Labor’s concern for farmers goes bush

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman Mr. Andrew Phillips today condemned the Rudd Labor Government for diverting Australian taxpayer’s funds from Australian needs to use the money to shore up African support in the United Nations for a seat on the organisation’s Security Council.

“At a time when many of our primary producers are struggling to stay on their farms when faced by drought and increased imports , not to mention the estimated $60 Billion annual deficit provided by Mr. Swan, it is nothing short of obscene for Mr. Rudd to be playing politics with our taxes” Mr. Phillips said.

The Australian Protectionist Party recognizes the invaluable role played by our nation’s primary producers in the area of export revenue and the provision of jobs in regional Australia. Australian taxation must be used to provide for the critical needs of our country-health, education, pensions for the elderly and infrastructure.

“For the Labor government to slash $60 million from the agriculture Budget while boosting foreign aid to 4 African nations to the tune of $464 million is economic lunacy in today’s financial climate” Mr. Phillips continued “when one considers the timing of this increase when added to our Governor General’s recent 3 week, 10 African nation tour, Australians have every reason to suspect the motives of this government”.

“It is no secret the government desires a return to a seat on the UN Security Council, but while Rudd plays international politics our nation’s debt continues to climb, our pensioners and farmers continue to struggle and the Murray continues to die” Mr. Phillips concluded.


  1. Millstoneridge says

    Hi Jack,

    Agree with your comments whole heartedly regarding supporting family business. I shop mostly at our local IGA as it is family owned and I drive past it coming home from work. Better than driving to Taree and dodging rocks, bike parts or anything else the little aboriginal kids want to throw at us coming back through the roundabout at Purfleet at night. Cunning little buggers, intermittent so the cops can’t wait for them. Sad to say if they were white kids they would have been caught.


    I hope the old gentleman living next door to you is OK. These people have contributed so much to Australia and this is how they are treated.

    And as for the treatment of Aussie farmers, well we don’t have too look to far now, Peter Spencer has certainly made it abundantly clear, we are being SHAFTED and city people don’t seem to care.

    • I agree that farmers are getting shafted but I do think there are a lot of city people who do care about farmers. Mate, city people are doing it tough too you know. Do you think that all city people are on a gravy train or something? Do you really think that city people love living in the city? I'm sure that most city people despise city living but they are there because that's the only way they can find employment. I'd move out of the city in a flash if I could and that is my aim at the moment. Most people in the city are just making ends meet, similar to country people. In this economy, it's tough all around. The ones on the gravy train are only a very small minority. You see wealth in the CBD's but little in the suburbs.

  2. I had an old guy work for me. He was retiring age, From south africa, been here 13 years, still can't get pension, but soon as a muslim or black person arrive, paid right away with my money and yours. I was starving because of greed from a big business, so he fed me for awhile. In return i gave him more work that i could have done myself. Now the whole lot has gone to s*** for us both.

    Mike, your anger sound like mine. I have thoughts of blowing all the courthouses, parliments and CSA and DOCS departments because of there crimes against us. It's only thoughts but, hell, if we all start to think like that, our imagination may come true, civil war. I have thoughts of getting a vigilanti gang together and going through the streets of perth and just belting hell out of the those that prey on women and alone guys. Teach them f***s a lesson.

    It's like we have nothing to lose anymore so whats the point. Complaining, asking, or anything is getting us nowhere. ITS BULLDUST

  3. Dairy Farmers is now owned by Nestle'. They are ripping farmers off by cutting back on the premium they pay to farmers. If Australians also want to keep Australia's economy strong, try where possible to re-direct your support to small business. Even by filling up your car at a family owned servo and purchasing your bread and milk there will pump up our economy and put the profit margin back into the nation instead of big business. By purchasing some of your groceries from a family owned supermarket will also help and is often not more expensive. Also, try to support butchers and bakers and small fruit shops and markets as this keeps our economy ticking over and keeps the money in Australia longer. Big business monopolizes until there is no competition left so unless we want big business to take over and take our money overseas, we need to support the small business sector. It is in our hands and we can take responsibility.

  4. rottweiler says

    Never liked Turncoat-Turnball, perfect example of stupid boring rich boy wanting to play 'leader' at our expense, much like our incumbant blonde haried one.
    Why oh why can't we have just normal, everyday people as pollies, most are lawyers anyway and we all know what toilet bowl scum-suckers they are.
    I'm going to be doing a lot of advertising for this party by printing out the fliers and posting them to private households and letter box canvasing, will be busy over the Christmas break doing this, I's rather be doing something positive for my country whilst have the time.
    I had a letter published in the newspaper not so long ago about KRudd, asking why he was so popular when he's never in the country and has flooded Australia with 3rd worlders to such an extent it's now unrecognisable, one of the replies was 'What a brilliant letter from (me) he said what was on all our minds…." the members and voters are out there, just need to get some advertising.

  5. Btw – I see Malcolm Turnbull has removed his bitter little rant from his website – obviously the heat got all too much for poor Malcolm. Over a thousand (and growing) people were leaving their comments on his blog telling him what a TOOL he is! And Rottweiler is correct – this ETS is a total scam which would benefit Wall Streets powerful bankers, namely Goldman Sachs – and guess who was a banker to Goldman Sachs before joining the Liberal Party? Yep, you guessed it – our silver spooned Malcolm Turnbull. Make no mistake, this is ALL how much of OUR money they can rip off us with very little to show for it!!

  6. Have you heard, yesterday, 7th Dec. Tony Abbott repeated that he would like PM Kevin Rudd to engage in a public debate on the Labor's CPRS so Australians can be informed of the detail and decide for themselves if they really want it. So far the PM has not responded to Abbott's invitation. Why are we so close to this legislation and the Australian people still have very little information on it. It is impossible to make an informed decision when one can't get a hold of the detail of the legislation. Isn't it time that Australians were consulted and informed? Where's the deal with the Asutralian people?

    • Peter – I believe Abbott is about to give us some of those answers by holding Krudd to account for every hidden grubby detail. Much like you I am sick to death of governments signing UN treaties with little or no consultation with the voting public. No one asked me if I wanted my country to be swamped with people who have no commonality with us. The Europeans were fine because they share a connection with us through Western culture and common religious values tied to Christianity. Uncontrolled immigration into the West will be her death knell. Europe is only 20 years away from being controlled by Islam. How long do you think we can hold out?

      • rottweiller says

        Not that long, we dont have the numbers to repell them for much longer, you wouldn't recognise Perth, truely horrific and in such a short period of time, very depressing, it's only taken Muslims and Africans two years to become an established force over here.

  7. rottweiler says

    Peter, the Australian public has mostly been silenced by the white far left who control most of the media, look how the Cronella defenders were treated by the Sydney Herald, their faces splashed across the front page, yet not one mention of the Muslim revenge attacks. Everyone is so scared of the 'waycist' tagg these days, and until they learn it's just a silly word used mostly by white traitors nothing will change, until say a terrorist attack then the s*** will hit the fan. The same goes for this climate change scam which will only benefit the likes of Muagbe and 'I've got six houses" Al Whore.
    If Krudd had any brains at all (lol!) he'd invest all that money about to be paid to 3rd world countries for the bad white man's pollution (yeah right, it's human population growth that's done this, and as whites are lowest breeders we all knwo who are the highest breeders, but can't say so because it's 'waycist', hence the whites have to pay and pay and pay for other races to explode racially) into nuclear, solar and tidal energies.
    But dashing off around the world in his state jet seems to be more important to this imbecile these days.

  8. Ok I watched it, how nice all those donations I gave to the poor starving Africans has been spent on such luxery! Mabye the skank Madonna when she goes to Africa again purchase another black assesory to carry around like one of her handbags can stay there.
    Or here's one, how about Oprah Winfrey doing a show on it? She's after all done enough over they years on white racism and helped propell Obama into the white house.
    This is what happens when the whites roll over like obediant dogs, how pathetic can we get?
    I just refuse to do it..

    • Yes I'm going to do as you suggested Catty, I wonder if I will get a reply?
      I wonder if KRudd's place looks like this?

  9. Well – when you have calmed down take a look – I found his opulent pad on Youtube….and Mike, I think you should find out who your federal member is and voice your concerns. By law they have to give you a reply – when you get it, post it on here for the rest of website visitors to see. Let's see how low they can go in PC speech brush offs.

    [youtube yLqlH8v41uQ


    • It makes you sick, doesn't it? Especially when Mugabe is always blaming Whites for Zimbabwe's troubles. No doubt when our African brothers here learn to talk English they'll be blaming us too.

  10. Catty, just half an hour ago an elderly man who is my next door neighbour asked me for a loan so he could eat, he was very embarrassed. JUST now I see a gang of African bitches walking past my unit, dressed in the latest fashions all three texting on their new mobile phones.
    THe amount of hate i have for the far left is scary even for myself, I wouldn't like to be standing next to KRudd at anytime, my hands would reach around his fat neck and just squeeze and squeeze…
    I won't take back that money either when the old man tries to repay me.

  11. I'm afraid I can't look at it yet Catty, I'm just too pissed off. My area is now swamped with Africans and it's only come about since KRudd was in power, never saw one when Howard was prime minister, it's like an Alien invasion.
    I did see the outrage of Muagbe's spending in an English newspaper (The International Express) this year, just increadible the amount of property and furnishings this racist a***hole has accumulated, no wonder the Muslims call us 'infidels' when our governments just give this murderer of our people money like this? What's the f***ing point?

    • Well – when you have calmed down take a look – I found his opulent pad on Youtube….and Mike, I think you should out who your federal member is and voice your concerns. By law they have to give you a reply – when you get it, post it on here for the rest of website visitors to see. Let's see how low they can go in PC speech brush offs.

      [youtube yLqlH8v41uQ


  12. Yes I know BK likes KRudd, but he'll awaken soon when the s*** really hits the fan, and he's mostly on our side anyway, just be patient. he's a good guy. KRudd probably was nice way back when BK knew him, but of course hyienas have a permanent smile too…

    • Don't worry – I like Black Knight. At least he is open to debate and willing to take things onboard….unlike his hero Kevin. I couldn't resist that little digg …:) It's in my combative nature, honed by years of debating around the family dinner table over religion & politics. Even my late grandfather had that arguementive style, lol,lol. I'll use that old socialist tactic of blaming someone – not my fault! They gave me rotten genes!

    • Mike – I am not that enamoured with Rudd and Labor. The government has done some good things but other things I would disagree with. If Tony Abbot and the Libs come up with some good policies I may consider supporting them.

      • Black Knight, our dear friend, even a party with no policies is better than a party with policies which erode our way of life. Even a party which sits on it's hands and does little is better than a party which is dedicated to our nations destruction. When a party puts their own needs above the needs of the nation then we are all in a dangerous situation. Rudd and many in his government serve themselves and their party first, then their international masters, then the international community and finally, the Australian people get what's left over. Black Knight, if you are having concerns, the next election is where you can have your say. Don't let apathy set in. The rot within the ALP runs across every local, state and federal government. Maybe you need to take a closer look.

        • Hello Peter – Don't worry, I am not apathetic. I always vote. It is one of my obsessions. Now, you seem to think that the Labor Party puts its own needs above that of the Australian people. That is not a very generous assessment. Perhaps they just see the needs of Australians differently from you and I. And, do you really think the Libs are going to be any different? I am interested to hear your views on these matters.

          • BK, I like the fact that the Libs talk freely and tell each other what they really think. I really think that it is very important to nurture 'freedom of speech'. Remember Wilson Tuckey on several occasions giving Turnbull a piece of his mind and Kevin Andrews wanting open debate on the ETS and immigration problems. Then there's Tony Abbott who doesn't care what he says. He will say what he thinks. It's fantastic. As Abbott said, which is Howard's words, The Liberal Party is a big church and all opinions are valued, or something similar to that. They do need to unite eventually but when there's big issues like the ETS and national security on the table, there needs to be thorough scrutiny and debate because the decisions of today will have far reaching consequences for decades. They are not going to win the next election so they may as well give the people a voice in parliament and be politically incorrect.

  13. Yeap he is the new "Tony Blair' alright! F***ing typical of the far left who care not for their own people but will bend over backwards for an ungrateful race who hate us anyway and have never been held to account for the trillions wasted on that s***hole of a continent.
    WHERE HAS ALL THE F***ING MONEY GONE TO? I can answer that, Mugabe's bank accounts that's where.
    The sooner Australia pulls out of the UNited Nations the better it will be for us, WE OWE THESE MONKEY'S NOTHING!!!!!!!!
    When our race was looking at the stars and wondering how to get there, inventing everthing from automobiles to the computer chip these savages were dancing around with spears.
    They are NOT our equals and I resent them being here. I never used to hate before but after being attacked by these savages and told 'This is OUR country now white boy" I have the deepest loathing for these arrogant f***s who have been told by the white far left we owe them a living.

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