Fort Hood: When Political Correctness Kills

In the past, this writer has repeatedly handled themes related to political correctness. This was done to depict it as an idiocy that survives because so many of us are too foolish or cowardly to defy it. No wonder, the unmasked doubters of PC are quickly tagged as “bad human beings”. Now, we find out that that the killer’s associates had suspicions regarding the Ft. Hood murderer.

These reservations concerning his political reliability and commitment were shared by the Major’s superiors. No one dared to undertake anything to deal with the problem that signaled itself through Hasan’s statements and his behavior. It was not the amount and the weight of the evidence that held back the concerned. It was that no one wished to jeopardize his career.

Everybody stood in danger of being labeled a “racist” for speaking up and for stating what in PC terms was not supposed to exist at all. Such as that Hasan rated what he considered to be Islam’s command, more highly than his sworn duty to America.  The conclusion: PC is at its best stupid in its motives and ridiculous in their outcome. The case at hand demonstrates that PC also kills. Not only in Texas.

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  1. I urge you people take to the streets where your flag with pride don't take s*** from a government that doesn't give a s*** about you or your culture. Demand change from the government and if the only way to get change is to take to the streets then so be it.

  2. if something is wrong i am going to speak out against it. Too long have we been afraid to speak our minds. Too long have we been afraid to speak out against those who actively seek to destroy our culture and way of life. I'm going to fly my flag with pride and if that offends people well too bad, you don't like my flag get out of my country then. If what i say offends you then obviously this is not the country for you. Go ahead brand me a racist it just shows how narrow minded some people really are. PATRIOTISM AND PRIDE IN ONES COUNTRY IS NOT RACIST !

  3. "9/11 was an act of terrorism by Islamic extremists so now everyone has to suffer stringent security checks at airports. Why not just Muslims?"

    Because according to the thoroughly discredited UN, Human Rights and Amnesty International it would be a 'gross violation' of their Human Rights. The same goes for the Aboriginal situation. Did everyone see that superior bitch Irene Khan on TV a few nights ago on ABC Lateline? The stupid cow doesn't have the foggiest on what is going on in remote Aboriginal areas….and to make matters worse she didn't even have the decency to speak with Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson about the issues at hand. So , in case you missed it here it is:

    Just look to your right and choose your connection speed.

    As stated in previous threads of mine, I make the observation, that it's only the DUMB West that has signed up to these treaties. Treaties signed by OUR politicans with NO consultation with the people they are supposed to SERVE!!!!

    • Lyn, I like the cut of your jib. I believe as many as one slime seeker in a million is genuine. That is far too many. I believe no country should be expected to pander to these economic migrants. They only want to steal what you have worked for , been robbed blind with excessive taxes for etc. The multicultural rainbow has a crock at each end. It is not filled with gold. It is full of camels***.
      Some of these usurpers are actually called Kameljit. If that aint camels*** I do not know what is…

  4. Dave Tierney says

    Political correctness is an insidious cancer that is destroying our culture, our rights and our way of life. For example, in the north west, the abuse of alcohol is killing the Aboriginal race. What does the government do? It bans the sale of full strength beer from bottle shops for everyone. Why not just ban the sale to Aboriginals? Oh no, we can't do that, can we, its racist, so we all suffer. The same thing happened after the Narrogin family feud the other week. The sale of take-away liquor was banned for everyone. Why not just the Aboriginals who were causing the trouble? 9/11 was an act of terrorism by Islamic extremists so now everyone has to suffer stringent security checks at airports. Why not just Muslims?

  5. Nicholas Folkes says

    Don't pay out on Alan Jones. He may be a homosexual but he is private about his sexuality and we should respect that. Alan has bigger balls than most straights and he is on our side. Jonesy is a true champion and I appreciate his radio show and attitude. By the way Compatriots; get out on the radio and let Sydneysiders know of the APP.

    • Nicholas, For the record, I have great respect for Alan Jones.

      Maybe Alan Jones should hook up with this guy – they would make an explosive double act……… :-))))))))

      Btw – I hope everybody watches that video !!

  6. dave the pom says

    What we need is a down the line news channel , the yanks seem to have one in fox news .Obamas honey moon is well & truly over ,today they were taking the pee out of the phrase ,underpriveleged allien beligerents , can u believe it ,PC bollucks for terrorist , we need a fairdinkum news source . The BNP had a catch phrase , we dont need the main stream news ,we are the main stream news ., Get it out there , So we can still have a political solution . The last essay of RECONQUISTA (FROM TITANS TO LEMMINGS that can be accesed by googling DOWLISH )says that the uk has gone beyond a political solution & they will need to go in the direction of civil disobidience ,ie not paying utility bills general strikes etc , sad aint it, all created by self serving politcians , who have their heads up the arse of the multi national globalists . MAYBE THE NOSTRADAMUS 2012 PROPHECY will come to pass & it wont matter a s*** . Mean while keep getting it out there dave

  7. I wonder whether anyone saw “trouble coming’ with that Chinese immigrant who murdered and cannibalised a passenger on the Greyhound bus, but SAID NOTHING because it would be “racist”.

    Shockadelic (Another Pervert with Balls)

  8. Gareth Connors says

    I hear the distant drums
    The beat of my country's heart
    They sound a warning late
    "The enemy within the gate"
    Who opened it you ask?
    Who left the portal open?
    Dark forces I reply
    Their promises all broken
    They care nought for their kinfolk
    but seek vainglory always
    And seed our land with foreign ways to help their lust for power
    But soon I say, oh very soon our victory will tower.

  9. It may take courage and morality to tell the truth,however it means nothing if those in power invoke "political correctness"(read self interest)to restrain,suppress or obviate your words!I had an interesting experience three months ago while on facebook.I took umbrage at the ranting of some homosexuals on the site and put in my two cents worth.At one stage there were over 250 individuals on the side and all had a go at abusing me for not being accepting of the right for them to be regarded as normal.This back and forth discussion went on four eight days,and involved many thousands of words.Prior to this incident I had read that anything that you wrote on facebook was there for all time.However every reference made by myself and by those many individuals has been stricken from the record.Both on my side and theirs!AN enormous task for those involved.Go figure!So much for freedom of speech.P.S. I can only conclude that I must have made some good points!

  10. Bertie_bert says

    Battle of Britain 2009

  11. Bertie_bert says

    Battle of Britain 2009

  12. Btw – If that happens, people here should flood the radio talk back shows with a venegence!! One of the few radio talk back blokes to have a spine when it comes to tackling everything Muslim is Alan Jones. Fate would have it, huh? A fag with balls!!!

    • Lyn
      Be careful about the fags with balls.
      A large proportion of the most successful people in history were "fags"
      This includes many women.
      Am I?
      Alan Webb

      • Don't worry – I am not all that frothed up about homosexuals. I can take them or leave them pretty much. I have a nephew who is gay and it doesn't bother me. My point was that Allan Jones being a homosexual had more balls than his hetrosexual counterparts. He's a fearless fighter that will take risks in exposing all this PC crap we are being entombed in.

        • He'd be a good asset to this party, although I don't think he'd like being called a fag and I'm not having a go at you Lyn, I used to call them that myself until I got to know some, and the ones I knew hated the Mardi Gras as they thought it gave the wrong impression. Good on him for telling the truth, he got inot a lot of trouble from the waycist far left after the Cronella Riots and he deserves our support, unlike the horrible so called journalists that flood our papers, which I no refuse to buy.

          • Mike:
            Maybe Alan Jones should hook up with this guy – they would make an explosive double act……… :-))))))))

            Btw – I hope everybody watches that video !!

          • FANTAASSTIC!!! loved it Lyn thanks so much for the info! What a shame our controlled media on the ABC can't rise up to the occassion!

          • Yessssss indeedy – It makes you wonder IF Australia does have such a thing as FREE SPEECH doesn't it? Could you imagine an Australian talk show host doing the same as this guy. There was one once – his name was John Laws! We all know that the PC establishment literally hounded Laws of the airways with an avalanche of law suits. But hw was wildly popular with his audience….even his detractors begrudgingly gave him is due. God I miss that man !

  13. I read the above article (Fort Hood: When politcal Correctness Kills)

    It is interesting to note that we have a impending trial on those Islamists that planned to attack the Holsworthy Military Base – as an experiment we should monitor the trial closely and watch the amount of PC spin that will be used by their defence team to get the animals off scott free. If not scott free, then massively reduced sentences on LESSER charges……..

    Just watch.

  14. WE in Perth learnt that P.C. kills when poor Bill Rowe was bashed to death in front of his family (who were also attacked by 30 Aborigines on Sunset beach in 2007)
    Although the attack made front page news, the 'reporter' stressed that the family held no bad feelings towards Aboriginies (bulls***, Elene Rowe was most vocal over the attack her family sustained) and NOT ONCE did the West Australian nor 'The Australian' which also reported on the vicious attack had the decency to call it 'a race hate crime' which of course what it was.
    And what message did THAT send out to our growing voilent immigrants and to the Aboriginals themselves? OUR LIVES DO NOT COUNT WE ARE JUST SLAVES TO BE DISPENSED WITH WHEN AND WHERE THE 'OTHERS' CHOOSE.
    Didn't this happen to the Jews before their Holocaust? The media refused to acknowledge back then that they were victims of racial hatred.
    As i've said to my friends, 'Any coward can be politically correct, but it takes courage and morality to tell the truth.'

  15. Read this link
    There was a very harsh wakening to reality for this man. I was sorry to read about his ordeal. He must be terribly traumatised.

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