A stagnant Australia?

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A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald alleged that if it weren’t for immigration, our culture would be “stagnant”.
Oh, really? So, without immigration, our nation would just be some dirty smelly backwater?

That Sydney Morning Herald propaganda is just a load of rubbish.
Not to mention racist against Australians.
How many times has the Sydney Morning Herald described Aboriginal culture as “stagnant”, because it wasn’t “enriched” by immigration for thousands of years? How about never?

Such nasty little “digs” and sly stabs in the back, as the Sydney Morning Herald indulges in, are reserved for nations which are primarily racially white, such as Australia.
Anti-Australianism is a practice that often appears in the media, as is befitting the fact that the vast majority of journalists are Multiculturalists.

Multiculturalist journalists love to carry on about the supposed benefits of Multiculturalism. But there are a lot of aspects of Multiculturalism that are not beneficial to our nation.
Whilst we currently face the rise of Islamic extremists in our midst, as well as the continued emergence of ethnic-African gangs in our suburbs, the “benefits” of Multiculturalism have been readily apparent for many years.
So, how about we look at some of these “benefits” that apparently stop Australia from being “stagnant”?

* Lebanese Muslim thugs roaming Sydney’s beaches in packs, assaulting and bullying Australians, whilst the police refuse to do anything about it (probably because they were afraid of the media calling them “Racist!”), until Australians held a mass protest rally at Cronulla.
Thanks to Multiculturalism, we have been culturally enriched. Yay. (Enriched, as in being bashed on the beach.)

* African crime gangs rampaging in our major cities, making people live in fear. The police in Victoria tried to handle the situation, but then the Multiculturalists took them to court and had them stop their pro-active policing methods, condemning it as “racial profiling”. If the crime rate went up after that, then surely it must have been a coincidence, right?
We are even more enriched. Yay. (Being robbed when your house is broken into is a great way to enjoy some cultural diversity.)

* High crime rates from certain African ethnicities, up to five times the average. That’s five times the amount of crime being generated than if we had the same number of immigrants from Western nations.
More enrichment, courtesy of Multiculturalism. Yay. (When your grandmother is robbed in the street at knifepoint by an African gang member, remember to tell her to thank the Multiculturalists for letting her become so enriched. Not financially enriched, of course; that disappeared when her attacker ran off with her handbag.)

* Asian crime groups and crime syndicates organizing a great deal of the heroin trade, and recruiting desperate and down-and-out Australians into their nefarious trade.
This is a double whammy; with this one, some Australians get to be “enriched” by both immigration and illegal drugs. Lucky them. Yay.

* Maori motorcycle gangs of a criminal bent, involved in all sorts of illegal activities.
Guess who the majority of the victims of criminal biker gangs are. If you guess “Australian”, then you’re right on the money.
There are also some Lebanese criminal motorcycle gangs, sometimes even with members who don’t ride motorbikes. Go figure. That’s a new one.
Non-motorbike riding biker gangs is another bit of cultural enrichment for us. Yay.

* Lebanese and Pakistani rape gangs who specifically target young Australian women.
But, for some reason, we haven’t been experiencing rape rampages by Swiss, Swedish, Dutch, or Danish gangs. How odd. It’s almost as if some ethnic groups contain different crime patterns to others.
So, with Multiculturalism and its multi-faceted mass immigration programmes, we get to be “enriched” by a wide variety of criminal evil. (Enriched enough to make us sick.)

For every “migrant success” story that the media Multiculturalists propagandise about, there’s a whole heap of other stories that they don’t report on; sad, shameful, and often violent stories that are buried in faceless police statistics.

Don’t ever think that the media can be trusted. They are basically the propaganda arm of the Multiculturalist Establishment. Think of the style of the “Pravda” newspaper of the Soviet Communist era, and that will give you a bit of insight into the modern mass media in Australia, except with fewer red stars (although some leftist journos may wear them in their hearts).

Immigration can be of some benefit to a nation when it is handled properly and responsibly, but the Australian Establishment’s immigration policies have been developing along anti-Australian lines for probably at least about 50 years, thanks to the traitors embedded in the Liberal and Labor parties.

We could do quite fine without the mass immigration policies of the traitor parties any time.

It would be far better for some traitorous anti-Australian to call us “stagnant”, than for our country to be turned into some form of Third World hellhole. But that’s where we’re heading.
Once again, all thanks to Multiculturalism – a political ideology which is a deadly cancer to our society.

If the Multiculturalists really wanted to be “culturally enriched”, then most of them would be living in the heart of Lakemba or Dandenong. The fact that they aren’t speaks volumes.

Multiculturalism, the ideology of stagnant and brainwashed minds, who “just happen” to follow the political ideology of the ruling class. Baaa baaa.

If you don’t want to be a sheep for Liberal, Labor, etc., or for the conservative suits and leftist ratbags who are their fellow-travellers and “useful idiots”, then become a Protectionist and defend the future of your nation.

Why I love a Big Australia, and you should too”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 July 17 2017 (Jessica Irvine)
(“Migrants, tending to be younger, are like a fresh inflow of water into a stagnant tributary.”)

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  1. I think Pauline Hanson may have mentioned something about this 30 years ago!!! It’s only racism if WHITE volk say anything and as long as we have this Zionist media twisting people’s minds we’re stuffed. Whoever runs the media runs the people because the people are too stupid or disinterested to care. I hate those slimy bastards, all they want to do is unravel thousands of years of civilisation and bring us back to the Stone Age. Yes I am extreme and we have to be to combat these filthy scumbags.
    God help us!

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