Say no to Shari’a Law in Australia! Join the protest, 3rd of July 2011

Say no to a Caliphate in Australia, say no to Shari’a in Australia! A vigil against Hizb ut-Tahrir (2011)

Hizb ut-Tahrir is planning another one of their ‘Jihad conferences’, see This one is set for Sunday, 3rd July 2011 at Grand Westella, 12 Bridge Street Lidcombe, NSW.

The previous one they held in Australia featured Islamic fundamentalists preaching for the formation of a global caliphate. Such a ‘caliphate’ can only be achieved by violent Jihad or ‘holy war’ as has been demonstrated in the 1,400 years of violence and slaughter driven by that evil engine of oppression, Islam.

The Jihad against India and the resulting Hindu Holocaust occurred under an Islamic Caliphate which caused the deaths of tens of millions of Hindus and Buddhists.

The Armenian genocide, during which over 1,000,000 Christian Armenians were exterminated by Muslims, occurred in the dying years of the Ottoman caliphate and provided the blueprint for Hitler’s “final solution.”

Mass murder and genocide is the legacy of Islamic caliphates, is that a legacy we want to leave for our children?

Join our peaceful vigil on the 3rd of July to highlight the victims of Islamic imperialism and to reject the ideology of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Contact Darrin (0431 739 260) or Nick (0417 679 972). Assemble at Lidcombe station 11AM (Railway St. side), then we’ll be marching past the venue to Wellington Park.

About Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT):

HT conferences around the world suggest that the group is currently in the second stage of its goal of establishing a global Islamic government. In commemoration of the anniversary of the abolishment of the Islamic caliphate 85 years ago, HT is holding worldwide events throughout the summer, calling “on Muslims around the world to mobilize … See … See MoreMoreto re-establish the Islamic Khilafah.” In addition to the July 19 conference in Oak Lawn, Illinois, events are taking place in Ukraine, Mauritius, Lebanon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Britain, Indonesia, Sudan and Turkey, among other places.

HT claims that it does not engage in violent activities and generally espouses a policy of nonviolence. However, in a January 2010 press release, HT calls for violence against U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. The group accuses “US crusaders” of killing nine school children and injuring 85 others in Afghanistan. “Such incidents,” HT says in the press release “has to be answered by sharp swords of Muslim united armies under a true Muslim leader (Imam/K), not by few words of condemnations, rallies and demonstrations or submissions of list of demands to the UN’s or Human Rights, which are the protector of these crusaders, not us.”

Its position on nonviolence is complicated by its admission that “jihad” is compulsory for Muslims in an Islamic country to fight their perceived enemies. According to the group’s Web site, “the members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in that country are a part of the Muslims and it is obligatory upon them as it is upon other Muslims, in their capacity as Muslims, to fight the enemy and repel them.” HT’s long record of hostility toward Israel and the Jews also belies HT’s claim that it does not espouse or condone violence.

The radicalization of HT members who adhere to the group’s extremist ideology can also lead to violent acts. In 2007, German police arrested three men on suspicion of plotting to bomb military and civilian airports, restaurants and nightclubs. Two of the men were allegedly Uzbek members of the HT splinter cell Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), which carried out a terrorist attack against the American and Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan in July 2004.

Janet Albrechtsen writes about Hizb-ut Tahrir ->

To read comments on last year’s Hizb ut-Tahrir conference (2010), see


  1. Jack, How can it be that anyone claiming to be 'for Christ alone' feels it's OK to comment favourably of this website? Jesus laid down his life for everyone, regardless of where they come from, and Australians who claim to follow Jesus should do no less. Jesus called on his followers to obey the law of Love – Perfect love casts out fear, but on this website I can only see hatred and fear-mongering.

  2. geronimo says
  3. geronimo says

    I've been reading a book (well more a novella) entitled "22 steps to global tyranny". It's quite a remarkable discourse on how our politicians have been moving us from a self-sufficient country with a national identity and healthy industry to a puppet of the "world government" and TCOs – it probably comes more from a conspiracy theorist than behaviourist perspective – and indeed it's probably hard to know when things have been deliberately orchestrated or just a cock-up. It describes the likes of Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Alexander Downer and many other prominent politicians back further in our history as "useful idiots" – a term coined I believe by the people behind the Rhodes Scholar program of which Bob Hawke took part (and perhaps others from the above list) – but then it also looks at our education system as promoting similar ideas. It identifies key turning points in our history pretty much from just after WW1 in how the government is, either deliberately or through being comprised of useful idiots, exacting what we are seeing.

    It names many policy changes and actions which contribute towards this purpose. A few interesting assertions come to mind (not necessarily in chronological order) such as

    * after WW1 the govt. put the CBA (originally, the people's bank) in the hands of a directorate. We were able to afford to fund WW1 because the CBA accorded low interest loans, in the hands of the directorate, the govt. was unable to borrow from the CBA (the directorate refused) and the govt. was forced to borrow from private lenders at higher rates and thus began the indentureship of our govt.

    * Multiculturalism introduced by Fraser (I think) to undermine our national identity and as such, compromise our ability to unite against injustices to the Australian people – we can't seem to do anything to protect our sovereignty these days without being labelled racist/xenophobic or intellectual philistines.

    * a "crisis" to get firearms out of the hands of people to reduce their ability to resist – Port Arthur

    * Free Trade – anyone taking a protectionist view was politically assassinated/ridiculed and Alexander Downer said something to the effect that it was inevitable – get with the times.

    However, the proponents of a world government seem to be missing two important and historically evident truisms:

    a) the community is best placed to know what the community needs – not some government 1000's of kilometres away. I applaud Noosa's resistance to amalgamation (which the book suggests is a precursor to replacing local councils with federally placed administrators).

    b) absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Perhaps it will be shown that Bob Brown is the useful idiot to end all useful idiots – if there's anyone left to reflect on it 🙂

    Just a minor note, I've emailed the APP a couple of times over the past week in relation to seeing if there are local branches I can support, but I don't seem to be getting responses. Is it just that you (the APP) are getting overwhelmed by emails?

  4. I was there and yes to me it went well it just shows how gutless the young Muslims are as they were on their mobiles asking for more troops the police had to call the dog squad to escort our members to their cars and here I am thinking of religion of peace. They call them selves lions of the desert then I realise that is true as lions hunt in packs. Nick and Darren both made speeches and I think both should be printed on here as both were very good, And both are to be congratulated on them come on boys put them up on here and A I

  5. skippymate says

    now we have gone too far where does a council in melbourne get off paying $45,000.00 for a screen so the muslim ladys can bath in private. what the hell is happening, i would like a screen around my house to protect me and my family from the invasion of my country is my council going to pay for that. BET NOT …….

  6. Skipping Girl says

    Hope all went well with this years protest.

    Sorry couldn't get there this year. Everyone who loves this fantastic country should be out there standing up to these losers.

  7. Life and heart for Christ alone,Hand for humanity.

    Not Shariah Law,are you kidding me.Heaven is only through Christ no others.


  9. Warung Discussion says

    John Howard took our guns away from us so we would have nothing to fight with. The Government knows what is coming. Because they are the 2 preferred parties.

    WHO prefers them? not me. not my friends. in fact most people i know want them GONE.

    LABOR & LIBERALS are a bunch of arrogant low-lives. "Arse wipes" better describes them. Juliar Gilliar and Rabbott Abbott. No Guts. Both of Them.


    We must do something as soon as possible. Get rid of islam from our home.

    Publish who are the extreme left. Get them gone too.

    Sweden is virtually gone with England coming up. America has already got islam in the top job. Once a muslim always a muslim. the wars in the middle east are red herrings to divert our attention.

    If you people cannot see whats happening islam is gaining on you too.

    Paranoia? so you say.

    We must start to educate our population!

  10. Be Aware says

    Or maybe SBS.

  11. Be Aware says

    Good luck to all who can attend.

    Question – why is "Hizb ut Tahir" not banned in Australia?

    Perhaps we should all ask our local representative.

  12. Save Australia says

    Good luck on the 3rd of July 2011 !!!

  13. Mr Aussie Digger says

    why have they still not been charged with hate speech. if we even say we just dont want sharia we get dragged to court, sacked, vilified etc, yet they can call for murder, sedition, coup, etc and its called free speech, this is disgusting.

    • Warung Discussion says

      bloody good question

      because the hate speech laws are not to protect us. we are white. and Aussies. the powers that be want us broken and abject.

      those laws are for foreigners. to protect them not us.

      those laws should be used to expel the creeps.

  14. InfoUpdate says

    "Official trailer for Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia's major conference of 2011, to be held in Sydney, Australia on the 3rd of July 2011. This year's theme is 'Uprising in the Muslim World…on the road to Khilafah'."

    Smells like Jihad.

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