Blame all white men, even when they are innocent!

The leftist feminist activist Clementine Ford, who pushes an anti-white and anti-male political agenda, has once again shown her true colours — in an article she wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald, a leftist newspaper of the mainstream media.

Ford, quite rightly, condemned the rape and murder of Aiia Maasarwe (a Palestinian Arab with Israeli citizenship, who was staying in Melbourne as an exchange student). However, Ford went on to blame all men, describing the murder as “men’s violence”; she then narrowed down her hate-filled vitriol against white men in particular, implying that the attack was part of a supposed pattern of white “racism and violence”.

Her words dripping with anti-white hatred, Ford said:

“Dog whistling politicians love to fling mud at migrant communities, stoking propaganda against them and nurturing the racism and violence that all too many white people consider to be a good day out, but they refuse to properly address the reality of misogyny and its widespread harm. Women of colour like Aiia are targeted by this violence at significantly higher rates, yet we have legislators and right-wing pundits embracing the tenets of white supremacy under the guise of “preserving our values”.”

Now that the police in Melbourne have charged an Aboriginal man, Codey Herrmann, over the rape and murder of the poor young student, will Clementine Ford and her feminist fellow-travellers now turn their hatred against all Aboriginal men? You can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t.

Radical leftist feminists are more than happy to campaign against white men; but even though rape and violence is a major problem in Aboriginal communities, you can safely bet that the feminists aren’t going to start campaigning against Aboriginal men.

Why not? Mistreatment of women (including rape and violence) was a significant part of Aboriginal culture before whites even arrived in Australia (we know this from early accounts of Aboriginal tribes) — and similar problems feature to a certain extent in modern times. Surely Clementine Ford and her buddies will now want to start campaigning against the problem of rape and violence in Aboriginal communities?

The problem is that leftist feminists care more about racial issues and their anti-white campaigning for the Great Replacement (using Third World immigration to flood all predominantly-European countries) than they do about women’s issues. If there’s a conflict of interest between brown people and women, odds are that the females will lose out almost every time — which is why you don’t see massive protests by feminists in Lakemba against the way that the Islamic culture treats women.

By the way, isn’t it odd that the majority of the media haven’t mentioned that the alleged murderer is an Aboriginal man? It’s almost as if the mainstream media is full of leftists and multiculturalists, who are loath to point out the wrong-doings of Aborigines, but who have no problem with demonising white men and white culture.

For example, mentions Codey Herrmann being in the news when he was a teenager (in the older article at that time, he was described as an Aborigine) and even mentioned his Facebook page (published under the name of “Kody Wrex”), which features pro-Aboriginal posts — but somehow his Aboriginality escaped them. Huh, how about that?

However, Channel 9 News gave the full story, mentioned that Herrmann is a “self-described “Aboriginal Australian born rapper and song-writer” from Greensborough”; but most of the other media outlets have avoided mentioning his ethnicity so far.

Leftists and multiculturalists hate mentioning the ethnicity of non-whites in crime stories, because 1) there are so many of them, and 2) telling the truth about non-whites and crime could well undermine Multiculturalism in the eyes of the white population.

The Age, another leftist newspaper, didn’t mention Herrmann’s Aboriginality, but concentrated on his “mental health struggles” and drug abuse.

As the XYZ site cuttingly put it:

“You can see where this is going. The media will frame it as another case of “mental illness”. Incidents of diversity-on-diversity crime must not be allowed to undermine our diversity, because our diversity is our strength.”

The good folk at XYZ also made another pertinent comment, which should be read by all those ill-doers who constantly try to mould boys and men into politically correct drones:

“Masculinity is good and it is natural. Telling men that masculinity is bad and that we must reform traditionally understood notions of masculinity is damaging to us personally, and it is causing a rupture in the system between men and women.
Telling boys that masculinity is bad and that they must reform traditionally understood notions of masculinity – i.e. that they are inherently bad for who they are – is child abuse. That is how you create monsters.”

Isn’t it odd that when yet another Islamic extremist kills someone, or carries out a terrorist outrage, that the leftists rush forward with their usual diatribe, bleating “It’s just an individual, you mustn’t blame all Muslims for this” — but when some monster rapes and murders a woman, they are quite happy to blame all men, especially all white men. The same kind of hypocrisy can be seen with the way that the multiculturalists react to home invasions by African gangs (“It’s just a few individuals”), but they then go on to blame all sorts of supposed historical misdeeds on “white people”.

In her article, Clementine Ford said:

“You men want to stop being lumped in with all the “bad apples”? Consider yourselves lucky that this is all you have to deal with.
… Guess what, men? You are all implicated.”

Maybe that quote could be used whenever Muslims and Africans complain about being associated with terrorists and crime gangs — “You are all implicated”. Could you imagine the Sydney Morning Herald approving that quote for use in an article about Muslims and Africans? No way would they allow it — but if it’s for an article attacking white males, then it’s a case of “No problems, go right ahead”.

Perhaps one day Clementine Ford will realise that she is one of the bad guys, pushing an anti-nature, anti-male, anti-white agenda — but it’s doubtful that she’ll wake up to the fact. Like Leon Trotsky, she’ll probably remain a hate-filled extremist right up until when the icy hand of fate picks her day of demise.

Clementine Ford’s article was mostly a bunch of rubbish, but there was one line in there that was spot on (although not in the way that she intended).

“It’s your choice. Pick your side.”

She’s absolutely right. Everyone should pick a side. We are in the midst of a cultural war for our people’s hearts and minds, an historical war for the future of our civilisation, and a demographic war for our people’s very existence — and everyone should choose a side. We don’t want people sitting on the sidelines, we need people to act.

All good people should be made aware of the political agenda of the anti-Western extremists, and work hard at defending our civilisation and our people in the years to come. We need all decent people to fight for our future.

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Legal notice: The Aboriginal man mentioned in the above article, Codey Herrmann, has been charged by the police with murder, but he has not had a trial and therefore no assumption of guilt should be inferred; he should be regarded as innocent unless found guilty by a trial in court.
Any posted comments which pronounce guilt against the accused, before the trial’s end, may be sub judice and may therefore be illegal; any such comments are subject to being deleted, not as an attempt to stop someone voicing an opinion, but as a matter of complying with the law.


  1. The logic of the Left:-when a Muslim runs over a crowd with a diversity truck-‘its not all Muslims’.
    If violence against women is common in indigenous culture-‘its the fault of white men, and they ought to be ashamed’.
    When Africans gangbang your daughter, rob your house and steal your car-‘we didn’t do enough of whatever for them….and its not all Africans’.
    When one white guy gropes a fully grown woman at a party….’its all white men and we need an advertising campaign to stamp out such appalling behavior’.
    In other words….the left have no logic. They are sexist against men, and racist against whites. I’m guessing they’re perhaps also heterophobic.

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