Yet more racial conflict

An alleged murder by hit and run has brought to the fore the ongoing problem of racial conflict and violence in Australia.

In this instance, the issue is the ongoing problems between Africans and Pacific Islanders.

As usual, politicians and police were keen to talk down the problems. The multiculturalists in our country would rather hide the dramas caused by large-scale Third World immigration than actually face up to the fact that it is creating major problems and needs to stopped altogether.

Remember when Andrew Bolt revealed that the Victorian police misled the public about the disproportionate extent of crimes committed by African migrants? The multiculturalists don’t want to talk about that; they would prefer to hush it all up, and even try to fine or jail people who talk about it (hence the draconian and fascistic “racial vilification” laws).

At least this time Australians aren’t being blamed for the violence. When the news broke some time ago about attacks upon Indian students, there were widespread cries of “Racism!” against Australians. The fact that so many of the attacks against Indians were committed by Middle Easterners and Pacific Islanders wasn’t highlighted. After all, why spoil a good story about “racists”? There were even some Indians included amongst the attackers. Despite the racism of the reports aimed against Australians, the racial vilification laws didn’t make a showing in that case; after all, those banana republic laws were intended to be primarily used against Australians.

Australia can expect to see more social problems and racial violence on our streets, because both the Liberal and Labor parties are dedicated to bringing in millions of Third Worlders without regards for the consequences for the Australian People.

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  1. john Duggan says

    They are left wing socialists ,They try very hard to destroy our Society
    yet we continue to Vote them in
    Our Political System needs a credible Party, a third Party who will destroy the Du opoly We have had since Federation
    A party for the People
    a party who will help Australians NOT the unentitled 3rd world Rubbish

    If there is Rape, Murder and Islamists in the 3rd world, WE want them
    OR rather our Multicultual Loving Socialist Government want them 1

    They will destroy our way of life, and Muslims are told by the Book to collect the Taxes, so expect them to bludge on us for LIFE, They have no concept of Entitlement or Humility.

    We must start to use our Laws to Deport these people !
    92% of Arfican Refugees here want to go Home, yet the pathetic Fools who run this country demand they stay! @ 7 times the Average Crime rate and NO humility
    they are a menace to our Society

  2. Stephen Lake says

    Well Julie, they say it’s good policy for Australia and that we need immigration for more workers, to help with the superannuation blowout that is looming, to increase the population and to assist those in need. The facts are that it’s really about providing workers for the large international conglomerates but also to comply with United Nations pressure. Our governments are absolutely set on looking good at the UN, ie: being a good international citizen. On top of that by letting foreign conglomerates come in and make massive profits, it makes our economy look good. Ask yourself this: Why have successive govt’s supported exposing our industry to unbeatable competition by foreign companies, why are they so set on letting mainly foreign companies rip out our resources for a once off profit (and often with imported labour) from a low tax rate? Why have they sold off our land to foreign companies, sometimes to companies that are owned by foreign governments? Why are they so set on importing foreigners? If I didn’t know better I would say they are all receiving bribes, but of course it couldn’t be that! One example of the insanity of their behaviour is that when they privatised many government owned agencies, one reason they gave was that government shouldn’t compete with industry. However, they sell land to foreign governments to grow food to compete with local farmers. They allowed so much large industry take over small Australian owned industry that in the retail sector they asked Aldi and Costco to come to Australia to try and increase the competition. So we lost many Australian retailers which have now been replaced by foreign companies. If we continue to let them carry on in the same manner our industry will be completely swamped, our people will be outnumbered by foreigners and we will be at the mercy of foreign governments. The sooner the greater population realise that none of our politicians, with a few exceptions, really have our best interests at heart the sooner we can make a change. I personally regard the behaviour of our governments as treason.

    • john Duggan says

      Treason it iS
      The Govt recently suppressed a Sedition Charge against the Lakemba Mosque
      Nicola Poxon is a Traitor as are all the labour and Liberal Politicians who support having one Law for US and one for their protected species, Muslims
      The world needs to realise
      We are at WAR with Islam, and our Western Politicians have submitted !

  3. Julie Petersen says

    Why is it the libs and the labs plan to swamp aust with third world immigration ?

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