Bendigo rally against the mosque

There is to be a rally in Bendigo to protest against the plan to build a mosque in that fair city.

10 October 2015, 2.30 p.m.
Corner of Forest and Mackenzie streets, Bendigo.

Please support the anti-mosque protest on 10 October 2015.

Attendees are advised to check local weather reports, and wear appropriate clothing (bring umbrellas if rain is expected; wear caps or hats for sun protection).
On a personal level, as with all rallies, it is recommended that you take with you a drink of water and a snack (e.g. muesli bars).
It is also worthwhile to bring along a camera to take photos and/or videos. These can later be uploaded to social media pages and websites.

Feel free to bring Australian flags to wave and placards to hold up.
All good patriots are welcome.


  1. In every civilized country the right to assembly and free speech is guaranteed by law. Everywhere except Australia where the crazy left and looney Greens see themselves as above the law.

  2. Referendum,referendum,referendum

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