Authorities avert yet another planned terrorist attack on Australian soil

Today, the fourth of August 2009, Australians woke to the news that yet another terrorist attack on home soil had been averted in what is being described as the second largest counter-terrorism operation in Australian history involving over 400 police. The suspects are all of African or Lebanese descent who had allegedly tried to travel to Somalia for Jihad training. This further strengthens the call by the Australian Protectionist Party to halt all Islamic immigration, particularly from Africa and the Middle East.

The alleged attack revolved around armed attack on Australian Army bases in Victoria and NSW, where the alleged attackers were to enter the bases with automatic weapons and attempt to kill as many Australians as they could before being killed themselves, this was to be a suicide attack. Their motive was apparently to kill Australian soldiers for their presence, not in Somalia, but in any Muslim country.

This is the second major terrorist attack to have been thwarted by authorities, but many people do not realise that there has already been a successful attack on Australian soil. On New Year’s day, 1915, the Broken Hill picnic train was attacked by two Muslims who were aggrieved at Australia’s presence in Turkey during World War One.

As a result of their cowardly attack against unarmed men, women and children who were out for a day of fun, five people were killed and seven people wounded. 94 years after that attack, neither the method nor the mentality of Jihadists have changed – they still desire to kill innocent Australians on the basis that they are infidels.

Will it take another “picnic train” style tragedy before the Australian government start listening to the APP and end Islamic immigration into Australia? Or will such an attack merely be considered the cost of doing business in a multicultural state by Australian government?

The Australian Protectionist Party demands an end to all Islamic immigration and the deportation of any Muslim involved in the planning of Islamic terrorism in Australia. It’s possibly the only way we can keep our children safe and ensure the security of Australia.

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War in Broken Hill


  1. Sandy White says

    Retired Senator John Stone has always stood his ground against
    “The Far Lefties”. Historian Professor Geoffrey Blainey, Ex-politician
    Graham Campbell, Professor Andrew Fraser and more have
    constantly asked “What is the Agenda”? It is time, that the Loony-Left
    answered these questions NOW!!

    You can write letters to these politicians, but never get answers!!!
    Both of these 2 parties have sold-us-out!!
    They have completely gone against our Constitution and defiled
    it for their own selfish ideologies. Many Aussies who despise both
    these parties should get together and present a writ against the
    Labor Party who have taken on their own agenda. When a western
    country is founded it is done by a Constitution. Of course Communist
    Rudd would want a Republic so he could change our Constitution.
    That is what the New World Order – Globalization is all about.
    A take-over of our Rights and a new system that they CONTROL
    called Humanism, which is they same as Communism.
    If they get their way, we lose our FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!
    They try to silence us by calling us Racists and Bigots.
    In fact they are the Racists and Bigots. Just look at how they have
    taken over with their superior racist rants against us.

    Communist Rudd calls himself a Christian Humanist.
    What a strange label. It is like Tony Abbott, Catholic Conservative.
    He certainly isn’t Conservative how he went about getting rid
    of Pauline Hanson and her supporters.

  2. Terrence Odgers says

    The White Australia Policy, included into the Australian Constitution in 1901, was basically ripped out and torn up by politicians who did not bother to consult the Australian public. What was done was therefore unconstitutional and can be repealed.

    While I do not advocate reintoducing another White Australia Policy it has to be realised that there are limits to how many non-whites that should be allowed to settle here. I personally believe we have reached our limit and should close the borders.

    This country is obliged through UN legislation, again signed onto by our politicians who failed to consult the Australian public, to accept those ‘refugees’ or ‘immigrants’ that the UN says we must take. We can, under our own sovereignity, veto any UN legislation! Its that simple!

    First step with the Muslim population is to cancel their dual citizenship and only permit an Australian passport to those who swear allegiance to Australia and It’s people.

    Any government, such as an APP government, could then offer those trouble some immigrants a one way ticket to their home country for re-settlement as a one off arrangement with a proviso that they do not return. Those naturalised as Australian citizens could have their citizenship revoked and then would be liable to deportation as citizens non-grata.

    But first and foremost, I read John Stones speech which I thought was very good. But did not broach the most fundamental aspect of immigration, and that is the complete dismantling of Multicultural and Politically correct legislation, which in effect, would also permit the abolishment of the Human Rights industry which is such a drain on the public purse.

    Remember, all of the above has been instigated by lefty leaning politicians who failed to consult any of us before introducing such absurd and nation destroying policies.

    What has been put up can just as easily be torn down!

  3. Churches in Islamic countries are being destroyed and the clergy murdered in the name of Islam. If Christians changed their peaceful ways and started doing the same to the Mosques and throwing their sheiks out of the country the muslims may get a little upset at first but in the end we wont be regarded as frightened pussies….we need more Cronullas.

  4. Nicholas Folkes says

    To paul H,

    “Banning Muslim immigrants outright is probably not legally possible”………it is only illegal at the moment due to racist anti-Australian pro-immigration legislation that has been passed in Parliament by the neo-Marxist devil worshippers. Don’t forget that in 1901 Edmund Barton and the Protectionist party passed the Immigration Restrictions Act which basically prohibited muslims and non-whites seeking permanent status in Australia. Since repelling this common sense policy Australia has become a third world cosmic soup of decay. A “formal Govt. statement” is useless and is not worth the paper it is written on. Muslims will bluff their way through any Govt. requirement. Don’t those pathetic bomb babys ‘pledge allegianc to Australia’ in their citizenship ceremony but they still go out and bash Aussies, rape our women and act in un-Australian ways. This “formal statement” is just another piece of political correctness.

    We need to stop all non-white immigration in the name of social cohesion, reducing welfare dependency and strenghtening our own identity. Also this third world immigration is blatantly reducing our standard of living.

    Australia has ceeded too much power to the UN. Due to Australia being a signatory to various refugee conventions we have to accept black and brown trash. It is my tax dollars and I despise these ghouls getting any of it. We have millions of Australians living in poverty yet Kaptain Krudd and his neo-Marxists want to welcome third world potatoes with an IQ of 70 or less. We have to stop the racists in Canberra from destroting this great nation. Power to the APP!

  5. Banning Muslim immigrants outright is probably not legally possible. However as former Queensland Senator John Stone suggested in 2006: “One wholly non-discriminatory measure which could, however, have the result of deterring Muslim applications for admission to our immigration stream would be to require all applicants to receive, accept the contents of, and sign for, a formal governmental statement of those aspects of our national life to which we expect all newcomers to conform. This would include such things as the separation of church and state; the equal treatment of men and women; the unacceptability of certain cultural practices, such as polygamy, female genital mutilation and the like; the full rights of women to marry those of any faith (or none); the rule of law more generally; and so on.”
    This would not deter all Muslim immigrants, but would probably deter a great many.

  6. John the sandgroper says

    This is an another attempt by muslims to push there way into australian society. Our borders need to be closed immediatley and our immigration policy needs to be scrapped or revieved heavily.
    I’m all for the APP to protect our way of life and change what 40 years of liberal and labor rule has done to this country.

  7. This is a clear sign to close our borders before Australians are killed by a terrorist attack on our own soil. Is it worth importing these people if there is a risk that some of these people are bad seeds? No it’s not worth it.

    Sure a majority of these Africans and Lebanese are genuine refugees and so forth but in the long run I would rather see none allowed into the country then seeing innocent Australians hurt or killed.

  8. Dennis Nocher says

    I understand that the ” unofficial ” [ by our laws ] 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives [ by mosque marriage ] receive single mothers’ pensions based on the number of issue of such unions, thus adding at a great rate to the increase in the muslim population of this and other [so far] non-muslim countries.

    Isn’t it time this was stopped ?

    It is little wonder muslims make trouble everywhere the are. I have read that Mohammed was a murderer, a robber and a rapist.

    Our politicians must realise that the cost of courting the muslim vote is too high.

  9. AllowMe... says

    You can only get lucky so many times. Sooner or later they will manage to carry out a successful attack on Australian soil. The authorities can’t watch all of them all of the time.

    The big parties will talk tough about cracking down on terrorists in Australia but they will never do what’s necessary to totally eliminate the threat of terrorism from Australia. They have neither the guts nor the inclination for it. Only a true nationalist party like the APP with a sensible immigration policy and a zero tolerance position towards those who would try to hurt our nation can make Australians safe again in their own country.

    Go the APP!!!

  10. I agree with this post 100%. It is time the Australian government got tough when it comes to protecting our children. I the major political parties don’t act now our grand children could face a very bleak future. You only have to look at the violence on the streets of Melbourne, and the people committing the offences, they are not of Australian descent. It makes me sick to think that my own daughters could one day have to obey islamic law. Good on the APP for having the Balls to STAND UP AND SHOUT, it’s time to tae back our country. I will be taking up the free membership to the Australian Protectionist Party today.

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