New Human Rights commissioner appointment a major step in the right direction

The Australian Protectionist Party warmly welcomes the appointment of Mr. Tim Wilson as Australia’s next Human Rights Commissioner. Mr. Wilson, former policy director at the Institute of Public Affairs, is a well-known political activist who is dedicated to defending traditional freedoms in Australia. He understands very well that “human rights” are not about protecting chosen minorities from adverse opinion, but are about protecting the individual’s right to freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion, as well as such increasingly threatened social freedoms like privacy rights, property rights, and even the right to smoke cigarettes.

For many years, the agenda on “human rights” in Australia has been set by people with a dangerous Nanny-State mentality, who seemingly favour ever more legislation to control human behaviour. Mr. Wilson’s appointment is a vitally-required counter to this.

Mr. Wilson will likely provide a very important voice for traditional freedoms in Australia, that have been systematically eroded by the ever-encroaching Nanny, Police and Surveillance States.

We are delighted with Mr. Wilson’s appointment and we congratulate him.

However, if the appointment of Mr. Wilson does not change the Human Rights Commission’s organisational culture of being a politicised leftist organisation which is anti-Australian and anti-Western, then it would be far better that the organisation be scrapped altogether.

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