Homosexual parade funding a disgrace

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman Mr. Andrew Phillips today condemned the waste of taxpayers’ funds on the promotion of the “homosexual lifestyle”.

“The citizens of New South Wales should be outraged that their government continues to pump in taxes to the tune of $30 million a year at a time when funding should be going into hospitals, education and transport” Mr. Phillips said.

The Australian Protectionist Party firmly supports the foundation of our society, the family unit, and believes all Australian public money should be directed to protecting families and creating a country which nurtures their development, enabling Australians to reach their full potential- not for promoting unnatural behaviour and celebrating perversion.

“The claims that tourism will be increased by this ridiculous event should be enough to raise concern in itself” Mr. Phillips continued “The World Health Organisation has warned that AIDS in on the increase, with over 10 million infected with the disease in Asia alone. Is this one of the net benefits we are expected to gain from this annual influx of tourism?”

“Australian governments should be held accountable for the contempt they show towards their constituents and our nation’s traditional values. Rather than pandering to the whims of the homosexual lobby groups on issues such as adoption, superannuation, same sex unions, IVF and money to display their deviate behaviour on the streets of our cities, they should be funding roads, health, education and increasing the pension for those who actually contributed to building our nation.”

“Perhaps those who support the so called “right” of homosexuals to adopt should take time to witness the behaviour displayed by those involved in this event and then consider whether these people really are fit to be involved in the lives of vulnerable and impressionable children” Mr. Phillips concluded.


  1. If you want ALL Australians to support the fight to stop muslims from coming into Australia and new mosques to be built in Australia, then you need all the helps from homosexuals as well. Unlike muslims, homosexuals are decent people like any other non-muslim Australians. Stop side tracking and forget the real purpose of this party.

    I'm sure the gay comumunities don't welcome the Islamic invasion either, because they kill gays in Islamic countries. To be homophobic is to agree with Islam and its brutal and primitive sharia law.

    Also, the important point to remember is that Muslims can multiply fast in Australia. This is part of all Muslims' duty to Islamize Australia. Muslims are also taught by the Quran that it is ok to rape , rob and kill infidels (non-muslims) as a service to their Isalmic god, Allah. Homosexuals, on the other hand, do not go around raping and killing people, and they do not multiply. They are born with this state of sexual orientation during conception. This is not a conscious choice. Just like being born with a birth mark is not a conscious choice people make. Gay people can not recruit non-gays to become gay. This is simply not possible. Wahtever your sexual orientation is, you're stuck with it for life whether you like it or not. So let them have equal freedom to express their sexuality that they were born with. Period.

    Now Stop this muslim immigration into Oz! We need all the gays to fight along with us to keep Australia free from being Islamized.

    • mike monroe says

      Brad and Wilson, I think that the article was more about the funding than anything.

      There are good homosexuals and bad ones just as there are good and bad heterosexual peoples.

      But yes, we need support I feel from the gay and lesbian community as their lives are at risk as well. There are plenty of conservative gay, lesbian and bi-sexual people supporting this party as their lives are in peril as well.

  2. I found this website because I was looking on youtube for anti-multiculturalism viewpoints which I strongly support.

    I am saddened to find this kind of garbage on here. Some gay people flaunt their sexuality in public but most keep it very much hidden, not least for fear of violence.

    Mardigras is the one time of year that gay and lesbians CAN be openly affectionate in public, the day after it all goes back behind closed doors. Really, how often do you see two guys holding hands in public..I can't remember the last time.

    Heaps of lesbians I know have kids, are you going to snatch them from their wombs? Gay guys who are interested in becoming parents are deaply motivated to do so, unline the outer suburbs breaders who just get knocked up.

    They desperately want to be a parent like many straight men do. Why is that so wrong?

    Gay people would jump behind you if it wasn't for stupid statements like this as they are more often the victems of muslium violence that straight people and re totally alianated by the major parties.

    Stupid stupid stupid, your making the saame mistake as one nation and family first and are making losing credibility for your anti islam views by spouting this garbage

    • julia Day says

      Here here Brad, i concur 100% with you. APP has such an opportunity to do some good, but no good will come in demonising good, honest, hard-working, tax paying Aussies who just happen to be gay….and on the subject of mardi gras funding….for years and years and years that was an event that had NO funding at all, the gay community created it out of nothing but a will to be seen and heard instead of being dehumanised, it has proven itself to be a MEGA money maker for the NSW government and tourism, it gives far more than it takes (if you'll pardon the pun), also, before you ( the APP) knows what hits you, gay couples will have FULL rights under Australian Law…that'd be the right to marry in their own country. They already have the right to adopt children, and so they should (and so I should) as i myself am gay. So pull your heads out of the sand and get real people..remember..if you don't like gays, then stop giving birth to them.

  3. Black Knight, I'm sorry to sound a bit harsh. At least you are getting off your behind and having a say. More Australians need to do what you are doing and contribute. I can see that you are a man of passion and keep it up mate.

  4. Black Knight, I respect your socialist Labor Party viewpoint as your debates are fundamental to a democracy but I disagree with your left wing, union orientated approach to politics. The Labor movement is not what it used to be and unions are now a tool for votes through false information, cronyism and bully-boy tactics. They are no longer for the benefit of workers. It is great to see you having your say though don't be blinded by the Labor spin machine.

    • Me? Leftist? Socialist? Well, I must admit that sometimes I might answer to those names but really my position is what I would call, Australian Nationalist. I have probably come off sounding like a one-eyed Labor supporter but my intention was really to provide some balance to what was probably quite a valid argument anyway. Hopefully thru open discussion we can all learn something along the way.

  5. This is typical of the NSW Labor government. it is the same government which boosted Rudd to the position of PM. It is the same government of the Della Bosca sex scandal, whose wife is in the federal Labor government. It is the same government which has a dark cloud hanging over its head with the McGurk murder which allegedly named several high profile Labor MP's. It is the government which has a history of cronyism, corruption and possibly murder. It is the government which sent NSW broke. It is a disgrace.

  6. I've never read so much utterly deplorable public opinion in my life on the internet.

    We are a nation of backward thinking retards.

    • Sorry Dominic, what "utterly deplorable public opinion" are you referring to? Please be more specific. We are not all "backward thinking retards" here, you know.

      • Yes, Black Knight is right. Could Domenic, please, be more specific on who are the retards and which opinion is (in their view) is "utterly deplorable"?

        How the whole nation could be "backward thinking retards"? We are not some clones from Star Wars. You are not "backward thinking retard", Domenic. I entertain the hope that I am not either.
        Generally, when people call someone a bad name, the "bad named" ones expect an explanation why. (Except in places such as kindergartens and facilities for dementia sufferers.)
        We constantly disagree between ourselves in this blog (E.g me and David Sanders) But we do not call each other names and try to behave as gentelmen.

  7. I'd rather rely on what I see walking the streets and driving past me in their cars, don't tell me that Muslims are a 'minority!'
    By the way Mr Saunders, I personally know someone who works for the Labour government here in Perth and even she is depressed over the trechory of Labour and Kevin Rudd, in her own words and I quote; 'The government knows the Muslims are on a massive breeding programme and acknowledge they will eventually become the 'main race' but the f***ers won't do anything about it'.
    Leave your statstics for the cowards who hide behind computers.
    Both the Liberal and Labour governments have bought this on, both are as bad as one another, yet the Rudd government would have to be the worst.
    The comment also, 'You whites" was also very revealling Mr Saunders….very much so.

  8. I would like to appeal to all participants in this blog. When someone does not reply to someoneelse comment it does not mean the victory in the argument.
    People may not be able to reply soon enough due to work and family commitments.
    Please, exercise restraint in making any harsh comments if people delay their responces.
    Thank you

  9. David Sanders says

    Sorry "Black Knight", I'm back. Still sporting the flag of multicultural trade union solidarity I see? Good for you.

    Well between 2001 and 2006 Hindu population growth was well ahead of Muslim population growth. Those are from Australia Bureau of Statistics figures. Oh and Buddhism grew a lot more than Islam. In 2006, 44% of Australians were either born overseas or had at least one overseas-born parent. You "indigenous" (miraculously white) Australians are almost a minority! In the same year not 1 middle-eastern country made it into the top 10 of AU citizens born overseas, not to say there are not Muslims in every country. But statistics aren't really relevant, since your claim wasn't that there were any real projections of Islam being the predominant religion in 50 years, was it?

    In fact you claimed that "many people are worried" that Muslims will outnumber non-Muslims in 50 years. Are you talking about your friends? Do they constitute "many people" in a nation of 20million people? Any these "many people" – why are they worried? Do they think that the world's 1.5 billion Muslims secretly harbor a desire to blow them up? Do you know any Muslims yourself? Maybe your "many" friends' ignorance would wash away if they attended some Islamic cultural activities? Or visited an Islamic country?

    Let's face it, there is no justification for your terror of Muslims other than your own ridiculous interpretation of what some told you is in the Koran. Have you ever read the Koran? Hell, have you ever read the Bible? There's all sorts of rules about killing people if you don't like what they do in the privacy of their own homes, amongst many other reasons. But people don't hit the streets with machetes and pitchforks after Sunday Mass, do they? Maybe that's because humans have free will, and the progressive ability to reinterpret religion over the generations?

    Bigots, unfortunately, do not – Muslims bigots, Christian bigots and Athiest bigots alike.

    There's a really dumb email floating around about "what happened in Denmark!!!" when Muslims ran wild. If you carefully check each of the points, especially the projections about how many Muslims there'll be in Denmark in 40 years, you'll find them all to be radical departures from reality. But the far-right grows through fear and ignorance, not truth and knowledge.

    • No, David, the Eureka flag is not a flag symbolizing multiculturalism. It is fairly obvious that the Southern Cross could only have meaning in a particular geographical location, and in this case it is Australia. Here is a slightly wider interpretation from a source you no doubt would respect:

      "Among the achievements of Len's fruitful life was the winning of his 60-year battle to have the flag of the Eureka Stockade, first, authenticated and, second, recognised as the symbol that most dramatically captures the spirit of Australian struggle for an independent republic."


      You see, the Eureka flag captures "the spirit of Australian struggle for an independent republic". That's Australian nationalism, David.

    • As for Islam it is plain to see that you don't know very much about it, do you? Take it from someone who knows. Islam is a killer religion. I've known Muslims and I've read the Koran so I know what's in that book. Hell, I have even known someone who was killed by Muslims! His crime? Speaking out against Islam. Killing people is nothing unusual in Islam; the Koran says, "KILL THE UNBELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM".

      Also, you can't compare Christianity with Islam. Just look at the founders of the two religions. Jesus told his followers to love their enemies. Muhammad has his assassinated. Further, Christianity has been through the mill of the Reformation, Islam hasn't. What's more, Muslims don't want to reform their religion. Perhaps you will find that out when you take your own advice and visit a mosque.

    • And although the number of Muslims in Australia is still small the number is steadily growing. In the eleven years the Howard government was in the number of Muslims in Australia doubled. What's more they don't want to integrate with the wider Australian community so they've clustered in a few Sydney suburbs. You can be sure there'll be more and bigger Cronulla's in the future.

      P.S. Australians are right to fear Islam and Muslims. Muslims killed 88 Australians in bali in 2002. Lest we forget, David.

    • Dear David,
      thank you for finding the time for your reply. Allow me to reply.

      1. Re: "…you claimed that "many people are worried" that Muslims will outnumber non-Muslims in 50 years. Are you talking about your friends? Do they constitute "many people" in a nation of 20million people?…"
      In my view, what constitute "many" cannot really be defined. 1 citizen who happen to stamble accross some information that worries him/her is enough. (Again, I felt a bit of sarcasm in your reply as if your friends are better than mine ones. I will not argue that.) The difference between yourself and my friends is that it is Politically Correct for you to express your opinion and mock me and it is dangerous for me to even ask questions. Mind you, I have not expressed any anti-Muslim, anti-migrant opinions at all. Yet, I am treated like criminal just for asking questions. I appreciate part of your reply that was well argumented with relevant statistics, though.

      Thank you for your reply again. It is a minute of silence time – To be continued re: no justification of terror of Muslims.

    • Continued

      2. Re: "Or visited an Islamic country?" – Yes, I have visited a few as a 19 years old paratrooper some time ago. No comment.

      3. Re: radical departure from reality. There is a war of statistics going on here. There are also facts that Muslim population has doubled in Australia recently (Black Night). As I remember from Uni, statistics are not projections and give only limited help in making ones. Try to make predictions of the future stock market moves based solely on statistics. (please, do not for the sake of your family budget!) There are other factors involved.

    • Re: "…Let's face it, there is no justification for your terror of Muslims other than your own ridiculous interpretation of what some told you is in the Koran."
      Why is my interpretation of Koran ridiculous? How do you proove that it is not your interpretation is ridiculous? Or why interpreteation of Koran by jihadwatch's Mr Spencer is ridiculous? Or may be not? Is it absolutely true that something that does not entirely conform with your opinion is ridiculous? Sorry, I do not mean any harshness, I may be wrong. I am wrong sometimes. Knowing that I am wrong sometimes, I try to find the truth via discussion and research. I do it to avoid hurting anyone's feelings because I believe in sanctity of human rights including the right not to be hurt.

    • Continued.

      Presume there is some abstract religion called 'A'. People who follow religion 'A 'believe:
      1. that the Holy Book of religion A is above any law and the only allegiance they must have is to the god described in that book.
      2. the Holy book states that all non-followers of religion A are to be slaughtered.
      3. the Holy Book states that any follower's sacred mission is to conquer the world by any means.
      4. some followers of the religion A did exactly what the Holy Book says – slaughtered innocent people. They keep doing it almost every day. They do feel happy about it.

      Citizen X sees growing number of the followers of the religion A around. Question: Does citizen X have right to start asking questions without being called names?

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      David 'muslim aplogetic' Sanders,

      "But the far-right grows through fear and ignorance, not truth and knowledge"……….The right did not implement multiculturalism, free trade policies or open border policies, this was all done through the ideology of the leftist Intl. ass merchants. We know the truth and also have the knowledge and 'yes' I do fear ignorant fools like you. Tucked up in your white majority suburb? Take your pathetic foreign attitude to Lakemba for a few months and see how you and your boyfriend will be treated. Don't come crying to me or your Mummy.

  10. dave the pom says

    Google FROM TITANS TO LEMMINGS SUICIDE OF THE WHITE RACE for some real facts about what is going on .Comprised of 7 essays , I find the last one paticularly disturbing .This ones not for multi culti libs

  11. David Sanders says

    Um, short lesson in political economy: social dysfunction is economically based, not racially based. If you get mugged by an immigrant and conclude that the immigrant mugged you by virtue of the fact that he is an immigrant, then you are flying in the face of all evidence on violent crime. If you think that environmental destruction will stop when immigration stops, you show a total ignorance of economics and ecology. If you think that the poor pay or conditions at work is the fault of foreign workers, you show a total ignorance of industrial relations, but worse, you fog the air with race hate while the boss happily screws you, regardless of race.
    Through blaming the country's ills on questions of race, immigration, etc, you're trying to construct a country where people are so worried about the colour of someone's skin that they won't defend their rights against dodgy governments. But I guess that doesn't matter when you're the ones in government, screwing working people for your own gain while conning them that if they hate asians even more, things might get better for them!
    That's the logical conclusion of this garbage, the logical conclusion of BNP policy, etc etc. PLEASE stop lying to people and pretending to be the friend of the Aussie battler, you dirty con-artists.

    • Dear David, thank you for your insight. I mostly agree with you on environment, workplace and crime issues.
      Many people (real people) are worried that Australia would become country with predominantly (or significant) Muslim population within 50 years. What is your opinion on that? (Without sarcasm, please. People who read and write in this blog are not all idiots or uneducated and , definitely, not all of us agree with APP entirely. People who are here on this blog have concerns. People have rights to have concerns. Instead of loghing and teasing, educated members of the community should provide explanation in a respectful manner.
      Please, I am very interested to know your opinion re: question I have asked above.
      Kindest regards.

      • euro. It looks like you're still waiting for a reply from David Sanders. He's pathetic, isn't he?

        • He won't answer because he doesn't have the intelligence to do so. Much better just to be a coward and use the word 'racist' (yawn)
          I'll open my eyes to the likes of traitors like Saunders when they can come up with a more original word and have the decency to appologise for his anti-whtie racism, made all the more obnoxious when one hears what those poor girls went through during the Sydney gang rapes. Then again, maybe Saunders gets 'excited' over such 'events' given that throughout history the far left have been more sexually deviant and corrupt than the right.
          Personally I welcome his attacks as it shows us the kind of judgemental morons we have to fight.

  12. David Sanders says

    "distracts from the real issues"? Ha. Hahaha. Like stopping immigration to save the environment? Is that as sophisticated as you children get? What's your position on climate change? Asian conspiracy? How about workers rights? Crooked bosses are only mean to non-white workers? What about foreign policy? "Keep 'em out"? Gee, you guys should be in government in no time! Only 499 more registrations and your there!

    • Okay Dave, why don't you tell us where you stand on all those issues you mentioned? I am sure you realize that it is much easier to be a critic than to be constructive. You'd be a hypocrite if you were easy on yourself but harsh on others, wouldn't you?

  13. Completely agree with Michael. Anti-homosexual agenda distracts from real issues. Leave them alone. They have rights like anyone else.

  14. Yes the funding of gay Mardi Gras is wrong, but so is slagging of homosexuals that just want to be left alone and enjoy their lives. I have lived with them, worked with them and they have the same hopes and fears as anyone else. Given the drunken voilent parents who I was born to, I have known gay people that I would have loved to have had as parents.
    As in other sexualities there are good and bad homosexuals and by calling them names is not only wrong, but will loose the party many votes as Muslims declare that they should be executed.
    I’m sure this party will make mistakes, as did the BNP in the begining and targeting this group so early is a big one.
    Australia has more pressing worries about than what two men or women do in their bedrooms and if this party is to be taken seriously it must adapt. If the BNP can do it, so can this party, there are plenty of young people looking for an alternative than the other two traitor parties and they won’t take kindly to the words perverted etc.
    Otherwise all is lost and we will loose to the left winged fanatics who are determined to turn Australia into an Islamic country for their own psycopathic agendas.
    Young kids who are gay should be supported, (many turn to suicide) but the lifestyle should also not be promoted in schools as seen in overseas studies, it should just be ok, if you are, ok if your not.

  15. “No government funding for homosexual groups” on APP’s list of values is unnecessarily inflammatory and exclusionary. It does not need to be emphasised on your website; its better left unsaid.

    There are alot of gays who support the APP’s agenda and I don’t think APP should be so blatantly exclusionary and punitive towards them. Why not come out and say no funding to Islamic groups before you go after the gays, who are far less of a threat to national security than the Islamics. Wake up APP.

  16. I am a man I USE MY REAL NAME!!!! not a…. in the closet name.
    Anyways this has gone too far so i will finish it and say good bye.

    • Peter its god made adam & eve not adam and steve get it right .

  17. Shockadelic says

    Just leave children out?
    Even if they’re mine?
    Being “gay” doesn’t make you infertile. I can have kids any time I want. Are you going to take them from me?
    “Do this” to children. Do what? Have sex in the privacy on my bedroom with another adult?
    Why do you define my entire life and identity by this one factor? Is your own life purely defined by what you do with your dick?
    Music means more to me than sex ever has. Who I am is more defined by my music collection. But do you care who I actually am?
    No, I’m a stereotype. A pigeonhole. A one-dimensional caricature.
    You’re the one who’s sick and twisted by choice.

  18. shockadelic…

    What you do sexually is your business ….anyways just leave children out of your lifestyle is all i am saying.

    You may be bent and twisted by choice but please dont do this to children.

  19. Shockadelic says

    Peter Mace, the slogan is “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. More clever that way, don’t ya think?

    Since God made two sexes, he would know that could lead to not 1, but 4, yes 4 possible sexualities:

    Since God is not dumb, I’m sure he considered this.

    If you are arguing that today’s laws should be based on ancient Jewish traditions, then either start lobbying your local member to make kosher meat legally compulsory, or shut up

  20. God made Adam & Eve. He did NOT make Adam & George.

    • Peter its god made adam & eve not adam and steve get it right .
      and if adam and steve want to have a relationship its non of yours or my bussniess what thay do in there private lifes.
      As a pre op transgender person I know all about the prestigious people out in the comunity treating us as second class citizens . I Guess im lucky im not aboriginal or a half cast I would be getting stoned whouldnt I.
      shame on all you predigest people you wouldnt make fun of a disabled person would you?
      that right u have no shame

      • Can u please give factual evidence of any white heterosexual stoning Aborigines or half casts Josh?
        No-one is against u or yr choice of lifestyle, we just don't want to fund it. If I want to skip rope for the rest of my life, I don't think the public would be too thrilled with me demanding them to pay for my upkeep.

    • Phillip Maurice says

      When I was a child, I had an imaginary friend too. They told me that they created Adam and Eve but God stole their idea before they could register them at the Trademark and Patenting office.

  21. Nobody has any interest what so ever in what goes on in people’s bedroom?
    I find that hard to believe when your article is filled with words like “outraged”, “unnatural”, “perversion”, “ridiculous”, and “deviate” (I think you mean “deviant”).
    These are not neutral terms.
    It’s language like this that taints the conservative right with the aura of Nazism.
    The problem is sexuality doesn’t just exist in the bedroom. Walk into any newsagent and you’ll see tits, tits and more tits. What’s good for the goose…
    And if conservative right have a problem with public displays of heterosexuality, we rarely hear about it.
    Heterosexuals “flaunt” their sexuality all the time, far beyond the privacy of home.
    And what does your sexuality have to do with suitability as a parent? I never knew what my parents did in bed, and I don’t want to know! Children’s relationships with adults have nothing to do with sex.
    People use the same arguments to attack gay teachers or child carers, as if one’s private sexual behaviour is going to have any effect on what happens in a classroom or creche. Gay teachers teach the same curriculum as straight teachers. Did you know what your parents or teachers did in bed when you were a child? No. Who knows what “perversions” they indulged in. But it made no difference to you.

    • Quite true, but that doesn't make everything more palatable just because its in the newsagents, is that what you want, then go for it, for me I will be happy for it to disappear, hopefully one day it will.

      Speak for yourself about what is interesting in other peoples bedrooms, voyeurs have rights too.
      (ha ha)

      Your point about children is the ideal, unfortunately its not like that in many cases. They are the ones who need protecting, and prancing tax funded gays isn't the way.

  22. As previously stated, nobody has any interest what so ever in what goes on in people’s bedroom.

  23. Shockadelic says

    I agree with “nameless”
    Us queers are WHITE too. We were born to heterosexual parents. Our turning out gay hasn’t made out parents turn gay too.
    I agree that no government funding should go to the parade, but I would say that if it was a parade of truckies or surfies or Avon ladies.
    Presuming all gay people are like those in the parade is also bogus.
    They represent a minority within a minority.
    If this party thinks Big Brother in the Bedroom is a good idea, get ready for a lot of heterosexual people to turn away from your party. NOBODY wants politicians deciding how they can get off.
    The existence of a small number of queers (and its always been a small number and always will be) poses no threat to the existence of heterosexuality or families (which have always been the majority and always will).

    • I agree, but for goodness sake keep it in the bedroom, that is all we are asking, whether gay or not., and as for funding it from the taxpayer, no thanks, I think this point has been answered effectively from both persuasions.

  24. I have nothing against gays but I do think the funding for the parade is a disgrace. Why must some Homosexuals have the urge to tell everyone that they are gay? Australia needs to go back to it’s old ways, what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. That goes for TV, radio and other media. Look at old movies for examples, most classic old movies (pre-60s) did not need raunchy sex scenes to be good. Our society is just bringing itself to a whole new low and promoting Homosexual acts in public is disgusting, I would feel the same if it was a hetrosexual parade.

  25. now gays have equal rights this means yougng children will be brainwashed at a young age this gay lifestyle is normal, this shows parents have no say in what there kids are taught,the labour govt will do anything to get votes. what worries me is who is running this country i have seen most things that happen in this country come from brussels via the british govt try reading uk newspapers on the net.rudd is just a puppet

  26. Gays and lesbians are white Australians too. What they do in their bedrooms is their business not yours. Leave all the white Australian minorities alone to do their thing.

    Concentrate on the important business of making Australia anglo-saxon and white again. You’ll get more supporters that way. I suggest you should be an Australian nationalist party inclusive of ALL white Australians.

    • We are not interested in what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, we are however concerned about taxpayers money being used to prop up a failed business – being the “Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras”

      • Phillips' words suggest more than just a concern with a waste of taxpayers' money. I think that when it comes to homosexuals and their rights, the horse has bolted.

        • David Sanders says

          Hey scumbag, that's a UNION flag, not a redneck scum flag. Hands off what's not yours.

          • David.

            It is not very nice of you to call other people scumbags and rednecks when you don't know them. I am neither.

            As for the Eureka flag it is the flag of Australian nationalism and as an Australian I will use as I please.

            A word of advice David, next time you post here please be more polite.

          • I don't think it's in the nature of the far left to be polite…u know these are the one's that stand up for 'freedom of speech and all' and how they prove it by allowing cowds of Muslims to preach their hatred against us in their Mosques.
            But of course, too gutless to criticise them, much easier to vent their anger out on their own kind.
            Wonderful people, the far left who are so 'educated' they use the same words over and over as weapons, 'racist' (yawn) bigot (ho-hum) redneck (blah blah blah)
            Go live in London David, see how long a white male can survive, if you've got the guts.

          • David Sanders says

            Wrong, the symbol you use is not “the flag of Australian nationalism” – far from it. It’s the flag of the Eureka rebellion. A little more history for you: of the 13 men brought to trial after the rebellion were John Joseph, a black American from New York, Jacob Sorenson, a Jew from Scotland, James McFie Campbell, a black man from Kingston, Jamaica, and Raffaello Carboni, an Italian and key leader of the rebellion. So you’re actually waving the flag of multicultural worker solidarity. Good for you.

      • English Oak says

        Darrren, well spoken, mate!!
        I certainly do NOT have a problem with homosexuals or Lesbians in the slightest way; i do however, have a problem with funding (tax payers with no choice in the matter!) for these minorities and their parades.
        Next we will see an african pride/cultural parade funded by Liebour, an arabic pride/cultural parade funded by Liebour – what next?
        If Anglo-Europeans wanted to celebrate Captain Cook or the contribution Western Europe has had on Australia we would be asking for trouble and funding would certainly not be forthcoming – i can tell you now!

  27. nameless says

    A similar organisation overseas the British National Party does not have any anti-gay rhetoric or policies on their website so why should you?

    If you remember the ‘burn lesbians at the stake’ issue had a negative effect on the Family First party a number of years ago. It really is a very silly issue to get involved with. It takes up a disproportionate amount of debate time versus other issues, does not help protect Australia, and distracts attention from the more urgent issue of the immigration tsunami.

    Just like making anti-jewish remarks would have a negative impact on your party and collapse its support base, while achieving nothing, same with this issue. Why be a 0.001% fringe paranioc sex-obsessed organisation when you could have wide ranging support as a strong protectionist party?

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