Foley panders to Rainbow Extremists

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today condemned Acting Premier Kevin Foley’s weak-kneed response to threats of violence by anarchists and other extreme left wing groups.

“While I share the objections of many to the Arms Expo being held on Armistice Day, the fact remains that such an event is of immense value to a state such as ours, given the strong presence we have in the defence manufacturing sector” Mr.Phillips said. “Unfortunately in this case, we are witnessing a limp-wristed response by a senior government minister to the dictates of violent left wing extremists.”

The Australian Protectionist Party recognizes the role of Government to facilitate and defend the right of individuals and business to engage in legitimate commercial activity, this includes the operation of Fairs, Shows and Expos without the threat of intimidation by minority crank groups.

“It is not good enough for Mr.Foley to reassure South Australians that contacts made prior to the planned event will be followed up” Mr. Phillips continued “How on earth will these companies think the government could defend their multi-million dollar manufacturing operations if they are prepared to capitulate to the demands of a handful of the lunatic left?”

“Rather than defending the interest of the state and working to encourage the creation of employment, Mr. Foley prefers to talk tough by throwing insults at the anarchists, labelling them as feral lowlifes, while at the same time giving his party’s political love children that for which they scream without making them work for it.” Mr. Phillips concluded.

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Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips
National Chairman and S.A. spokesman, Australian Protectionist Party
7th September 2008

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