Refugee Review Interference Against National Interest

The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party today expressed concern at clear conflicts of interest and a climate of intimidation operating in the Refugee Review Tribunal.

“Media reports of Tribunal members coming forward confirming they are under pressure to allow more people into our country, irrespective of suitability, is cause for concern by all Australians” Mr. Phillips said. “To consider there is a climate of intimidation and threats to job security if employees do not increase the acceptance rate is a disgrace and indicates a need for a full investigation.”

The Australian Protectionist Party believes there is pressure by government to rapidly increase the national population, against the wishes of the majority of Australians who recognize the fragile environment of our continent and understand that greater population does not equate to higher standards of living.

“Of even greater concern is the fact that the panel which decides the appointments for the Tribunal includes the President of the Refugee Council of Australia, Mr. John Gibson, who also works as a lawyer for illegal entrants whose applications have been refused by the RRT” Mr. Phillips continued, “Obviously, with an issue as emotive as illegal immigrants this is a clear conflict of interest and raises serious questions about the real agenda pursued by the government.”

“Members of the RRT must be permitted to perform their duties without the interference of activists or government members pursuing their goal of increased immigration from certain regions” Mr. Phillips said “To pressure these officials to lower their standards, to not perform their duties to their fullest extent in order to raise their acceptance quota is against Australia’s national interest and indeed brings the reputation of both the department and the government into question.” Mr. Phillips concluded.


  1. localyokel says

    The majority Australians do not want refugees.

    Our governments can't afford to maintain our deteriorated infrastructure.

    Australians cannot afford to keep refugees! Look after our needy.

  2. The Chinese still have China, the Africans still have Africa, the Indians still have India, but most white people in a few short years will not have a country that they can feel at home in , a country that they feel safe in, a country that they feel welcome and wanted.

  3. Nicholas Folkes says

    Cicero warned us of evil traitors like Gibson. These dirty Socialists have an agenda to destroy this nation and turn it into a third world backwater.

    We need a new beginning to purge this nation of rubbish like Gibson.

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