Say no to a Caliphate in Australia, say no to Shari’a in Australia! A vigil against Hizb ut-Tahrir (2010)

Hizb ut-Tahrir is planning another one of their ‘Jihad conferences’, see This one is set for Sunday, July 4 at Grand Westella, 12 Bridge Street Lidcombe, NSW.

The previous one they held in Australia featured Islamic fundamentalists preaching for the formation of a global caliphate. Such a ‘caliphate’ can only be achieved by violent Jihad or ‘holy war’ as has been demonstrated in the 1,400 years of violence and slaughter driven by that evil engine of oppression, Islam.

The Jihad against India and the resulting Hindu Holocaust occurred under an Islamic Caliphate which caused the deaths of tens of millions of Hindus and Buddhists.

The Armenian genocide, during which over 1,000,000 Christian Armenians were exterminated by Muslims, occurred in the dying years of the Ottoman caliphate and provided the blueprint for Hitler’s “final solution.”

Mass murder and genocide is the legacy of Islamic caliphates, is that a legacy we want to leave for our children?

Join our peaceful vigil on July 4th to highlight the victims of Islamic imperialism and to reject the ideology of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Contact Darrin (0431 739 260) or Nick (0417 679 972). Assemble at Lidcombe station 11AM (Railway st. side), then we’ll be marching past the venue to Wellington park.

About Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT):

HT conferences around the world suggest that the group is currently in the second stage of its goal of establishing a global Islamic government. In commemoration of the anniversary of the abolishment of the Islamic caliphate 85 years ago, HT is holding worldwide events throughout the summer, calling “on Muslims around the world to mobilize … See … See MoreMoreto re-establish the Islamic Khilafah.” In addition to the July 19 conference in Oak Lawn, Illinois, events are taking place in Ukraine, Mauritius, Lebanon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Britain, Indonesia, Sudan and Turkey, among other places.

HT claims that it does not engage in violent activities and generally espouses a policy of nonviolence. However, in a January 2010 press release, HT calls for violence against U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. The group accuses “US crusaders” of killing nine school children and injuring 85 others in Afghanistan. “Such incidents,” HT says in the press release “has to be answered by sharp swords of Muslim united armies under a true Muslim leader (Imam/K), not by few words of condemnations, rallies and demonstrations or submissions of list of demands to the UN’s or Human Rights, which are the protector of these crusaders, not us.”

Its position on nonviolence is complicated by its admission that “jihad” is compulsory for Muslims in an Islamic country to fight their perceived enemies. According to the group’s Web site, “the members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in that country are a part of the Muslims and it is obligatory upon them as it is upon other Muslims, in their capacity as Muslims, to fight the enemy and repel them.” HT’s long record of hostility toward Israel and the Jews also belies HT’s claim that it does not espouse or condone violence.

The radicalization of HT members who adhere to the group’s extremist ideology can also lead to violent acts. In 2007, German police arrested three men on suspicion of plotting to bomb military and civilian airports, restaurants and nightclubs. Two of the men were allegedly Uzbek members of the HT splinter cell Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), which carried out a terrorist attack against the American and Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan in July 2004.

Janet Albrechtsen writes about Hizb-ut Tahrir ->

For information on the 2011 Hizb ut-Tahrir conference, see


  1. skippymate says

    I am 50 years old i have worked since i was 14 paid my taxes to make this country great for what….to watch it go down the gurgler, the influx of muslims and sudi's is getting beyond a joke they come here, our great goverment gives them $52,000.00 a year for nothing (may i say my taxes)the doooo gooders say oh poor people we must help them well i say let them look after them in there houses because i bet they will sleep with one eye open as many aussie do every day. It is time we make a stand and take back our country i believe if any muslim or sudi breaks the AUSTRALIAN law not only them but there family be put on a plane and sent back to where they came from and who pays for the muslims to pray all day in their so called mosque while us hard working aussies try and put food on our table. I wonder how many are on the dole living the high life.

    • What a good idea. Bob Brown and his Greens should have one each!!

      A lady Canadian libertarian wrote a lot of letters to the government, complaining about the treatment of captive insurgents (terrorists) being held in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities.

      She received back the following reply:

      National Defence Headquarters

      M Gen George R. Pearkes Bldg, 15 NT

      101 Colonel By Drive

      Ottawa , ON K1A 0K2 Canada

      Dear Concerned Citizen,

      Thank you for your recent letter expressing your profound concern of treatment of the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists captured by Canadian Forces who were subsequently transferred to the Afghanistan Government and are currently being held by Afghan officials in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities.

      Our administration takes these matters seriously and your opinions

      were heard loud and clear here in Ottawa.

      You will be pleased to learn, thanks to the concerns of citizens like yourself; we are creating a new department here at the Department of National De fence, to be called 'Liberals Accept Responsibility for Killers' program, or L.A.R.K. for short.

      In accordance with the guidelines of this new program, we have decided to divert one terrorist and place him in your personal care.

      Your personal detainee has been selected and is scheduled for transportation under heavily armed guard to your residence in

      Toronto next Monday.

      Ali Mohammed Ahmed bin Mahmud (you can just call him Ahmed) is to be cared for pursuant to the standards you personally demanded in your letter of complaint.

      It will likely be necessary for you to hire some assistant caretakers. We will conduct weekly inspections to ensure that your standards of care for Ahmed are commensurate with those you so strongly recommend in your letter.

      Although Ahmed is a sociopath and extremely violent, we hope that your sensitivity to what you described as his 'attitudinal problem will help him overcome these character flaws.

      Perhaps you are correct in describing these problems as mere cultural differences.

      We understand that you plan to offer counseling and home schooling.

      Your adopted terrorist is extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat and can extinguish human life with such simple items as a pencil or nail clippers.

      We advise that you do not ask him to demonstrate these skills at your next yoga group.

      He is also expert at making a wide variety of explosive devices from common household products, so you may wish to keep those items locked up, unless (in your opinion) this might offend him.

      Ahmed will not wish to interact with you or your daughters (except sexually) since he views females as a subhuman form of property.

      This is a particularly sensitive subject for him and he has been known to show violent tendencies around women who fail to comply with the new dress code that he will recommend as more appropriate attire.

      I'm sure you will come to enjoy the anonymity offered by the burka over time. Just remember that it is all part of 'respecting his culture and religious beliefs' as described in your letter.

      Thanks again for your concern. We truly appreciate it when folks like you keep us informed of the proper way to do our job and care for our fellow man.

      You take good care of Ahmed and remember we'll be watching.

      And you hang in there sweetheart.

      Good luck and God bless you.


      Gordon O'Connor

      Minister of National Defence

  2. Jason Wetherington, thanks a lot for sharing that trailer…goodness, it gave me goosebumps when I first watched it :O.

    I think APP should embed the trailer into the article just so people see exactly what the protest will be against!

    • Warung Discussion says


      I watched it too! The truth is out there. How can we get our apathetic unsuspecting population to sit up and take notice?

      We are all good at complaining – stressing out. Anybody got a concrete solution?

  3. BoganAussie says

    LOL at you idiots!

    HT are planning on protesting along with you dip s***s because they want to get outof this racist s***-hole of a country more so than you want the Muslims to. They spend more energy and time in renouncing any compatibility between Islam and Australia than you stooges ever will.


    You retards should at least enquire and investigate their actual objectives and intentions before wasting your useless time in combating their activity, because they are promulgating the exact incentive you shit faces are protesting.

    Freaking red neck Aussies, no wonder none of you jack asses cant get white collar jobs.

    • I think perhaps you misunderstood them? Nobody is stopping them from leaving. From all the videos and rallies I have seen they DO want Sharia and a Caliphate, can you show me where they have said they want to leave Australia and do not want Sharia? Without abusing me and calling me a redneck, one has to wonder by your comments who indeed is the redneck?

      LEADERS of the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called on Australian Muslims to spurn secular democracy and Western notions of moderate Islam and join the struggle for a transnational Islamic state.

      British Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Burhan Hanif told participants at a conference in western Sydney yesterday that democracy is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims, whose political engagement should be be based purely on Islamic law.

      “We must adhere to Islam and Islam alone,” Mr Hanif told about 500 participants attending the convention in Lidcombe.

      • BoganAussie says

        You have misunderstood the message the retards that organised this rally are trying to convey. These morons are explicating that HT want to bring Shariah law to Australia. They do not! Their efforts are directed towards the Middle eastern countries that were once governed by Shariah law – That is before the western nations destroyed the islamic caliphate and turned its provinces into the hell-holes you see today.

        As for what Mr Hanif says: Yes that is correct and those beliefs are espoused by a considerable portion of Muslims. If you even remotely allude to the legitimacy of democracy in extolling its purported values than you are one deluded red neck! Democracy is not some unanimously accepted sacrosanct concept that cannot be challenged. It is an adjudicative tool to control mind-less and unquestioning fools to make dictatorial governmental control and public order easier. If this rubbish concept even inhered half of the garbage it claims to endorse, 123 countries would not have pledged their uncompromising allegiance to invade and pillage countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq to advance their own political objectives.

        Furthermore, if you see a problem in the Muslims calling BACK for the RESTORATION of their caliphate that the western government extirpated back in 1924 so they can dignify their political existence and recede thewestern oppression and genocide it is imposing onto the muslims, then you truly are a red neck. All they want back is what was wrongfully taken from them in the first place, and i support them and their endeavours 100%.

        • Warung Discussion says

          BoganAussie is bulls**t. I do not see any muslims leaving this country. no way. they are coming in and breeding like a plague.

      • I would be glad to see the back of them….Goodbye.

    • Warung Discussion says

      With Respect Mr BoganAussie,

      So why are HT still here? And you too!

      I love my country. I am so grateful I was born Australian and never have had to endure such a harsh life as people experience in muslim countries. Here we live and let live. It is one of the reasons why we are such a successful society.

      We promote peace and equality in all aspects of life.

      We cannot see the reasons why you and HT want to introduce the harshness of islam here. You will stuff our society up. the same way you are doing it in england and the EU.

      islam knows only how to steal. islam has introduced nothing to any society.

      Tell me what islam has invented except war and thievery.

      Don't lie or pretend. WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

      I loathe to see anybody unhappy here.

      Sooner than later political parties who are loyal to and care about Australians will get power. not islam. because once people like Katter and Pauline Hanson are voted in you guys are out.

      Laws will be passed to enforce the hate speech laws back onto you, then what are you going to preach in the mosques?

      Just opening your mouths and vilifying other people's beliefs will be deemed hate speech.

      islam is not welcome here. it is NOT a religion of peace. never has been and never will be.. it is the religion of hades

  4. Guys… have you seen the trailer for this year's conference? they characterise it as an uprising for Islam in the middle east almost.


    the website – caliphate this caliphate that!!!!


  5. Bit late notice, but if anyone can attend an Anti Sharia protest:

    Thursday, June 9 at 4:00pm

    Location: Max Brenner Westfield Parramatta Thursday 9th June 4-7 pm 159 Church Street Parramatta

  6. Sick of whinging and whinging about one issue and then another because of inept government?

    Time for action and a good plan is in the book at to take back our country from United Nations agreements and focus on Australia and our people.

    • mike monroe says

      The fact that this group is even allowed into Australia, the fact that the media has NOT reported this happening is further proof that not only Australia is being invaded, but allowed and helped by the left winged Marxist's who seem to think they will be able to control the Muslims when tipping point happens.

      We are fools to accept this.

  7. Did snyone see 60 minutes on Sunday…my God what a mess England has become, how can ANYONE deny that multiculturalism is genocide against the European race after watching that horror movie?

    • Personally I think that we Australians of pure Aussie decent are starting to lose our identity in our own friggin country, my family has fought in every war from the Boer War to VietNam to protect our way of life, my great uncle was KIA Gallipoli fighting for his King at the time, once we were a proud lot, and today were still kicking butts around the world under our flag,

      My opinion on multiculturism is this , in my early years the 60s and 70s the ethnic groups were mainly Italians and Greeks and some Asian, I dont have an issue with these groups, what I do have an issue with is the Muslims in this place, now if they think they are going to try and take over my country and convert us to there religion, they can f*** off,

      We Aussies wont stand for that, we have the final say in what goes on in this Country and its high time all this bulls*** was sorted out by the Government once and for all, were being over run by these radicals, over run by Chinese and over run by the Indians etc, Im tired of feeling like a stranger in my own country,

      I will not go to Sydney anymore for this reason, I dont feel safe there, turn the bloody refugee boats around and pack them off home, cut down the amount of imports coming into this country both human and cheap Chinese s***, we make nothing here anymore , why? easy, the Government makes it too difficult for local buisness to succeed, too much red tape,

      Our Defence Force is in bad shape, the Navy deosnt have decent ships, we keep getting involved in all this second hand Yank s*** which is stuffed before it gets to us and claps out quickly after we get it, the Air Force is a joke and the Army is grossly under manned for our current size of population, we couldnt defend ourselves if we had too,

      Some other things that s*** me in general with this Country

      We produce alot of wool in this country yet most clothing is made from imported material, Defence alone would help here by going back to wool uniforms instead of the cheap s*** they wear now, we dont support our farmers, the current issue of fresh milk possibly having to be got from the Chinese is crap, we have a huge Dairy industry in this Country, and yet due to some big Corps trying to increase the bottom line of profits the farmers have to cop it again,

      Wheat Farmers cop it too, we produce so much wheat, flog it off over seas and have to pay primo prices for bread here,

      We have enough oil reserves and oil refining operations in this country to look after ourselves, why do we pay rediculous prices for fuel, everytime an Arab farts the fuel prices soar.

      All the good meat produced here is sent over seas the s*** is what is left for us to get ripped off by Woolies etc,

      The flogging of our farms lands and cattle stations to off shore? this is s*** too,

      Once upon a time the back bone of this country was the farmers, we dont look after them, were the ones who put these jokers in power, when are we going to get it right and get some people in there who will grab the bull by the balls and do what needs to be done, give us back our Australia.

      • It's about time we really took all our issues to the streets. We Australian's have always been recognised as an easy going race but with what this Labor Government is doing to us eg: CARBON MONOXIDE TAX, BER, ILLEGAL BOAT PEOPLE, KEVIN RUDD SPENDING MILLIONS $$$$$ JUST TO GAIN A SEAT ON THE UNITED NATIONS for himself PINK BATTS BOWING TO MINORITY GROUPS & THEIR RELIGIONS the list goes on & on. The government knows it has us by the balls where the majority of us NEED to work to pay for their mismanagement. We really need to rally & put the scare in every politician of all political persuasians & I mean rally in the streets not a few hundred but many many thousands. The only way these theives will sit up & take notice is when we put to use PEOPLE POWER. We need to show organisations like GETUP that they DONT run the political agenda in this country. We need to show every politician that they ARE OUR SERVENTS that they are GLORIFIED PUBLIC SERVENTS NOT OUR MASTERS. We need to show the likes of OAKESHOTT, WINDSOR, WILKIE, BROWN, HANSON-YOUNG, MILNE that they are only there on a small percentage not a majority. If it means that we need to adopt actions like those shown in countries like Greece well so be it. I will now bw accused of treason NO I'm an Australian first & I want my country back the way it has always been not a country that bows to the whims of others. I wish most of the bloggers on here wouldn't continue to blame the Asian's for our current troubles hey they have contributed just like the Italians Greeks Germans Polish British they have worked very hard for where they are now they have at least assimilated NOT like the current influx of Muslim extremists. Gillard/Brown need to see that we have had it up to our eyeballs with the bullshit they are feeding us, TAX TAX TAX & more TAX is what these criminals are feeding to us. Time to take the streets back time to take our country back time to run these bastards out of Parliament before they lose it all for us & there will be NO TURNING BACK. Think seriously Australia our next move will be our most important.

    • It is everywhere! My aunts in Italy are telling me that Islamic immigrants are destroying the place, it just isn't safe there anymore, they have taken over whole neighborhoods and have increased crime and violence to the point that people just don't feel safe ….and it's the same in France. Dangerous people with too many kids and war in their blood. We need to lobby our MP's and keep them out of Australia. We can do it! Stay strong and keep this bloodthirsty religion out of Australia. It's no use saying that it is only the fanatics and fundamentalists that do extreme acts of violence…it's in their psyche. We are enemies of Islam according to them and here they are in our country. Living in our social housing and claiming family payments and welfare! Lobby Lobby Lobby!

      • I agree Rc…about time we sent all this to the Immigration Minister and our so called Prime Minister. Enough talk…lets show them we are not all in agreement with back stabber Julia and that when pushed we will fight back.!

  8. One brave French woman trying to exist in her once pleasant city, now sourrounded by Muslims and blacks.

    Any lefties out there who still think Multiculturalism is great?

    • OzPatriot says

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, i've seen this…disgusting!!

      And what does the government do?

      They keep on peddling and funding multiculturalism.

      I always thought they had it wrong in the USA re the right to bear arms; now i'm thinking that it should be allowed here!!

  9. First of all to give you a little advise.

    1.Stop using obsceneties or swear words in your comments. not publish member profile pictures showing toppless men with alcaholic beverages.

    3.Use this site to try to be taken seriously by net users who may agree with your point of view but may be turned off by foul language or else.

    I for one agree with you on a large part of your parties views but would not commit to support you publicly as long as i can not see comments on this site that may get so called swinging voters to consider your views as debatable.

    Because that is the only way for you to actually achieve media attention since the media is leaning to the extreme left and will cut you off at every move you make.

    The media is a tactical game these days .

    I wish you all the best for your party and prosperity

    but please tread lightly in the right places and you may achieve more than you ever imagined.

    the public can only be swayed by purswaysion and not by force.

    Good Luck to you from .ZACES…..

    • To Zaces – excellent advice and a well thought out and mature reply. You are spot on, the first thing needed is to keep things professional and dignified and this will definitely help the party's cause a lot better.

    • zaces….Sorry mate but you just became personal here…tell the families of the"public" who have been tortured and mutilated…raped and stoned to death in Islamic countries that force wont sway the public. Islam is built on violence. Put up or shut up, if your spine wont let you support us publicly then keep your patronizing comments to your self, by the way "purswaysion" is spelt "persuasion."

  10. gildedtumbril says

    Some contributors say "assimilate or leave Australia." Islum (intentional misspelling) cannot assimilate with anything, it can only dominate.There is no such insect as a moderate muslim.

  11. The time is 6.43pm, it's Saturday night and all I can hear in Victoria park, Perth is Islamic chanting and music from loudspeakers somewhere in the street. It is offensive, loud and annoying. But of course, it is they who are the conquerers thanks to the white far left, so I suppose it's only natural they want their proclaim their racial superiority…(in numbers I mean) Bet Julia, Kev and Bob don't have to listen to this crap.

    • Shane Pike says

      If I hear any muslim crap in my neighbourhood I will attack living crap out of them. muslims are not to attempt to inflict ANY part of their utter rubbish upon my kids or myself.
      islam & it's grubby little muslims are our enemy. And that is self proclaimed. The koran directs muslims to "destroy infidels wherever you find them". ALL muslims everywhere in the world believe that the koran is the word of their bodgey god. I am dumbfounded that they keep on coming into Australia. How stupid are our politicians?

      • How stupid the politicians

        You ask? Gillard is a leftie, worked for the legal firm Slater and Gordon out of Melbourne.

        As a CCO in the eighties I was up against this mob of socialist *** on a regular basis.(still enjoyed thier xmas parties but, they were magic, us ,corrections, the cops and the crooks all got totaly wasted)

        They defended the undefendable and thier heart was in the right place. Pity abbout the brain.

        Gillard was born in my home town of Barry, UK.

        perhaps she might come back and fix this hell hole of a country created by Labour. Anyway you asked, and I answer 'totaly friggin stupid, blind and certifiable all of them'.

        It is up to us folk now to fix things. Fick (mister moderator)the whole lot of them.


    This is paris now…and Germany's chancellor, Anglea Merkil has publicly announced that Multiculturalism has been an utter failure in Germany and that the extiction of the indigenous Germans is now unnavoidable due to high Muslim birth rates. Any chance she could come to Autralia and knock these psycopathic politicans who are doing the same over here? Or do we have to wait until we too, are outnumbered for the likes of KRUDD and Gillard and Brown to say 'Oh, we didn't know it was THAT bad' before they make their escapes on private planes to a nice, safe little island somewhere as we are rounded up and exterminated?

  13. masealake says

    What democratic societies should learn lessen from Australia election 2010:

    1. What productive action has PM Julia Gillard in office 100 days?

    When inflation is a looming threat, with the nation's CPI growing by 3.5 per cent year on year – a 22-month high – just last month.

    When ultimately slow down the country's growth and subsequently hose down the demand for Australian commodities.

    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from individual poor/less wealth off?

    Voters’ voices do not hear?

    Voters’ pains do not ease?

    Voters’ cries do not care?

    1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;

    2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;

    3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;

    4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;

    5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;

    6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.

    Ma kee wai

    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  14. SUBJECT: Media Bias and the Federal Election



  15. Bertie_bert says
  16. Saw a towel head shaking his carpet over the balcony the other day.

    Shouted out to him "what's the matter mohamed, can't get the engine started!"………

    • Stupid and infantile comments is not what this party is about. In fact that is the type of comment that will lose it any credibility whatsoever.

      • This is the Aussie larrikinism that is under threat, I agree with the above, Im not treading on egg shells for the fear of upsetting some radical group. This is what the old Australia was, this is the attitude that won us praise from around the world in times of old, a phrase from an old Pommy General from WW1 springs to mind, need a job gone, get the Aussies to do it. Dont deny us our larrinkinism.


    The secret plot to destroy Britain’s identity:-


    • OzPatriot says

      Thanks, David.

      Melanie Phillips is a great writer.

      She does nothing but put the diabolical facts about Labor and the left on the table for everyone to see.

      It is people like her that help to break down the multicultural, PC ridden taboos that proliferate in our society.

      Good on her

      • Andrew Bolt is another great writer! also, Janet Albreichsten, Miranda Divine & Tim Blair, these are a few Journo's not afraid to be politicallly incorrect!

        & Canadian Mark Steyn

        Lets hope this Government doesn't close down freedom of speech!

  18. As one of the defence members who was on board the SIEV, that was from my experience, blown up in a conspiracy by those onboard. I have to say that the government and other government agencies have their heads up their arses when it comes to issues like migrants/so-called assylum seekers and the ethnic population and how to deal with them. Why is the Australian government willing to send Australian soldiers over to battle the injustices of Islamic regimes outside of Australia. When it will stand idle when elements of that same regime attempt to establish a foothold within Australia.

    I now work within a sector which deals with many of the so-called "minority" groups, and I am sick of individuals (e.g Sudanese, Mid East, Asian etc), who like to remind me of the medical and legal responsibilty I have to them. I face constant threats of legal action being taken against me due to the fact I cant provide them services they have no legal entitlement to, and in giving it to them I am discriminating against others (which they dont seem to grasp the concept of). This misinformation is most often than not given to them by un-educated soft touch Australians who work for support groups assisting these minorities.

    I for one am sick of ethnic groups who come from countries where goverments are corrupt/militant/dictatorships/ or just in a shambles, (where ideals such as legal and medical liability are non-existant) and abuse, and are assisted to abuse by f#$%^wit Australians, (at the expense of the Australian taxpayer), the democracy, many have helped to forge with their own blood sweat and tears. I for one will not support a view of multicultural Australia, where individuals are allowed to import their own culture and plant it in my back yard and dont assimilate or even attempt to co-exist without the need to force it down my throat or sacrifice the lives of innocent people when they dont get what they want and disagree with the majority.

    • HERE HEAR!

      The little Labor TURD Al Grasby started forcing this multicultural BS down Australian's throats!

      Nobody has EVER ASKED Australians if we are agreeable to this INVASION!

      Where is the referendum that gives Australians the opportunity to decide on the demographic of OUR OWN COUNTRY????

      Diggers fought and died to protect Australia and now politicians are destroying it with ANTI AUSTRALIANS policies!

      Bloody TRAITORS!!

      Bring on the revolution….

      • Topseykretts says

        David I am very eager to hear your view on the topic of revolution and how to correct the fail politicians, email me at

      • Damn straight, we need more of this in this Country, people who will get up there and tell the bogans how it is and why it is and what needs to be done to fix it, BRAVO!!!!!!!

      • Great Idea David….where is the referendum.! Let us have our say, then if they dont believe us…it could get ugly.!

    • You're the gretesat! JMHO

  19. Pedestrian Infidel: Islam's 12 Steps to Destroy Dar al-Harb (Land of the Infidels)

    islam, the religion of peace, AND A BIG STACK OF DEAD BODIES!

    Australian politicians need to grow some gonads and fight for Australians against the TERRORISM from this DEATH CULT!!

    Most Australian Politicians currently are GUTLESS and TRAITORS to the Australian People!!

    There WILL be civil unrest if something is not done about this threat to our freedom!

  20. Grahame6thgen says

    I am sure i am not the only aussie who won't lay down if this s*** comes to a head. When it comes down to it, i will die for my country and countrymen, to ensure this s*** is totally wiped from Gondawannaland. Try and take our freedom, you will fail, you and your plastic dog………god!!!

    • Yeah well Ill be there with ya mate, they wont intergrate me into there silly ideals, I think there are many who feel the same, maybe its time for the Govt to reintroduce the old local Militia again

  21. I came to Australia in the 80s at a young age, in the hope of being part and parcel of Australian society. In fact, I often begged my family that we would eat more Australian type dishes than the dishes that originated from their country (Malaysia and Singapore). Fortunately, they were reasonable to allow this. In fact, my family expected me to not just learn English well but excellently.

    Now we have a bunch of immigrants, especially from Islamic nations in the Middle East, that not only refuse to integrate and assimilate with Australian culture, but also go so far as to impose their way of life on others, either at the public expense or through outlandish gangsterism. Those of us in Australia who love this nation should not only protest, but also make it very clear in our vote and in our public newspapers that we will not accept this behaviour and we will fight back if you insist on fighting Australia as a nation.

    • Tim…..your english is indeed, excellent! A good comment too.

    • You and your family are exactly the kind of immigrants Australia wants, not these horrible, voilent racist invaders. Well done Tim, I too an am immigrant, the difference is, when I stepped off the plane I became an Australian. I too, would die for this country, unlike many of the filth ivading these shores.

    • Tim,

      Good on you mate! This is all that Australians are asking for! That if you come here you get gainful employment, abide by the laws, learn the language and make a contribution. However unfortunately anyone who states this is being shouted down as a redneck or racist or something else, don't worry mate, your turn at being slandered will soon come. I would encourage migrants like you to come here if we can provide a place for you.

    • Yeah your ok mate dont sweat it, be proud, the ones that get in there do the right thing and have a go are ok by me

  22. How can our Government justify allowing this conference to be held in our country!!

    These extremists are banned in many other countries but not ours how come ??

    What a joke!


    We must stop this now!


    Here is a video explaining their aims.


    Watch this extremist group, banned around the world, defend their stance on Lateline.


    Isn’t it interesting that it is only in the “crumbling” Western democracies that they can freely express their bile.

    They are not banned because they have not incited violence against us. Agree or not, we operate under the rule of law, and they must be protected accordingly.

    It is rather ironic though, that the sharia ‘law’ they espouse would remove such rights and privileges in a flash.

  23. Shane Pike says

    I want this s*** out of MY country. They think i'm the lowest form of life on the planat & that I MUST be either converted or killed.

    • @Shane…

      it's best if something happens soon otherwise we'll be too outnumbered. Is it wrong to protect yourself from a group of vermin who want to destroy you and your country???

  24. I am a Christian of middle east origin and I can tell you that you people on this forum are spot on with your fears. My family came here when I was just 11 months old and thank God they did. I just cannot believe how accommodating our spineless politicians are to these scum who come here with cap in hand and, once settled (at taxpayers expense), then DEMAND their ways be respected and tolerated. NO WAY. F*%k off back to the hole you came from. Australia wake up. Integrate and assimilate or do us all a favour and piss off (at your own expense preferrably).

    • Hi Sam, Australia needs more people like you to speak up and warn our idiots in charge what your poor family has experianced. I myself met a nice Lebannese man back in the '80's who was my kitchenhand when I was doing my chef's apprenticeship. He told me, 'Never ever let a Muslim into your country, first they come in small numbers then they breed like rabbits then they take over and ruin everything. My country Lebannon was the Paris of the Middle East, now look at it, it is a s***hole and here I am in New Zealand, washing your dishes, when I was an accountant before in my own country."

      I have seen documentaries before on Lebannon, and it was beautiful and safe, very westernised and peaceful.

      • Unfortunately Mike it's the same story everywhere in the world where this sort of immigration policy exists. We left Lebanon because my dad could see the writing on the wall just before the civil war broke out. Now I see the crap following and bringing their anger and demanding ways here to Australia and I just cannot take it. As far as I'm concerned THIS is my line in the sand. Nowhere in the middle east, or ANY moslem country, will your non islamic ways be tolerated like they're DEMANDING you respect and accommodate theirs. I'll say it again. You come here, you assimilate or you leave. Though many in the west are non religious and indeed the governments are run on secular principles, the countries have been built upon Christian foundations. That's just the way it is. Anyone who doesn't like the way things are can just piss off.

        • You and your family are the kind of immigrants we should have taken in. but we can thank the nasty Liberal leader malcome fraser for this "It is not Muslims who must accept Australian way of life, it is Australians who must intergrate with Islam' or words to that effect. And who bought the Africans over? Why that 'racist' john Howard! Labour only ups the intakes.Thank god for the APP, the only TRUE Australian political party, great to see more comments from new people too.

  25. Protect the culture of Australian democracy. People of muslim countries have been welcomed to come to live with us, not change or work against us. Unfortunatly the style of government we have, has ensured political correctness but not in the interest of the majority of Australians, rather in the interest of not being seen to be intolerant. Our governments have given the offenders of our culture the greatest weapon against and thus creating the greatest offensive towards the host country who has extended an outstretched arm, which is now sought to be torn off. Read the book at and sign the petition if you really want to ensure our culture, our democracy, our values are protected and make sure all of your friends are aware of this book and our collective objective, not another party with it's own agenda.

  26. When ever there is a Labor Government ruling we have this continual problem. We need to have a greater voice we need to tell every politician in this country that THIS IS AUSTRALIA & WILL REMAIN AUSTRALIA. You want to come here you abide & respect our laws even though sometimes the law is an ass. Its really time for the silent majority to get out in the streets stop leaving it to a few to voice their concerns whether it be on talkback radio or blogs in newspapers or magazines. We are losing this country at a faster rate than you could ever imagine. I dont care who or what you are, you immigrate here you show your hosts & thats every citizen of this country the respect we deserve, if not F#*K off. We have gutless spineless politicians of all political persuasians who pander to these minorities just for that extra vote. When will the TRUE AUSSIE stand up & say " We are Australian & proud of who we are & what we have". Remember Cronulla, Australia, remember the outcome , remember how we were all left hanging by polititcans who said we had to be a lot more tolerant to these people. Stop the bowing to these minorities & get take your country back before its too late. See you at the peaceful protest at Lidcombe

    • Immigration actually increased under the Howard government. The immigration department is now full of agents who run immigration agencies at tax payer expense and target Muslim countries for immigrants.

  27. Grahame6thgen says

    If the government hears the voices of Australians, why do they not act on our voice. Why do they continue to do what we don't want them to do?

    Can the people not see we need to change our political structure and agenda for us to be heard!!!!

    To quote a saying, "The people are not here to provide the politicians with position, but rather the politicians are in a position to provide for the people", unquote!!!!

  28. don't tell me you never been told,

  29. Two nights ago, Africans were kicking someone's car outside my unit just for the fun of it and last night a gang of them were smashing bottles across the road outside a nice block of units. My street is now crawling with them and everyone is now too afraid to go out at night. They really are the scum of the earth and so are the left winged f**ks that inisist they are allowed into the country. Still, I take pleasure in knowing the African enrichment will be making its way to their neighbourhoods in a very short time…

    • ex-Digger says

      Mike, I also live in "good O'l Perth" and agree entirely with you about African scumbags causing chaos in the outer suburbs.

      My sons friend who is 33 was confronted by 3 of them outside Maylands train station the other night and they demanded his mobile and wallet… he is a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and cleaned 2 of them up as the other one ran away. This type of situation is happening every day in Perth, but we still are welcoming the illegal's into hotel standard accomodation and catering to their every whim…For Gods Sake Australia WAKE THE F..K UP!

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        I agree, "Wake up Australia" and stop voting Liberal and Labor. Time to give the APP an opportunity of representing the people of Australia.

      • We got our share of African oxygen thieves here, they dont work yet all drive flash cars and think there Negro gangsters with the bling, they steal stuff galore from Woolies, watchem they do some silly stuff

    • I see Africans around the area I live in occasionally, but luckily for me my actual suburb is probably too affluent for them to afford, so it is still safe for me to go on my night strolls.

      I'm under no illusions that certain ethnic groups moving into my suburb will make it unsafe for me as a single women to walk around at night by myself.

      • It won't be for long, they deal in drugs then can afford to move into areas like yours, seen it before overseas. Welcome to Hell, and all the freedoms you once enjoyed will soon be gone and your children will never know them

  30. I've just seen on the Yahoo website here in Perth the shocking story of the trial against a Muslim taxi driver in Sydney who raped three white Australian women…he is also HIV positive. When convicted and sentenced his 'outraged Muslim family' hurled racist and insulting abuse at the three traumatised Aussie girls, all whose relationships with their partners have broken up due to the rapes.


    At the end of the day, we have ourselves to blame for allowing it to continue.

  31. L just went to the linke and 1 of the things they are talking about is a Two Tiered legal System & 1 of the things i saw was A crime committed by a muslim against a non-muslim is not a crime.also

    A woman's testimony is not worth the same as a man's. We do not need this in Australia and it is about time some politican come out and said we will never have

    Sharia law IN Australia .Hizb ut-Tahrir is considered a terroists orginastion by some countries who know more then us and I think it is time KRudd did the same ban it

  32. Lead Aspro says

    How naive and probably muslim are the comments above. Islam is not displaying compatibility with Australian or western civilization, muslims in every country in the world have turned to violence and are still fighting in many wars caused by their " spreading goodwill", what makes you think that wont happen here ? Ive lived in Middle-eastern and North African countries and can definitely say that the religion and those that worship it are dangerous and untrustworthy. Just because the muslims bring you a plate of food from their mosque next door naive people are lulled into a false sense of trust. muslims bring trouble, just wait and see, coming to an Aussie town near you.

  33. Alan Webb says

    Without doubt, the clash of religious domination is heating up. Without doubt, the Islamists have accepted Australian democracy to defeat the Australia of today, by controlling various electorates. Votes. Votes equals donations for elections. Money buys the influence, the promises and follows the power trail.

    The Islamists have a powerful influence in Immigration, and pay expensive barristers at courts..

    A lot of money is sent overseas by waves of refugees, and immigrants..

    Hundreds of millions.

    Back to the super tax to pay for this.


  34. Is it real? No, it must be some sort of misundersanding. Muslims of Australia cannot possibly want destruction of the State and western civilisation in favour of pan-Islamic Calophate. I refuse to believe that such conference can really occur and all of this must be lies of dirty Israel's propaganda. And what Jihad? Jihad is a peaceful movement for self-improvement and gets violent only in self-defence (this is from australian school curriculum (

    • OzPatriot says

      It is sickening that we have to put up with those in government that wish to undermine us.

      Projects like the one you have given us the link to are designed to erode and destroy us through PC Bull%$#

      Enough of the looney left

      • Hi OzPatriot,

        Please visit this site to sign the petition against introduction of Islamic studies at Australian schools. Mind you, Islam is the only religion that is allowed to be taught at school in Australia.

        • OzPatriot says

          Hi euro,

          Not a problem.

          It is amazing to see just how subtle and how sneaky the the PC brigade are at allowing islam to creep into our community and institutions.

          It is every Australians' duty to resist islam in all its forms. Remember, there is no moderate form of islam -the prophet himself said so!

          • Agree.

            I have signed the petition against Islamic education in Australian schools.

            I am a migrant and will I vote APP. APP is, in fact, the best political party for real migrants to Australia. "Real" means- we come, we adapt, we are loyal, we work and pay taxes. Labor and Greens are supremacist bigots!

    • Margaret says

      I taught muslim students in 2001. many students did not come to school on the 9/11 and 2 days after because they were celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers. This was the beginning of Jihad. You say it is a peaceful movement and they only act in self defence.!! I don't think so. If they were retaliating to what the USA did in some states in Africa, why did they kill 3,000 innocent people in New York. They want to be heard. We've heard them. Now we know what they are capable of and we have to defend ourselfes because most Muslims think Al Queda is right. Think again

  35. NO NO NO and NO to our country being dictated to and changed to the islamic laws and way of life. DO NOT let the DO GOODERS and BLEEDING Hearts give our rights and freedom away to the muslim way of life. They should go and live in a muslim country if that is what they want, most of them will want to get out of the muslim country after a very short time. I speak from experience!

  36. To understand the threat of Islam to the West, you need to spend time studying its history to see its goals and modus operandi. Master all the key facts free online with the Historyscoper at

    Study Jerusalem's history to see why Jews not Arabs have the right to it and environs:

    Scope Obama's history to see how deep his Muslim rabbit hole goes:

    Keep up on the daily news of Islam vs. the West:

  37. I have to say, this piece is poorly researched and overall quite lacking.

    1) The title is quite wrong. Hizb ut-Tharir does NOT advocate the formation of a Caliphate in Australia.

    2) Hizb ut-Tahrir does NOT advocate violence as part of its method. Instead in adheres to an intellectual and political struggle.

    All of this information is freely available on their website. You should have a more comprehensive look at it before commenting.

    • Exactly, they are absolutely peaceful, nice people. A little bit not loyal to Australia though, but overall are very good.

      Their leader says: He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society. Asked, then, why he chose to stay in Australia, he said: "I was born in this country. I don't choose where I was born … I consider myself as a Muslim first and foremost."

      • Juxtaposer says

        A little bit disloyal? HuT Mo slaves have nothing but contempt for democracy/freedom, the very system that provides them in this country with good living standards, health and welfare. They base their opposition to it on the bland fact that Mohammad was not a democrat. This is true, he was in fact a genocidal psycopath. Given their rejection of democracy, the fundamental precept upon which our modern society is built, we should feel no obligation to include them in our concept of it.

    • OzPatriot says


      Have you bothered looking at the short film associated with them?

      They talk about being 'forced' into a 'watered down' version of islam by Western governments.

      These connotations are not peaceful or accepting of the West.

      Wake up and grow up; history has warned the West many times over regarding these barbaric heathens!

    • Juxtaposer says

      And you believe them? This group supports violent islamic movements all around the world, sharia barbarism wherever it can be implemented and the destruction of democracy. The only reason they don't advocate violence here is because it would be counter productive, for the time being. But their long term plan is a world entirely dominated by the religious tyrrany of islam. And they can pursue this because of our political culture of appeasement, Obama's "peace in our time" strategy mimicked by our own major political parties' scramble for the muslim vote.

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