7th anniversary of APP

From the APP national chairman, Andrew Phillips

Today marks the day 7 years ago when a small group of patriots from around Australia decided to officially form the Australian Protectionist Party.

Those patriots saw the need for an uncompromising, pro-Australia party in our political arena — one which would fill the void between the civic patriot movements and those that some might consider extreme, to create a party that would not deviate from it’s stated aims.

Admittedly, the last seven years have not always been smooth. However, APP remains as steadfast in its principles as it was on the day of its foundation. Memberships continue to come through, as do donations.
Party members have put themselves forward as candidates in both an independent and party-endorsed capacity in both Federal and local council elections — a move that is both applauded and deeply appreciated.

We are faced with another hurdle, one which was to be expected. You may recall the plan by the government to introduce further stringent measures to curb the choice available to Australian voters.

The Australian parliament intends to introduce measures tripling the membership needed by parties in order to be registered as official parties, as well as increasing candidate fees.

This puts the existence of parties such as ours, and the opportunity to genuinely make the concerns of Traditional Australia heard at election time, at risk.

This can only be avoided by changing your support into genuine formal membership. If you are not a party member yet, but support APP’s uncompromising stand on our national interest, please join the party as soon as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people, past and present, who have worked so hard to put the party forward, to help membership grow, contribute articles to the party website, and other important work.

Further thanks goes to all those who continue to support the party and to those who email and write to us expressing support for our position and to raise issues of concern.

As always, your support is deeply appreciated.


  1. Brett Ambrose says

    until the brain dead,believe every thing the newspapers and tv tell us,people of this country wake up to themselves and realise that the mass acceptance of people from countries, that they themselves aren’t willing to stay and change for the better, why would we want them here.they obviously have no pride and respect for the places they were born so why would anyone think they would give any loyalty to this country.i feel it is time for the true australians of any religious background who call this place home to stand up and speak up for the country that was willing to give you a safe and descent home.i realise that my way of thinking and yours is not the popular way to be but i think that the mainstream feels this way but are unwilling to state this as they would be branded racist. we are told that it is wrong to feel this way.which raises another point of the do gooding minority having the loudest voice in this so called democracy.progressive govts. have always jumped on the ANZAC bandwagon, that they fought for this country.BULLSHIT. i doubt if any ww1 vet would have gone to war for the way this country is now.my grandfather didn’t spend 3 1/2 years in a jap prison camp to allow us to be passively over run by anyone.he died disliking japanese for how they are not for what they did. he was dirty on the ignorance of the people for allowing the despots gaining power.let’s not allow the ignorance of soft thinking Australians to ruin this country.it is time for the rot to stop.thank you for allowing me to say my piece.that is a part of freedom we cherish.some groups would like to put an end to that. not on my watch thank you very much. cheers Brett A.

  2. All pollies should undertake an intelligence test. From what I’ve seen of our current crop of pollies APP would be the only party on our political landscape.

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