Shorten’s proposed political quotas are dangerous, and wrong on every level

Labor leadership candidate Bill Shorten has recently made a pitch to the substantial homosexual political bandwagon in Australia, by saying that the ALP should consider quotas for Aboriginals and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.

The Labor Party already has a quota system in place for ensuring 40% of party candidates are women. This helped to deliver a Labor government with such shining ministerial lights (sic) as Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Nicola Roxon, Tanya Plibersek, Kate Ellis, Kate Lundy and Jenny Macklin. And this same government was trounced at the recent federal election, recording the lowest Labor primary vote for 100 years.

Of course, only certain Chosen Groups, deemed to have great social importance to the Cultural Marxist-inspired Left, will be considered for parliamentary quotas. This will certainly not include groups like smokers, midgets, people with disabilities, redheads, the overweight, left-handers or firearm owners.

After all, such groups tend to not self-identify all that much, unlike the extremely vocal “victim” groups so massively favoured by the political Left. You squeak your wheel the loudest, and your wheel will get the grease. And the militant homosexual political lobby knows this tactic only too well.

Neil Fharaoh, the national convenor of Rainbow Labor, which apparently represents the ALP’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) members, says Shorten’s proposed quotas are “a step forward”.

“The LGBTI community has been underrepresented, particularly in political seats, both at a state and federal level in Australia,” Fharaoh said. “So we’d welcome any moves to increase the representation in politics.”

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the demands of some in the militant homosexual lobby weren’t going to stop at marriage rights. After all, the influence of Cultural Marxism in modern Western society insists that the Chosen Groups be given the highest possible consideration and the greatest possible empowerment. And there can seemingly never be any limits.

Of course, if Labor was to go down this road of implementing quotas for Aboriginals and homosexuals, it would probably only be a very short time before other powerful minority voices would demand their “equal rights”, and to get their snouts in Labor’s political trough. But again, this wouldn’t include smokers, midgets, people with disabilities, redheads, the overweight, left-handers or firearm owners.

But how long before Muslims would demand their quotas in the Labor Party? Then probably the Chinese, Indians, ex-refugees…. Where would it end? But as the brilliant George Orwell suggested in his classic work “Animal Farm”, “equality” inevitably means that some groups become MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

Political quotas are a dangerous slippery slope. They are also highly divisive. And they highlight how inherently divisive political Multiculturalism is. When you have people from different ethno-cultural minority backgrounds in Australia all identifying as members of “ethnic communities” (rather than simply being Australian), and when you promote and encourage this ethnic self-identity with vast amounts of taxpayers’ money, inevitably, you end up with differing groups all jockeying for their own power and influence.

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  1. This is dangerous. He is dangerous. I could see where this will end up if this happens. Most of these will go in to politics with their own agenda which is not good for Australia.

  2. Allan Ritchie says

    I wrote to Bill Shorten as finance Minister about my 42 years of an amount well exceeding one third of my pensions for all of those years he wrote back completely ignoring this but replying instead to some minor matter in the letter. What sort of a finance minister wouldn’t want to know how it came to be that I experienced such?

  3. Quotas are indeed a very dangerous slippery slope: they legalise discrimination, aggravate inequality and disseminate hatred.

    Nobody should suffer or acquire privileges because of their appearance, race, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion and any other properties of “non-achievement”.

    In non-discriminating society people are employed, judged and given privileges solely for their knowledge, experience, achievements, talents, manner, intelligence and abilities. Not because they sleep with people of certain gender, were brought up believing in certain god, were born to parents of certain background or because someone has to meet a certain quota.

    Equal should mean EQUAL.

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