Rann funding arrogance causes Labor pains in rural health

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today expressed concern at the Rann Government’s continued assault on regional South Australia in the wake of planned downgrading of rural hospitals.

“Mr. Rann’s continued contempt for regional SA has now taken a dangerous turn with his plan to downgrade our hospitals” Mr. Phillips said “ No one could refute the need for increased funding to the larger hospitals Rann has listed, but not at the expense of services provided by community hospitals from Eyre Peninsula to the Murray Mallee and South East”.

The Australian Protectionist Party recognizes the invaluable role played by regional Australia in both the economy and the identity of the Australian nation. Australian taxes should be directed first and foremost to the provision of world class health and education services to Australian citizens, equally, across the entire continent.

“It would appear Mr. Rann has a desire to be considered a 21st Century Dunstan when it comes to government funding” Mr. Phillips continued “$100 million on an AAMI Stadium upgrade, $50 million addition to over $8million already allocated to an upgrade of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, $43 million on a film studio at the expense of psychiatric health at Glenside, over $300,000 for multicultural festivals, support of the Gay and Lesbian Feast Festival, $2 billion on urban transport leading to Labor electorates-where does it stop?”

“Regional South Australians have every right to view this government with suspicion” Mr. Phillips continued “Rann was not content with his assault on country schools and our children’s education – it would appear he now wants to put their lives and health at risk as well” Mr. Phillips concluded.

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