The ongoing betrayal over Australia Day

From an APP member:

Australia Day is here, and once more the treachery begins. Every year the media trots out a wrecker-ball narrative around about the time of our national celebration. It used to be either an annual push for a new flag or for a republic, but now it’s a push for changing the date of Australia Day.

These perennial media-driven propaganda campaigns do not appear out of nowhere. With the majority of Australians supporting our national flag, our British Commonwealth connection, and our national day commemorations, it may seem odd to some that these items are even an issue on the mainstream media’s agenda. However, the reason is very simple — the mainstream media has been, for many years, an industry dominated by Leftists; this has been shown by voting intention surveys, political positioning polls, and the political donation records of journalists.

Many members of the public naively think that journalists are politically neutral — but nothing can be further from the truth. The mainstream media is heavily biased when it comes to cultural issues, such as immigration, Multiculturalism, and nationalism (actual nationalism, that is; not the McDonalds-sponsored sports team supporting nationalism). The mainstream media are not writers of record, but are rather players in the political sphere; they are, in fact, “journalist-politicians” — or “media-politicians”.

The Leftist-dominated mainstream media wants to push a campaign against Australia Day because they are anti-Australian; they do not want the Australian nation to survive and thrive — they want to see it torn down and replaced by a Multicultural Tower of Babel.

Australia Day marks the arrival of the British settlers in Australia — and the Multicultural Left hate the idea of the British Empire (now the British Commonwealth), as they see it as a cultural bastion of white patriarchy. This is also why the media-politicians oppose the Australian flag and want to implement a republic — their underlying reason is that they want to destroy Australia’s British connection.

Simultaneously, getting rid of these traditional links would be a further erosion of Australia’s cultural and racial connections with Europe, making it even easier for the Cultural Marxists to push their disastrous ideology of Multiculturalism, implement yet more Third World immigration, and eventually destroy traditional Australia altogether — this destruction of our section of Western Civilisation would be the local Cultural Marxists’ contribution to the Great Replacement.

Just to be clear, there does exist a minority of people who may want a change to any of these three issues, but who are actually pro-Australian (with their hearts in the right place); but they are not the source of the media-driven campaigning.

The mainstream media’s drive to destroy Australia Day has an ulterior motive — it is part of an ongoing ideological Cultural Marxist agenda to destroy traditional Australia, decimate Western Civilisation, and dismantle the “white heteronormative patriarchy”.

Let’s face it, you could give in to the Cultural Marxists over Australia Day, then surrender the Australian flag, and then bring in a republic — but shortly afterwards there’ll be yet another anti-Australian campaign. The Cultural Marxists will conduct one campaign after another, until there is nothing left of our Australia. That is their long-term goal — a new Australia, moulded in their image (with all of the ensuing disastrous consequences).

The Cultural Marxists intend to tear our nation apart, piece by piece. It is up to us to defend what we have — and to claw back from their clutches any gains they may have already made.

Appeasement does not work. We must fight for our nation and defend our way of life.

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