Homosexual “marriages” are just another attack upon our traditional institutions

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Australia is soon to have a non-binding plebiscite on the issue of homosexual marriages. There are several aspects of this matter that should be considered.

Are politicians really seeking the will of the people?
How odd that the Government is asking our opinion in a plebiscite, considering that the major parties don’t normally give a brass razoo for what the public think.

However, the reason for this plebiscite is actually one of political self-interest. On the issue of homosexual marriages, the Government will be “damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t”; if it opposes such marriages, it will then lose the support of the Politically Correct voter base; if it supports such marriages, it will then lose the support of the Socially Conservative (Traditionalist) voter base. But if the Government can claim that they are just acting in line with a popular vote, then they stand a fair chance of being let off the hook.

Hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars are being spent so that the Government can try to minimise any loss of support on this issue. It’s not about seeking our opinion, it’s all about retaining votes.

By the way, it should be remembered that this vote is a “non-binding plebiscite”, i.e. the Government does not want to be bound by the will of the people. This vote is not actually an effort to discover the opinion of the people, it is in fact a cynical exercise in political pragmatism and voter manipulation. For approximately the same amount of money, the vote could have been made into a binding referendum, but politicians hate being bound by the will of the people.

On most major issues the main political parties will usually pass laws in favour of their own agenda, or their own interests, without a care for the opinions of the people. In fact, on issues such as immigration, the Liberal and Labor parties have known about opinion polls which have showed the public being against aspects of immigration, but have instead carried on with their own social-political agenda with a “bi-partisan agreement” (in effect, an anti-democratic “open conspiracy” against the Australian people).

Thin edge of the wedge
To any astute observer of politics, it should be obvious that homosexual marriages are just the thin edge of the wedge.

The anti-traditionalists tell us it’s just about this one issue, but as soon as the door is opened a tiny crack, they chock in a wedge to keep it open, and then start on the next part of their agenda (and then wedge the door open a bit wider, and so on it goes). They’re asking for one slice of the cultural pie, but if we allow them to do that, they then intend to consume another slice, and then another, and then another, until they have put into effect their entire political-social agenda, until our society is no longer recognisable.

It used to be that homosexuality was against the law. Many people thought it was reasonable that homosexuals should be able to do what they wanted behind closed doors, and the campaign for legalisation was sold on that basis. However, there were some Social Conservatives who warned that the legalisation of homosexuality would lead to homosexuals being able to adopt children and to homosexual marriage.

“Ha ha, no, don’t be stupid,” said the advocates of homosexuality, “we just want homosexuality to be legalised. We don’t want any of that other stuff, and legalising homosexuality won’t bring it about. You’re just being crazy, paranoid, or ridiculous. No way will those other things happen!” But those things did happen; the Social Conservatives were right. At the very least, some safeguards should have been put into place.

Similarly, when laws were being advocated to stop any discrimination against homosexuals, the narrative being pushed was that these laws were just to protect homosexuals who were being persecuted; therefore, many people thought that those laws were reasonable. Again, some Social Conservatives warned that there was another agenda at work, and that there would be far-reaching consequences, with homosexuality being taught in schools, anti-homosexuals being persecuted for their beliefs, and Christians being legally attacked. The pro-homosexual activists told us that such warnings were ridiculous. But, once again, the Social Conservatives were right.

We are now being warned about what will happen if we allow homosexual marriages to be legalised, and we should therefore heed those warnings very seriously.

These “thin edge of the wedge” tactics have been used for years by anti-traditionalists, Cultural Marxists, and haters of Western Civilisation. Hey, c’mon, it’s 2017 — we should all be aware by now that the homosexual marriage agenda is just an entry point for other attacks upon our society and upon our freedoms; to think otherwise would be politically naive.

There are various consequences that are likely to arise from legalising homosexual marriages. We need only look at what has happened in other countries where the homosexual agenda has been advanced:

* Criticism of homosexuality becomes classified as “hate speech” (any opinions which are critical of the sacred cows of Political Correctness tend to become labelled as “hate speech” — this sort of demonisation of the opinions of social-political opponents is a tactic of psychological manipulation, but it is one which has been very effective for the Cultural Marxists).

* Publicly quoting Bible passages against homosexuality can lead to arrests, fines, and jail. Freedom of speech is vehemently opposed by the advocates of Cultural Marxism.

* Business people will not be allowed to decline to provide goods and/or services that promote homosexuality or homosexual marriages, without fear of fines and bankruptcy. Bakers and cooks will be forced to cater for homosexual marriages, reception venues will be forced to host homosexual marriages and receptions, and even churches and priests may be forced to conduct homosexual marriages — or face the life-destroying consequences of holding steadfast to their deep-seated morality when they are legally and financially crushed by the forces of the State.

* Religion-based child adoption agencies are forced to assist homosexuals to adopt children, or else face fines and closure. Rather than engage in such coerced behaviour, which they regard as sinful, or even evil, some adoption agencies have closed down.

* School children will be taught that homosexuality is a positive lifestyle that should be favourably considered. Such propaganda is already being taught in kindergartens, primary schools, and high schools.

* An indirectly-related consequence would be the teaching in schools that transgenderism is a positive lifestyle that should be favourably considered. On top of which there would be various laws to stop “discrimination” against transgender people, as well as the deeming of opinions against transgenderism as “hate speech”.

* Another indirectly-related consequence could be the lowering of the age of consent. Already there are various leftists, Cultural Marxists, and so-called “do-gooders” who believe that the age of consent should be lowered (paedophiles also support any lowering of the age of consent).

The legalisation of homosexual marriages is not just some benign occurrence that will only affect homosexuals, it will also negatively impact society as a whole. It will especially damage our rights to free speech, even more than the anti-Westerners have damaged our rights already.

Examples abound of how enshrining homosexuality in law has led to restrictions on freedom of speech, fines, and jailing for people. Some pro-homosexual activists try to pretend that what has happened in Canada, England, Sweden, the USA, etc., won’t happen in Australia, but that clearly isn’t the case; the right to speak one’s opinion on issues regarding homosexuality are already being restricted in Australia by the Thought Police (the so-called Human Rights Commission, as well as various courts). It is far better that we learn from the mistakes of other countries, than make the same mistakes ourselves.

As Brian Camenker has stated, regarding homosexual marriages, “It’s become a hammer to force the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality on everyone. The slippery slope is real. New radical demands never cease.” Bill Muehlenberg put the problem in a nutshell: “Wherever homosexualists have been granted special status and extra rights, huge repercussions for the rest of the community have been experienced”.

Homosexual activists and Cultural Marxists love to portray homosexuals as “victims”, but if homosexual marriages are legalised, and homosexuality is further enshrined as an inviolate concept, then anyone who opposes homosexuality and who publicly voices their opinion (which should be their right in a democratic society) will become the victim of the Thought Police, liable to be arrested, fined, and/or thrown in jail.

Further widening of marriage laws
It is quite possible, or even likely, that the marriage laws will be even further widened if homosexual marriages are legalised.

There are those who advocate that polygamous marriages should be legalised. Currently, Australian law does not allow the conducting of polygamous marriages in this country. However, polygamous marriages are informally recognised within Australia, insofar as polygamous Islamic marriages are treated as “informal religious unions”.

Therefore, as we have already taken one step in favour of polygamous marriages, it would not be too hard for Cultural Marxists to promote the issue. In fact, there have already been calls for polygamous marriages to be legalised in Australia.

Since most polygamous marriages in Australia are of those belonging to the Islamic religion, and are mostly Asians, Arabs, and Africans (as well as some Aborigines), it would be quite easy for the anti-Westerners to claim that non-legalisation of polygamous marriages is “racist”. One favourite Cultural Marxist tactic seems to be “When in doubt, use the race card”; after all, it usually works.

Whilst far less numerous than those engaged in polygamous marriages, there are those who are involved in adult incestuous relationships, and who would like to have “marriage equality”. These incestuous relationships are usually between brothers and sisters, but mother-son, father-daughter, and even grandparent relationships could also be included. Cousin marriages are already quite common in some Middle Eastern cultures.

The “marriage equality” activists may say that there is an increased risk of medical problems with children from incestuous relationships; however, isn’t that also the case with hemophiliacs as well? Or any other hereditary disease? Unless the “marriage equality” activists are going to ban marriage for all couples with hereditary diseases, then it is obvious that they are just discriminating against people on the basis of lifestyle choice; they would be discriminating against people just because they love each other!

If those who advocate “marriage equality” actually really want “marriage equality”, then adult incestuous marriages should be totally fine with them. They tell us that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any adult relationship, so long as the people involved voluntarily enter into the partnership, so supporting adult incestuous marriages will be a great way for the advocates of “marriage equality” to show us that they’re not “bigots”.

However, those of us with a sense of decent morality (the dreaded “Social Conservatives”), believe that neither polygamy nor adult incestuous marriages should be made legal. Luckily we’re used to being called “bigots” by Social Justice Warriors, just because we support common sense and moral decency. But will the SJWs now call themselves “bigots” for opposing other non-traditional marriages? Probably not. Oh hypocrisy, thy name is Social Justice Warrior.

The intention of marriage
As far as origins go, it appears that the word “marry” is derived from the Old French word “marier”, which itself derives from the Latin word “maritare”, from “maritus” (married man, husband), possibly from the phrase “provided with a mari” (a “mari” being a young woman), and may ultimately stem from the Proto-Indo-European base word “meri” (young wife).

The word “marriage” itself (in its English form, with regards to human relationships) was certainly created in reference to a male and a female, and so it is not applicable regarding a homosexual coupling.

The attempts by pro-homosexual activists to have the heterosexual institution of marriage extended to homosexuals is a debasement of the institution, which would undermine the dignity, meaning, and intent of marriage. Legalising homosexual “marriages” demeans this important institution of our traditional civilisation.

Marriage is for men and women only.

Non-traditional marriages
What about those humans who have “married” animals — are they to be considered legitimate marriages as well? After all, surely we cannot discriminate against the man who married his goat, the boy who married a cow, or the woman who married a snake?

If the human involved loved the object of his/her affections, then who are we to object? Indeed, love may be somewhat irrelevant in an overall historical context; after all, historically, there have been many arranged marriages which have not included love as an element (the aim of marriage is a union between a male and a female, even though in Western countries most of us now prefer now to have love as an essential part of the equation).

This raises the question: How can “marriage equality” activists object to human-animal marriages, which are non-traditional, if they are going to support non-traditional homosexual marriages? If they oppose human-animal marriages because they are not “normal” marriages, then — using their own tactics of social demonisation — should they be called “nasty, prejudiced, hate-filled bigots”? And denounced as zoophobic?

Also, what about those humans who have “married” objects? What about the woman who married the Berlin Wall? How can the “marriage equality” activists object to that? Are they all “wall haters” or wallophobes? Or what about the Japanese man who married the Nintendo video game character Nene Anegasaki? Well, at least he was marrying a female Nintendo character — if he married a male Nintendo character, then that would have just been weird (note to Social Justice Warriors: the last comment was a joke; don’t get your knickers in a twist over it).

As well as the Berlin Wall and a Nintendo game character, the list of object “significant others” involved in a marriage includes a Barbie Doll, body pillow, laptop computer, phone, photo, radio, roller coaster, sex doll, stone, and a train. There was also a woman who married the Eiffel Tower — maybe that couple could double-date with the Berlin Wall twosome? To traditionalists, the idea of marrying objects sounds a bit mad; but, in Political Correctness Land, maybe that wouldn’t be considered as an objective opinion (pun intended).

The common thread of all these non-traditional marriages (homosexuals, animals, objects) is that they are all a debasement of the heterosexual institution of marriage; they undermine the value of the institution. Accepting such a demeaning change to the institution of marriage pushes it in the direction of making it meaningless or worthless; it’s like marriage is an Australian dollar which some foolish meddler is trying to equate to one of those nearly-worthless Zimbabwean dollars (remember the “one hundred trillion dollars” Zimbabwean note?); marriage should mean something, and not be debased by those with their own social-political agendas.

Whilst these odd “marriages” are rare, they reinforce the point that the institution of marriage should not be corrupted or contorted just to suit the whims of a vocal minority or their political cheer squads.

Traditional marriage in our country should be left as it should be, as the union of a man and a woman.

Part of the Cultural War
The push for homosexual marriages is just another part of the ongoing Cultural War against the traditional values of Western Civilisation.

This Cultural War has been waged against the West for some decades, at least since the 1960s. The chief culprits in this treacherous war of cultural undermining are those who hate Western Civilisation with a passion: Cultural Marxists, Anarchists, Communists, and extremist Socialists. To those numbers can be added their fellow travellers, mostly being the numerous thousands of university students who have gone through the brainwashing mill of our modern universities, which are overwhelmingly dominated by Leftists — especially in Bachelor of Arts courses, where they love to spout propaganda in their classes on Communism, Marxist economics, feminism, (black armband) history, (leftist) politics, and so on. However, with Leftist and Anti-Traditional teachers now also dominating primary and high schools, the net for anti-Western propaganda and psychological manipulation (political-social brainwashing) has been cast much wider.

The Cultural War encompasses many aspects, and homosexuality is just one of them. To acquiesce to the desires and tactics of the Cultural Marxists is madness, as it will only further undermine Australian society in particular and Western Civilisation in general.

The legalisation of homosexual marriages is just the thin edge of the wedge in the Cultural War. It should be opposed on cultural, social, and moral grounds.

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