Globalisation Takes Toll On Rural Sector

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today expressed concern at the loss of approximately 100 jobs in the nation’s pork producing sector.

QAF Meats, one of Australia’s largest piggery companies has announced the intention to close 5 piggeries in Victoria after numerous attempts to restructure and make the process a viable option.

“There is no reason a company such as QAF should be forced into this situation considering the quality of product they have to offer the Australian consumer” Mr. Phillips said. “Clearly, Australian producers are being forced to the wall by Government and Opposition policy which allows in cheap, subsidized foreign produce.”

The Australian Protectionist Party advocates the policy of fair trade over free trade. Until the world agrees to operate through a system that guarantees a producer a fair return for his efforts, Australian producers should have their livelihoods protected by a moderate system of tariffs and labeling standards – a practice supported by other countries in the world.

“Australians would be astounded to know that 75% of all processed pork product they consume is made from subsidized imported pork – at the expense of local farmers” Mr. Phillips continued, “Imports have increased by 64% in less than 5 years and our local industry is on the verge of collapse”.

“The local pork industry is estimated to generate $2.5 billion per year and provides 30,000 jobs to Australians” Mr. Phillips said, “However, both the government and the Opposition continue to pursue disastrous policies driving our farmers off the land and our processors off shore, when they should be putting the national interest first and protecting local industry”.

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips
National Chairman and S.A. spokesman, Australian Protectionist Party
7th November 2007

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