Interesting times ahead

PaulineHansonOneNationWith the election of Pauline Hanson and three other One Nation candidates to the Senate, there should be some interesting times ahead for patriotic policies.

Already, their election has upset the globalist apple cart — which is a good thing, as the wicked globalists have nothing to offer us but their poisoned apples of global free trade, global multiculturalism, and global mass immigration.

The One Nation Party has some economic protectionist policies, so that gives some cause for hope.

However, one of the most important issues facing our nation today is that of immigration-driven genocide, whereby the Liberal-Labor parties have continuously imposed massive amounts of Third World immigration upon us.

To stretch a point, in order to demonstrate a principle: If Australia’s population became 100% ethnically Chinese, it would no longer be Australian, but Chinese. Of course, our country becoming 100% ethnically Chinese is extremely unlikely; however, a very likely outcome of Liberal-Labor’s immigration policies is that Australia’s population will become eventually a mix of over 90% ethnically Asian, Arab, and African.

Such an outcome would mean the death of the Australian people — our nation would cease to exist — and that is the very definition of genocide. That is exactly what the globalists want, as part of their desire for a worldwide “brown man” future for humanity; it is something they have freely admitted many times. Of course, whilst the globalist anti-white racists would gloat over the death of White Australia, they seem quite reticent to mention that their designs would also mean the death of the Aboriginal peoples as well.

To ensure the continuation of the Australian People will require an end to the genocidal policies of mass immigration which have heretofore been pushed by Liberal-Labor. Australia needs to stop Third Word immigration so that our nation may simply survive.

So, the big question is: Will the One Nation senators serve as civic patriots — not caring who enters Australia, so long as they speak English, eat meat pies, and go to the footy — or will they serve as national patriots — and strive to stop the immigration-driven genocide of the Australian People?

It is possible for a patriotic group in the senate to hold the balance of power (in conjunction with senators from other small parties). Therefore there could be opportunities to put into place some patriotic legislative measures.

However, patriotic senators should be aware that the Liberal Party cannot be trusted — as was shown recently in their breaking of a deal with senator David Leyonhjelm (of the Liberal Democrats); not that the Labor Party can be trusted either — both of the major parties are full of anti-Australian globalists who lack moral fibre.

Therefore, following on from senator David Leyonhjelm’s experience, any deals made with Liberal or Labor should involve having the patriotic legislation passed first, then the major party’s legislation can be passed. Otherwise, as is common when dealing with people who can’t be trusted, the patriots will find themselves royally screwed over.

Wins for true blue Australians can be made in the new Senate, but only if the new senators keep their wits about them, act warily of any deals, and stick to supporting the true Australian people.

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