Filtered news — to what end?

In an age in which information has never been more accessible, one would think Australians would be more aware of world events than at any time in our nation’s history.

Sadly, this appears far from the truth. When we watch the nightly news, the same stories are shown as if on a loop — the same limited reporting on the same limited events shown on almost every network.

Take for example the current unbridled influx of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa into Europe. The media had a field day with images of the strategically placed body of a drowned child in order to tug at the heart strings of an unsuspecting public. The constant barrage of reports pushing the same message that these people were only seeking a better life, accompanied by images of long lines of people disembarking from boats, marching along roads and staring through wire fencing erected by supposedly hard-hearted Europeans refusing to share their land of plenty.

The so-called “news” maintains a standard position designed to reinforce an opinion put forward to the public. Scant on detail, nothing too deep to provoke thought — the purpose is to create a compliant public willing to accept whatever self-destructive policies are put forth by the so-called “elite” found in our nation’s parliament.

The media continues to push the line that our nation is “the world’s most successful multicultural society”. Apparently, we are the guiding light in the world regarding this bizarre experiment in self destruction — notwithstanding the poorly-reported social hiccups of gang rapes and ethnic violence found in our communities, or the long history of ethnic branch stacking in our major parties in the endless quest to gain increased influence in the halls of power.

This light weight pap served up on the platter for general consumption strokes the ego of many unthinking people. We are told we are “generous”, we have “so much to share”, we are “welcoming and tolerant” — we are indeed the best in the world at such displays of altruism.

In fact, the entire West appears to be falling over itself in competition to appear as “good global citizens”. The media reassures us “it’s the done thing” to “open our doors” and embrace multiculturalism and “diversity”. After all, it apparently enriches our staid cultures and ushers in a new age of harmony — and no-one thinks otherwise.

However, what details are our sparse news reports omitting? What is the reality of the massive upheaval of unassimilable populations into our homelands?

Readers may have noticed the reports of events in Europe seem to have dropped off the radar — apart from the undertaking of the developed West to give $100 Billion in aid a year to the Third World following the secretive Paris Climate Forum and supporters of ISIS targeting soft targets in European cities. The last footage played repeatedly seemed to show liberal Germans welcoming the outsiders into their cities, adorned with balloons and banners, cheering and clapping at train stations — handing out little gifts and hugs in a feel-good gesture. The “progressive” media lapped it up and made sure we all understood these images were the ideal.

Apparently, those of us in Australia accept these images to represent the reality. Our European cousins, despite initial concerns, have settled into the idea they must share their societies with people “seeking a better material future” and welcome these outsiders to the tune of 1 million people over 12 months (and a cost of 21 Billion Euro to European taxpayers).

For some reason, local media seem intent on ignoring the discontent felt by Europeans who rightfully feel they are losing both national sovereignty and their birth-right.

There is a rape epidemic spreading across Europe following an influx of Arab and African migrants. Not only do they prey upon women in the camps, they assault European staff and, once released into the wider community, assault women, young girls and boys. Reports have indicated that in some countries local police have attempted to keep these reports from the wider community.

Again, we see government agencies deliberately attempting to maintain the façade of “harmony” — all the while continuing to pose a threat to the safety of their own people.

Not surprisingly, Europeans are reaching the end of their tether. With the Swedish government channelling $29 million of taxpayer funds into housing “refugees”, rape and crime escalating across Europe, European working class people threatened with eviction from their rental homes to make way for “refugees”, and the constant threat of political and religious motivated terrorism on the continent’s streets, Europeans are turning to nationalist and patriotic political parties in a desperate attempt to turn their nations back from the brink of disaster.

In some cases, many are taking to the streets. In other cases, direct action has been taken by Europeans seeking to stem the flow into their homelands.

Across Europe, demonstrations are regularly held protesting against government policies which facilitate unassimilable immigration and threaten national sovereignty . Recently a demonstration held by Polish nationalists attracted up to 50,000 — with the influx of Moslems immigrants being a major concern held by those attending.

Unfortunately, public demonstrations and a rise in electoral support for parties defending national identity still does not seem to sway governments from their position of betrayal.

This has driven locals to take matters into their own hands. Across Europe refugee centres and mosques have been torched — with 5 refugee centres being torched within the space of several weeks in Sweden alone. The Swedish government’s response was merely to keep the addresses of proposed centres “secret” from itFilteredNewss own people.

The events in Europe are a clear indication of what follows when elite, out of touch politicians disregard the needs of their own people in order to follow a bizarre, self-destructive ideology such as multiculturalism. It shows clearly what the end result is when these same liberal elites open stable, homogeneous societies to unassimilable immigration.

Perhaps this is the real reason such unpleasant facts are kept from the Australian public?

Is it possible the media fear the flame that has been lit in Europe, could also be ignited here in Australia?


  1. Len Davis says

    I agree with the bulk of this story but have to argue that some news channels do give a more balanced view of the illegal immigrant story in Europe.
    I also agree that the Nationalist parties in Europe seem to be gaining wide support – thank goodness.
    Donald Trump has also helped the Nationalist cause by highlighting the damage the politically correct governments have committed against their voters.
    I think the Western world is undergoing a major shift to the right in response to the terrorist attacks as well as the threat to western culture by the refugee and immigration problems in Europe.
    Further, it could be that if Britain votes to leave the EU in June, more Euro countries may follow and then the demise of the EU could result in firm border controls once again over there.
    The problem is that the bulk of the huge mass of the socially excluded immigrants from the 3rd world both here and in Europe have been given citizenship to the relevant countries thus representing a huge voting block that will sway any elections to the left.
    The Australian government may be managing their immigration program differently to Europe but the result will be similar to Europe – it has to be. Socially excluded people form their own communities in order to be socially included. Alas this comes at a cost to Aussie communities when the 3rd world communities are formed in the midst of an Aussie community. The hosts feel uncomfortable living with another culture on their doorsteps, so they move away and leave another empty home to be filled by more 3rd world migrants. That’s how they have managed to take over towns and cities in Europe.
    In Australia we live in a multi tiered society with each tier represented by an ethnic group, Indians, Africans and Muslims forming the biggest tiers after the Aussie hosts. Yes, we work with these people, we play sport with these people but realistically and in general terms we do not socialise with these people since there is so little overlapping of cultures, identity, language preference and of course religion. In the same way we, the Aussie hosts, are rejected by these immigrants and their offspring for the same reasons. We have little in common with each other which makes it difficult to engage with each other.
    I am not sure that our current immigration minister is aware of these facts, and they are facts!!! So we must assume that they will continue withe their policy of ignoring the social impact of their program and only look at the economic benefit of each migrant to the country and to employers.
    Cori Bernardi, the so called controversial Nationalist politician has a great newsletter which is worth sighing up to. He is far better at putting into words what most of us are thinking.

  2. It pays to read international newspapers online. Not that they are any more or less reliable than the Australian press but at least there’s content that is sadly missing from the local rags.

  3. Tell me something I don’t know. Look at the difference between Internet news and the pulp that we are supposed to swallow. Who do YOU blame the opportunistic so called refugees or our piss weak governments that MUST have a hidden agenda. Globalization and its complete failure and its other hand multiculturalism another failed policy. All those welcome refugee banner holder idiots will learn the hard way when their children and Kin are raped and robbed by these people. Only then will they learn the results of their folly.
    And folk wonder why fascist states exist and are being created as we speak. Just like communism, democracy has been thwarted and used by these beasts and parasites. It’s us or them, get rid off them now before it is too late. Now you are reaping the rewards of being weak. Whoever controls the media controls the volk. Why are people so dumb?

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