African crime rates are being forced upon us by multicultural extremists

The brutal bashing of an young man at Sunshine train station, in Melbourne, has once again highlighted the problems of crime associated with the immigration of large numbers of black Africans into Australia. [1]

Professor Andrew Fraser warned us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said “Experience practically everywhere in the world tells us that an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” [2]. Fraser was persecuted by the so-called “Human Rights” industry for telling the truth.

We must remember that societies become more and more authoritarian when they fall under the rule of regimes that push political multiculturalism and political correctness. Under Liberal-Labor’s politically-motivated multiculturalism laws, telling the truth can be illegal – but if we aren’t able to tell the truth, then who will?

Whilst every society, ethnic group and race all have a percentage of people that commit violent crimes, research shows us that this percentage is significantly higher amongst black African males; to be quite clear, this does not mean that all of them are violent criminals, but that – compared to the general population – a higher percentage of black African males are more likely to commit crimes of violence. This is a fact, as shown by crime statistics in countries such as Australia, England and the USA. [3]

Newspaper reports in Australia have confirmed the higher crime rates of black Africans. For instance, the Herald Sun revealed that whilst the general rate of alleged crimes was 1 in 85, the rate for Somalians was 1 in 23. Political multiculturalists may offer all sorts of excuses as to why the black African crime rate is so much higher, blaming poverty, war trauma, etc., but the fact remains that their crime rate is indeed higher. [4]

This is not a matter of faceless “statistics”, but of real people suffering as victims of crime – it is about real people being hurt, disabled and killed. These higher crime “statistics” could mean your brother is bashed, your sister is raped, or your friend is murdered. Higher crime rates are about real people.

If we can choose between bringing in immigrants from a European people with a low crime rate, or from an African people with a high crime rate, who would choose the high crime option?

The fact is that political multiculturalists are extremists. They would rather have thousands more Australians being bashed, raped or murdered, rather than admit their mistake and halt the immigration of black Africans.

Who is to blame? It is the politicians and multiculturalists who are the problem. It is high time that we dumped the extremist ideologies of political multiculturalism and political correctness. It’s time that we started to protect Australians – and protect our nation’s future.

Join the Australian Protectionist Party and make a difference!

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  1. So a few isolated cases of Somalians & Sudanese involved in violence is enough to judge black people from a continent of 54 countries represented in Australia.What a bunch of narrow minded idiots,the article fails to point out the Australian Institute of Criminology statistics & guess who’s on top & who is the least! it also points out that immigrants are more likely to be victims of crime in Australia rather than perpetrators.
    reactionary politics & sensationalist media reporting is a problem in Australia going all the way back to the 80s which only narrows the already idiots minds of ignorant Australians who always copy everything from the US & Europe. Sorry to break to you but the White Australia policy is never coming back & the Africans,Arabs,Indians you hate so much are already here marrying your women& getting your jobs so deal with it.

    • Here are the facts:

      People born in Australia accounted for 64.90% of the Victorian population, and 72.57% of unique alleged offenders (a unique offender rate to population share of 1.1)

      People born in Sudan or South Sudan accounted for 0.14% of the Victorian population, and 1% of unique alleged offenders (a unique offender rate to population share of 7)

      That suggests that migrants, in this particular case from Sudan.. are 7 TIMES more likely to commit crimes than those born in Australia.


      You’ve either from the third world yourself and you’re a f**king liar or you’ve never been there and wouldn’t have a f**king clue what you’re talking about.. so allow me to explain it for you.

      These third world migrants come from self-created hellholes of overpopulation which cheapens labour and inflates the cost of necessities.. and if you look at statistics from anywhere there is too glaring a correlation between poverty and crime to ignore the likelihood of causation.. particularly violent crime.

      These people have developed a culture that places little value on human life and is widely desensitised to brutality. Nothing changes when they get here and the influence of it does spread; so in effect, when you import the third world you slowly become it.

      As for your claim they are here getting our jobs and marrying our women, we’ll go with the least important of those claims first as it’s basically a limp dicked effort to emasculate those with the testicular fortitude to stand up for their own.

      If statistics from Births deaths & marriages, OkCupid and tinder are anything to go by; and I do urge you to look up these statistics.. you will find that white women have a very low preference and response rate to negros, Indians (the creepy harassers of women on the internet and not much less bold in real life) and middle easterners, particularly those of low socioeconomic status such as economic migrants. As much as our women like to virtue signal about their racial tolerance, in reality they are avoiding these men like the plague.

      I would also urge you to look up the ABS statistics on migrant unemployment and I guarantee you that the rates among these demographics are vastly and consistently higher than the broader demographics. Alongside the net cost on our economy, these people do what they do in their own country that has the same effect here as it does there: the cheapening of labour and wage stagnation and inflate the demand for housing which typically inflates rents.. all of these considered, lowers the standard of living for everyone of lesser means in our country including the migrants themselves.

      Mate, like I said before you’re either one of them yourself or you’re someone who has no clue what you’re talking about and could use a learning experience or two.. either way you’re someone this country needs to be rid of so I suggest you piss off to the third world if you think so highly of these people and leave the rest of us who are worth two knobs of goatshit to live here in peace and restore this country to the glory WE built it to be in the first place.

  2. mack smith says

    we should banned african people coming to australia and tell the governement to stop asylum seeker coming to this country. this country belong to the european and britain we protest and tell jullia Guilard to banned african,sudanese,muslim,sri lanka, and indian

    • May_My_Peace_Be_Within_You says

      I agree with you Mack Smith, Africans are scary people – Didn’t one just off his two daughters yesterday.
      Muslims and Indian’s and Sri Lankans should also be banned and only migrant people who have not encountered war should apply.
      Also checks should be made on refugee’s who have bank accounts and money mattress’s so that they can pay for there own accommodation and health while in Detention so as to not overburden the poor Australian TAXPAYER

  3. Here is another shocking example of the gratitude these African refugees show us hosts.

    A PERTH teenager has spoken of his terror after he was violently bashed by a gang of thugs who repeatedly kicked him and stomped on his head after being racially taunted.

    Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in the attack in the city at 11.30pm last night.

    Two males – aged 16 and 17 – have already been charged, but police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

    This afternoon, 19-year-old James Claxon told how a night out with mates turned into a nightmare when he was allegedly set upon by the gang, attacked and robbed of his wallet and mobile phone.

    Mr Claxon said he and four friends had just got off a train and had been walking through Forrest Place towards a city nightclub when they were confronted by the group.

    “They were walking through in the same proximity and they've basically started running at us and they caught me and have beaten me up and stolen my things,'' he said.

    “The only thing I heard before they caught me was:`Who are these white c**ts?' It was totally unprovoked.

    “They kicked me in the head a few times, stomped on my head a few times, kicked me in the kidneys and the ribs. It was mostly around the head and the ribs.

    “I was probably out cold for two minutes before my mates picked me up and dragged me towards a taxi to get to hospital.''

    Mr Claxon sustained facial injuries, including a bruise of shoe tread in the side of his face, and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment, but discharged yesterday morning.

    He said he was stunned by the assault.

    “It's surreal to think that someone could actually do that to me. To think that another person would seek out to hurt me and steal my things is incomprehensible,'' he said.

    “Mostly I'm just happy I'm still here to be honest. It could have been a lot worse.''

    Detective Sergeant Steve Coelho said the gang appeared to have been walking from the McIver train station on a “rampage'' last night.

    “They have singled out white Australians and for no reason whatsoever, completely unprovoked, they've attacked one of the males. That lead to a vicious assault. He's had severe facial injuries and his head literally stomped on,'' Det-Sgt Steve Coelho said.

    He called on anyone who may have information about the attack to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 , saying it was possible the youths had been involved in other criminal acts on Friday night.

    The two charged youths will appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow accused of aggravated assault. A third male was interviewed but released without charge.

    It was disclosed later another two people were attacked by the group under similar circumstances.

    Police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

    • Leigh Delbridge says


      We don't need this here.

      We were a peaceful Nation.

      They come here for the Welfare etc etc.

      But, they brin g there problems with them, this is why they are here in the first place because there own country is so messed up, and now they are doing it here.

      When they are captured and convicted, dont put them in Jail for us Tax payers to pay $50,000 a year each to look after, how about a $ 800 plane fare back to Africa, would'nt that make more sense????

  4. An interesting read from an unknown American Author that I would like to share.

    White exposure to blacks is the reason for their racism. Over 500 years they have had the chance to try and fit in to a civilized society, but they can't. It is a problem worldwide, not just whites hate the useless black, any country that has them in them soon discovers that they have less ability than a four day old puppy, yet want all the privileges of a civilised society given to them. Something for nothing.

    Whites fear blacks? lmfwao Whites fear no one and nothing, that is how they have populated nearly every part of the planet, no matter how harsh the environment. Whites are explorers and adaptors, they are the human races great survivors, they will never fear black creatures that are obviously still at the lower end of the evolutionary scale.

    I keep reading about black separationism, what a joke. With so few of them working and putting into society any Negro only US society would be bust within a few months or sooner. Bitch about it as much as you like, but blacks need the whiteman, no matter how crap you may think a blacks life may be under white America, it is nothing to how poor it would be under just black rule. We only have to look at Africa to see how badly blacks run countries.

    I can understand a black born of slave descendants today being jealous of what the white man is, and what the white man has created. But AAs have to face facts. Time and time again white man has shown how clever and inventive he is. He has only been a round for a few thousand years, as blacks like to keep saying, yet he has been to the Moon and smashed the atom. Blacks have NEVER moved on from mud huts and hunting game, and they never will. Whites have tried to make them 'modern' but have failed. the only thing that whites have failed at.

    I would bet that if we had spent the 500 years trying to teach chimpanzees how to be part of society we would have been more successful.

    All that said, I don't think that ALL whites actually hate blacks, but the majority see them as 'less than human'. I don't mean that racially, I mean that from the point of common sense and scientific evaluation. Whites can see blacks as something akin to a retarded child, can anyone really treat a retarded child as an equal? You have to make allowances for them don't you. Maybe, that is an answer to the black problem, perhaps all blacks should be registered as 'retarded' unless they can perform certain tasks, then maybe we can make allowances for their inferior mental state. There again, can any society really afford to have 13% of its population regarded as retarded and unemployable?

    No, skin colour is not the reason why whites can be racist, it is the intellectually challenged mental state that lies beneath it, that is the problem. If the shoe were on the other foot, can blacks honestly say they would think any differently?

    White man is the product of evolution, and came from the black man. There must be a reason why evolution had whitey evolve from the black. The fact that whites are still around is proof of the success of its people. If blacks had evolved into smarter, cleverer, intellectual beings then evolution would not have had to create the white man.

    Blacks are and were an evolutionary dead end.

  5. Jack Richards says

    Ahhh! The beauty of multiculturalism and African immigration. It's reading things like this that make me so glad we've got people like Bob Brown looking out for our interests

    I am really glad we gave this poor, innocent, refugee victim a home. I am sure the seven people he randomly attackd with a metal bar feel the same

  6. A bit of light humour…….

    I was sitting down after work watching TV the other night and an advert came on showing a little black African kid starving and covered in flys.

    I thought to myself , I must get myself one of those. As an African works far better than one of them sticky fly strips.

  7. Lets face it Australia 'Our Country' is being stolen from right under our noses

    • Leigh Delbridge says

      Hey sorry den, its already gone.

      Our Government made sure of that.

    • Umm, Australia is the Indigenous inhabitants nation that the British took by force to use as a dumping ground for their criminals. Time some of you got a bit of a history lesson. Why don’t you go back to where you came from.

  8. I would just like someone to point out in what way black society has benifitted the world? Outside rap music and sport (not swimming) what have they contributed?(Sorry I forgot, through having sex with monkeys they gave us AIDS) Seeing as they make up a larger % of the worlds population you would think they would have offered more.

  9. dennis carroll says

    Julz, You are spot on. I have family who live in Essex , England. One area which was quiet suddenly had Africans move in. At first they were sullen and secretive. A few months later they grew and now you will get stabbed or bashed by them if you walk in their area. Even the Police are wary and their answer to you getting bashed is why were you in the area to begin with. ?

    trouble is if you do what you say I am sure you will be locked up faster than you can imagine as the Politically correct Coppers will see you as a trouble maker.

  10. Im sorry to all you bleeding hearts, and all you hippies who have smoked your brains out and are incapable of clear thought, but we definately do not want anymore Africans living in Australia, they are a menace, ive spent to years living in Paris and one year in Birmingham and when I came home I was sitting in the plane praying to whatever higher force there may be, praying that Australia will not have millions of lumbering Africans waliking around in big gangs terrorising people, like they do in europe. And I also made a promise to myself, that once back on my home turf, I swear to defend myself against Africans and never take the crap off them that I had to in Europe, because this is my country, my home turf and the first African who tries anything will feel the wrath, and a suggest other Australians follow my lead. So no, African immigration to this country is definately not the right thing to do, and if you think it is then you are stupid, and need to travel the world. What makes people think that things in Australia will be different from France? France is a mess, what once was a beautiful city is so stained and disfigured. Is this what people want for our country? NO IT ISNT!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Kuta Kid says


      Laws must be created to protect us true Aussies.

      If a Federal or State law is broken by these and any ungrateful immigrant or "refugee" they should be kicked out of this country and their family goes with them. and good riddance.

      Surveillance cameras MUST be set up in the areas these people congregate in. We will need evidence of illegal activities. to prosecute without hindrance.

      There are more and more of us supporting Australia.

      DO NOT VOTE THE LIBERALS OR LABOUR BACK INTO POWER. Go for people who CARE about our safety and lifestyle. We do not owe anything to any other country. Our system works. WE ARE NOT GUILTY IF THEIR SYSTEM IS CORRUPT.

      How much are these people getting in aid to re-settle here? you can bet its wayyy more than the dole.

      so. make the playing field level. no money? have to work for a living? watch them leave.

  11. danielbatman says

    We already have a sort of reverse apartheid in Australia I mean while most face a legal system that is far too expensive to even seek redress from anything that happens to them ethnic groups can go to the anti discrimination board for free and often get huge payouts even over very little while it is theoretically possible for an original type Australian to go there and seek compensation at least for discrimination on mental grounds ie mental illness in practice the anti discrimination board is only there for ethnic groups blacks etc and in fact it is headed by a black man who probably makes a couple of hundred a year or more plus superanuation 5 times better then anyone else

  12. Jack Richards says

    The bias in the mainstream media always amazes me. Recently I submitted the following comment to the "Punch" in response to another bleeding-heart article about yet another famine in the Horn of Africa. This is the reply I got from Tory Shepherd, the Acting Editor:

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Shepherd, Tory

    Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 10:04 AM

    Subject: Punch comment

    Your comment will nit be published.

    Sent from my iPad

    To: Shepherd, Tory

    Subject: Re: Punch comment

    why not?

    From: Shepherd, Tory

    Because it was racist and revolting

    Tory Shepherd

    Acting Editor

    The Punch

    Mob: 0421 697 303

    Twitter: @ToryShepherd

    Tell me fellow APP supporters, is this comment "racist and revolting"?

    I thought it was a fairly accurate and fair assessment of the way things are:

    The Africans starving today are the great-grand-children of the ones who were starving in 1960. Back in those days I felt sorry for them, but not anymore. I am so tired of images of fly encrusted blacks sitting in the dust with their hands out while armies of other blacks roar around in Land Cruisers armed to the teeth with expensive automatic weapons.

    I am also tired of watching 50 years of mismanagement, corruption and ineptitude on a blinding scale played out in Africa. There isn't, and never has been, a single black African nation that's managed to achieve anything positive since the de-colonisation in the 1950s. They were much better off when the Europeans ran the place.

    You only need to look at Rhodesia to see what happens when blacks get into the driver's seat. When the whites ran it, it was the bread-basket of Southern Africa. There were schools, hospitals, roads and bridges, an electricity grid, clean water and dams – and it all worked. The farms were highly productive and world class. Now? Well…after 30 years of black-majority rule (i.e. Robert Mugabe and his tribal cronies) it's a debt and disease ridden rubbish dump.

    The simple fact is: Africans are incapable of managing themselves. The average black in this world has an IQ of 70. That is, they are border-line retarded. They have little in the way of impulse control; no stick-to-ativity and never finish anything; seem to lack the ability for abstract thought and never consider the consequences of their actions. They are, by nature, lazy and completely lacking in the work ethic. They are given to criminality and impulsive violent crime – as the crime statistics from the US so glaringly demonstrate.

    The ones starving to death today, even if saved by international feeding, will already have brain damage from malnutrition, and be just as badly off in a year's time. If they make it into their teens they will be illiterate and innumerate and uneducable and capable only of copulation and breeding yet another generation to burden the rest of the world.

    It's not my fault and it's not the fault of the developed world – and it will never get better so long as political correctness stifles debate and refuses to acknowledge the obvious truth.

    My solution for the African continent is for the UN to declare it a complete failure, abolish all African Governments, ban the sale of any sort of weapons to any African, and put it into the administration of developed countries.

    For example, you'd only need 5000 Japanese to manage Liberia and turn it into a success in 10 years; or 5000 Australians to run Angola; or 5000 South Koreans to run Uganda etc. Thus I suggest that each of the top 50 developed countries gets an African country to “adopt” and manage under an indefinite UN mandate.

    There should be a continent wide one-child policy with both men and women compulsorily sterilised after having one-child. The Chinese could manage that effectively.

    The problems of Africa could be solved in a decade with imposed discipline and administration and the sensible realisation that they are incapable of ever doing it for themselves.

    • Save Australia says

      Jack, I can see why The Punch would not publish your letter. Not only is it critical of black Africans, but it does sound a bit harsh, even if you do make some valid points.

      You referred to the black Africans with the average IQ of 70 as "border-line retarded". However, a better phrase would be to say that they have an "average low IQ" as people can misunderstand what you mean if you say "border-line retarded".
      When the phrase "border-line retarded" is used, some people would have a mental picture of drooling idiots barely able to form a coherent sentence. When they look at average black Africans they can see that this is obviously not the case. Therefore, their logic would tell them that you are wrong and – because of social conditioning – they will probably think you are "racist" as well just for saying it.

      The world's #1 expert on IQ, Professor Arthur R. Jensen said: "Virtually all persons properly diagnosed as "mentally retarded" have a low IQ, but not all persons with a low IQ are retarded."
      He also said "present research evidence shows an IQ average around 75 in some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa"

      People with low IQs will mostly appear normal and can generally function in society. Cronbach made a generalised table of abilities regarding IQ:
      130 – the average IQ of persons receiving a Ph.D.
      120 – average for college (university) graduates
      115 – average for college (university) freshmen (white collar and skilled parentage)
      110 – average for high school graduates (has a 50/50 chance of college graduation)
      105 – about a 50/50 chance of passing an academic high school curriculum
      100 – average for total white population
      90 – average from low-income parents, adults can perform jobs requiring some judgment like using sewing machines and assembling parts
      75 – about 50/50 chance of reaching high school, adults can run a small store, perform in an orchestra
      60 – adults can repair furniture, harvest vegetables, assist an electrician
      50 – can do simple carpentry, domestic work
      40 – adults can mow lawns and do simple laundry

      I have read that adults with an average IQ of 70-75 will not appear as borderline retarded, but it would be better to think of them as 12-year-old children in adult mode, perfectly capable of functioning in society.
      But you would not want to live in a nation run by 12-year-old children. There are realistic consequences for nations with low average IQs. Hence many of the problems in Africa.

      The plight of black Africa looks unsolvable as the situation currently stands.

      Having a body of imposed administrators from European and Asian countries take over every black African country is a fantasy notion. No way would such a scheme ever be considered seriously. It would be a remake of European colonialism in Africa, which would be regarded as racist, paternalistic and anti-democratic.
      It could well work though, with African countries once again becoming successful producers (like Rhodesia and others once were), but political correctness could never allow it.
      There is no way that the media and world leaders could ever admit that black Africa run by black Africans will always be a problem – according to their mindset, deeply soaked in political correctness, it would be far better for millions upon millions of black Africans to starve or be killed than to ever admit that racial differences exist and do actually matter in the real world.

      • Save Australia says


        Jack, when I read your comment "The Africans starving today are the great-grand-children of the ones who were starving in 1960" I was thinking it would be more accurate to say "grand-children" rather than "great-grand-children".

        But I had a re-think on it, on the basis of them having children at 16 years old:

        1960 great-grandparents

        1976 grandparents

        1992 parents

        2008 children today

        So, okay, I will give you that one.

        In quite a few African countries the age of consent is between 13 to 15

        The birth rate of most developed countries (births per 1000 persons) is between 7 to 14, whereas the rate for most African countries is between 30 to 50.
        To look at it another way, check out their fertility rates

        I wonder what the average age of parents (at time of first birth) in Africa is?

      • Jack Richards says

        Dear Save Australia

        I used to be a High School teacher, a TAFE Teacher and a University tutor and what you say is true. People with a low IQ i.e 60-70 can look and behave quite normally. It is only when you try to teach them something complicated that things quickly become unstuck.

        I once had a TAFE class of long-term unemployed white people. They looked normal, behaved normally, and were quite decent – but man, were they stupid! I was trying to teach them basic mechanics and workshop practices. Fundamental to that is an understanding of the metric system – how to measure something with an 8 metre tape i.e. how long, wide, tall etc. That's where it all fell apart. They had no idea what the numbers on the tape meant.

        I also taught sheet-metal work and welding to a similar group. Some of them were pretty good and clever, but some … well, it was a waste of time. There was one bloke who, every day, asked me how to turn on the welding machine. You see, there were 3 switches that had to be turned on in the correct order. That was just beyond him, even though I wrote it down on the blackboard in his welding bay! He was a decent sort of bloke – but he just didn't have any brains.

        I once taught in a High School in Northern NSW that was about 15% Aboriginal. I taught English, Social Studies and Mathematics. The Aboriginal kids were 95% of the "discipline problems". They were forever belting each other up, belting up the white kids, and endlessly giving cheek.

        Quite a lot of them were lovely kids, despite other problems, and really likeable – but, with one or two exceptions, they were all as thick as two short planks. They just didn't learn – anything!

        I was in my 20s then and pondered why it was that this was so and I was a bit "left-wing". I figured it all had to do with discrimination, racism, poverty, social marginalisation etc.

        But there were lots of white kids who also came from dirt-poor families with every social problem in the book, but who didn't get paid to come to school, have every excursion paid for by the tax-payer, or got any sort of assistance because of "disadvantage". This was, by the way, in the mid 1970s.

        The curiosity that attracted my attention was the fact that the Year 10 class I had, had been together since kindergarten, with exactly the same teachers and exactly the same "school environment". But all the whites could read and perform mathematics to at least a basic level, while hardly any of the blacks could.

        To cut a very long story short, around 1 in 10 whites is stupid and around 1 in 20 (i.e. about 5%) is incapable of learning anything complex. With blacks, it is 1 in 10 who can learn anything complex (like reading) and 1 in 20 who can learn anything "advanced" like carpentry or being an electrician. The chances of a black learning anything really cerebral, like medicine, surgery, physics, engineering, biology, i.e. any of the "hard sciences" is about the same as winning power-ball i.e 54,000,000 to 1.

        I am not a racist, I am a realist.

        I'd love to have a dollar for everytime some idealistic old woman has taken "offence" at my "racist" and "eugenic" attitude to the way life really is. They can always bring up some "personal experience" where they knew some backward child who learned to play the flute like an Angel; some black who is a great motor mechanic etc etc. Well… so what?

        After all, the current President of the USA is a "black man". No, he is half-white.

        My own grand-children are "indigenous" and could claim "aboriginality" should they wish to under the current laws. The fact that they are both white of skin apparently doesn't matter. My grand-daughter, Chloe, is the most beautifull child I have ever seen; with her long red hair, eyes as blue as sapphires, and a clever cheekiness that just melts my heart. My grandson is a bit different; he has dark hair, deep brown eyes, supports South Sydney, but is robust in body, quick in intelligence, physically well built, and has this toughness about him that is the pride of any Anglo-Celtic grand-father who is also the grandson of an infantryman who fought on the Western Front with the AIF and the great x 5 grandson of four convict who arrived here before 1790!

        But, as Tory Shepherd tells me, and it must be right because she is an infallible judge of all things, I am a racist with "revolting" views.

        • Save Australia says

          Thanks Jack, it was very interesting to read about your experiences. Your story should hopefully make many people think about these things, even if they are outside of their own experiences.

      • I am now demanding a clear loud response, PLEASE why are Sudanese not sent back to their native land after assaulting and threatening to kill people here and charged in our courts AS they do with other countries ???????? I am a 47 yr old female law enforcement officer, I was assaulted and threatened by 5 of them on public transport for doing my job. I said nothing at all and one started yelling at me, You RACIST etc. etc., then pushed me around, told me he was going to kill me, while others terrorized a full train carriage. Everybody was frozen, NO body stepped in only one man just b4 I had my head knocked off and after a government worker had his eye gouged. Public were in fear, little did they know one also had a blade!!!! I’m still doing statements and trying to recall from blacking out. THEY are still on streets. I was told they will prob just be barred from public transport, lol lol, will that be before or after they destroy a life career or kill somebody ????? Can anybody answer why are they not deported as bikers are ??????? Wonder why, Mr. Minister for Immigration, why ???? And if we did that in Sudan would we be still alive ????? A lot of people are going to hear your response, so be straight to the point please, if you answer that is ??? Or will I be told to shut up or else ?!!!

    • dennis carroll says

      I worked in Africa for 5 years and I agree with everything said except they have 'Guile' they are craftier than a box of monkeys.

      Not to mention far more racist than we will ever be.

  13. Warung Discussion says

    We all would like to know WHY our dear Governments do nothing about all these crimes we keep reading about. Also Why they keep right on sitting on their hands regarding all these people who come here and bludge on us then turn around and bite us for our trouble.

    The great many Australians that CARE about this country are starting to wake up.

    The newspapers are under Government control and we do not read the truth or receive minimal news about what is happening in Europe or America.

    I think the Govt is SCARED and is selling us out and has sold us out to line their individual pockets.

    The laws in this country should apply to all. Not a law for them and another law for us.

    And the great majority agrees with me.

    This APP could become more active. Why can't we become a greater political force like GetUp for example. The more signatures the more we can lobby for a greater say in the running of our country.

    Unless of course the people behind the APP have no balls

  14. Well I have seen justice stumble many times.But I have never seen her get such a slap in the face while the criminal gets a slap on the wrist.

    There are two crimes here the first crime was the crime against the policeman.The second crime is against justice and the victims are the police force and justice it self.

    So this now shows that any Muslim can cover her face and flaunt the law ? well it looks that way.

    When the tribe came out of court the violence commenced against the media (NO SURPRISE THERE)

    I can only imagine if you or I were before the court.

    The full weight of the judicial system would show no mercy and rightly so it should be.

    But then, when you think of it we are not the down trodden Muslim community in the hands of a racist police force.

  15. Crusader Gary says

    Dear fellow Infidels.
    Go to Burwood court house or Bankstown or any other court house in Sydney, you will see for yourself.
    I am still amazed at the number of Africans in court.
    In my Business I attend court quiet a bit and talk to the police on the front line and what they tell me off the record is unbelievable.
    I would love to take these spineless political jellyfish with me and say "look at your multiculturalism now" and I must add that's without seeing the victims of these crimes.
    If ever these do do-gooders come out of their self induced fog, they will see the criminal scum that is here at their doing. (SHAME ON THEM)

    • Crusader Gary you are 100% correct in condeming the cowardly actions mentioned above by both the perpetrators and traitorous fools who (for some idiotic reason) support multiculturalism. It's important for us to realize that multiculturalists and their political allies are the ones causing this by letting them in our country. The problem that faces the APP is that too many mainstream Australians either find the party racist or simply don't have an interest in the topic. Overcome this and gain the support by more common Australians and the APP will find itself in a far better strategic position. More protests need to be done and all APP members need to be out in force so the public can see what you are all about, (I say 'you' because I am not yet a member). This party is quite possibly the last bastion of defense and resistance Australia has left before we become the next England.

      I dream of a pure, safe and free country of Australia and I think if all members keep promoting their ideals then support will be gained and eventually victory will come to both this party and country.

  16. I was walking towards a food place the other night and was called a "ho" because I didn't want to talk to this African guy. I say African because he clearly wasn't Aboriginal. The thing is, I have never been called a "ho" by any Asian, Middle Eastern or Aboriginal person. By and large, non-white people that aren't African have always treated me with respect in public. This incident happened in Newcastle, where a few years back, these liberal do-gooders had a rally in support of African(I think Somalian)refugees. Since then, this place has become a nightmare. I never heard of them having a rally for Asian or Middle Eastern Immigrants. Maybe they did, but it wasn't publicised and talked about as much as this. Asian and Middle Eastern people may not be perfect, but it's Africans that are the REAL problem.

  17. Leave these people to create mayhem among themselves just as their 'brothers' do in Africa. Those who arrive in Australia have no qualms about attacking police or any other authority figures. This type of reaction to authority is universal among the people who populate the public housing they occupy in areas of Blacktown in Sydney, and the Dandenongs in Melbourne; as well as far flung places like Darwin and Tamworth. An intelligent policy is one of containment; in Africa.

    Authorities could use their resources more effectively and safely by building a barricade around the building and require passes from those seeking temporary exits, to go to places of employment, to see their parole officers, or to do charitable work in the community. Perhaps instances of the last option would be rare.

    Most Africans who arrive here come from wartorn societies, but where there was not much respect for law and order for the population at large, even if some taboos are harshly enforced within the clan. If they have actually survived to date, it is likely they are of a similar dissocial to the rest of the residents of the countries they left behind, perhaps worse.

    There is also a salient connection between HIV-AIDS and African immigrants, but it is hardly an overreaction, a ready pretext, if one is needed, for limiting black African migration. The incidence of the illness in Africa is at pandemic levels, and perhaps a good many of the new cases apart from those directly immigrating from Africa are due to infections transmitted by African immigrants. This possibility is especially likely given the susceptibility of 'progressive' white girls encouraged by the self-styled elite liberals who control the brainwashing infrastructure, such as schools and some university departments, and much of the media.

    Even if the use of the illness is in part specious, it is nevertheless a viable and useful device for limiting or hopefully eliminating black African immigration. These people have shown themselves to be incapable of adapting to the laws and values of Western countries. Their rates of crime are multiples higher than other groups; and they are very rarely able to contribute significantly to an advanced economy, becoming welfare recipients from the time of their arrival. The only 'industry' such people seem capable of generating, with government support, is a biased, victim oriented type of 'black studies'.

    • I was in a Salvation Army charity store recently in Blacktown when a group of Africans came in with a letter saying that they were to be given $250 worth of free clothing, they got their clothing and left with taxi vouchers – a Sri Lankan man who was in the shop voiced his opinion that it was not right. The Africans also had bags with them from other stores who had also given them freebies – it is not right, why are they given everything when other Australians struggle?

    • I was told so therefore this statement is hearsay that Jumbo Jets full of Africans were discovered with aids after being let loose in OZ, causing the Howard Govt to panic.

  18. RomanGoddess says

    How's that for a 'defence' suggestion, avw? Because while your detective methods of contacting refo organisations has obviously exposed some rorters of the system, it doesn't do anything either. Unless of course you've dobbed them into the feds.

  19. RomanGoddess says

    But now, they are overpopulating EVERYWHERE. Whites gave them teh 'welfare mentality' which has them all streaming out of their countires for the 'freebies' on offer in the first world, by suckers known as 'taxpayers'. Actually, by our 'duly designated representatives', known as "The Government". Now, i don't know about you, but I want MY taxes to be spent on OUR people first. And this stupidity of 'rescuing' illegal boat people & giving them cushy digs on Christmas Island is NOT what I signed my taxes away for. By ignoring their 'overflow' (or better yet, using the Navy to get in some 'live target testing') we should be sending the message that we will NOT accept their extraneous people, unless they go through proper LEGAL immigration. Too little too late now, I reckon. I suggest we all just fortify our homes and learn to shoot straight.

  20. RomanGoddess says

    Anton, you made a very interesting point – one dear to my heart. OVERPOPULATION. Yes, the third world has nothing better to do than reproduce out of control. Then their 'overflow' tries to emigrate because, very much like a plague of locusts, they strip the land bare trying to feed that overflow. Then the MEDIA stomps in with cameras, taking pictures of starving children and blaming the lack of funding from the 'greedy industrialists' in the first world. Big guilt trip, ordinary people send money to these 'poor people'. That money is intercepted by their governments and used, not to help the people – to buy guns for their militias (oh, and to keep their officials in BMWs)
    The correct thing to do is to DO NOTHING FOR THEM. Yes, it's harsh, but until white man went to Africa they didn't have overpopulation problems (or if they did, nobody was bothered & they just died by natural attrition. Some stupid Church goes in there to try and 'bring the word of God to them" – BOOM! No chance of getting them to use contraception now, is there? Cure their diseases, give them free food…and BLAM. Locust plague guaranteed.

    • You are all an embarrassment to Australia and everything we stand for. People are so ignorant and old fashioned. Selfishness, greed and eploitation is what runs western society and your attitudes reflect this perfectly. You should all have a good look at your statements and ideas before judging others because you all have serious issues of your own to sort out. Good luck with that.

      • Well that's us spanked.

      • To Anti Racist:
        You tell me why then can they murder, rape and threaten our lives. And not get deported to their native land???? If you ever get assaulted and life threatened, and I truly don’t wish that upon anybody, but what if you or your child or mother did? It’s natural to now be angry, sad, let down, and just shattered when experiencing fear of anybody, black, white, clean, or full of disease with no respect.

  21. Evey one in this blogg is making a complaint, but suggesting nothing.__There is one form of defence, and that is to contact the people, the organisions and our local reps.__Ring the Immigration with questions, and facts, ring the FECA groups, contact the Refugee Council of Australia. Contact aas many of these NGO's as possible, and question them about their protocols

    I have made contact with some, they are just mecenaries, more refugees, more money.

  22. I am 3rd generation chinese and I am disgusted at the the way the country is headed.I love this country so much and worry about what my children will face in the future .I believe the Australian way of life is dyingand the country is haemorraging.We have been dictated to by politicians and bankers told lies manipulated, accused of racism.These immigrants should be told that if they cause problems they will sent home straight away, back where they come from .Check out Australia matters and and see what the real plan is. Its all about New world order .Out of chaos comes order .We are being used as pawns by overseas interests .

  23. And that Mike is why multiculturalism along with Political correctness is a racist divisive thing in itself.

  24. Anyone see ‘The Australian’ newspaper lately? Front page complaiing of ‘racist’ Australian police against ‘Australian Africans’ notice how they don’t call themselves just Australians, they have to be ‘African Australians’ they seperate themselves already. They are just so voilent here in Perth, i hate them

  25. Ex Digger says

    Nicholas, you think Adelaide is a scary place?
    Try walking in downtown Perth on ANY night of the week.
    You will be either be assaulted, verbally abused,spat at, asked for money or robbed…why?…because you-are-WHITE!!!

  26. Nicholas Reed says

    Adelaide is becoming a very scary place. I am very concerned.

  27. I hear Krudd and his Lie-er party has given the republic of Congo , Somalia and some other s*** hole country " the name eludes me" 11 million more dollars we have to borrow for food aid and humanitarian work. Thanks Krudd for your generosity. Fess up Krudd and tell the people of Australia how much we give each year. The Police up North in Western Australia havent even enough funds to have working two-way radios. Doesnt charity start at home? Wouldnt that additional eleven million dollars be better spend helping out the needy here?. You make me cringe Krudd. I wouldn't even spit on you if you were on fire. You are a traitor to Australia and your race.

  28. The Refugee Council Australia last week suggested that OZ should increase the refugee intake to 20k within a few years, mostly from Africa. This was the ABC radio.

    I rang the council up and informed them that the RCA is now a blatant group of money grubbing mercenarys.. More refos, more money. I mentioned the medical/physical/social problems, the response was that the RCA are not responsible for any events outside of thier refugee selection protocols..
    The RCA sends up tp 24 persons a year to the UN refugee council.
    There are about 1000 refugee departments in the UN. There is nearly 100 here in OZ. Refugees are money. The annual budget is now about 1 billion dollars.
    The refugee industry is just that.An all consuming budget, much of the funds unaccounted for.
    All persons, NGO's, churches, charities and Government departments involved in the refugee industry are now contaminated by the reputation of being associated with mercenarys.

  29. RomanGoddess says

    cont…from above…

    Oh, and if the damnable socialists in government would STOP handing our taxes over to these illegals, PERHAPS Australia wouldn't be such a LOSER MAGNET – all the scum and dross of overpopulated countries wouldn't be jumping the queues to get in. By the way, ever wondered WHY they come in on these boats? Can't be poverty – they pay a fortune to these people smugglers. IS the government in fact turning a blind eye to the fact that these 'asylum seekers' are criminals escaping punishment in their own country? Why else have NO IDENTIFICATION? Just in case INTERPOL might suss they're on the lam? Hmmmmm, I guess bribery of government officials is not just a third-world problem…

    • Hi Roman Goddess. You make some very good points, a true refugee is a person stuck in a camp for several years in limbo without the finances to fund a boat trip to Australia. We all know this but Krudd still lets these " economic refugees in" With over 200,000 homeless Australians waiting for government housing I guarantee they are so frustrated when they are refused housing yet a refugee is let into Australia and gets subsidized or free housing immediately. Some of these so-called refugees who claim to be escaping certain death also return to their homelands for holidays? ….whats with that? We should refuse them re-entry upon returning to Australia. The whole politically correct system makes me want to vomit!

    • localyokel says

      That's right. I hear a lot of stories how the government is getting money from all people to allowt their families to come over and stay. One Asian lady told me of the thousands of dollars she had to pay the government to bring her family member here. There is a lot of stuff going on that never is told to us. I wonder why?

  30. RomanGoddess says

    Oh yes, the censorship has begun here as well…I posted twice & none appeared…ho hum…truth hurts.

    I suggest that everyone takes any measures necessary to 'arm' themselves. If the Africans think they can take this country from us without a fight, perhaps we should correct them on that point…VERY pointedly.

    I'm not advocating a 'racist' approach – heck, I know some African people who have integrated beautifully into our society. It's just that – INTEGRATION. Love us, or LEAVE us. We shouldn't have to change for YOU – YOU must adapt to OUR way of life. If you don't like it – there's the door, and don't let it hit your arse on the way out.

  31. Jack Richards says

    We really should import more Africans so that we can enjoy a few really good multi-cultural events such as have happened in Nigeria recently. This should bolster the argument for tolerance towards Muslims in Australia:

    NIGERIAN troops are patrolling villages near the northern city of Jos after the massacre of more than 500 Christians there that sparked international shock and outrage.

    But survivors of the latest wave of inter-ethnic violence, in which women and children were hacked to death or burned alive in their homes, denounced the authorities for having failed to intervene in time.

    Relatives of the dead meanwhile attended funerals on Monday for the victims of the three-hour orgy of violence in three Christian villages close to the northern city of Jos.

    Witnesses have blamed the massacre on members of the mainly Muslim Fulani ethnic group, and according to media reports Muslims villagers were warned two days before attack via text messages to their phones.

    The security forces said they had detained 95 suspects in the violence.

    “We have over 500 killed in three villages and the survivors are busy burying their dead,” said state information commissioner Gregory Yenlong.

    “People were attacked with axes, daggers and cutlasses — many of them children, the aged and pregnant women.”

    There is no doubt in my mind that more Africans and islanders are just what we need so that we can be just like Nigeria.

    • localyokel says

      It's bad when people their own kind in such a manner. Can you imagine what they would be capable of doing to not their own kind? Scary stuff! Why is our government doing this?

  32. Jack Richards says

    Yet another example of the success of multi-culturalism as reported in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. No doubt the PM’s nephew, Van Thanh Rudd, will be demonstrating against this latest example of “waycism”

    Teens punch and stomp on man in wheelchair: police March 10, 2010 – 9:20AM
    A wheelchair-bound man has been severely assaulted in an unprovoked attack by two teenagers at a train station in Sydney’s west last night, police say.

    The man, a 35-year-old Canadian, was on the platform of Mount Druitt train station when the two teenagers approached him, police said.

    They “verbally intimidated” the man, causing him to try to leave the station, police said.

    He entered a lift but one of the youths punched him in the face, causing him to fall backwards and out of the wheelchair, police said

    The two teens then stomped on the man, hitting his head and body with metal bars – one of which was removed from the wheelchair – while trying to take the wheelchair and his belongings, police said.

    They left but allegedly returned a few times to hit the man with the metal bars again.

    The youths then ran from the station but were arrested after a police chase.

    The wheelchair-bound man was taken to Nepean Hospital in a serious condition and will undergo surgery today to cuts to his head and a depressed skull.

    Chief Inspector Wayne McMahon of Mount Druitt police said one of the teenagers, a 17-year-old, was being interviewed by detectives.

    He said police were still looking for the second teenager, which he described as being of Pacific Islander appearance, about 160 to 170 centimetres tall with a medium build and round face.

    He has short, thick hair and two rat-tails – one more than 30 centimetres long – and is believed to have “some sort of association” with the Mount Druitt area, he said.

    Police said they were reviewing CCTV footage of the assault and urged anyone who could assist to phone Mount Druitt police on 9625 0000 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

  33. Crims are crims regardless of where they come from. Unfortunately we can't deport our own homegrown scum but we can deport foreign scum. It seems to me that greater use of deportation should be made. Who could object to that apart from the MC brigade?

    • localyokel says

      I have to agree. Prisons cost a lot of money to run and it would be cheaper to send them all back if they commit crime.

  34. Another interesting article ……this will happen in Australia with the continued Black African immigration policy.

    Majority of Racial Attacks in Britain are Black on White One of the most commonly aired news items in Britain at the end of the 20th century was the supposed large number of racist attacks by Whites on Blacks, with one case, that of the Black murder victim, Stephen Lawrence, receiving world wide publicity in 1999 According to the CRE's own statistics, in the year 1997/1998, a total of 230,000 Whites were attacked by non-Whites in racially motivated assaults in Britain, compared to 101,000 Asians and 42,000 Blacks reporting racial attacks by Whites. The majority of racial attacks in Britain are therefore, in real and pro-rata terms, carried out by non-Whites against Whites.

  35. Here are some interesting facts.

    1/ The Black African population doubles every 24 years. This is reflected in the ever-increasing number of man-made famines on that continent; and the ever increasing numbers of Black refugees entering Europe, America and Australia.

    2/ From 1900 to 2100 – a period of 200 years, the proportion of Whites on earth will have dropped from 30 per cent to three percent.

    3/The massive overpopulation taking place in the non-White world will cause increasing waves of non-White immigration into the modern White heartlands of North America, Europe and Australia.

    4/ Info found @

  36. Jack Richards says

    And yet another “racist” attack – but the MSM won’t call it that.

    From today’s Herald Sun

    A CANADIAN backpacker who died after a fight outside a Melbourne hotel was being punched by several people when he fell and hit his head on a roadside kerb, a court heard.

    Cain Anthony Aguiar, 25, had been in Australia for less than a month when he went for a drink at the Blarney Stone Hotel, in Yarraville, in July, 2009.

    After he died from serious head injuries five days later, Sioeli Seau, 19, of Sunshine North, Fostar Akoteu, 22, of Burnside, and Jacob Palutele, 23, of Seddon, were charged with his murder.

    It doesn’t say what “race” the attackers were, nor does it say it was a “racist” attac But, if the victim had been an Indian or any other “coloured” and the attackers had been named Smith, O’Reilly and Taggart – you can bet there’d have been “outrage” at another example of “Australian” racism!

    • Hi Jack .Sound like Pacific Islanders. Being a Kiwi ex pat now an Aussie citizen I have had a lot of unpleasent dealings with these people.Thats part of the reason I left NZ. And yes if you are wondering I do work and pay my way. 🙂

      • Hi Anton, I too came from NZ to get away from the Islanders, after a horrific home invasion that was so voilent it made the t.v., radio and newspapers back in the late '80's. that poor backpacker, these Islanders are nothing but voilent rude arrogant savages, even the Maoris hate them.

  37. Black Knight,

    I don’t think there are that many people who use the internet who use my moniker and sign off in the same manner i do.

    So i assume i am the Crimson you’re thinking of.

    How have you been travelling BK?



  38. The problem is Anton that Muslims aren’t coming to Australia in droves, fact is, that the immigration rates for other ethnic groups are much higher. As for sucking the life out of the economy, you can blame that on over 10% of Australia’s workforce being employed directly by government with a great majority of those left in the work-force or out of it receiving either direct financial aid from Centrelink or are receiving financial off-sets through subsidised health-care and education which has meant we Australians are being taxed into oblivion trying to pay for it all.

    The money migrants receive in Australia every year is a pittance compared to government waste.

    As for 3rd world crime, Australia in 2001 ranked the most crime ridden nation on Earth according to the UN on reported crime statistics gathered from around the world. So perhaps people need to take a deep breath and get their head around the fact that Australia isn’t nor has it been for a long time a safe place to live.

    There are certainly variations on crime statistics according to ethnicity as there are very much variations along socio-economic grounds. In all, Aboriginal People are the most over-represented group, closely followed by Eastern Europeans, Pacific Isanders, Mddle-Easterners and even White Australians rate above the National Average for arrests thanks largely to some very well behaved ethnic minorities.

    If you want to fight crime, answer is simple, take your notions of Liberalism and throught them into the garbage can like the US of A did.


  39. Jack Richards says

    Speaking of students, we have all those poor, peace-loving, Indian students being subject to racism here in Australia. But back home in India, they practice all that Gandhian “non-violence” when they get upset about something.

    As the “Times of India” reports:

    HYDERABAD: The students’ protest over the Telangana issue on Saturday took a tragic turn with a one of them attempting self-immolation.

    S. Yadaiah, a student of intermediate second year, set himself ablaze at the main entrance of Osmania University as police had prevented students from marching towards the state assembly to lay a siege demanding resignation of all elected representatives of Telangana region.

    The youth, a student of Noble College in the city, poured kerosene, set himself ablaze and tried to run towards the police barricade. He suffered serious burn injuries and was taken to a hospital.

    In a suicide note, he wrote that he was taking the extreme step to protest the delay in formation of Telangana state.

    Indians love Democracy. That is, if you don’t get what you want, you start a riot – and to hell with law-and-order or anyone else.

    • I have no issues with Indians. At least they are generally non violent and integrate in Australian society, work hard and pay tax. Compare that to the Africans and muslims coming here in droves sucking the life out of our economy. I feel a lot safer being on public transport next to Indians than a gang of Africans or Lebs any day.

  40. Jack Richards says

    Speaking of Africans in England, this is from today’s London Daily Mail

    Illegal immigrant killed six-week-old baby daughter he fathered in bid to remain in UK

    An illegal immigrant murdered his six-week-old daughter after subjecting her to a catalogue of abuse.

    Nigerian Olusola Akinrele saw tiny Leeya as his ticket to avoiding deportation, a judge said yesterday.

    When she finally died from a brain haemorrhage she had 22 broken ribs, a fractured skull, a broken leg and bite marks around her nose.

    The jobless 34-year-old, who had been refused permission to stay in the UK after arriving on a student visa, met Kelly Inman in 2004 and the pair had a baby.
    Sentencing him, Judge Philip Clegg said: ‘It is plain from the evidence that you had little or no interest in Leeya. ‘You simply saw her birth as something that might help you avoid deportation.

    Gee, how did we miss getting this “student” on our skilled migration programme?

  41. Just ten minutes ago I was called a ‘waycist’ by those white do-gooders here in Perth at the Victoria Park Centro shopping mall, Why? Because I refused to give in to their aggressive DEMANDS that I sponser a ‘poor starving black African child!’
    We are our own worst enemy.

  42. Yesterday the 60th refugee boat arrived in Australian waters. That is five boats per month for the last 12 months — over 3000 generally male Muslim refugees.
    And it didn't even make the Channel 9 News.
    Who are these refugees? These are the ones with enough criminal background or sufficient money to get themselves onto a refugee boat.
    as Australians as we know Australians? Will they want more mosques?

  43. Jack Richards says

    From the Melbourne Herald-Sun 18 February 2010

    Remarkably, former chief commissioner Christine Nixon banned the use by police of the “gang” word to camouflage the fact that ethnic gangs were causing growing mayhem.

    There were persistent reports that police were also under pressure not to charge Africans in particular, most notoriously after they were attacked outside a Flemington housing commission estate in 2007.

    Even less forgivably, Nixon intervened during the last federal election campaign to reject Liberal claims that the crime rate of Sudanese and Somali refugees here was worryingly high, insisting: “Those Sudanese refugees are actually under-represented in the crime statistics.”

    We now know Nixon’s claim was false: Sudanese were in fact over-represented in the few crime statistics she later let drop – and by a factor of at least four.

    Last June, new Chief Commissioner Simon Overland said muggings and assaults against Indians had soared, but then refused to release all the data, claiming it was too open to interpretation – which means you might draw conclusions he doesn’t like.

    Meanwhile, he won’t make clear that the real racial element in many assaults on Indian students is not the ethnicity of the victims but of their attackers.

  44. Jack Richards says

    From WA Today 18 February

    Really, how did these scum ever get into this country?

    Police officer rushed to hospital after mass brawl ANDREW NELSON
    February 18, 2010 – 8:04AM
    A police officer is one of four people who have been taken to hospital after a fight in Queens Park last night.

    Sergeant Julie Hanson said police believed a group of about 15 men of African appearance were loitering in a park opposite a home on George Street, about 10pm.

    Police claimed the fight erupted after one man started to interfere with a car.

    The owner of the car, a George Street resident, confronted the men and found himself surrounded by the group.
    An 83-year-old man came out of the same house and was hit in the head and wounded, police claimed.

    One police officer was injured and taken to hospital after chasing one of the offenders who tried to flee the scene.

    6PR radio reported the elderly man was taken to hospital and required four stitches to a head wound.

    Police arrested nine people over the fight and investigations are continuing.

    • Yes were here in Perth are swarming with them. But don't tell Phillip Adams, of 'The Australian'. otherwise you get a nasty letter sent personally by him calling you a 'waycist'
      And here is his personal email and fax numbers;
      fax; (02) 9362 3971

  45. My family lived in Lakemba NSW in 1960. In 75 to 77, we went through the battle for Lakemba with the recently arrived lebanese moslems 9 (thanks to one M. Frazer PM). My father was threatened and later bashed when he wouldn't sell our home to them because we lived close to the then proposed mosque. A friend in the police force told me that they had instructions from on high to go easy on them.
    A few months later, our home was attacked via a molitof cocktail, lucky no one was killed.
    We lost that battle, and I moved to Auburn, similiar story, and since 1987 I have been in Carlingford, only to see it taken over in the last few years by Chinese. In all of this, I have witnessed the "it's our country now not yours" attitude. I don't know how, but we have to fight back!

    • We are being exterminated, and until the Caucasian race fights back, will continue to suffer, it's as simple as that

      • localyokel says

        Let's all start breeding like cockroaches and watch the government put a stop to the baby bonus.

  46. Jack Richards says

    Where ever Africans go, crime, squalour and filth follow. Just have a look at what happens in the USA – where 1 in 3 blacks are either in gaol, on parole, or on remand waiting to be heard.

    Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 45% of the prison population.

    According to Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun, most of the “racist” attacks on Indians in Melbourne are done by Sudanese/Somali gangs – but whites get the blame.

    Really, when was the last time you heard anyone here, in North America or Europe say: Gee, I hope a nice gang of blacks move in next door!

    • localyokel says

      Sounds like this sort of migration is a loss to the tax payers' pocket. Instead of bringing liabilities into the country the government should buy decent public transport, invest in hospitals and focus on creating industry. Have a look at the trains other countries have they make ours look third world.

  47. nice to see my comments have been deleted. Is this the start of censorship?

  48. I can see that very soon the "True Blue Aussie" will be the foreigner in Australia. We are letting larger and larger numbers of Immigrants in but Krudd is not helping the Aussie battler at all. What happened to the old saying charity begins at home… Look at our hospitals, the state of our health system, our roads, everything is falling apart while Krudd shares our wealth with everyone…
    What a difference another $464 million more could have done for Australia
    Comon Krudd, Lets have a vote and see how many people want these imigrants to keep being allowed in…..
    bet it wouldnt be too many white people at all

  49. this is exactly what i wud call racists, judging a group of pple by the action that some few might have done. am sure some of u are just making up stories about being threaten y black africans to jusify your assumptions. there are caucasians that are racist to other races here and i will never generalise all caucasions, so all u rednecks, shut the f**k up and top being ignorants. There were criminals here in australia before the migration of african to australia, ohhh, flash back, THE CONVICTS, so like it or not, we are here to stay, or better well just find a way t deal wit it, ohh

    • "Thats exactly what I wud call waycist"…..are you really Elmer Fudd mate?

      • contemptuous says

        Okay, so his spelling and grammar leaves something to be desired, but apart from that? I personally believe that he's the only person i've seen here so far with half an ounce of sense.
        Oh, I wonder if this site is going to censor my responses?
        I certainly hope not, given how hard they've been fighting for their "with free speech comes the right to disagree" concept.

        • half an ounce of sense ah? Just wait 'contemptuous" (your blog name says the level of your mentality) until you are attacked. maybe you should look at some of the African blogs in England; 'Lets go out tonight and bash some english" before you make your anti-white racist statements, you nasty racist.

        • Wake up to yourself! Your reverse racism is appalling. What do you think we are fighting for? We want free speech and the right to say what we feel and all you minorities get to do as you please. Stop with the right to speech rubbish, the only ones suppressed are white Australians.

    • Warung Discussion says

      Mate! use correct spelling. you are not using a mobile and texting messages. A lot of people think you are a little bit illiterate

  50. (danni con'td) Well, the way the saga ended was that their landlord tried to evict them for not paying their rent & for trashing the rental property- The Africans then started squatting and refused to leave…. The stupid, stupid tribunal allowed the Africans to live in the house with reduced rent until a commission house became available because of their privileged/ refugee status- So yet again, Africans have been rewarded for bad behaviour, obtain government handouts at the tax payers expense!!

  51. My husband and I are a young couple who purchased a house next door to a rental property which was tenanted by a large group of DYSFUNCTIONAL Africans. At first we tried to be optimistic about our neighbours not wanting to assume the worst and be labeled racist. Well, I'm here to tell you our experience was no less than traumatic- We had to deal with congregations of drunk African males out the front of our house on a daily basis, deliberate noise at all hours of the day and night out the front of my bedroom window. As a young woman I felt quite threatened/ vulnerable- The police would do absolutely NOTHING about it- I knew they were attempting to provoke my husband so that they could beat him up or worse- One memorable experience was that a group of youths were rapping into a microphone outside the front of our house 'we are from Somalia and we want you to 'get the f*!? out- move the f*!?' __This was yelled repeatedly- We had no support from the police….. (pathetic really) I could go on and on about the juvenile behaviour we had to put up with at the time.

  52. billy black says

    I m caucasian brit living in oz for past decade.
    Only violent encounters I ve had is with drunk caucasian aussies and caucasian south africans.
    At least the muslims dont drink, are family centric and work hard and do the jobs white aussies wont touch.
    The black africans i meet seem seem ok.

    • I got attacked (again) in Perth on the last day of 2009 on my way to the train station to go to work by a drug f***ed African. Yes I know whites and Abo's do the same thing, but it's more obnoxious when an immigrant freshly arrived, who we hve been led to believe by the p.c. brigade, that they are peaceful, loving and would enrich our lives by allowing them en-mass into our country. They are not and I for one, do not want them here, we have enough problems of our own without importing more. We have also some at my work, and they are rude and arrogant. One of them is so lazy, yet gets away with hardly working. Even the Indians at my work hate them as well as the Asians, so I guess the old 'waycist' white fable is well and truely buried!

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      With a name like "billy black" I doubt you are Caucasian. Coming from the UK, you'd think you would have learnt your lessons about multiculturalism. "at least Muslims don't drink, are family centric and do the jobs white Aussies won't touch" – what a crock.

      Let me re-educate your indoctrinated little brain 'silly black'. Muslims do drink, take drugs and cause anti-scoial behaviour. I wouldn't call them "family centric" esp. when you consider muslim Fathers and Sons kill their sisters and daughters in 'honour killings'. Muslim men beat their women, their women have 2nd class status in islam. Muslims "work"…….that's a four letter word. Muslims have bankrupted the welfare systems of England, Canada, Continental Europe and now Australia. The Canterbury- Bankstown area has the highest unemployment rate in Australia bar the Aboriginal communities.The unemployment rate for muslims is 5 times higher than Australians. Black Africans esp. Somalis and Sudnaese are up to 20 times more likely to be incarcerated than whites. The facts and figures are readily available on the net.

      There are jobs white Aussies don't do anymore because the wages are so low. Do you want to work for $10 a hour? Do you want to work in a dysfunctional workplace? These wages and conditions have decreased due to third world foreign labour. This is what happens, first you get demographic change then economic change. This "economic change" mean lower standards of living for all.

      • SICOFTHBS says

        Well put N F well put

      • localyokel says

        You certainly did bring up some true facts there. Our governments got ideas from Third Word governments during their many visits. They realised that poverty creates wealth for the rich and the gap will keep getting wider.

    • Here is another example of multiculturalism at it's finest

  53. Twice in the past 4 months I have had an African taxi driver tell me, "F*** you Aussie", one tells me they are taking this country from us the other says "I can do what I like". They both said to report them to the company but nothing would happen. These comments were made as I questioned why they drove a different route to what I wanted to take, of course costing more on the fare>

    • disdainful says

      Every taxi driver takes a longer route than necessary, just getting it out there. They are (i assume) just like you in that they enjoy making money. I know, it's positively appalling.
      And twice in the past 4 months? Simply scandalous! The number of times some arrogant, patriotic white Australian bastard has said "f!%! you!" to me in the last 4 months has to be around 10 or 15. What are your solutions to that, hm?

      • Did they add on the end "there is nothing you can do about that?" Why are you defending gangs who bash people? Afterall this is what this is about. The taking over of Australia by wild gangs. I don't think 10 to 15 whites have told you to F off at all, i think your a liar.

  54. Yeah, I think African immigration, along with muslim immigration, are the two main types of immigration we can do without (among other lesser threats of course). Australia is lucky in that African immigration never really got going like it has in other western countries, and it needs to be shut off asap. I used to live in an area where African immigrants were starting to settle (I think it must have been a government initiative, perhaps to settle refugees or something), and I've seen for myself how neighbourhood safety starts to take a turn for the worse when their numbers start to increase.

    As Stealth mentioned, you only have to look at the US, in particular parts that are now majority black (Detroit being the most obvious example). How they're ever going to fix that mess is beyond me.

  55. But as one of my posts stated earlier, from now on, anyone Aussie raped bashed or otherwise from a Black African should sue the immigration department and Chris Evans personally, I will be doing so if I should ever be attacked again, bugger them. I have some Phillipino neighbours whose brother is too scared to go out in his neighbourhood at night because of one African family that rule the cul-de-sac, they go about with knives and machettes.
    Professor Andrew Fraser was right, they have ruined every country they have invaded and will do the same here,. there are massive racial fights now between them and the Aboriginies who regard them as 'invaders' and call them as such.

    • I strongly urge the Aborigines as well as the true Australians to take their country back. This land was ours ( when i say ours i mean Anglo Saxon descended Australians and Aboriginal Australians ) and shall always be OURS

  56. I got bashed just over two years ago, after being stalked by three of the bastards here in Perth. 'White boy, white boy, here we come white boy'
    After the bashing I was told 'This is OUR country now white boy!' then they left me there bleeding on the ground, laughing.
    On Australia day last year a group of black Africans were seen on video footage shown on the news, inside the Burswood Casino complex, they were all highly excited and after checking to see if there were any witnesses, jumped two Aussies and bashed them so badly one lost an eye…just for the fun of it.
    Two days ago, a co-worker on the Armadale train, coming to work told me two of them had no tickets so the train conductor told them they had to get off to which one replied 'I don't need to pay, I'm African.' He was arrested and when his savage mate tried to attack the conductor he was hit in the face by that conductor and also arrested. They've only been in the country five minutes and already have formed vicious gangs and comitted shocking crimes, go to any jail now and see how many Africans there are there.

  57. Well you realize that the average IQ in Sub Saharan African countries ranges from Below 60 to Low 70s ON AVERAGE – with 1/2 actually being BELOW That. Unfortunately, the results are perfectly logical. The Truth is Not racist.
    This is the kind of behavior/ psychosis/ psychopathy one would expect with people of lower mental/ psychological function – both in their "Home COuntries" and then when they are in AMerica, Canada, Brittan, Austrillia, Europe, Chins, Japan etc

    It's Exactly what you see and experience on the streets of the USA unfortunately- I Should know Unfortunately.

    • SICOFTHBS says

      Wont be china or japan , theyve got more sense than to let them in

      • Jean-Francois says

        There are blacks in China and Japan. My uncle studied there for a few years and then moved back to Congo. Hahah, why am I not surprised that something like this would come up? I bet most of you wouldn't be able to accept that I am an African-Australian with lots of relatives and family friends all over Europe and also in America that has never been to jail, nor has had any of his family members charged for a violent act. If you really believe that most African's are genetically predisposed to violence than you probably should believe that Scottish people are all brutal morning star swinging maniacs and Irish people are neanderthals.

        You must not forget that there are gangs of "lads" robbing young people and bashing other young people all over Sydney, this really is the first I've heard about Africans being a crime problem in Australia but as I said before it doesn't really surprise me.

        • localyokel says

          I am glad you are proud of your heritage but l think you have spoken too soon. Either you are plain ignorant or do not want to see the crime that is occuring here by young Africans. Maybe by acknowledging that would put a blow to your ego. Unfortunately this is a very sad fact. If Scott, Irish or any other nationality were behaving in the same manner, Australians would complain. We are sick of crime, all Australians want to feel safe in their country.

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