedy dies in Los Angeles a day after being shot by Syrian-born Lebanese immigrant Sirhan Sirhan.

        4 Sept 1968 Israel. Three bombs detonated in Tel Aviv, killing 1 person and injuring 51 people.[14] The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs states the number of injured people at 71.

        24 Aug 1969 Iraq executes 15 on charges of spying for Israel and America.

        1 Sept 1969 Lieutenat Muammar Gaddafi ousts King Idris of Libya and installs a socilast Islamic dictatorship which kills tens of thousands of Libyans over the next 42 years.

        1 Sept 1969 Lieutenat Muammar Gaddafis’ socilast Islamic dictatorship begins evictions of 38,000 Libyan Jews.

        21 Sept 1969 More than 120 people are killed in rioting in western India after Muslims allegedly abuse cattle.

        21 Feb 1970 Switzerland. A bomb explodes in the rear of Swissair Flight 330, causing it to crash near Zürich, killing 38 passengers and all nine crew members. The attack was carried out by Palestinian terrorist group PFLP.

        8 May 1970 Israel. Avivim school bus attacks by Palestinian PLO members, killing nine children and three adults and crippling 19 children.

        6 Sept 1970 Jordan. Coordinated hijacking of four airliners. One hijacking is foiled in midair and two planes are diverted to Jordan’s Dawson Field. Nicaraguan Sandinista hijacker Patrick Argüello was killed and all passengers were freed after negotiated release of captured hijacker Leila Khaled and three PFLP prisoners. The following day a fifth aircraft was also hijacked. See Dawson’s Field hijackings, Black September in Jordan.

        17 Sept 1970 Open warfare breaks out between Jordanian Army and Palestinian guerilla forces.

        6 Nov 1970 Israel. Two bombs explode in Tel Aviv at the central bus station killing one person and injuring 24.

        1971 Bangladesh declares independence from Pakistan. The Pakistani army fought and lost a brutal nine-month war with Bengali fighters and Indian forces that intervened. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, many of them at the hands of Islamist militia groups who wanted the country to remain part of Pakistan.

        21 Aug 1971 The Phillipines. Several explosions occurred during a political campaign rally of the Liberal Party at Plaza Miranda in the district of Quiapo, Manila causing nine deaths and injuring 95 others. 5 year old child among those murdered.

        1972-1973 The first Libyan arms donation to the IRA occurred in 1972–1973, following visits by Joe Cahill to Libya.
        Gaddafi announced that “the bombs which are convulsing Britain and breaking its spirit are the bombs of Libyan people. We have sent them to the Irish revolutionaries so that the British will pay the price for their past deeds”.

        8 May 1972 Belgium, Israel. Four PLO terrorists hijacked the aeroplane of Sabena Flight 571 carrying 99 passengers and ten crew members en route from Brussels to Tel Aviv. In a mission titled “Operation Isotope”, 16 members of Sayeret Matkal posed as refueling and technical personnel and stormed the plane, killing the terrorists and releasing the passengers.

        30 May 1972 Israel. Lod Airport Massacre by the Japanese Red Army terrorists, killing 26 and injuring 78.

        11 June 1972 Gaddafi announces that any Arab wishing to volunteer for Palestinian armed groups “can register his name at any Libyan embassy will be given adequate training for combat”. He also promised financial support for attacks.

        5 Sept 1972 Eleven Israeli atheletes murdered at Munich airport by terrorists acting on behalf of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.

        7 Oct 1972 7 October 1972, Gaddafi praised the Lod Airport massacre, carried out by the Japanese Red Army, and demanded Palestinian terrorist groups to carry out similar attacks.

        1973 In 1973 the Irish Naval Service intercepted the vessel Claudia in Irish territorial waters, which carried Soviet arms from Libya to the Provisional IRA. (

        27 Feb 1973 Eight members of Arafat’s Black September organization raided a reception at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum Feb. 27, 1973, rounded up a group of diplomats and held them hostage for days. The kidnappers – operating on the direct orders of Arafat, says Welsh – demanded the release of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, as well as other Arabs in jails throughout Europe and Israel. (

        1 Mar 1973 Sudan. Black September takes ten hostages (five of them diplomats) at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum. Three western diplomats are killed including the American ambassador to Sudan.

        2 Mar 1973 March 2, 1973, Yasser Arafat ordered the cold-blooded, machine-gun murders of U.S. Ambassador Cleo Noel and Charges d’affaires George Curtis in Khartoum, Sudan. (

        6 Oct 1973 Yom Kippur War begins when Egypt and Syria attack Israel.

        28 Sept 1973 Austria, Chopin-Express. Two Arab terrorists hijack the Chopin-Express from Moscow to Vienna at the East-West border in Marchegg. The train is often used by Jewish exilants from the USSR. The terrorists demand the closure of an Austrian
        transit camp for Jews on their way to Israel. Chancellor Bruno Kreisky (Jewish himself) complies and allows the terrorists to escape to Libya.

        17 Dec 1973 Italy, Pan Am Flight 110: 30 passengers were killed when Palestinian guerillas threw phosphorus bombs aboard the aircraft as it prepares for departure.

        1974 Gaddafi expresses support for Mengistu Haile Mariam (born 27 May 1937) an Ethiopian politician who was the most prominent officer of the Derg, the Communist military junta that governed Ethiopia from 1974 to 1987, and President of the
        People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia from 1987 to 1991. Effectively a dictator, he oversaw the Ethiopian Red Terror of 1977–1978,a campaign of repression against the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party and other anti-Derg factions.
        Mengistu fled to Zimbabwe in 1991 at the conclusion of the Ethiopian Civil War, and remains there despite an Ethiopian court verdict finding him guilty in absentia of genocide.Some estimate that he was responsible for more than 2 million deaths.

        31 Jan 1974 Singapore. Laju incident: JRA–PFLP attack on a Shell facility in Singapore and the simultaneous seizure of the Japanese embassy in Kuwait.

        11 April 1974 Israel. Kiryat Shmona massacre at an apartment building by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members, killing 18 people, nine of whom were children.

        15 May 1974 Israel. Ma’alot massacre at the Ma’alot High School in Northern Israel by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members: 26 of the hostages were killed, 66 wounded.

        16 Aug 1974 Turkish invaders annexe half of Cyprus and declare ceasefire.

        8 Sept 1974 United States. TWA Flight 841: Bomb kills 88 on jetliner. Attributed to Abu Nidal and his terrorist organization.

        19 Jan 1975 Twenty people hurt after Arab terrorists attack El Al jet with grenades.

        1970s Lebanons’ civil war between Muslim radicals and Druze militias’ begins.

        5 Mar 1975 Israel. In the Savoy Operation, Palestine Liberation Organization gunmen from Lebanon take dozens of hostages at the Tel Aviv Savoy Hotel, eventually killing eight hostages and three IDF soldiers, and wounding eleven hostages.

        30 May 1975 Muslim Indonesia makes first military incursions into Catholic East Timor.

        4 July 1975 Israel. A bomb detonates in Zion Square killing 13 people and wounding 72. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs states the death toll at 14 with 80 injured.

        15 Aug 1975 Bangladeshs’ founding father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is assassinated by fellow Muslims in a military coup.

        7 Dec 1975 Indonesian troops invade former Portuguese colony of East Timor / Timor Estes.

        14 Dec 1975 Netherlands: Near Beilen, a passenger train was hijacked by members of the Republik Maluku Selatan movement, passengers were kept hostage. Three passengers were killed by the hijackers.

        Dec 1975 Austria. OPEC siege. Carlos the Jackal and his rebels attack OPEC headquarters in Vienna and take over 60 hostages – mostly they were OPEC countries’ leaders. On December 22, the hostages and rebels are transported in a DC-9 to Algiers where 30 hostages were freed; the plane was then flown to Tripoli, Libya, where more hostages were freed before flying back to Algiers where the remaining hostages were freed and the rebels were granted asylum.

        23 Dec 1975 Greece, December 23: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Station Chief Richard Welch was shot dead outside his home in Athens by Marxist terrorist group Revolutionary Organization 17 November. Welch’s murder led to the passage of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, making it illegal to reveal the name of an agent who has a covert relationship with an American intelligence organization.

        1976 In 1976 after a series of terror attacks by the Provisional IRA, Gaddafi announced that “the bombs which are convulsing Britain and breaking its spirit are the bombs of Libyan people. We have sent them to the Irish revolutionaries so that the British will pay the price for their past deeds”. (

        31 May 1976 Indonesia completes takeover of former Portugese colony of East Timor.

        8 June 1976 Large number of Syrian troops move into Lebanon where civil war rages.

        16 June 1976 Beirut, Lebanon. US Ambassador Francis E. Meloy, Jr., and Economic Councelor Robert O. Waring were kidnapped by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and killed a short time later.

        27 June 1976 Air France flight 139 from Ben Gurion Airport to France via Athens hijacked by Muslims and directed to Benghazi, Libya. Flown to Entebbe, Uganda.

        27 June 1976 Air France flight 139 plane hijacked by two Germans and two Palestinians. Supporters / members of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

        27 June 1976 Hijackers of Air France flight 139 wanted prisoner exchange for 210 passengers. One prisoner sought by PFLP was serving nine life sentences for terrorism offences.

        3 July 1976 Israeli passengers hijacked by Muslim terrorists rescued from Entebbe Airport, Uganda.

        16 July 1976 Indonesia annexes East Timor as its’ 27th province.

        17 Nov 1976 Jordan. Abu Nidal Organization fighters stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman, Jordan and seized several hostages. Jordanian security responded by storming the hotel. In the ensuing fighting 3 terrorists, 2 Jordanian soldiers, and 2 civilians were killed.

        9 Mar 1977 Washington. United States, March 9: Three buildings in Washington, DC were seized by members of the militant African-American Muslim Hanafi sect, and over 100 hostages were taken. One bystander was shot and killed, and Washington city councilman Marion Barry was shot in the chest.
        After a two-day standoff, all hostages were released from the District Building (city hall), B’nai B’rith headquarters, and the Islamic Center.

        May 1977 Ethiopia. In May 1977 the Swedish general secretary of the Save the Children Fund stated that “1,000 children have been killed, and their bodies are left in the streets and are being eaten by wild hyenas . . .
        You can see the heaped-up bodies of murdered children, most of them aged eleven to thirteen, lying in the gutter, as you drive out of Addis Ababa.” Children murdered by the Libyan-supported communist Mengistu regime.
        Amnesty International estimates that up to 500,000 people were killed during the Ethiopian Red Terror,.

        24 July 1977 United States. The home of Morris Amitay was bombed in the early morning hours.[2] Mr Amitay was Executive Director of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. None of the sleeping family was hurt.

        13 Oct 1977 Thursday. Lufthansa Flight 181 with 86 passengers on board hijacked and flown to Rome. “Captain Martyr Mahmoud” and three others wearing red Che Guevera t-shirts responsible.

        13 Oct 1977 Lufthansa Flight 181 with 86 passengers on board hijacked and flown from Rome to Larnaca, Cypress.

        13 Oct 1977 Lufthansa Flight 181 with 86 passengers on board hijacked and flown from Cyprus to Beirut.

        15 Oct 1977 Captain Jurgen Schumann of Lufthansa Flight 181 shot dead by Radical Arab Front (RAF) hijacker “Captain Martyr Mahmoud” in Aden.

        4 Dec 1977 Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 is hijacked and crashes in Tanjung Kupang, Johor, killing all 100 on board.

        1978 US bans military equipment sales to Libya in retaliation for Libyan support of terrorist groups. (New York Times, 21 January 1982, A1)

        7 Jan 1978 Riots at Islamic pilgrimage site of Qom, Iran, results in six deaths.

        2 Feb 1978 Israel: Members of the Arab Revolutionary Council poison Israeli oranges with mercury, injuring at least twelve people and reducing exports by 40 percent.

        2 Feb 1978 Israel. Palestinian Terrorists Inject Mercury into Israeli Oranges; 5 Dutch Children Poisoned

        11 Mar 1978 Israel, March 11: Coastal Road massacre: Fatah gunmen killed several tourists and hijack a bus near Haifa; 38 Israelis on the bus are killed. 71 were wounded.

        20 May 1978 France, May 20: Three terrorists fire on El Al passengers in the departure lounge of Paris-Orly Airport, resulting in the death of all three terrorists and one policeman, with 3 French tourists injured.

        13 Aug 1978 Explosion in Palestinian building kills 150-200. PLO and PLF (pro-Iraqi). Rival Muslim terrorist group suspected of outrage.

        13 Aug 1978 Lebanon. A bomb destroys an office building in West Beirut housing the headquarter of the Palestine Liberation Front, killing more than 175 people and injuring another 80. The bombing was allegedly carried out by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command.

        1978 About 10,000 Afghans arrested and executed by revolutionary Afghan communist regime after 1978 coup.

        1978-1987 The Chadian–Libyan conflict (1978–1987) ended in disaster for Libya in 1987 with the Toyota War. France supported Chad in this conflict and two years later on 19 September 1989, a French airliner, UTA Flight 772, was destroyed by an in-flight explosion for which Libyan agents were convicted in absentia.

        1978-1981 Libya purchases more than 2,000 tons of lightly processed uranium from Niger. The Soviet Union completes a 10 megawatt nuclear research reactor at Tajoura.

        July 1979 Oslo, Norway. Norwegian police prevents terrorist attacks against the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Oslo.

        2 Nov 1979 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, 2 November: Sunni militant group of 200 to 500 men seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The ensuing battle with the authorities left more than 250 people dead, including civilians, troops and terrorists.

        4 Nov 1979 United States, November 4: Iran Hostage Crisis takes place. Iranian Muslim students take over the American Embassy, taking 52 US diplomats hostage for 444 days. (Ended January 20, 1981)

        2 Dec 1979 A mob attacks and sets fire to the U.S. embassy in Tripoli. Embassy officials are subsequently withdrawn and the embassy shut down.

        29 Dec 1979 The U.S. government places Libya on a newly created list of state sponsors of terrorism. Countries on the list are subject to a variety of U.S. sanctions.

        29 Dec 1979 U.S. embassy staff members were withdrawn from Tripoli after a mob attacked and set fire to the embassy in December 1979. The U.S. government declared Libya a “state sponsor of terrorism” on 29 December 1979.

        7 April 1980 Israel. Five Palestinian terrorists from the Iraqi-backed Arab Liberation Front penetrated kibbutz Misgav Am in Israel during night time and entered the nursery. They killed the kibbutz secretary and an infant boy. They held the rest of the children hostage, demanding the release of about 50 terrorists held in Israeli prisons. The first raid of an IDF infantry unit was unsuccessful, but a second attempt, a few hours later, succeeded, and all the terrorists were killed. Two kibbutz members and one soldier were killed, four children and 11 soldiers were injured.

        23 April 1980 Saudi Arabia expels the British ambassador following showing of movie Death of a Princess in which a Saudi princess is stoned to death for adultery.

        27 July 1980 Antwerp, Belgium. A member of the Abu Nidal Organization throws two hand grenades into a group of Jewish schoolchildren waiting for a bus stop in Antwerp, Belgium, killing one and wounding twenty. Said Al Nasr was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

        3 Oct 1980 Paris, France. A motorcycle bomb kills four people and injures over forty at the rue Copernic synagogue in Paris, France. Authorities blamed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

        31 Dec 1980 Nairobi, Kenya. At least 15 people were killed and 85 injured in a bombing at the Jewish-owned Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The Kenyan government said the bomber was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

        20 Jan 1981 Fifty-two American hostages in Tehran are releasaed after 444 days or 15 months of captivity by Iranian student activists in Tehran.

        18 Mar 1981 Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. claims that Libya is running training camps for terrorists. (Facts on File 1981,169)

        28 Mar 1981 Hijacking of Indonesian Air Garuda flight to Bangkok, Thailand, by Libyan-backed Islamic fundamentalists. Indonesian airlines, Garuda Indonesia GA 206 was hijacked on March 28, 1981. A group called Commando Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, and demanded the release of the Commando Jihad members imprisoned in Indonesia and US$1.5 million. One Kopassus commando died and all the other hijackers were killed, while all the hostages were saved.

        2 April 1981 Heavy battle between Christian militia & Syrian army in East Lebanon.

        19 April 1981 The Phillipines. Easter attack. On Easter Sunday, 17 people are killed in a grenade attack during mass on San Pedro cathedral, Davao City, similar to the later 1993 attack.

        6 May 1981 The United States closes Libya’s embassy in Washington and expels Libyan diplomats.

        6 May 1981 US closes Libyan diplomatic mission in Washington, citing inter alia its “support for international terrorism.” (New York Times, 7 May 1981, A1)

        13 May 1981 Pope John Paul II is shot and seriously wounded in Rome by Mehmet Ali Agca, a Turk.

        28 June 1981 Tehran, Iran. A bomb explodes in Islamic Rebublican Party headquarters in Tehran, Iran, kills 73, including politician leader Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, which blamed for Mujahedin Khalq guerrilla group.

        14 Aug 1981 Car bomb kills 19 in east Beirut, Lebanon.

        19 Aug 1981 U.S. aircraft shoot down two Libyan combat jets that fired on them over the Mediterranean Sea.

        August 1981 US Navy F-14s are fired upon by, shoot down two Libyan fighter jets over Gulf of Sidra, which Libya claims as territorial waters. (New York Times, 20 August 1981, A1)

        29 Aug 1981 Austria. Machine gun and grenade attack on the Stadttempel synagogue in Vienna, 1981 Vienna synagogue attack killing two people and wounding 30. Marwan Hasan and Hesham Mohammed Rajeh were convicted.

        30 Aug 1981 August 30: A powerful bomb explodes in Prime Minister’s Office headquarters, Tehran, Iran, kills ten, including Iranian President Mohammad Ali Rajai and Prime Minister of Mohammad Javad Bahonar, and injures 15, which blamed for Mujahedin Khalq guerrilla group.

        16 Sept 1981 Lebanon. September 16: A dynamite-packed truck, following explode in outside of Palestine Liberation Organization regional headquarters, Sidin, Lebanon, kills thirty-five and injures eighty. Which responsibility for Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners guerrilla group.

        30 Sept 1981 Lebanon. A powerful bomb explodes outside PLO regional headquarters, Beirut, Lebanon, kills fifty and injures 255. Which responsibility for Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners guerrilla group.

        6 Oct 1981 Egypt. Assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat by Islamic Jihad.

        20 Oct 1981 Belgium. Truck bomb attack on a synagogue in Antwerp, Belgium. Three killed and 106 wounded in the 1981 Antwerp bombing.

        Oct 1981 In October 1978, Gaddafi sent Libyan troops to aid Idi Amin in the Uganda-Tanzania War when Amin tried to annex the northern Tanzanian province of Kagera, and Tanzania counterattacked. Amin lost the battle and later fled to exile in Libya, where he remained for almost a year.

        Oct 1981 Gaddafi applauded the murder of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, remarking that it was a “punishment” for Sadat’s signing of the Camp David Accords with the United States and Israel.

        29 Nov 1981 A bomb explodes in many vehicles, following to a school damaged in Azbakya district, Damascus, Syria, kills sixty-four and injures 135, which responsibility for Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners guerrilla group.

        6 Dec 1981 US defense attaché is murdered in Paris; some observers suspect Libyan involvement. (Schott 16; Flores 582).

        7 Dec 1981 President Ronald Reagan claims US has evidence that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has sent assassination teams to murder top US officials. (Washington Post, 11 December 1981, A28)

        11 Dec 1981 Reagan administration calls on 1,500 Americans residing in Libya to leave “as soon as possible,” citing “the danger which the Libyan regime poses to American citizens.” US passports are declared invalid for travel to Libya. (Washington Post, 11 December 1981, A1; Wall Street Journal, 11 December 1981, 3)

        21 Jan 1982 Libya is reported to have rebuilt 400 heavy-duty trucks (sold to Libya by Oshkosh Trucks) to carry tanks and for other military purposes, despite written guarantees that the vehicles would be used solely for agricultural purposes. (New York Times, 21 January 1982, A1)

        1982 Syrias’ Al-Assad government suppresses Sunni uprising, killing between 10,000 and 40,000 Syrian citizens.

        10 Mar 1982 Reagan embargoes crude oil imports from Libya, invoking section 232 of Trade Expansion Act of 1962, drawing on same national security finding made in case of Iranian oil in 1979. Presidential proclamation states: “Libyan policy and action supported by revenues from the sale of oil imported in to the United
        States are inimical to United States national security.” In addition, US restricts exports of sophisticated oil, gas equipment, and technology but does not impose retroactive controls or embargo export of items that are available abroad. (Schott 18, 39; Wall Street Journal, 9 November 1982, 39)

        29 Mar 1982 A bomb on board the Paris-Toulouse train kills five and injures 27 people. Carlos the Jackal assumed to be responsible.

        14 Sept 1982 Assassination of Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel and twenty-five others in a car explosion at the Kataeb headquarters.

        18 Sept 1982 Four people are wounded when a synagogue in Brussels is attacked in a “shoot and run” incident. Guards were taken by surprise and the gunman, believed to be from the Abu Nidal Organization, escaped.

        1 Oct 1982 Iran. A powerful bomb explode in Imam Square, Iranian capital of Teheran, which damaged double decker buses and restaurants, many shop, kills at least 80, injures at least 700, Mujahedin Khalq guerrilla group has responsible this case.

        9 Oct 1982 Italy. Attack with grenades and machine guns on the central synagogue in Rome, Italy. A child dies, ten people are injured.

        11 Nov 1982 Tyre, Lebanon. A suicide car bomber drove an explosive laden vehicle into the Israeli military headquarters in Tyre, the building was completely destroyed and 75 Israelis and other Lebanese prisoners died in the blast.

        Nov 1982 US State Department warns oil companies (notably Charter Oil, Coastal Corp.) against selling refined products derived from Libyan crude in US. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mounts opposition to Libyan occupation of Chad, assists Libyan exiles. CIA Director William J. Casey says these activities might lead to
        “ultimate” removal of Gadhafi. (Newsweek, 8 November 1982, 55; Wall Street Journal, 9 November 1982, 39)

        5 Feb 1983 Lebanon. February 5: A bomb blast in two office buildings, include Palestine Liberation Organization office, Embassy of Libya and Jamahiriya News Agency of Libya, Hamra area, Lebanese capital of Beirut. Blame placed on Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners terrorist group, which kills 20 with injures
        60 people.Some have suggested that this was actually the work of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.

        18 April 1983 Lebanon. United States Embassy bombing takes place. A suicide car bomber stole a van carrying 2,000 pounds of explosives and slammed into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon killing 63 people including 18 Americans.

        18 April 1983 Lebanon. The April 1983 U.S. Embassy bombing, Beirut, Lebanon by the Islamic Jihad Organization, 63 dead, 120 injured.

        19 April 1983 US Embassy in Beirut destroyed by car bomb. 61 dead. 130 wounded. (61 or 63 dead?).

        5 Aug 1983 Bakr Mosque, Lebanon, bombed. 19 killed 43 wounded. (The Palm Beach Post – Aug 6, 1983).

        5 Aug 1983 Beirut, Lebanon. Second bomb in Tripoli kills 17 year old girl and collapses front of five story apartment building. (The Palm Beach Post – Aug 6, 1983).

        5 Aug 1983 Lebanon. Police are holding one Lebanese man for questioning over last Aprils’ bombing of the American embassy which killed about 60 people. (The Palm Beach Post – Aug 6, 1983).

        5 Aug 1983 Libyan-backed rebels armed with T-72 Russian tanks fighting Chadian Army in northern Chad in blatant land grab by Muammar Gaddafi. (The Palm Beach Post – Aug 6, 1983).

        8 Aug 1983 Lebanon. August 8: A car bomb blast in local market in Baalbek, Beqaa, Lebanon, blame placed on FLLF terrorist group. Kills 35 with injures 133 people.

        August 1983 Libya sends troops into Chad in hope of overthrowing government of Hissen Habre. France, US support Habre. Reagan administration is divided over export license application for shipment of $40 million marine mooring system to Libya. (New York Times, 19 August 1983, A1, A6; 26 August 1983, A24)

        September 1983 Gaddafis’ cousin Ahmed Shahati visits Australia to recruit sympathisers and agents among the Labor ‘Left’ including trade union officials.

        23 Sept 1983 Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, killing all 117 people on board. Abu Nidal blamed for the bombing.

        23 Sept 1983 Gulf Air Flight 771 was a flight from Karachi, Pakistan to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. On 23 September 1983, while the Boeing 737-2P6 was on approach to Abu Dhabi International Airport, a bomb exploded in the baggage compartment. The plane crashed in the desert near Mina Jebel Ali between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE.
        All five crew members and 105 passengers died.

        23 Sept 1983 Gulf Air Flight 771. British stewardesses Lyn Farthing and Sally Anne of Peterborough perished in the crash. Bahraini steward Hashim Sayed Abdullah.

        23 Oct 1983 Lebanon. Muslim terrorist explosion kills 237 U.S. Marines in Beirut.

        23 Oct 1983 Lebanon. United States soldiers killed. US Marine Barracks Bombing occurs. A suicide car bomber in a truck carrying 2500 pounds of explosives crashed through the gates of a US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 241 American servicemen and wounding 81.

        23 Oct 1983 58 French troops from the multinational force are also killed in a separate attack.

        4 Nov 1983 Over 40 Israeli soldiers die when a Muslim suicide bomber drives truck bomb into an army camp in Lebanon.

        18 Jan 1984 Beirut: Malcolm Kerr, president of the American University of Beirut was killed by gunmen belonging to Islamic Jihad.

        31 Jan 1984 Bank robber Hakki Atahan, 35, takes five hostages on a car chase through Sydney streets befoere being shot dead by police near Spit Bridge.

        18 March 1984 In response to alleged Libyan bombing of Omburdman, Sudan, US sends two Awacs surveillance planes to Egypt. (Facts on File 1984, 197)

        19 Sept 1984 Bombing kills 14 at US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.

        3 Oct 1984 US charges Libya with complicity in laying of mines in Red Sea. (Facts on File 1984, 807)

        1985 US Lt Colonel Oliver North sells missiles to Iran in “arms for hostages” deal to secure release of American hostages in Lebanon.

        23 Feb 1985 France. Paris Marks & Spencer shop bomb exoplosion. One bomb, one dead, 18 wounded, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah.

        7 Mar 1985 Israel, Ashdod: Three killed and nine injured in the bombing of a civilian bus in Ashdod.

        9 Mar 1985 Paris, France. Cinema Rivoli, 18 injured, pro-Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah

        14 Mar 1985 Iran. A bomb explodes in the Irnam Reza hall, Mashhad, Iran, kills 25 and injures 70. Which blame on People’s Mujahedin of Iran guerrilla group.

        16 Mar 1985 US journalist Terry Anderson is kidnapped in Beirut. Released 4th December 1991.

        2 April 1985 Jerusalem: 48 people are wounded by a machine gun attack on a crowded shopping mall in Jerusalem.

        12 April 1985 Spain. A bomb in a restaurant in Madrid by Islamic terrorists kills 18.

        9 April 1985 Israel. A female suicide car bomber drove an explosive-laden vehicle into an Israeli army patrol, killing 2 soldiers. This was the world’s first female suicide bomber, at just 17 years of age.

        1985 Riots in Malaysia kill fourteen people.

        14 June 1985 June 14: TWA Flight 847 hijacking, Hezbollah, see FBI Most Wanted Terrorists. Terrorists take passengers of an Athens-Rome flight hostage, murdering US Navy Seaman, Robert Stethem.

        30 June 1985 Two Shi’ite Muslim gunmen capture TWA airliner with 133 aboard, 104 of them Americans.

        30 June 1985 39 remaining TWA hostages freed in Beirut by Muslim hijackers.

        6 July 1985 Baghdad: A truck bomb exploding at the Iraqi Popular Army headquarters in Baghdad leaves dozens dead and scores injured.

        10 July 1985 Sarafand, Lebanon. A bomb planted in his car kills Jawad Khalifeh, mayor of Sarafand.

        22 July 1985 Copenhagen, Denmark. Two near-simultaneous bombs in Copenhagen, at the Jewish synagogue and at the offices of Northwest Orient, explode, killing one and injuring 32. The bombers are interrupted while placing a third, more powerful, bomb, which they later dispose of in the city’s harbour. The bombs are later linked to Islamic Jihad.

        21 Aug 1985 Iran. Teheran: A powerful blast in Rah Ahan railroad station, Iranian capital of Teheran, kills 18 and injures 300. Blame placed on Mujahadin Khalq guerrilla group.

        16 Sept 1985 Local residents watching Filipino film attacked by terrorists. Moro Islamic Liberation Front terrorist group blamed. 31 people killed. 61 injured.

        20 Sept 1985 Beirut, Lebanon. U.S. embassy annex bombed in Beirut killing 20.

        7-10 Oct 1985 Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking by Palestinian Liberation Front, during which passenger Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old wheelchair-using Jewish American citizen, is shot dead and thrown overboard.

        7 Oct 1985 P.L.O. terrorists hijack Achille Lauro, Italian cruise ship, with 80 passengers, plus crew.

        8 Oct 1985 Wheelchair-bound American Achille Lauro passenger Leon Klinghoffer killed when he is thrown overboard in mid ocean.

        16 Oct 1985 Italian government toppled by political crisis over hijacking of Achille Lauro.

        23 Nov 1985 Terrorists seize Egyptian Boeing 737 airliner EgyptAir Flight 648 after takeoff from Athens.
        23 Nov 1985 EgyptAir Flight 648 hijacked by Abu Nidal group, flown to Malta, where Egyptian commandos storm plane; 60 are killed by gunfire and explosions.

        24 Nov 1985 59 dead as Egyptian anti-terrorist forces storm hijacked Athens flight plane on Malta.

        7 Dec 1985 Paris, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shops, two bombs, 51 injured, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah.

        27 Dec 1985 Muslim terrorists kill 20 & wound 110 attacking El Al at Rome & Vienna airports, President Reagan blames Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

        27 Dec 1985 Coordinated terrorist attacks at Rome, Vienna airports kill 19 people, wound 110; US soon links Abu Nidal, head of a Palestinian faction, to murders, claims he has received “a considerable amount of assistance”
        from Gadhafi. White House and State Department officials call on other governments to exert economic pressure on Libya to halt its support of terrorism. (Washington Post, 31 December 1985, A1)

        December 1985 Rome and Vienna airport attacks, which killed 19 and wounded around 140, Gaddafi indicated that he would continue to support the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigades, and the Irish Republican Army as long as
        European countries support anti-Gaddafi Libyans. The Foreign Minister of Libya also called the massacres “heroic acts”.

        1986 In 1986 Libyan state television announced that Libya was training suicide squads to attack American and European interests.

        7 Jan 1986 President Ronald Reagan issues an executive order imposing additional economic sanctions against Libya in response to
        Tripoli’s continued support for international terrorism, including two December 1985 attacks at airports in Rome and Vienna. The order
        bans most Libyan imports and all U.S. exports to Libya, as well as commercial contracts and travel to the country. Libyan assets in the
        United States are also frozen. Reagan authorizes the sanctions under the authority of several U.S. laws, including the International
        Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA).

        3 Feb 1986 Paris, France. Claridge passage (Champs Élysées) seven injured, another bomb failed to explode in the Eiffel tower, pro-Iranian (Fouad Ali Saleh group)

        4 Feb 1986 Paris, Gibert book shop, seven injured, Fouad Ali Saleh.

        17 Feb 1986 Tehran. A bomb explode in Shaheed Fayyaz bus terminal, Iranian capital of Teheran, kills one person and injures six, which blamed on Mujahadin Khalq guerrilla group.

        1986 A bomb place on a bus in the West Bank kills one and severely injures three. A Jordanian Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta is arrested, extradited to Israel, convicted, sentenced to life in prison and freed by the Israeli Supreme Court. After the September 11 attacks, he was confused with ringleader Egyptian Mohamed Atta.

        24-25 March 1986 US Sixth Fleet challenges Gadhafi’s claim to territorial waters in Gulf of Sidra, crosses his “Line of Death.” Action provokes Libyan attack during which two Libyan patrol boats are sunk, onshore antiaircraft missile site is destroyed. (Washington Post, 15 April 1986, A1; New York Times, 15 April 1986, A1)

        5 April 1986 Germany. Berlin discotheque bombing. A Berlin discotheque, Libyan agents bombed “La Belle” nightclub in West Berlin, frequented by US servicemen was bombed, killing 3 people—A Turkish woman and two US servicemen—and injuring 230 including over 50 US servicemen. Libya was held responsible for this terrorist act.

        5 April 1986 Germany. April 5, 1986. Terrorist bomb destroys West Berlin discotheque frequented by US servicemen, killing three persons, injuring over 150 (229?). US charges Libyan complicity on basis of intercepted Libyan diplomatic transmissions. Reagan states that “evidence is direct, it is precise, it is irrefutable,” begins planning military retaliation. (Washington Post, 15 April 1986, A1; New York Times, 15 April 1986, A1)

        9 April 1986 A bomb blast in Khayyam Street, Iranian capital of Teheran, with twenty-two shop and four automobile damaged, kills 17 and injures more 100, which blamed on Mujahadin Khalq guerrilla group.

        15 April 1986 U.S. forces launch aerial bombing strikes against Libya in response to Tripoli’s involvement in an April 5 terrorist attack that killed two American servicemen at a Berlin disco.

        15 April 1986 US bombers attack Gadhafi headquarters, military airfields, suspected terrorist training camps around Tripoli, Benghazi in retaliation for Libyan role in 5 April bombing, and to deter future terrorist acts against US installations. UK allows US to use British airfields for exercise, but France denies overflight rights for US planes. (Washington Post, 15 April 1986, A1, A23; New York Times, 15 April 1986, A1)

        5 May 1986 Leaders of seven major industrial countries at economic summit in Tokyo cite Libya for its support of international terrorism, list a broad range of measures from which each of them could choose to act against countries supporting international terrorism. List includes inter alia arms embargoes, limits on diplomatic missions, improved extradition procedures for accused terrorists, closer cooperation among law enforcement agencies. (Washington Post, 6 May 1986, A1, A14)

        5 Sept 1986 Pan Am Flight 73, an American civilian airliner, is hijacked; 22 people die when plane is stormed in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of 359 passengers and crew survive. The attack was carried out by Muslim extremists and was possibly sponsored by Libya.

        25 Dec 1986 Iraqi Airways Flight 163 is hijacked, and 60 passengers and 3 crew members die when it crashes after a hand grenade is detonated in the cockpit. The pro-Iranian group “Islamic Jihad” claimed responsibility.

        ? Gaddafi also trained and supported Charles Taylor, who was indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict in Sierra Leone.

        20 Jan 1987 Terry Waite, special envoy to Archbishop of Canterbury, is abducted in Lebanon.

        20 Jan 1987 William Buckley, U.S. hostage in Lebanon, reported slain by Muslim abductors.

        17 May 1987 37 American sailors killed when US navy frigate USS Stark is attacked by Iraqi missile.

        May 1987 Gaddafi fueled a number of Islamist and communist terrorist groups in the Philippines,[24][25][26] as well as paramilitaries in Oceania. He attempted to radicalize New Zealand’s Maori people in a failed effort to destabilise the U.S. ally. In Australia, he financed trade unions and some politicians who opposed the ANZUS alliance with the United States. In May 1987, Australia deported diplomats and broke off relations with Libya because of its activities in Oceania.

        13 Nov 1987 Irans’ Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini calls for ‘victory as soon as possible’ against Iran. The Iran-Iraq War cost 1 million lives.

        Late 1987 In late 1987 French authorities stopped a merchant vessel, the MV Eksund, which was delivering a 150 ton Libyan arms shipment to European terrorist groups.

        14 Mar 1988 Iran and Iraq exchange missile barrages during ‘the war of the cities’.

        16 Mar 1988 Iraqi warplanes drop chemical weapons on village of Halabja, killing a least 5000 people in the anti-Saddam Hussein stronghold. “Chemical Ali” implicated.

        11 July 1988 Muslim terrorists kill nine tourists on Aegean cruise.

        17 July 1988 Eight year war between Iraq and Iran ends as Iran accepts UN ceasfire. Up to one million Muslims killed by Muslims in this war.

        17 Aug 1988 Plane blast kills Pakistani president Mohammad Zia ul-Haq. Ul-Haqs’ political rivals suspected of assassination.

        Late 1988 Reagan administration accuses Libya of producing chemical weapons at plant near Rabta, south of Tripoli. Although Libya claims that plant produces pharmaceuticals, production ceases for over a year. (New York Times, 8 March 1990, A17)

        21 Dec 1988 Pan-Am 747 explodes from terrorist bomb and crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on ground. Two Libyans stand trial. One convicted.

        21 Dec 1988 Pan Am Flight 103: Khalid Jaffar, possible drug courier, one of 259 Flight 103 passengers on Flight 103 at Lockerbie.

        21 Dec 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 en route from London to New York explodes over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 people on board and 11 bystanders on the ground.
        In November 1991, investigators in the United States and United Kingdom name two Libyan officials as prime suspects in the bombing.

        21 Dec 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 explodes over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people. After investigation, US and UK officials charge Libya with masterminding the bombing. (US Department of State 1995, Background Notes-Libya)
        Gadhafi reportedly cuts back funding to numerous rebel movements, asks them to close their offices in Libya. In interview in magazine Al Mussawar, Gadhafi admits to having supported terrorists in past, but “when we discovered that
        these groups were causing more harm than benefit to the Arab cause, we halted our aid to them completely and withdrew our support.” Action parallels drop in Libyan foreign reserves to under $3 billion in first quarter of 1989.
        (Washington Post, 5 September 1989, A15; New York Times, 26 October 1989, A8)

        7 July 1989 Israel. Tel Aviv-Jerusalem bus 405 suicide attack, near Kiryat Yearim. 16 dead

        19 Sept 1989 The French airliner UTA Flight 772 bound for Paris explodes, killing all 171 people on board. Investigating authorities find evidence of terrorism and indict two Libyan suspects in 1991.

        19 Sept 1989 A French airliner, UTA Flight 772, explodes over Niger, killing all persons aboard. French investigators later uncover evidence implicating Libyan intelligence agents. (Rose 135)

        1990 Illegal alien Algerian-born Benbrika arrives in Australia. Benbrika was an illegal immigrant who was ordered out of Australia in 1990, 1994 and again in 1995 before winning an appeal to stay.

        March 1990 Within days of US intelligence reports that chemical weapons production has resumed at Rabta, Gadhafi blames West German agents for alleged fire at plant he claims has caused extensive damage. US intelligence agencies later conclude
        that alleged fire was elaborate hoax, that Rabta plant is intact, capable of resuming production. (New York Times, 16 March 1990, A3; Washington Post, 19 June 1990, A17)

        April 1990 Gadhafi intervenes with Abu Nidal to obtain release of two French hostages, one Belgian; Gadhafi receives “personal thanks” of French President François Mitterrand. (Washington Post, 27 May 1990, A35)

        June 1990 Palestinian terrorist, captured with several heavily armed comrades off coast of Israel, claims they were trained in Libya, transported in Libyan boats, accompanied by Libyan adviser. A few months later, Gadhafi expels radical Palestinian group responsible for attack. (Washington Post, 7 June 1990, A30; 5 November 1990, A19)

        27 July 1990 Friday. 114 members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen, led by Yasin Abu Bakr and Bilaal Abdullah staged a coup d’état against the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

        2 Aug 1990 Iraqi tanks and infantry overrun Kuwait in pre-dawn attack. Months of rape, pillage and plunder follow the invasion.

        8 Aug 1990 Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein announces annexation of Kuwait.

        20 Nov 1990 Iraqs’ President Saddam Hussein orders another 250,000 troops into Kuwait. Saddam claims Kuwait is the 19th province of Iraq.

        1 April 1991 Iran releases British hostage Roger Cooper after 5 years captivity.

        4 April 1991 The Phillipines. Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula. Two American evangelists were killed when Abu Sayyaf militants launched a grenade attack in Zamboanga City.

        15 June 1991 Kuwaits’ martial law court sentences six Kuwaiti journalists to death for working on newspaper during Iraqi occupation.

        11 Aug 1991 The Phillipines. During the last night of the MV Doulos’ stop in the port of Zamboanga City two of her foreign crewmembers were killed when a grenade thrown by Abu Sayyaf members[12] exploded on stage during a performance by its Christian missionaries. Four locals were killed[15] and 32 others were injured, including several crew members of the missionary ship.

        11 Aug 1991 Shiite Muslim kidnappers free an American and a French hostage.

        18 Nov 1991 Briton Terry Waite, abducted in 1987, is freed with American Thomas Sutherland, after four years of brutal captivity.

        27 Nov 1991 The British Lord Advocate obtains a warrant for the arrest of two Libyans, Abdelbasset Ali Ahmed al-Megrahi and Ali Amin Khalifa Fhimah, on charges of conspiracy to murder and breaches of the Aircraft Security Act of 1982.

        27 Nov 1991 An indictment in similar terms was handed down by the US District Court of the District of Columbia on the same day. These warrants indicate a substantial case for guilt on the part of those mentioned on the warrants.

        29 Dec 1992 Two tourists killed in bombing of the Gold Mihor Hotel in Aden, Yemen. First bombing to which Usama bin Laden is officially linked.

        26 Feb 1993 Car bomb explodes in underground carpark of north tower of New York World Trade Centre. Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser bomb weighed about three quarters of a ton.

        26 Feb 1993 World Trade Centre bombing in New York. Six killed, 1000 injured. Eyad Ismoil is arrested on 5th August 1995. Ramzi Yousef also implicated in Islamacist terrorist conspiracy.

        27 Dec 1993 The Phillipines. Davao City, Davao. 6 people died and at least 130 more were wounded as attackers tossed three grenades into the packed Roman Catholic San Pedro Cathedral in Davao City.[10] Red Cross officials put the death toll from the attack at 7, but the police confirmed 6 dead. The attack occurred during the main evening Mass

        10 Mar 1994 Two Germans killed in Libya at the orders of Usama bin Laden. One was a German intelligence officer.

        March 1994 Algeria. Ain-Defla massacre of March 1994, 80 deaths.

        March 1994 Algeria. Blida massacre of March 1994, 82 deaths

        6 April 1994 Palestinian suicide bomber kills 7 Israelis and himself

        April 1994 Algeria. Mass killing of 16 soldiers by Islamist guerrillas in an ambush nearby on April 25.

        15 Aug 1994 Carlos the Jackal, freelance socialist terrorist, is arrested in Sudan where he had been granted asylum by the radical Islamic government.

        1994 Deregistered Muslim doctor and convicted child sex offender Wadie Farid Haddad assaults a child in Sydney, NSW.

        18 Nov 1994 Algeria. Berrouaghia prison massacre of 14 November 1994, 8-200 deaths.

        27 Feb 1995 Monday. Libya Seeks Biological Weapons (The Australian newspaper, 27th February 1995, page 14).

        7 Feb 1995 Ramzi Yousef, the alleged mastermind behind the first World Trade Centre bombing, is arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan.

        21 Feb 1995 Algeria. Serkadji prison mutiny of 21 February 1995, 109 deaths

        8 Mar 1995 Pakistan Cricket Board officials sack Salim Malik and Intikhab Alam over bribery claims.

        4 April 1995 The Phillipines. Ipil, Zamboanga Peninsula. At the break of dawn, 200 heavily-armed members of Abu Sayyaf entered the town of Ipil and gunned down 53 people, robbed banks, plundered stores, took 30 hostages as human shields, and then burned the centre of the town to the ground.[16] The town’s Chief of Police was reportely killed in the attack.

        4 April 1995 The Phillipines. About 40 rebels, who may have taken hostages, were cornered in a school compound west of Ipil on the 6th of April when an elite army unit attacked. In the fighting that followed, the television station GMA reported, 11 civilians were ki

  5. Bradley Carpenter says

    Hallo am bradley carpenter for junee NSW. seeing the comments and other things i am willing to take australia and change it but i need a lot of support and manpower. any one who is needs more info or agrees with me sant email to

  6. Have a look at this!

    This will clearly happen in Australia if something is not done about it soon! Our politicians need to wake up before its too late!!!

  7. Shane Pike says

    Football is one of the things we must get rid of. It's in a disgusting, despicable marriage with idiot juice (alcohol) & gambling.

    I hate islam with a burning passion but we need to snap out of our crap here in Australia. It's truly time to "wake up to ourselves, enmasse".

    The worst thing that a human can do, by a long shot, is to be ANY sort of religous nutbag. The second worst thing a human can do is to buy "hook, line sinker", into the western Psuedo-religion of drunkeness, gambling & idiot spectator sports, especially football.

    The teachings of islam, makes islam & it's grubby little muslims, the worst enemy our species (and others) has ever faced. NO OTHER RELIGION teaches it's followers to destroy those who "refuse" to follow the dumb crud. These people despise us & we must despise them right back.

    An analogy of the war against islam, is the story of the sleeping giant.

    There was a nest of ants who kept biting the giants feet, sometimes ALMOST waking him up. One day, the ants will attack the giant with sufficient force to wake him from his sleep. When that day comes, the giant will direct all of his rage, onto that dopey nest of ants & wipe it right out for good.

    We as a society, are that dopey,(and not real bright), giant. When we FINALLY snap out of it & wake up though, those grubby little muslims won't be able to hide anywhere. Keep it up muslim scum, PLEASE wake up the rest of us!!!

    • tweety pie says

      Look to Britain Aussies, look to Britain. Look really really close at Britain …. a slow but systematic takeover from within is happening….many seats in parliament are being gained, many Muslim inhabitants have and are being born well over that of their white British counterparts … many towns, cities and roads have had name changes pertinent to Muslim names not the old British ones! Entire cultures have taken over towns, it would be hard to spot a white British person walking down the street in these places (and yes, I have been in these towns to see and was shocked!), A slow insidious stealth … Christian values undermined particularly in schools where nursery rhymes, nativity plays etc are becoming non existent, our ways and our culture is very undermined in the cause of 'offending our guests of other religion', the courtesy is not reciprocated even in the land of Britain. Extremists were the first to say, Britain will be the first Country we will have under Muslim law in the West. Well, they are well on their way, sad to say. Maybe not for the elder generation, but this is long term project for Muslim faith and it will be a whole different outlook/ballgame in 30 years time. Lets hope its not too late by then.

  8. I don't have a problem with Muslims..I'm a first generation Greek and we are certainly losing our Australian identity. When prospective Australian citizens raise their hands and swear to uphold our laws and respect our way of life this means very little to muslims….I have heard first hand from some and I quote "We will never assimilate into Australian society". That says it all…It is very very simple, if anyone in this endangered country of ours doesn't like how we live, doesn't like seeing woman's ankles etc THEN LEAVE!! and go to a muslim country where they can see, hear, smell and taste everything muslim. I'm sure if someone from Australia went to a muslim country and tried to get a law passed to allow women to wear whatever they want as a basic human right would definitely succeed NOT!

  9. Shane Pike says

    Most people are so freakin slow that they are unaware that islam is spreading it's filthy, vile tentacles around Australia. We MUST stand up & COMPLETELY & FULLY REJECT ISLAM!!! It is the worlds most hateful religion by far (what other religion teaches its' followers that those not of their religion are lower forms of life than even pond scum & MUST be destroyed?). In the end, we infidels MUST stand up & drive islam, into oblivion!!!

    • Couldn't agree with you more Shane. But who will stand? who will lead us? Everybody sounds keen. But how many people comment, show disgust, then continue sitting. Acting oblivious to this epidemic! It's one thing to talk smack about something you (people who pretend to care) "believe in" but its another thing to stand and fight back.

      • The Kuta Kid says

        I agree with you. We need a leader. We can easily see our danger, others' do not care. or are so pathetically uninformed that its pitiful.

        I think part of the problem is the Govt is too scared to act for fear they might direct hate right onto Australia from Islam.

        We have other creeds to worry about too!

    • you are 100% correct…

  10. Muslim culture in Australia will mean the end of Australia as a first world country with a high quality of life. uslims flee their war ravaged s***holes to come to Australia, now they have the gall to say our culture is not good!!?? They should just f$#k off to where they came from.

    I think immigrants are okay but they need to assimilate into our country not bring their bad habits from the old country.

  11. We dont need these people in our Country and you should realize that they will come in and take over all the Goverements seats and tell us Aussies how and what to do.

    WAKE UP AUSTRALIA and stop all these MUslums taking over Australa send them back to there own countries

    And leave us alone.

    They now want there own State and cities what next Australia

    • Erickshian says

      I agree with all your sentiments regarding Muslims – The only way we can do this is boycott their business, stop buying from Muslim places using Muslim services like some of the markets where they do not provide invoices for their goods and services. Stop employing Muslims in positions that Aussies can do. Set up Aussie takeaways owned by Aussies and run by Aussie’s that provide Kebabs and the like. Make them want to leave Australia for people that appreciate European culture that appreciate women’s rights, gay rights etc.
      Stare at them when you see them wearing their berka’s.
      Hopefully this will lead them to depend on welfare and their children will want to leave for opportunities in their parent’s country.

  12. Jack Richards says

    Have a look at Janet Albrechtsen’s “Menace in Mad March of Thought Police” in “The Australian”. It’s about Geert Wilders trial for “hate crimes” in Holland. Wilders is leader of the People’s Freedom Party and may well have been the next PM of Holland.

    This is part of the article:

    THE dark spectre of illiberalism is slowly poisoning Western liberal democracies. You won’t hear about it from much of the left-liberal press. It is part of the problem and its silence only confirms that basic liberties integral to Western liberal democracies are under threat. That is why you may not have heard about the trial of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who is being prosecuted under hate laws in The Netherlands for his opinions about Islam. Agree or disagree with Wilders, this is the thundering march of the thought police. And don’t for a moment imagine that Australia is immune from this menace to democracy.

    In a trial that began last month, Wilders is being prosecuted for offending a “group of people”, for incitement and discrimination against Muslims. The summons describes scenes from his film Fitna as reason enough to put the leader of the Freedom Party in prison for up to two years.

    In a sign of how twisted our Western antennae have become, the violence incited by Fitna is not against Muslims. Instead the film shows footage of Muslims preaching violence against the West. Yet Wilders is on trial for his opinions.

    • Sorry, Wilders is an idiot! He tells people only what they want to hear
      ! Most of the things he says are illegal! He had the change to be in Government but he didn’t have the courage and the Government did fall, He has nice stories, but that is all he has “stories”! He is a blame on the Dutch Society! And he calls them foul names! That is not on for somebody in Government. He has 24 hrs. protection, paid by Australian Taxpayers! If he hadn’t used that disgusting language all the time, he would not need protection.

  13. Most of the media in Australia is now controlled by Letist Marxists!

    The majority of issues they promote are ANTI AUSTRALIAN!



    • i hear you i am fed up to my back teeth send them packing, they dont fit or try to fit into a australian way of life. you would think that when they come here they are coming to get away from hell but instead they bring that with them. this is a christain based country lets keep it that way.

      • @Jude – Don't go saying this is a Christian country and that's how it should stay. Let's not bring another religion into this. What most of us agree on, however, is that the Islamification is conflicting with our own ethical and moral code. This has nothing to do with Christianity.

        • ALL religion must go says

          ALL religion is crap. The vast majority of religious nitwits are simply dumb. The rest are mentally ill. The very idea of presenting myths & fables as fact is preposterous.

          The fact that so many of us are religious knuckleheads is an indication of just how uncivilized our species really is. SO much potential shot to s*** because of religious morons.





  15. I am sooooo over us real Australian's being called racist. I would not go to their country and expect them to change for me. I would go to their country and appreciate the culture, if I did not like it I would not stay. I just want it to stop (the immigration) and why are we pushing multi-cultural ism so hard in Australia, what is wrong with our heritage?

  16. Stop the asian & muslim immigration

  17. If you want to see racism but white trying to fight for there right and not happy with there country being taken over, then watch American History X and Romper Stomper. They maybe racist but this is our point exactly, we are being sold out to hypocrites, people who would never accept us in there disgraceful countries. We wouldn't want to be there anyway, which is another point. We don't want that disgrace over here. If you come to Australia, abide by our culture and enjoy. Don't put your biblical propaganda on us and then call us racists. Jerks

  18. I asked him if Australia ever had to goto war against Croatia, what would he do. He said he would break his arm. Ok, i feel for him but if you escaped from a country because of its attrosities, then wouldn't it seem right, since Australia adopted you that you fight for Australia as you would have proclaimed while being naturalized. If you didn't, then there would be the possibility that you would end up back where you started. Us Australians fight for our country no matter what. Gone are the days when it was apparently Aboriginal against White Australia, those days seem miniscule now compared. Our argument to the Aboriginals was that if we never came they would be much worse of, hence when Australia was invaded by Japan, we fought. The Aboriginals would never have had a hope in hell. Now though our own government is betraying us, but like i said not just with this but with every aspect of our lives, almost like they know the world will be communist, they have been slowly imposing new rules when they have no right to do so.

  19. While an asian dresses like we do and is mostly polite, these muslims stay within there own group and still practice the very ideologies they tried to flee from. Are we going to be suspicious, yes of course. When our own government sits by and sees the blatant unrest overseas in our allies countries from these same islamic people, then doesn't take this into consideration then we as Australians are very distressed. Our children will be the sufferers of such left wing hypocrites. I think Australia has been very abliging over the years and has accepted many different nationalities but when masses of them arrive and disturb our peaceful life we will not accept that. As you are Australian, you to disapprove. It reminds me of my best friend. One simple quetion i asked him. His mum born in Croatia, he Australia.

  20. We don't want to kill you, we just don't want criminals in our country. You probably here no more racist remarks then we do. You on the other hand at least commit to Australian values and speak english. Our point is that this our culture just as is your asian culture. your point that we wouldn't be allowed to set up a church in such countries is our point. If people wish to come to this country and abide by our Australian custom and culture then we are happy. All racial tension with asians and Japanese were because of the hoifying world war 2. Now though we see the young asian much like ourselves. Ater all, none of our generation has caused any of the atrosities. The new wave of imigrants though have very violent ways. Triad gangs, Terrorist activities and downright racial abuse of our way of life, of course we are up in arm because this hypocrite left winged regime is destroying us, and not just with imigration, with everything in our lives. We stand up and wish to be taught and trained but our jobs are being taken by people from other countries, and so is our wealth. Yhis would never happen in anoth country. Islamic views are very dangerous.

  21. I think all governemnt are left now, Once, labour was a right arm government for businesses and workers. Liberals were left and had all th bulls*** ideologies. National, i guess were in between, probably why Howard stayed in so long since the other 2 were so corrupt. All in all though they have all sold us out and can't be trusted in authority positions. It goes to there heads. Greedy bastards

  22. I bet it would be less then ten percent. Then throw all the rubbish laws in the s***house (Aussie slang) and start fresh with real Aussie (Aussie slang) laws. Stuff the minorities they are ruining us all. They have never had any bad treatment, but we Australian have and we are sick to death of it. When this involves our children, no other will evr stop us from fighting our right to the lucky country (was).

    So dream on lefties, you are going down and might i add so are you righties, of couse big business will remain and we will regain our big corporations that were sold out from under us by previous manipulative governments. Our wealth is now all our tax, we new it but our voice was never listened to. It will be listened to now. All corrupt polititians, judges, lawters, cops, any person in government will be locked up for there crimes. We are going toregain our country.

    Peace brothers (not aussie slang) our allies who suffer the same USA. Or nimbin

  23. Like a little test to see how we will react to this new regime. Well, even if i die for Australia, i will kill as many as i can beforehand. This s*** has to stop and the people of Australia, genuine Australian not some mob hiding out here until allah shows his sorry arse, will fight them until death. This government with all there lies and deception, all there little left wing racist propaganda, still accusing us of racism, have been selling out our country when we never gave them the green light. They do not own this country, We Australians all do. When we say speak Australian, that is what we mean. Yes it is a derivative of English but it is Australian. We have our own lingo, sheila, throw anoth snag on will ya, hey bloke so don't patronise us and downgrade our language. True Australians are welcoming but we aint a freeloaders paradise. We aint letting another bulls*** religion destroy our very life or rule over our kids. I say all Government in this country should be put on the blocks (aussie slang) and cut until we finish with only non corrupt polititians.

  24. Imagine any foreigner trying to be a citizen of China, or even India…. and imagine wanting to set up a church in place of a federation building….
    Things are going to s***, and there is a fine balance, to which i believe we have dangerously crossed, if even migrants such as i feel it…. i can't imagine the discontent by true blue Aussies…. and hear Pauline Hanson's fears…..
    Just don't kill me in the process……

    • You sound like a nice person Lia and thanks for understanding. We feel here, well at least I do, that a LITTLE immigration is nice, after all, some of my best friends and indeed my boss is Asian and it would be boring if we all looked the same. But I guess as a former chef I can only sum up immigration in western countries as such, 'A little immigration is like seasoning on a fine meal, it adds to the flavour and makes life interesting, too much seasoning however, and the main meal is ruined and unplatable.'
      Thank you for your generous comments Lia, our race is now in a struggle just for our survival, it's nice that you understand.

  25. is Australia only meant for white anglo-saxons and caucasians? — or do you have tolerance for those who immigrate here as net-givers to society and not net-takers, and who assimilate into the Aussie culture, language, and so forth?
    i've been reading comments here and totally understand where you guys are all coming from… and i'm a malaysian-chinese migrant of the 80s going through primary school in the suburbs, watching Sydney change to what it is today…. I feel as if i'm now in an Asian country….. and i hate it.
    I don't believe that Oz should take in any refugees. Nor should it take in any migrants who's shat all over their own country to then come here to do the same…. be it Indians, China, Muslims, Africans, etc.
    If you have made a mess out of your own country — then come here and intend to start the same cycle of s***, they should be deported without question.

    • I like the diversity of different people, but when I lived in Sydney I got a really bad feeling about some of the people who'd moved to Australia. It was obviously that they didn't like Australians or the culture here – and that made me uncomfortable.

      You're right that Sydney is like an Asian city and I didn't feel that there was much loyalty to Australia. It was there is some immigrants but lacking in others.

    • RomanGoddess says

      I am first-gen Aussie of Italian heritage, and I believe in the great Aussie "fair go" system. I have no qualms whatsoever, Lia, about any person of any race coming here and WORKING, paying taxes, integrating and adding their culture to ours – ADDING, not TAKING AWAY is the key.

      My folks, and other European migrants, added and expanded to Australia's culture. Islams and arabs DON'T. They come here, trying to make US accommodate THEM, rather than the other way round. Well, I'm sorry – if I go to an Islamic country (I have been to Malaysia, but I dont' have a bad thing to say about them as I was treated with utmost respect, even by the men!) I defer to their customs by not parading round in a bikini or whatever. I RESPECT their culture, as anyone would when visiting. To hear these whining turds in my OWN country rub their hands with glee at the thought of more dollars in their pockets if they 'accommodate' these cultural leeches, makes me so angry I want to launch a rocket attack on them! And then, these 'enclaves' they set up, & their non-assimilation into our country – why did they BOTHER leaving theirs if they want to recreate the same s*** here?

      I'll only vote for the party who takes the hard line, tells the UN to f**k off and mind their own bloody business, and kicks these 'infiltrators/asylum shoppers' OUT of our country. We are not Islams, we never WILL BE islams & we don't WANT islams here telling the MAJORITY of NON-islams what to do in our own country. If we went there & tried to make them give us welfare, concessions and make them fit in with us, WE'D BE SHOT. About time we returned the favour.

  26. ADL promotional video on its way 🙂

  27. Regardless of what people say or think i will continue fighting for this country which my fore fathers fought for.

  28. And here's another one; black tee-shirt with the words written in bold white letters;
    'White Australian…endangered species"
    That shouldn't offend too many would it? After all, it's the truth.
    Enough from me, have a good week all, stay safe.

  29. As for the Tee shirts I still want to do them, but maybe another way'
    Rudd's face (I have a picture of him sitting at his desk) saying 'If your not happy with my immigration policies why not become a member of the APP? with the website's address below.
    Use his image.
    But I am having stickers made up early next year with slogans I've poached from the BNP website. They have excellent photos and slogans eg, a Mosque with a cross through it and the words; 'Stop Islamic colonization, no more Mosques"
    Also going to make up some flyers and start posting them next year with images of Muslim voilence from around the world accompainied with information on the APP.
    Just takes a bit of money and I have Christmas shopping to do!
    But for me, money well spent if I just get a few more people on this site.

  30. jack be careful with this defence team, although I agree with it with all my heart. Its just the kind of thing that the far left in England would close the BNP down for, although we haven't reached that stage yet, but give them time.
    I'm taking martial arts self defence classes, soon, my christmas present to myself, as I think things are going to get very bad here in Perth soon….

    • When I mean be careful, the white far left are well known for their voilence and viciouness, I remember how the great unwashed would try to bash Pauline Hanson as she made her way to her meetings, even throwing urine filled condoms at her.
      It is they who wouldn't think twice about stabbing or killing you and would gloat about it too, they are just as nasty as the Muslims, although one has to wonder why they would take their side.

      • Mate my group has been shut down before probably will again but will rise from the ashes as it always does. I have one thing the Far Left doesn't the Australian determination to never give up until the job is done.

  31. i never said a word about any bill rowe bashing murder.
    the one i discussed was an eledery couple and an aboriginal intruder,
    while this bill rowe case was plainly a racist assault, i stand by my prior arguments.

    • Hi Sam. I have read your posts. Allow me to join BK welcoming you to this blog. As BK says we are here because we have concerns about our country's present and future and we look for solutions. Mike is very passionate, indeed, but he is one of those guys who would throw himself on a bullet to save a friend. (Excuse my ex-soldier's analogy) Recently, he was going to engage in a brave but suicidal mission wearing protectionist's T shirt bringing attention to problems of racism and radical islamisation. I think (and hope) Catty dissuaded him from doing this because he would not live 5 minutes wearing that. We disagree with each other often, but what unites us is a common goal to protect our democracy, freedom and human rights for every Australian. Welcome.

    • Hello Sam. Welcome aboard. Please don't think we are all alike here. I myself am not a member of the APP, just a visitor to this site who is looking for some solutions to Australia's problems. Don't mind Mike. He's as passionate as a rotweiler but a good bloke nevertheless. Me and Mike clashed early and I thought he would never forgive me, but now we get on just fine. Mike seems to think you're a bit of lefty. Don't worry, people think that about me all the time. I will be looking forward to your future postings whatever you might have to say. Cheers.

  32. Hi everyone, I apologise Sam, just was a bad day for me. An elderly man next to me came begging for money for food, he was very humilated in doing so. It s***s me that so much is sent in 'aid' overseas when our own need help.
    I DO see your point in the bashing of the elderly couple, but what I HATE is the media who if the situation were to be reversed it would be to them 'a race hate crime' my fight is with the media not you.
    And BK thanks for the rotti description! And yes we are family now. I love this country with all my heart, My Italian mates, my Asian mates etc. etc and I would indeed throw myself in front of a bullet to save all of you.
    Just can't stand what is happening with these new arrivals who think we owe them a living.
    Welcome to the family Sam.

    • Today's immigrants have done nothing for this country except make it worse. The post World War Two immigrants, the Italians, Greeks etc etc were the ones who really helped make this country what it is today.

  33. The Australian Defence League will fight for Australian culture, customs, values and way of life.…

  34. Ah yes, islam, what a joy it is. Given a little more time this crap will start here as well.

    • When thes c***s come to our country we need to f***ing teach them that there is only one set of laws which apply in Australia and that is AUSTRALIAN law not SHARIA law. Personally i say send them the f*** home none of them belong in a democracy its too good for them.

      • RomanGoddess says

        Sweetie, you are living in Lala-land if you think Australia is a DEMOCRACY!!! NEVER have I seen less 'freedom of speech' than in this country – oh, unless you belong to a whining minority of course, THEN you're allowed to 'white bash' all you like – heaven forbid any WHITES could scream 'reverse racism' everytime they're targeted by the 'non-reflective' culture vultures.

        Notice they never say "African" or "Aboriginal" or "Middle eastern" in crime reports, but they'll ALWAYS SAY "caucasian/white male"…who's racist NOW?

  35. The word 'racist' is used as a tool by the socialist left to shut down legitimate debate – I have seen it operate on the ABC's Q&A…….and the BBC as well. People like David Marr who make up the socialist elite left are expert at it. They also use the same tactic to shut down debate over climate change – you become a denier, a skeptic and a heretic for daring to even question the governments stance. I think the Nazis uaed the same tactics to shut down debate, especially on the subject of Jews. We are, I am afraid, heading for dangerous times…..:(

    • People in the UK are worried that there might be a civil war, the EDL will have the Army on their side anyway after what the Muslims did at Luton and other places in the UK.

      Give it time and it will start to happen here.

      • Notice how the BNP's Nick Griffin was not allowed to speak on Question Time ? Regardless on wether people agree with him or not he is just as entitled as anyone to voice his opinion and by them not allowing him to just makes them fascists and not him and the BNP.

  36. The Italians and Greeks etc made such positive contributions to this country, true assests, But look what has happened even to their countries, flooded with Muslims and Africans, ruined beyond belief.
    We are not compatible with Muslims and Africans, Pacific Isanders etc, and never will be, 'Sam' can go and bend over for Bob Brown, they'd both like that.
    I will never accept Africans and Muslism as Australians and the word 'racist' just washes over me now, as it's only used by stupid ignorant nimbeys like 'Sam' (or is that Mohammad)

    • come now, dont be calling me the names of prophets
      all ive done is question your statements, and here you are, suggesting i should engage in sodomy with the greens leader!
      There are people on this site with interesting and intelligent views,
      however, mike, i get the impression you just dont like these people 'cos their skin is all brown like. Racist isnt a word id use to describe you my friend, stupid perhaps, bit of an asshole too now i think on it..

      • Don't confuse Islam with race Sam. It is a religion – and it is made up of many races, including the white race.

      • Yu call me an asshole, yet you say that that vicious attack on that defenceless elderly couple wasn't a race hate crime?
        As I said, read my post I was attacking the media. And YES the Bill Rowe bashing death was a race hate crime as it would also be if 30 whites had attacked an Aboriginal family.
        As for I don't like people because their skin is brown comment, my father was Maori.
        And now you didn't question my statements, you made assumptions about me and I fired back as I always will when attacked.

        • i agree with the bill rowe bashing death mike.
          however, simply because an aboriginal was involved in the elderly couple case, doesnt mean it was a racist assault. you need to learn to make the distinction between random act of violence, and these race hate situations, because if you start crying racist every time an abo bashes a white pr**k, your gonna lose your voice, once again i know nothing of the story but what you've said, and from that i make the assesment
          and as for your father being maori, i stand corrected.
          and while i did make assumptions about you, what i did was questioning, and lets be honest, you mother f***ers here are gonna have to deal with alot worse criticism than what i dished out, if you're just gonna scream 'lefty' whenever someone has a counter argument, you become no better than the green screaming 'racist'

          • *excuse the expletive

          • Have any of you heard or read about the recent attack on ayoung year five boy at a public school ?

            The young (white) Australian was assaulted by a gang of muslim school kids. For what reason ? Because the young Australian kid was eating a salami sandwhich during Ramadan. I mean if that is not a race hate crime then i don't know what is. It was in the news once then nothing. Now i would put my house on that if the situation was reversed and it was a gang of white non muslims the s*** would hit the fan. Its f***ing crap how there are rules for some and rules for none.

  37. Sam you had a go about me on the Bill Rowe bashing murder, then you admit to Catty you knew little of the crime…let this 'racist' fill you on some details;

    On Christmas Day 2007 Mr Rowe and his family were having a Christmas Picnic on Sunset beach. At some point 30 Aborigines gathered and started yelling racist abuse at the family. Two sentences were used before the horriffic attack; "We haven't bashed any white c**ts today' and "You white c**ts are in for a bashing now'
    The end result? Mr Rowe was bashed to death in front of his family with the very cicket bat he had received that day as a present, his daughter was bashed as was her boyfirend, who had just got engaged to her that very afternoon, his ear was hanging off after being slashed with a beer bottle. Nine emeregency calls were made to the police, none came and the family had to drive their dying father themselves to hospital.
    But of course, I am the racist according to you for bringing this up. Hmmm

    • And two years ago I got bashed and mugged by three Africans on my way to work. "White boy, white boy, here we come white boy" then I was attacked.
      As I lay bleeding on the ground I got the comment sneered at me; "This is OUR country now white boy!"
      But as you say Sam, I am the racist….

  38. Oh goody we have 'Sam' another leftie who is posting his crap on here.

  39. [youtube det7TUsLy8U


    Watch this and ask yourself are these the kind of people we want to be letting into our Great Nation ?

  40. As it is in the UK it is the same in Australia.

    NO ONE EVER ASKED US TRUE AUSTRALIANS IF WE WANTED MULTICULTURALISM. It has simply been forced upon us by a bunch of overpaid idiots in suits ho care nothing about this country but care more about their pay packets.

  41. Any Australian woman who sits back and ALLOWS this to happen deserves to get 'asslaminated' by the Islams!! Do you really want to become one of those idiotic slaves who are treated like chattels instead of human beings? Then go ahead, you bleeding heart, do-gooding, welfare-sucking retards. Make sure the Islams come here, take over and make YOU wear head to toe garments!!! Bring the entire fight for women's rights back to teh bloody stone-age!

    Should we all round up as much ammo and weaponry as possible? The government seems hell-bent on allowing this 'invasion' to continue. In 18 years time, when the Islams have bred the atheists out of existence and are VOTING, watch them push for Sharia law to become part of the constitution. Sink those boats NOW, videotape it and broadcast it on Al Jazeera…THAT's the message we need to send them. We are NOT muslim, we will never BE muslim and we will SHOOT any muslim that tells US how to run OUR COUNTRY.

    I suggest a Tali – BAN on refugees!!!

  42. Hello Administrator. My posts seem to keep disappearing. Is there a fault in the system?

  43. Channel seven tonight 6.30 'Urban Warfare' A Today Tonight special

  44. Aw, thanks Catty. I may start calling you "cobber" (or "blue" or even "Sheila").

    Important point on "asylum seekers". There's a convention on asylum seekers – a UN thing – and the legal definition is something like – asylum can be legitimately be soought in the NEXT COUNTRY to the endangering one. Presumably this means Indonesia, Papua/New Guinea, New eland, and maybe Micronesia (looking at my handy map that I use as a mousemat). Any others are illegal. The BNP have been saying this for years in Britain, but lawyers have got a system in place to bleed legal aid from taxpayers. Watch for this. I'm 100% sure they try the same tricks worldwide (white countries only).

    • I could be wrong but the whole asylum seeker/refugee system was set up to allow Jews to escape another holocaust. Now we're paying just so Jews can have an escape route. What do you think?

    • Ahh preferably not new zealand mate, they don't deserve this, many died protecting Australia in New Guinea during WW2 and I was born there.

    • Revisionist – It depends who these asylum seekers are as to which contiguous country they go to for refuge. If they Afghani, Pakistan or Iran are a logical choice; Iraqis, the Arab countries like Syria, Jordan; Sri Lanka, India. None of them should be coming as far afield as Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, or Polynesia. And certainly NOT Australia!

      • None of them should be coming as far afield as Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, or Polynesia. And certainly NOT Australia!

        Which goes to prrove that they are NOT genuine refugees ( as the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka continually stated on ABC Lateine) – moreover they are ECONOMIC 'refugees' seeking a better lifestyle – usally at OUR expense!

        • Catty – The Sri Lankans should be sent straight back to Sri Lanka – no matter what David Marr says! But now the Krudd government has done a special deal they'll no doubt be coming to a street close to you or I. It is plainly obvious that Krudd that lost control of our borders.

  45. Knight – here is another article on Trad and his ilk. I just read your reply to Mike….it is possible that we are experiencing immigration differently because of where we live. But two of our major cities (Sydney and Melbourne) are experiencing high numbers of muslims….just ask the Historic town of Camden how they feel about the muslim influx to their region. It is changing long established communities and making people very unsettled.

    • Well – these are the people of Camden – and they are not happy!

      • And as ususal the usual white bashing by self loathing whites and nasty Samoans underneath the video, we learnt how vicious and nasty these isanders were in NZ which is now flooded with them.

    • Catty – Who would have believed that paying tax is against Sharia law? At least we know that Trad did have a job for 14 years. Certainly there are high numbers of Muslims here in Sydney but that is not necessarily Rudd's doing. Under the Howard regime the number of Muslims in Australia doubled. Phillip Ruddock was personally helping them get here. Perhaps it is some of those Muslims who are ending up in Camden.

    • AAAGGGGHHHH!!! When will the West wake up and realise these scum are here to overthrow us??? I'M SO BLOODY SICK OF IT

  46. I said I blamed governments of ALL persausion for allowing people like Bembrika, Hilali, Trad and their ilk to settle here – even when they were clearly illegal. To make matters worse they allow muslims to milk the system for all it's worth. Most illegal arrivals are muslim – it has only been recently that they are Tamil. Most overstayers are muslim and most find refuge inside the muslim community to avoid detection. How do I know? Mmmmmmmmmmm……that is my little secret.

    • Catty – Are you sure Trad is an illegal? I personal doubt that most illegal arrivals are Muslims, just as I would doubt that most illegal arrivals are Tamil. Do you have any figures to support your assertion?

      • Trad came to this country under the family reunion program – still he has made a career out of sponging off the welfare system to his own advantage – having nine kids brings in lot's of our tax dollars,not to mention supporting his wives. Btw – Do you have figures that refute my claims? Don't forget to count the ones that fly here and deliberately overstay there visas – then scream asylum.

        • I can only go by what I see on the streets of Perth Catty and BK and I have to say most of the new arrivals are African and Muslims. I have noticed a huge increase since Rudd has taken over. One person who has escaped critisim is his immigration minister Chris Evans, fag horrible slug, wasn't even born here, even Rudd admitted in the media he had no idea what Evans was up to. Rather a stupid thing to say, or covering his own ass maybe for when the s*** hits the fan?
          But it was the Liberals who started the Africans here, I remember Amanda Vanistone admitting on tele (with a gulp!) that 'Most of Australia's workforce would now come from Africa' she was then sent to Italy I beleive by the Howard government after making that little admission.
          It seems both Labor and Liberals have lost their way, most likely after being infiltrated by the Marxist far left, that's why we need an alternative party, the Greens are psychos and not worth considering that's why I have high hopes for this one.
          All the best to you both Catty and BK, Mike

          • Hello, Mike. Thanks. All the best to you too. I think that you, me and Catty are all experiencing the effects of immigration differently. I'm now finding it hard to tell whether the Chinese are increasing, or is it just the Indians. Thank goodness here in Benelong the Muslims don't seem to be becoming more numerous.

            Both Labor and Liberal lost their way decades ago. Their only aim is economic development at the expense of Australian society.

          • Yes I agree BK, we seem to be experiancing different ethnic groups pouring into different cities. I think we here in Perth are experiancing more Africans as the west is closer to Africa than the east side of Australia, my god but they are arrogant, they deliberatly walk in front of you in shopping malls so you have to walk around them, they think it's funny. I told one to 'Piss off' when he tried to do it to me. He stared at me in shock that I would dare to yell at him like that. I don't care anymore, had a gutful bigtime.

          • You know, I was going to suggest the same thing. Your problem is that you are just too close to Africa. Meanwhile I'm living in what a friend recently called the murder capital of Australia; John Howard's old electorate of Bennelong. In the suburbs to the west of me there have been a lot of murders, mostly of Asians, by Asians. Charming.

          • and the problem solves itself.

          • I meant fat horrible slug, not fag.

          • I am afraid the Liberal party has been infiltrated by leftists like Georgio Petro & co & even Turnbull himself is left of field . I don't think Joe Hockey will be any better – it breaks my heart to see the Liberal party lose it's true conservative base. That's why I have voted National Party recently. At least Barnaby Joyce is a fighter and sticks to his guns on important issues.

            As I said before in another thread – you can blame the Catholic Church for the African influx. They are the ones facilitating their arrival through their overseas aid arm Caritas. I think Amanda Vanstone is a Catholic………but I am not sure.

            Also – Whay would Rudd know what was going on in this country? The bastard is NEVER here!!!!!

          • lol! All too true my love, increasing his carbon footprint with his personal butler going on overseas trips at our expense.
            Did anyone see that embarrassing segment on tele when he met Obama in the White House? He copied every body move Obama made, even mirrored his sitting posture, trying to look like 'A brother' I cringed when I saw that.

          • Catty – The Liberal Party is not a conservative party with liberals but a liberal party with conservatives. Petrou Georgio is just as much representative of the Liberal Party as is Tony Abbott.

          • Mike, it is good to have an opinion but you are focusing to much of your energy on this. Seriously man

        • Catty – How do you know that Trad has been sponging off the welfare system? Do you have any proof or are you only surmising? No I don't have any figures but from what I've heard it is the Chinese who are the big overstayers. I would suspect that people from Muslim countries would find it much more difficult to get a visa. And no visa, no come.

          • I think this will answer some of your questions about the 'illustrious' Mr Trad…


            ' I would suspect that people from Muslim countries would find it much more difficult to get a visa."

            Am I supposed to take that comment seriosuly Knight?

          • Catty – Thanks for the link to that article. You are apparently right, Trad is a welfare sponger. This type of scum should go back to Lebanon and take his brood with him.

            Contrary to what you might think, Catty, it is not that easy to get a visa to come to Australia.

  47. This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many others that are doing exactly the same thing….yet KRudd keeps bringing them in by the thousands!

    • Catty – Bringing whom by the thousands?

      • Knight – Did you watch the video at all? KRudd is bringing in these people in by their thousands. Almost all people coming from Iraq, and indeed right across the middle east, Afghanistan and Pakistan are muslims. Watch the video – this is NOT the first time these people have been caught. Keysar Trad and his mentor Sheik bin Halali do exactly the same thing…..I cannot believe the utter niavety of our politicans………of ALL persausions!

        • Catty – Of course I watched all the video. Rudd can't be blamed for Bembrika who has been here for at least 19 years. You've got to blame the Hawke government. What do you mean, "KRudd is bringing in these people in by their thousands". Do you mean Muslims? How do you know Rudd's bringing in Muslims?

          • Who cares who brought them in – all I know is that BOTH major parties have had a hand in bringing in immigrants that are not compatible with the culture of this country. You & I both know it is going to cause terrible trouble in coming years – as it will in England and Europe….the USA won't be far behind.

          • Well, it does matter if you are going to blame people.

          • I blame both parties – but I blame Labour most of all. After all, they are the ones right into this refugee & immigration business, boots and all…….and no amount of you chiding me over the matter will alter my stance.

          • I thought we were talking about Muslim immigration, not immigration in general.

  48. Hi guys, just seen an advert for a special on channel seven on Sunday night at 6.30 I think, it's about 'urban warfare' should be interesting who is causing all the problems…..a 'Today Tonight' special. I'm finding it interesting that 'The Australian' is raising concerns over Muslims here in Australia, one of the few media outlets that seem to have broken the far left mold, unlike the loathsome 'The West Australian' which is pushing mulitculturlism down our throats and white racism every day. As for the Trad asshole, I hear he's taking a new wife, who's probably going to churn out another 9 or 10 kids for him, and I thought polygamy wasn't allowed here in OZ? As a former Lebanese friend of mine said, 'Never ever let a Muslim into your country. First they come in small numbers, then they want more and more. My country was the Paris of the Middle East, now it's a s***hole.' I've seen old documentaries on Lebanon, it WAS beautiful until the Muslims gained control.

    • Of course that asshole is sponging off the welfare suystem, how else can he afford two wives and multiple children? This was exposed in 'A Current Affair' this year with polygamous Muslims getting multiple state housing and Centrelink payments, with the guy who is in charge of Centrelink stating 'We can only think of the welfare of the children'…yeah Muslim children who will be bought up to hate us infidels.
      Bad times ahead I'm afraid, worst mistake Australia ever made taking these invaders in.

      • Everything you said it the truth – Lebanon under the control of the Christians & Druze was indeed the Paris of the middle east. It took Hezbullah to turn it into a sh*thole……and Hamas is doing the same to Gaza. I heard harrowing accounts of what these muslim bastards did to Christian families during the Lebanon/Israeli war. Think of what happened in the recent massacre in the Phillipines over a week ago and you can imagine the horror of what these Christians faced. These pigs are worse than animals.

        On the subject of Muslim sponging off our welfare system – it has been going on for decades. Their Imams have been coaching each new batch of arrivals on how to rort the system to their own advantage. There is a muslim guy in Melbourne who has 4 wives and dozens of children (19 in all if memory serves me) And like you said, the government knows what is going on and chooses to ignore it. Fine – there is only so much the people will take – especially those of us (indigenous & ethinic alike) who work like dogs and pay our taxes.

        • Yes Catty, the government knows exactly what is going on. Had lunch with a family some months ago who's wife works for the Labour government and she bought it up, she was very dissallousioned with Labour, in her words; "They (Labour) know that Muslims are on a massive breeding programme and they won't do a fu*king thing about it.' The whole table went quiet and great sadness came over us during what was a happy event. Felt like it was 1938 and we were Berlin Jews celebrating what little life we had left.

          • The reason why they won't do anything about it is because the vast majority of mulsims VOTE Labour! Labour will do anything to remain in power – both state & federally. It is also a well known fact that secular socialist liberals align themselves with the muslim cause – they will bend over backwards accomodating the Islamic agenda. Whenever our muslims make a demand our Labour mates can't do enough – special prayer rooms, special canteen facilities, separate swimming times, and seperate gym facilities, halal foods, special animal slaughter permits, and the latest fad, Interfaith dialogue sessions, the list is endless – but if a NSW boarding school for the intellectually disabled (the only one of it's kind in the southern hemisphere) BEGS for help, the answer is you can whistle dixie! In fact Mike, the more I type, the more angry I get.

          • We'll see just how much Labour loves their Muslims when the infidel haters start their own political party! Shouldn't be too far away now…
            Julia Gillard (flinty eyed harp) 'No white Australian would ever know what it's like to be a refugee from their own country.'
            BITCH! She's obviously never heard of 'Whtie Flight' Then again, she'd never know, living in her nice little still safe area, being driven to work everyday not having to use public transport.
            I always had a secret dream…to win a major lotto prize and then invest it so it would always work and make more money and with that money secretly buy all the properties surrounding these left winged 'luvvies'…then turn ownership over to the most voilent African/Muslim/Asain gangs I could find. I'd love to See Rudd's or Gillard's face when they woke up one morning and find themselves surrounded by a ring of fire!

          • 'No white Australian would ever know what it's like to be a refugee from their own country.'

            Technically she's right – but the monotoned one is making damned sure that the above will come to pass by allowing dangerous incompatible people to enter this country. I could envision a time when whites in this country will face a Mugabe style genocide. In fact I can see that happenig right across the Western world if we don't stop the rot. Whites only make up 8% of the global pop. That leaves 92% that aren't. If even a small percentage of that number seek our demise we are going to be in deep trouble. My only consolation is that after they have eliminated us they will then turn on each other. The way the planet is going that will eventually happen.

          • I too never say we are superior…I just think it's unfair that we have our population growth under control with contraception whilst other races, namely Africans and Muslims breed like effin rabbits and I don't think it's fair that they should be allowed to come here and do it here too, if we are the lowest reproducing race in the world (and as far as pollution etc I think that's a good thing ALL races should slow down) why are our politicans flooding us with the highest breeding races on the planet? It just smacks of genocide, and psychopathological nastiness. I also don't beleive we should be providing these people with anymore 'aid' until they grow up and start looking after themselves.

          • Well (sigh) Brace yourself – the next stupid thing our western pollies are about to do is to PAY the third world's ETS costs !!! You & I both know that the bastards will do little in the way of helping our own to absorb the massive costs about to hit us. Sitting in their ivory towers they couldn't give a rats about the poor, the disabled, the pensioner, the unemployed and self funded retirees – ALL who are on fixed or very low incomes. We pay taxes all our working lives and at the end of it we are seen as ' a burden' to be ignored and sidelined. My husband & I are close to (early)retirement mid next year. We will be totally self funded, not costing the taxpayer a cent. But we are now worrying about how we will cope with the rising costs that this ETS will cost us over time. Western governments couldn't give a rats arse about their constituents – as long as we have leaders (like KRudd,Brown and Obama) blindly obeying that corrupt body callled the UN instead of looking after their own people nothing is going to change. A plague on all their houses I say, I agree with you, it's genocide by stealth !!

          • Catty – You are worrying about this ETS for no reason at all. You didn't read that article of Robert Gottliebsen very well, did you? Here's the link:
            Once again I quote from it:

          • "Where will that money go? John Howard retained office via the so called ‘Howard battlers’. Rudd learned from Howard so that’s where the money goes.

            "About $54 billion, or just under half, goes to lower and middle income people. Around 90 per cent of all low income households – or some 2.6 million households – will receive assistance equal to around 120 per cent of the overall cost increases they face.

            "Around 50 per cent of middle income households – about 1.7 million – will be fully compensated for overall cost increases flowing from the carbon trading legislation. And it gets better. Once the scheme starts, assistance will continue in perpetuity because these assistance payments are indexed to CPI and upfront assistance will automatically increase in line with the increasing carbon price as it affects household cost".

            There, do you feel better now?

          • No – that leaves 50% that won't be compensated (middle income) and 10% of lower income. BK – I have lived long enough not to trust governments when it comes to schemes like this. For instance the GST was supposed to be like rivers of gold to the states so they could fix their problems with public hospitals, public transport and infrstructure needs. Here in Qld we have a government that is up to it's neck in debt and done nothing to improve the situation in regards to the forementioned areas. This ETS is poorly designed and will NOT achieve anything of note for this country. We are being taken for a ride – and people like Barnaby Joyce know it.

          • Catty – Perhaps I am reading too much into Gottliebsen but when he says "fully" it would seem to imply that a partial compensation will still be available to that 50% and 10%. That sounds okay to me.

            The ETS can not be THAT bad. Ian MacFarlane says that although its not perfect it is still worth passing. Give it a chance. Give the planet a chance. Don't rely on idiots like Barnaby Joyce who don't believe in Global Warming at all.

            P.S. On the weather report tonight it was announced that Sydney has had its hottest November ever. Climate Change skeptics like Joyce, Minchin and Tuckey are not to be taken seriously.

          • Joyce wants the ETS delayed until we know what the outcome of Copenhagen will be – I am in that camp also. We should not be moving until we have a clear vision of what our trading partners are going to be doing on the issue. It serves NO puprose for Australia other than to give KRudd another ego boosting "what a good boy am I" opportunity to strut around like a goose and ingratiate himself to his UN masters. If this goes ahead it will encourage Australian companies to move off shore to countries that have no ETS in place, leading to massive job losses and social instability. Australia has no capacity to generate large scale emission reductions unless it fully embraces nuclear power. Solar and wind won't give us the base power we need. WE all know that Labour ideologically REFUSES to embrace nuclear…….yet China is set to build 100 of them soon. Every developed country on this earth is embracing nuclear. We have the uranium……..yet we REFUSE to use it for the betterment of our own country…… crazy is that??

          • Catty – Job losses and social instability is just what this country needs as it is the only way to halt mass immigration. So I say, bring on the ETS!

          • I like your dream, Mike. It is just what those immigrationists deserve! LOL

          • Cheers mate! Have a good week.

          • Thanks Mike, I did. Hope you did too.

  49. DAVE THE POM says

    Has the stats part of the site been there all the time or is it something im getting now as a result of upgrading my browser ( i did actually mention last week that one would be usefull ) u can follow the growth in intrest . It consoles me a bit at the moment , as i find it a bit distressing where were heading right now . Unlike the UK we dont have a massive upper class of hooray henries , who dont really care a lot , and think they will be ok on their rural retreats when it all pans out , but we do seem to have to deal with overeducated pc indoctrinated NIMBYs coming out more, as a result of the education system , media silence & dumming down . Revisionist has a point about stats figures etc .The BNP had at the top of their page a few months ago , WE DONT NEED THE MAINSTREAM NEWS WE ARE THE MAINSTREAM NEWS .Keep growing & getting it out there troops dave

  50. Revisionist – I am in danger of actually liking you….. 🙂

  51. Allah will provide1 I'm not an expert on the Qur'an, since there are many thousands of much better books, but I believe one of its tenets is that 'Allah will provide'. May I recommend any believer in Islam should be taken seriously, and given no housing or benefits. Leave it to Allah!

  52. Playing to the bleeding heart suckers in our government, churches and aid groups. You have to be kidding me!

  53. I-slam around long before Christianity? And you talk of ignorance.

    • Wellandtrulyfedup says

      Islam was not around before Christianity. Read a book and educate yourself, instead of calling others ignorant.

      Islam has only been around for about 1100 years.

    • From WikiAnswers…
      "muslim religion: monotheistic religion based on the word of God as revealed to Muhammad during the 7th century ."

      therefore, oh ignoranus named A_Proud_Citizen, WHO's been around longer??? :p

  54. A_Proud_Citizen says

    I love paranoia. Seriously, Muslim Dominated UN?
    Islam was around long before Christianity, and if you bothered to put prejudice aside, and ignore the Bigamist leaders of not only Islam, but ALL major religions, you'd realise that each is just as good as the other.

    Australia has, and always will be, solidified by multiculturalism, and no amount of dilution will ever weaken our country's spirit, because it's passed down through generations, and taught in schools everywhere. Otherwise, if multiculturalism is such an issue, all us whitefolk should piss off and give the Indigenous Australians their land back.

    Congrats APP, your collective ignorance gives people like me hope, in that there are still those of us with much to learn. No wonder you're giving away 500 memberships, no-one sane would endorse this kind of slur to our fair country's name.

    • A Proud citizen –

      Lol !!!! Look who is the ignorant one. Islam came into being 700 years after the death of Jesus…..and the UN IS dominated by muslim countries. Why else would the UN allow the likes of murdering dictators and despots to freely speak at UN headquaters. The recent speeches by Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi, Mugabe and Chavez made a mockery of the UN. The UN has become a thoroughly corrupt den of thieves.!

      • Catty – I don't think the UN would be able to stop speeches by Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi, Mugabe and Chavez are they are heads of state. By the way, Chavez is neither a murderer nor a dictator. He's been democratically elected.

        • They may be heads of state – but the UN is no longer a democratic organisation. That title they lost decades ago. As for Chavez – meh, he is a dangerous left wing marxist loon.

          • Catty – How can you say the UN is not a democratic organisation? All member states get a chance to vote, don't they? And who says Chavez is a dangerous loon? Left wing, yes. Marxist, perhaps. But loon, no. He's a Bolivarianist, a Venezuelan nationalist who only wants the best for his country. As for dangerous, yes he's dangerous, to American imperial interests!

          • Chavez is a danger to all his surrounding neighbours – not just America interests.
            Chavez is doing his best turning his country into a dictator for life hellhole. Let's see how much better off his poor adoring masses will be under his tenure.

          • I haven't heard that he's a danger to his neighbours. Why do you think so? I thought his neighbours were cheering him on, eg. Cuba, Bolivia. Already the poor in Venezuela are better off. That's why he's got so much support there.

          • Columbia does not share your warm & fuzzy views on Presidente` Chavez……


          • No, it doesn't. That's because Columbia, like Georgia, are puppet states of America. The Americans are using Columbia to put pressure on Venezuela, hence the American troops stationed in Columbia. This is pure provocation on the part of the Americans.

    • To A_Proud_Citizen. For the record: I am not a member of APP. Did you ask migrants if they want multiculturalism? Those who came here to suck up on Australian social system would scream for multiculturalism. They love to be given everything for free on a false pretext of nurturing ethnic diversity. Those migrants who work 12 hours a day, pay taxes, bothered to learn English and came here to enjoy Western democracy would not like multiculturalism. I am one of those. Multiculturalism destroys our dream to leave in free, democratic, developed society. Multiculturalism make Australia a third world craphole (excuse my recently learnt English). If I wanted to migrate to Lebanon, India or China – I would submit my application to respective embassies 10 years ago. I came here to live in AUSTRALIA.

      • Well said, euro!! My parents came here as immigrants from Italy, and they got NO freebies – if they didn't get work right, they were in deep ca-ca! And they weren't too proud to get work in factories or on the railroads. These third-world monkeys come here expecting EVERYTHING to be handed over on a silver platter – and it IS, thanks to the bleeding-heart multiculturalists (and might i add that most of the whiny supporters are probably all welfare-suckers themselves!)

        I don't care if anyone thinks I'm making 'racist' comments. Fact is, I grew up being taunted for my "Wog" background, and I just learned to give it right back until I was accepted as a true-blue Aussie. I am sorely disappointed in the rubbish that is 'political correctness'…talk about a generation of soft-c*cks being bred!! Truth hurts, but it makes you stronger (if you don't go off running to your lawyer like a girly-man…)

        • Thank you RomanGoddess.

        • The Italians have made so much POSITIVE contributions to this country it's unbeleivable. Nealy all my friends are Italian and I get on very well with them, they have intermarried and are such loyal friends, I love them, my best friend Rita is Italian and we are always there for each other, I couldn't live without her, her friendship is the longest lasting one I've ever had in my life.
          Australia got lucky with them, the Greeks etc, but Muslims and Africans are a different breed altogether and after what they have done to other western countries, Italy included, it beggers belief our politicians could be so thougtless to import them en-mass into Australia, unless they have genocide on their psycopathic minds, so typical of the far left.

    • "not only Islam, but ALL major religions, you'd realise that each is just as good as the other."

      So we stone to death our women folk for a sexual indescretion?? We hack off heads in public also? We encourage our children to martyr themselves? Our relegious leaders preach hate from the pulpit? We want to dominate the world and end by force all other religions?

      "Australia has, and always will be, solidified by multiculturalism"

      Pre 1947 Australia ethnicity was 92% Anglo Celtic. I seem to recall that mateship was established and doing well. Ask anyone who lived in those times that crime was low, people got on fine… need to lock your car or home. We are being conned by treacherous politicians and idiots like you that third world " enrichment" is good….maybe you are an "enricher", who cares anyway. Pity your type doesn't bugger off to some third world hell hole and leave Australia to common sense Aussies………By the way I have no problem with legal immigrants who contribute to our nation and don't bludge off it or try to change our culture or heritage.

    • cont…..

      " all us whitefolk should piss off and give the Indigenous Australians their land back."

      Go talk to the aborigines, I deal with them on a regular basis and I can tell you they are despairing about this third world immigration/invasion….as I said, you sir or madam are welcome to "piss off" may I suggest Somalia or some other enrichment centre for a life changing experience.

    • oh just piss off back under whatever slime covered rock u crawled out from. So sick of these self-loathers who have never travelled to Europe and seen the mess other countries are in, yet feel they have 'experiance' to call us 'waycist's'. As for the tired old 'this aboriginal land and we are the invaders excuse' if it hadn't been for white colonization Aboriginals would have been wiped out decades ago, the Japanese alone were going to exterminate them had they succesfully invaded Australia during the Second World War; "Not fit for human slavery' was the offical document released. But of course A Proud (or is that moronic) Citizen wouldn't know about that little part of Australia's histroy, but i bet he or she'd know all about 'Nelson Madela's" 'Struggle', he who was filmed recently singing and dancing to the song, 'Kill all the whites, chop, chop all the whites" as seen on the internet.
      God how I hate idiots like A Proud Citizen, they just have no clue and when the s*** hits the fan , always run away from the trouble they cause, leaving people like us to either fix it or wear the consequences.

      • Don't worry hun…I suggest we put people like ol' Citizen there on the front line when we have to start shooting the invaders who have already found residence here and are on their way to breeding us out of existence. I'm sure they'll WELCOME him with open fire…er, arms.


    • I'd piss off to Britain, provided all the non indigenous British piss off to where they came from.

    • Hey Proud Citizen, here is some advice:

      A. Go to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran illegally. Never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense. Demand a free house, benefits and food.

      B. Once there, demand that the local government provide free medical care for you and your entire family.

      C. Demand that all nurses and doctors be fluent in English, and that all food be cooked according to your specifications in the hospital.

      D. Demand free local government forms, bulletins, etc. Be printed in English.

      E. Procreate abundantly.

      F. Deflect any criticism of this allegedly irresponsible reproductive Behaviour with, 'It is a cultural thing; you wouldn't understand.'


    • Cont….

      G. Keep your original identity strong. Fly your home country's national flag from your rooftop, or proudly display it in your front window, or on your car bumper.

      H. Speak only English at home and in public, and make sure that your children do likewise.

      I. Demand classes on English culture in the Muslim school system.

      J. Demand a local country driving license or national insurance number equivalent

      K. This will afford other legal rights and will go far to legitimise your unauthorised, illegal, presence in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq

      L. Drive around with no car tax or insurance and ignore local traffic laws.

      M. Insist that the Police teach English to all its officers.

      N. Organise protest marches against your host country, inciting violence against non-white, non-Christians, and the government that let you in.

      Good luck! You'll soon be dead..

  55. William – Don't think for a nano second that this has happened by accident. This is a well planned stratedgy of the muslim dominated UN to destroy the West and create a level playing field where uniqueness and sovereignty are all but destroyed. If you have time please read this:____… you are right – If we don't do something NOW, we will lose this country within 20 years! The Anti-discrimination laws that you talk about were enacted to keep us from raising our voices in protest. Just like the new anti-bikie laws introduced by stealth in Queensland yesterday. Those laws do not specifically name bikie's. What the new law does is to allow the police and other agencies to monitor any gathering group of more than 3 people. It is not often that I agree with Civil rights activist Terry O`Gorman. But in this case I do. This gives unprecented powers to spy on ordinary citozens going about their business – at this rate we are heading for a police state.

  56. Reading A_Proud_Citizen's ridiculous email reminds me of similar stuff in Britain (and no doubt in France, Italy, Germany etc).

    I hope APP can get a think tank together and produce statements on the sort of mythology that people like 'Proud-Citizen' presumably genuinely think they believe.

    This would have to include well-written material on religions and cults, though it's tricky because they are, despite the bulls***, ALL DIFFERENT! For example many eastern religions aren't exclusive – you can be a Taoist and well as other things. Confucianism is almost entirely to do with personal behaviour. Islam is a vicious tribal cult. And so on. There are also relatively simple issues, such as dates and languages. Many Americans think the Bible was written in English. 'Citizen' seems to genuinely believe Islam pre-dated Christianity!

    Citizen doesn't seem to have heard of the white Australia policy and claims, completely falsely, that Australia has, and always will be, solidified by multiculturalism – rather breathtaking nonsense; I'd doubt 'Citizen' can be white, in fact.

    Some of the respondents seem to think Mugabe is Muslim. (Amin was – and I think kille doff more or less anyone not in his tribal group).

    The BNP has been through this sort of thing – they printed a booklet ('Racism Cuts Both Ways' – can be downloaded in PDF format), a plain statement of anti-white racism in the UK. Even with unchallengeable facts they had a lot of flak.

    I hope APP can accumulate a collection of people, not necessarily in their party or even politically aware, but concerned with truth, first.

  57. Here in Perth, entire areas in our suburbs are being swamped with unwelcome immigrants. What the hell is going on? Everyone I talk too is against it yet they voted that wanker Rudd in. Back in the sixties Aussie was a fabulous place to live, only Aussies and Poms with a few Europeans. We all got on well together. We are going the same way as our Pommie cousins, at least they have a powerful political party emerging with the BNP. Do we have to wait until the ratbag politicians wreck our country before we fight back? Trouble is whilst most people don't like what's going on they are afraid of the racial virification laws that have been put in place by the lefties….Christ what a mess.

    • I remember back before the election, I never saw such crucifixtion such as Howard went through by the media. (And no I'm not sticking up for him either)
      ABC, even channel 10 got into the act. ABC went overboard with their 'It's only racist if you're white atititude' when he lost.. remember the programme 'Nigger lovers' they aired when he lost? It concentrated on those politicans who had used the word decades ago, and only those 'right winged' they never mentined for instance Labour's Bob Hawke calling Abos 'Sun tanned superstars' a termology he used often when in power.
      THey even changed tactics by using actors to portray families saying 'I used to like John Howard but now…' then a plug for Labour.
      Total brainwashing by the media. Now I noticed that even 'The West Australian' is portraying KRudd in a positive light whilst 'exposing' white racism on a daily basis, ever since Kerry Stokes took over a chariman. And guess who is his mate and was caught having an intermite luch with him? KRUDD!

      • People voted Rudd in Mike because Howard introduced a little thing called work choices which basically treated workers like s***. My Nanna for one was sacked, no warnings just fired for nothing other than the fact that she was seventy. she had over 20 years experience. Personally the only thing Kevin Rudd has done wrong so far is relaxing our border security and immigration laws.

  58. Well, well, well.I am sorry to hear that Australia is on its way down the dunney, like Britain. I was born in England, but I am a Celt. I live in England and I have an exceedingly long memory and a homicidal temper. I see sharia loans are now on the cards from your Aussie banksters. Do not be fooled.The interest is still there only committed up-front. It is a con, pure and simple. You see, these muslim principles are all camels***.
    One sterile muslim of any age or sex is a threat to everyone everywhere.

  59. Nicholas – Does the APP have a diversified policy portfolio? Where I think One Nation failed is their failure to have a portfolio of policies which were well researched. Focusing just on immigration & border protection can stifle your growth. There is nothing wrong with having immigration & border control at the forfront of your policy brief, but it must incude a raft of other policies that will bring in people who are interested in other things…things like crime, family values, road carnage, job security, health, housing, regional support, food security & water resources.

    • Lyn.

      As a former member of One Nation I can assure you that the party did have a range of policies. They were'nt elaborate but they did cover most areas. They were policies that we could all accept. I think that you can still find the original policies on their website. However after the crazies took over new policies of doubtful value started to spring up like weeds. They were divisive things like removing fluoride from drinking water, a 2% tax; in short, things that would cost votes rather than gain them. APP should not go down the One Nation route. A policy suite, YES; a policy flood, NO.

      • Black Knight – I cannot agree with you more. The APP should learn valuable lessons from the One Nation experience. I actually attended one of Pauline's public meetings before the rot set in. In the early days she was pulling in large crowds, crowds that were extremely unhappy with the way the country was heading – her initial success was something that worried both major parties greatly. The vote in Qld was a whopping 20% in the first election she ever ran for. So frightened were the majors that to this day I believe they joined forces in an all out effort in destroying her. Tony Abbott was instrumental in digging up any dirt he could find on her and her One Nation colleagues. Let's face facts – they crucified her. Yet she kept coming back. Even though I don't agree how Pauline handled a lot of things, in my view she will go down as one of the bravest people in this country. She stood up for what she believed in and fought the bastards with tenacity. How many men have done the same??

        • Lyn – Yes Pauline Hanson was certainly brave. As a cousin of mine said, she put all the men to shame. It is hard to say where One Nation went wrong specifically. I think maybe a lack of quality candidates had something to do with it. I say that because most of them in QLD ratted on the party once they were in office. Also I wonder whether Oldfield was a problem – he could be very rude. And of course the party was being attacked by Tony Abbott et al. Perhaps one day we'll be able to read his memoirs and find out just how he did bring down One nation.

  60. Nicholas Folkes says

    "Al Sumud” magazine has declared that Australia must assimilate into Asia. The magazine is an official publication of the Taliban (Muslim extremists)"…………..The Taliban is mainly made up of Pashtuns who are not Asian, these opium growers are actually a mix of Iranic and Caucasian blood, very little Asian blood. These people are pretty thick and should have a look in the mirror…do they look mongoloid to you? The Azeris, Tajiks and Pashtuns of Afghanisatan all hate each other and it is barely mentioned in the media. By the way they all blame each other for their internal problems.

    Lyn, we "have the hard evident" and statistical data to prove the continual decline in Australia's standard of living. Australians know all the "lies" told by Liberal and Labor and it is up to them to become involved with us and be part of the resistance. Yes, we do have to be careful as you said, there are evil people who would love to destroy us but Pauline's mistakes will not become ours.

    • Nicholas.

      The word "asian" is a geographical designation. It is not a racial one tho some people might use it in that sense. Therefore Pashtuns are Asian as they are natives of the continent of Asia.

  61. I guess, we cannot change anything without hard evidence at hand.

    And there layeth the Holy Grail – if the Australian Protecionist Party is to have any chance at being a crediible entity at the next election they HAVE to build up their case with HARD evidence. This country has been LIED to long enough by all the major parties. It is paramount that the Protectionist Party does not fall into the same trap as Pauline Hanson did. Make sure your members are not made up of kooks – and make sure you are not infiltrated by those setting out to destroy the Party. Mark my words they will try and destoy the Party in it's fledging stage.

  62. When are we going to stop talking about this problem and do something to change it?

    • Good question, aus1st. Read my previous post above, please. This maybe one of the many little steps to take to address the issue. I guess, we cannot change anything without hard evidence at hand.

      • the truth is, we're not going to do a damn thing
        this cause here is struggling to get more than 500 members, so unless your all gonna grab your guns, we'll aaaaall be praising allah very soon 🙂

        • Be careful what you wish for Sam – if you are a muslim (which I think you may be) life under a strict Islamc state is no better then living life under a fascist regime – in fact we have one in Iran, and Saudi Arabia is little better.

          In the case of the APP – the BNP started off small too. Now they are scaring the sh*t out of the two major parties that have literally destroyed Britain as we know it. The BNP now have two seats at the European Union……and in case you missed it Europe itself has fast growing nationist movements as well. The orignial inhabitants will only take so much……and Australians will be the same, regardless of skin colour.

  63. Black Knight to Barry:

    It looks like we are entering an Asian world right in our own country. Went to the supermarket last night with a mate of mine and didn't hardly see any Aussies and this is in John Howard's old electorate.

    Unfortunately my mate is pretty apathetic about the whole thing. He sees no way of stopping the process. I however am willing to give it a try. Why should we hand our country over to blow-ins?

    • Yeah, that apathy is all too common unfortunately. A lot of people are completely aware of what's going on, but putting too much thought or energy into really acknowledging it and the consequences is too much for them. They'd rather talk about the footy on the weekend. That and the media brainwashing they get every time they switch on the TV or pick up a paper, that reassures them this is how it's supposed to be.

      In Brisbane I'm from the southside, which is where the Asian community has really settled itself (started in the Sunnybank area and kind of grew from there). I don't go to Sunnybank often anymore, but when I do, each time I could swear the number of caucasians drops by half.

      Another thing I've noticed is the amount of elderly Asians around. Most are clearly here through the family reunion immigration clause (because there weren't that many middle aged Asians around 15-20 years ago), but really, what do we have to gain by having them here? They might have 10 years work left in them max (doubt most work at all), most won't have paid a cent into the system, and in not too long they'll be taking up medicare funds and more hospital beds in our already strained hospital system.

      • Hi Barry. It was very interesting to read through your observations. Do you know (or anyone who reads this) if there is a research / calculations available to support your oservations with hard facts?
        Example of it could be: 'There were x number of 'skilled' migrants allowed in the country 15 years ago. Statistically, each of such migrants brought 1 parent over 60 years of age utilising family re-uninon visa. The average skilled migrant contributes $N in GDP over 30 years of remaining working life. Each average parent >60 y.o. requires $Z in social sec and medicare. Migrant himself / herself required $Y in social sec/ medicare / aged care in post-employment life. Conclusion will be proven or disproved cost-effectiveness of mass migration'

        APP would benefit from having these hard figures available. There is a whole immigration / refugee industry lobby exists. That includes lawyers, academics, real estate/ building businesses. This lobby persuade Australians to believe that immigration should increase.

        • Mate I wish I did, I think it would take someone who's good with research and with numbers to get to the bottom of that, unfortunately I am neither. Could well be the case that statistics that let you put all these figures together are not readily available either given that it's targeted toward a particular ethnic group. I'd imagine it would take someone who knows what they're doing and who probably has good contacts. The parent migrant visa ( would be good to see some in-depth statistics on.

          • Thank you, Barry. This is a good starting point for research. I'll need a few weeks as I am behind with some projects at work.

  64. Barry says:

    Yep, definitely more Indians, but in Brissie it's still mostly Chinese. Around my place Asians now own the fish n chip shop, the corner store, the restaurant, the cafe, the newsagent, pharmacy, the bakery, and at the doctor's surgery 3/4 of the doctors are Asian. Real estate agents etc, landlords of mates who are renting, more and more post offices, I could go on and on.

    My sister just pulled her two kids out of their primary school, she said the other kids are almost all Asian, and when she dropped them off there in the morning the other kids would all be congregated in their own ethnic groups and you couldn't understand a word any of them were saying. Moved them to a school a few suburbs away where the demographics are still a bit more reasonable.

    This is all going to end in tears one day, mark my words. Not for me, because I've seen it coming for a long time.

  65. Howard used the excuse of the Port Arthur massacre to disarm the people. Since disarmament our crime rates have soared and our murders are being committment in hineious gruesome ways. The American people may have a chance – we have a snowballs chance in Hell. The Americans I talk to know what is coming and they are stocking up and buying massive amounts of ammo. Many no longer trust their government. It's about time we started arming ourselves as well……cause our Aussie muzzie 'friends' already are.

    • I agree with lyn. Why is it that only the government gangsters have the right to bear arms now? A gun in the hands of a 19/20 year old police rookie doesn't give me a safe feeling. Maybe we should all become refugees and flee to Texas. I live in South Australia and they wanted to stop "bikies" from what seemed to be having any contact with each other and yet they encourage ethnics to live in their own community in "OUR COUNTRY". If they, the so called leaders, pulled their heads out of where ever they have them and touched base with reality we just might have a chance at redeeming what Australia stands/stood for.

  66. Okay Taliban, we’ll import lots more Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists and Shintoists. Happy now?

  67. India's or Pakistani's or what ever they are seem to have taken over my area…..

    5 years ago the local shops had a mixed bag of goods to be sold, sure you had you chinese, india food, fruit shop run by con.

    but now every shop is india…… the only one that isn't is the grog shop…….

    • The Pakis are the dangerous ones as they'd most probably be Muslims. If they're Indians tho' they could still be Muslim; there's a 1 in 10 chance.

      • Pakistan is 97% muslim – with a small minority if Christians and other religious groups – however they are always descriminated against – even at the offficial level. From time to time there is muslim on muslim violence between sects. The Sunni muslims hate the Shier with a passion. The Shier are the ones that whip themselves until they bleed, and believe that Mohammed's successor should have been Ali…..and we have those in Sydney and Melbourne. Sunni muslims in Australia continue that hatred undetected by our stupid government hacks.

  68. Yes, my suburb is now like Chinatown. It wasn't like this 20 years ago. Eleven years of the Howard government was all it took which is ironic given that he once tried to slow down Chinese immigration to Australia.

    • I am not so worried about the Chinese – most are very hard working and don't actively plot to destory this country like the muslims do. Besides, the Chinese almost dispise the Islamic religion as much as we do. Sadly we have to face facts – whites are going to end up a minority in this country within 30-40 years, maybe sooner. How we choose to align ourselves with groups opposed to Islam (as much as we are) will determine our eventual fate as a people. This is what is going to happen unless we fight back.

  69. I read this from a Nation Policy Institute email subscription.
    You should subscribe, the email regularly with good article that are topical and so forth.

    It is quite concerning, especially considering that one can observe such, at least personally in Sydney the integration of Australia into Asia. I'm not being hyperbolic but in some areas I often ask myself which country I am in.

  70. Travelling around in a lot of suburbs in major cities, you'd think we were already halfway there.

    • Have you noticed that at the moment Indians seem to be the flavour of the month?

      • Yep, definitely more Indians, but in Brissie it's still mostly Chinese. Around my place Asians now own the fish n chip shop, the corner store, the restaurant, the cafe, the newsagent, pharmacy, the bakery, and at the doctor's surgery 3/4 of the doctors are Asian. Real estate agents etc, landlords of mates who are renting, more and more post offices, I could go on and on.

        My sister just pulled her two kids out of their primary school, she said the other kids are almost all Asian, and when she dropped them off there in the morning the other kids would all be congregated in their own ethnic groups and you couldn't understand a word any of them were saying. Moved them to a school a few suburbs away where the demographics are still a bit more reasonable.

        This is all going to end in tears one day, mark my words. Not for me, because I've seen it coming for a long time.

        • Enoch Powell's chilling words will indeed come prophetic – His Rivers of Blood speech was denigrated as that of a racist bigot. Even if that was true you cannot refute the truth of his message. Britain has already had vicious race riots – just as the US has. Authorities are deperate to keep a lid on all this – but the tension is building and next time will explode uncontrollably. I have been blogging for ages and most Americans are openly talking about stocking weapons and ammo……….lots of ammo. Many no longer trust their government.

    • Hello Barry. For some reason your comment has not been registered even though I have received a copy of it. So, I'll reply here.

      Thanks for letting us know the situation in QLD. For some reason I always thought that QLD was immune from the effects of Asianization but it looks like that is not so. Maybe the reaction to this process will once again come from Queensland.

    • For what it's worth, Barry, I say a little bit more below. Also I have put your comment up so everybody can read it.

    • sometimes when i am driving around i fill like winding down the window and asking someone . im lost do you know where AUSTRALIA is???

  71. Off topic, but today in Rockingham in a violent home invasion, an elderly couple in the 70's and 80's were bashed repeatedly in their faces and are now in hospital.
    The intruder was Aboriginal.
    Now, if it were the other way around wouldn't this be screamed out by the media as a 'raist' attack?

    • no it wasnt, black people bash black people too.

      • Oh f*** off ** **! I'm talking about black on white racist attack read my post correctly

        • im no asshole, im making a point.
          black man beats on everyone, including other blacks
          beating someone of another skin colour doesnt make you racist, unless there were obvious racial motives in the case, i dont know.

          • Those muslim Lebs in Sydney rape Anglo girls merely for being Christian and white – I would say that was racist. If the situation was in reverse you would have muslims rioting & burning in the streets, with our print media in full sympathy, parrotting the usual inane PC crap. The fact that the Skaife brothers got decades in jail will never compensate those girls to the true horror of what was done to them. To add insult to injury the muslim community rallied around those animals and the parents lauded their sons as martyers!!!!

          • and thats why if i have a greivance with any religion, its islam
            i understand that there are definately racist attacks occuring against white citizens of australia,
            but to cry racism over any situation involving two different groups is a little bit bulls*** if you ask me..

          • The muslim community in this country showed it's bare faced racism in rallying around their rapist scumbags and hailing them as true martyers….and this isn't the first time they have supported these type of people. They did it again when those Leb scumbags bashed our life guards on Bondi and spat at little 10 year old girls (wearing swimsuits) and called them sluts. They do the same with those that get caught red handed in terrorist activity in this country. Tell me, when was the last time you saw a mass muslim demonstration denouncing these turds? Oh, yes, that's right……………..NEVER!

          • which is my before mentioned greivance
            i used to think on muslims as largely peaceful with a few misguided psychos, but when i saw the funerals of the bali bombers, and the amount of community support for them, it made me lose alot of faith in them.
            however, this does not counter my argument that any attack between difference groups is not neccessarily a race hate situation.

          • Ok – I am not discussing race here – I am discussing the INTOLERANCE of Islam and it's members towards 'the other'. The followers of Islam have a REAL problem with all non muslims. It's not just us………ask a HIndu, or a Jew, or a Ba`hia what they think of the Islam as it is practiced today. Countries like Pakistan are breeding their own monsters within, and it is tearing the country apart. Even at the governmental level Pakistan's muslim leaders cannot bring themselves to ADMIT that their own citizens carried out the Mumbai attack. Islam and it's followers are in morbid denial. The spread of Saudi indocrinated Wahhabism is spreading like wildfire………and our arsehole government bringing them to our country! That ideology is being taught in Syney and Melbourne inside their Mosques!

          • yes, and im not particularly happy about that fact, im not really concerned about the chinese or japs, but muslims make me uneasy, and not because i beleive that they will be seizing power in 20 years, simply because of their backward views and dangerous actions, but truth be told, theres not a f***ing thing you or i can do about it short of cronulla rd.2

          • Our politicans are bringing in a Trojan horse – and if they don't stop bringing them in there will be a Cronulla rd.2 , no question.
            We have the RIGHT as Australian citizens to question the immigrant MIX coming into this country. The Howard government started bringing in Africans (under the Catholic charity arm Caritas) and the Labour Party has followed suit. What the stupid twits don't realise is that they are bringing in Muslim and Christian blacks that hate each others guts. They are coming from serious war torn countries like Somalia and Sudan where many have witnessed savage barbarity – many mental problems. That is the sort of refugee we are bringing in – some cases are ex child soldiers. That is what is roaming our city streets – soon coming to a regional town near you!

          • Oh, and for the record – I don't remember being ASKED if I wanted 'cultural diversity' being shoved down our necks – and when asked on the quiet, most damn Australians agree with that assessment.

  72. I see the Msulims and Africans are rioting in Paris again. The cause? Algeria lost to Egypt in a soccer match! Cars torched and shops looted. Wonderful human beings.
    As for Muslims saying Australia must incorpoerate itself into Asia we knew this was comming, including I suspect the traitors in the Liberal and Labour governments AND those drug loving greens.

    • yeah, because the english never riot after a soccer game…

      • I'm not talking about the english read my post idiot beter still, go back to your greens website

        • no no silly, you didnt grasp my meaning, see you speak as if muslims and africans are animals for rioting after a soccer game, and i am pointing out that our glorious ancestors the english occasionally get up to some soccer rioting themselves.
          i think the greens are a bit retarded, but i think much the same of you.

          • The soccer game is NOT the point Sam! The point is that French muslims RIOT when they feel aggrieved in any way shape or form. But if they murder Jews or knife french citizens on trains that is ok – after all it's all the fault of the French infidel government. How about TAKING ownership of their own stinking behaviour! After all, we expect it from a two year old !

          • it may not be your point, but it certainly was his,
            my knowledge of muslim activity in france is limited, however there is always an element of hypocrisy when suggesting such things…
            christians have killed their fair share of jews, (i know thats not your point but still)
            its all too easy to look down on the muslims and overlook the actions of those of our blood, our faith etc.

          • Our blood and our faith went through a reformation process in the 16th century – what a pity that Islam didn't do likewise – that is not me saying that, but people like Salman Rushdie, Wafa Sultan and Hirsi Ali – ALL of whom are muslim. I suggest you do some serious reading on the subject of Islam – and not the flowery PC script sheet that our little friend Sheik Hilali and Keysar Trad read from. Better still get yourself to your local library and get a book called The Clash of Civilisations by Samuel Huntington. Oh, and for the record – I know quite a bit about Islam and it's political agenda in the West.

          • indulge me.

          • Don't be so bone lazy – I will supply the article – you do the reading……(sigh)


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