Suppose 200 bikies had brawled in the middle of Melbourne? But it was Africans instead.

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Picture the scene: Two hundred or so tattoo-laden and leather-clad, alcohol and drug-affected bikies engage in a massive brawl in Melbourne’s CBD on New Year’s Eve. Fists fly, machetes and knives are used, property is damaged, bottles are thrown, people injured, bystanders are terrified… When police attempt to quell the chaos, they are surrounded and pelted with bottles.

Picture the reaction: The state Premier calls a press conference on New Year’s Day, with the Police Commissioner and Melbourne Lord Mayor at his side. They spend perhaps more than an hour announcing a major investigation into the incident, and the need to deal with the enormous social menace of “criminal bikie gangs”. The Premier promises new laws, similar to Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s draconian anti-bikie laws. Perhaps the promise of a new Police “task force” is announced. The Premier and Police Commissioner answer many questions from the substantially-numbered media pack, frequently referring to “criminal bikie gangs” and what society must do about this grave social menace.

The newspapers, TV and radio networks give the brawl and the press conference saturation coverage. Opinions are sought from various high-profile opinion-makers. The incident dominates the news in Australia for the next week or more. Society must be allowed to know exactly what happened, and the collective group involved (bikie gangs) must be put under enormous scrutiny for their dreadful behaviour.

The above scenario is fictitious. There was no major incident involving bikie gangs on New Year’s Eve. But if there had have been, the response from government, police and media in the above fictitious scenario would probably be very believable.

But here’s the great double standard. There actually WAS a major brawl of 200 or so people in Melbourne’s CBD on New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t feature any bikies. And it didn’t lead to the State Premier, Lord Mayor, and Police Commissioner holding a joint press conference. And it wasn’t even mentioned in the mainstream media until weeks after the brawl occurred!

But fists DID fly, machetes and knives WERE used, property WAS damaged, bottles WERE thrown, people WERE injured, bystanders WERE terrified, and when police attempt to quell the chaos, they WERE surrounded and pelted with bottles.

The police report mentioned only “a large group of people”. But it’s since been revealed that this “large group of people” who the Victorian Police dare not mention by ethnicity, were actually Africans – a collective group that are certainly no strangers to committing violent crime in Melbourne.

Sudanese and Somali-born Victorians are reportedly about five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community, with assault offences being the most common type. But the Victorian Police have seemingly become quite intimidated by accusations of “racism”, especially after lawyers won a 2013 court settlement against some over-zealous officers accused of racially profiling Africans. It’s been suggested that this was why the Victorian Police trod very carefully following the New Year’s Eve brawl.

Of course Africans, being a non-white minority and often coming from a refugee background, are one of Cultural Marxism’s highly-favoured “victim” groups, to be placed on the highest possible pedestal, and considered to be immune from any scrutiny, criticism, or adverse thought – no matter how badly they as a collective group may behave.

By contrast, in recent years, bikies have received a great deal of adverse publicity. And at least some of it is probably thoroughly deserved. But politicians, police and the media have no qualms whatsoever about highlighting the bad behaviour of bikies. If only they applied the same standards to to other groups in society, such as ethnic groups.

But according to the rules of political correctness, no one is allowed to negatively stereotype Africans. On the other hand, it’s perfectly ok to negatively stereotype bikies. This is the difference between how the dominant political class treat a highly favoured ethnic minority group, and how they treat a despised minority sub-cultural group. One group is treated like a protected species, whilst the other has had open season declared on them (with the government leading the hunt).

Whilst many well-meaning folks talk of the need to provide more services, social support and job opportunities for Australia’s troubled black African youth, there is a better solution: offer black Africans money to return to Africa.

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  1. Now it’s 2018 the crime rate is climbing by these Africans; they’re caught on cctv and they’re not charged. What the he’ll is going on? The police are doing their job; they arrest these offenders, then the court system lets them go – why are these scum protected? A policeman gets assaulted and the judge lets them off. It was witnessed people getting bashed in their own homes – carjackings, murder, robberies – they bash police, they cause problems at nightspots, they destroy buildings, they gatecrash parties, they bash women, they start fires – what do the Australians do? They have the right for a rebellion under the constitution, the Martha Carta law – the way things are going the Australian people will rebel – as what happened at the Eureka Stockade, the law against miners in the 1800s. They need to be deported with all their family – do something before there’s a rebellion as this is legal, as the people hold the power.

  2. A perfect example: the recent news of the cold-blooded murder of two little girls (Savannah, 4, and Indianna, 3) [allegedly] by their father, Charles Amon Mihayo, in Melbourne. The murderer is clearly of African appearance, but there is not a word in the media about where he came from.

    If it was the news about some migrant athlete winning something, the information about his country of origin and migration facts would have been everywhere, pointing out the benefits of multiculturalism.

    The country of origin is mentioned in criminal cases only if it is used as an excuse or defense, like in the case of Farden Fazah from Afghanistan who stabbed his wife and daughter, where the fact that he grew up in Taliban Kabul was presented as a possible explanation for his post-traumatic stress disorder and history of controlling behaviour towards his wife.


  4. This is so very wrong. Political Correctness will be and already is, causing the the downfall of our countries and societies. But I think the first thing you need to ask, are they Islamic? Most of the problems overseas are caused by radical Islamics. If these people are in Australia and are of the Islamic faith, then they should not be considered refugees or asylum seekers, as they are the perpetrators of the violence the world is experiencing. There is so much about this on the Internet if you research it, but it takes a lot to find it, because as is the case here, the Press are not reporting it.
    Overseas the majority of crimes are committed by Muslims, and by the way, a Muslim is a follower of Islam, so neither word relates to race. Their prisons are full. They groom children for sex slavery, visciously gang-rape girls and women, all the while claiming it is the religion of Peace.
    While some Muslims are quiet and cause no problems, the world is experiencing a huge surge in radical Islamism. I could go on and on, as I have been doing a lot of research and some of the stories are horrific. It is Islam that we should be focussing on and concentrating of ridding the radicals from this country. Radical Muslims pledge death to all Christians, Jews, homosexuals and infidels. Even “moderate” Muslims are at risk of death if the radicals consider they are not performing their duties is killing for Allah. Islam is not a “moderate” religion, it preaches hatred and should be eradicated from our country.
    The reason I state this info about Islam, is that the black Africans have been creating havoc the world over.

  5. Hobbington Frogworthy, Esq. says

    Why do we need these people? Why do we want these people?

    OH YES! The psychotic cultural marxist left can’t count on white peoples votes!

    So how long until out of control african mobs just start killing whites, any whites, like they do in south africa?

  6. paul hickey says

    Blame the lawyers and judiciary who have made the police force impotent through fear of litigation.

    • gazza boy says

      For me Paul I am at the R-send of life so it will not really effect me to much, but my heart is sad knowing that my grand kids will never be able to enjoy Australia’s safety as I could growing up. Political correctness is , or should I say killed Australia. The worlds human garbage that Australia imports is now far to big to stop, and they breed constantly as they have no need to work and live a life of luxury. Even our own Australian aboriginals who are given carte blanch have had enough of these Somalia and Sudanese . Now that’s something even I could not believe.
      Before I forget, please turn off the lights when you leave .

  7. Jan Du Plessis says

    Just hope you never ever get the same crime as South Africa

  8. The g Factor says

    I would not be surprised if we end up with the same sort of homicide rate that America has if we continue to let black Africans into this country. As it is homicide rates have been going up and the Northern Territory now has a rate of 9 homicides per 100,000 – Which is about double the rate for America – and this despite a 60% drop in Aboriginal homicides since 2007.

  9. The only service we should be providing these people is to point them in the direction of the airport! We owe these people nothing else.
    I can’t point out enough that a referendum should be put to the people-the taxpayer decendants of those who founded this country-before government gives themselves the green light to let ferals like this in,who have nothing to give or offer.
    They totally wreck every nation in Africa,and now they’re going to wreck ours. What do these people want from us? They’re an inferior race to us (a well proven fact) and will never blend in,just like they haven’t in Europe or North America.
    Again-why can’t the Australian people have a say as to who is going to invade and claim Centrelink benefits next,and increase the crime rate?
    And they call us a democracy……

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