Immigration advocates want refugee intake doubled

A university academic, Associate Professor Anne Pedersen, has reportedly called for the intake of refugees into Australia to be almost doubled.

Clearly this do-gooder, ensconced in her ivory tower (who describes herself as “a long-standing asylum seeker and refugee advocate”), cares more for Third World refugees than she does for the Australian people.

Other refugee advocates and various pushers of high immigration rates want Australia to double the refugee intake, or worse. Some lunatics even advocate that we have an “open borders” policy.

Since the 1970s, Australia has taken in a massive number of refugees; it is an influx that has never stopped, and – under the rule of the Liberal-Labor apparatchiks – it probably never will.

The intake of refugees from certain African countries has been of particular concern, with the outrageous high crime rates associated with such groups after their arrival in Australia.

Also of concern are those “refugees” from Islamic countries, with many of them being fundamentalist Muslims who have fled, not from Islam, but merely from opposing fundamentalist Muslims, so that many of them still want to bring in their brand of fundamentalism and sharia law into Australia.

If Australia is to take in refugees, we should look at taking in the more culturally compatible people from the formerly prosperous South Africa, where Boer farmers are suffering a process of genocide, being subjected to racial discrimination, racial violence, and one of the highest murder rates in the world (while the “progressive” South African government turns a blind eye).

The most logical immigration intake are culturally compatible migrants, who have a working grasp of the English language, who can enter the workforce quickly, and who easily fit into the Australian way of life, adding to the social cohesion of the nation.

It’s high time we have common sense brought into the country’s immigration policies. The Australian Protectionist Party is committed to an immigration programme based upon common sense; one that furthers the interests of the Australian people, not one that panders to the anti-national drones of an out-of-touch academia.

“Academics mark down major parties on asylum seekers”, Fremantle Herald, 21 July 2012, page 10


  1. I know who anne pedersen is, Murdoch University lecturer on Social Psychology. Used to be a legal secretary. Murdoch University has just allowed a prayer centre for Muslims. It draws a large number of overseas students due to them paying up front fees, they get top priorty when it comes to "bums on seats". Anne Pedersen is motivated by her own financial interests. Unlike UK universities that have recently discovered overseas students are using uni access to get into the country, Londons Metropolitan University has instigated a full stop on overseas students as evidence points that under 50% actually do study. Another loop hole.

  2. Our cities are already saturated by population growth – driven by net legal immigration rates. Skilled migrants, sponsored, family reunion and business migrants continue to arrive without public debate and without political or media focus. It's unrealistic, undemocratic and reckless. The asylum seekers are being used as a smoke-screen for our "immigration" debate. We don't have enough public housing, jobs, and we are not the vast, fertile land as imagined by the rest of the world. We could take more refugees, but what about slashing our corresponding high immigration rate- those that are invited here?

  3. Tony Corbett says

    Considering our diminishing resources i.e. water control, housing etc It is insane to continue to allow any immigration into Australia, let alone queue jumpers and families who encourage their overseas families to illegally come to Australia on boats. Australia is not infinite. This stupid University Professor who is only titled from her own cult should understand that refugees are lazy people who betray their country because they are not willing to fix it, merely just run away from the problem and that these countries are forever problematic for the purpose of wanting to take over another countries and plant spies within. Taking into refugees will never fix the problem, it will only encourage it and help foreign powers deal with their povery. Anne Pederson go back to school idiot!

  4. SickofMalcolmFraser says

    Malcolm Fraser's conscience must be troubled by the Banquo's ghost of the +500 Diggers killed in Vietnam when he was Minister for Defence and hounded conscientious objectors during that pointless war that was no concern of ours. Now he inflicts his conscience about the humane legislation to stop the boat people, on us.

  5. It's interesting how many citizens share the same concerns in regards to the issues posted on the Australia Party. I am very angered when I watch ABC Q&A and someone tries to share their point of view which is inline with concerns about assylm seekers etc and get BOOHED by the other people in the audience!!!We nearly have a dictatorship of opinion here. If you don't agree with the masses go are against us.A very frightening thought!!

    • Nathan Smith says

      Look at the makeup of Q&A's Audience.
      If they wanted a true mix of points of view you would have the majority of people who work, and are of AUSTRALIAN ancestry.

      The sad thing is shepple see these programs and are brainwashed.

  6. Refugee "boat people" are being used as a smokescreen for the "immigration" debate – one denied to the public from participating in. People assume that "immigration" is the equivalent to refugees when this is far from the truth. Our cities are already under saturation pressure from population growth – through permanent immigration rates. Boat people make up only about 2% of our immigration numbers, and the humanitarian intake about 14,000 per year. The vast bulk of new arrivals come here un-noticed, and un-disputed. Australia’s population growth is currently 1.4% which is well above the world population growth rate of 1.1% and above any other OECD nation (of all OECD nations Turkey has the next highest growth rate at 1.3%). If refugees were processed in an orderly queue, and any others deemed as illegal, then the whole debate would be stifled.

  7. Someone needs to operate an online datebase with people like Professor Anne Pedersen on it, so when the times right we can round them up and charge them with sedition and/or treason.
    It would also be usefull when dealing with government agencies. If they all wore silly hats we could recognise them instantly but unfortunately they conceal themselves.

  8. Thomas Isaac says

    It is my opinion that many Australians do not understand or realize the threats we are being confronted with by the culture of Islam being brought into our country by the muslim refugees, and they wont until it has a direct impact on them. When they do wake up and realize it might be to late.

  9. Thomas Isaac says

    It is my opinion that many Australians do not understand or realize the threats we are being confronted with by the culture of Islam being brought into our country by the muslim refugees, and they wont until it has a direct impact on them. When they do wake up and realize it might be to late.

    Questions we must consider are as follows;
    1. What will happen when they have the numbers to form their own political party?
    2. Will they get elected into government and introduce and enact Sharia law? Which they are already attempting.
    3. Why is it the media is not exposing the crime rate resulting from and carried out by the refugees immigrants in Australia. We hear of shootings in areas mainly populated by refugees in Sydney and Melbourne.
    If any shootings or assaults are outlaw motorcycle gang related it is reported and the bikie clubs are named but if it is by refugees or immigrants from muselim cultured countries it is only reported as a random shooting and fails to state if it is culture related.

    4. Australia does not have enough employment or housing to justify the immigration policy so why do our governments, politicians and do gooders advicate and endorse it?

    5. Until such time as all Australian people have affordable housing and employment in Australia immigration should be ceased.

    • I totally agree Thomas
      They seem to be very much more violent crimes too, and usually against women? The media, police and government are putting us in danger by either not telling us and or not profiling.
      02/01/11 – Seven refugees from Afghanistan and Sudan aged between 14 and 21 trapped a 21-year-old woman in her laundry before raping her while her children slept nearby, a court has heard
      4/01/11 – An Afghani man threatened to kill himself and the 14-year-old girl when he discovered the boy in a room of their home, He said the boyfriend would be killed if the incident happened in Afghanistan, the country he and his wife had emigrated from in 1998. (note the mentality still after 12 years in Aust)
      Jan, 2011 – A STABBING that left a two-year-old girl dead, and the 24 yr old Afghan mother with stab wounds because she wanted to go the beach and he had chased her with a knife.The husband, a security guard, had migrated from Afghanistan about five years ago, she said.
      20/12/10 A SUDANESE refugee who assaulted two Indian students in separate robberies had shown little respect for the law, a court heard today. Is it Australians Indians need to be scared of?

      • 5/11/2010 – A REFUGEE tortured by the Taliban – Sayed Mohammad Sidaqat, 34, has admitted indecently assaulting a girl on a train in Adelaide just a month after his release from immigration detention.
        – It is alleged that Houssam Khaled El Ali had molested four girls aged 12 to 14 between 2000 and 2006 and that Michael El Ali had sexually abused a girl between 2006 and January this year. The girl was aged 13 when the alleged assaults began.
        – October 2010 – 100 Africans, mostly Sudanese attending a Miss Africa pageant, fought several battles in the centre of Adelaide, using knives, tyre levers, clubs and even a bedpost. Four men were stabbed and four arrested, two from Victoria.
        – 2008 TWO brawling African gangs clashed violently in the middle of a busy shopping strip yesterday, leaving one teenage boy dead and another fighting for his life. Witnesses described their terror of seeing about 15 Sudanese youths fighting, many armed with knives.

        • – June 30, 2010 – A DOCTOR Suhail Ahmad Khan Durani, 34, allegedly sexually assaulted a woman while examining her at the hospital on February 20.
          – June 4, 2010 – Khaled Haddad allegedly approached his ex-wife outside a Lakemba shop – is accused of throwing lighter fuel on her before slashing her face with a stanley knife
          – June 2010 – HIV-positive Rapist Taxi Driver Gets 9 Years of Prison
          Thirty-seven-year-old Hassan Nagi was charged with raping the women between 2003 and 2007 at Glebe, Kings Cross and Kogarah.
          – 28/5/10 – Feras Said and Kifah Said “latched on” to a 16-year-old girl at a work Christmas party and “carried” her to University of Adelaide grounds where they took it in turn to rape the girl numerous times, while the other kept look-out

          • – 2008 – Mohammad Khan has been jailed for eight years for raping an unconscious woman who woke to find him on top of her and his mates laughing and jeering.
            – May 2010 – Hajy Baba Rahmanian, was found guilty of rape by a jury, the 19-year-old victim got into Rahmanian’s taxi after a party at North Adelaide.He took her to his own house at Dover Gardens and had sexual intercourse with the unconscious teenager. The victim remembers nothing of what happened, except for waking up some hours later with some clothing removed.He said the Iranian immigrant did not fully appreciate the severity of the crime under Australian law.“There is a very reasonable possibility that given his cultural background and limited insight into laws and sexual behaviour, he didn’t realise that having intercourse with somebody who is unconscious and therefore not consenting is a very serious crime,” Mr Algie told the court.

          • .- April 2010 – Mark Willis and his girlfriend (Jane McLean) got off a bus at a train station at 3am, they were approached by about 10 youths and attacked. This assault resulted in Mark being rushed into hospital for brain surgery. The description of the youths given by the girlfriend was that they were dark-skinned and of a Middle Eastern appearance.
            – April 2010 -Two brothers have admitted involvement in a violent assault and kidnapping in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide on Christmas Day in 2007. The District Court was told the brothers from Syria used phone messages to lure their victim and his friend to netball courts at Golden Grove early on Christmas morning. With at least two others, they savagely beat both men, tied them up and put one in the boot of their car. He was later dumped near Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills.
            – April 2010 – Soltan Ahmad Azizi, 46, strangled his wife Marzieh Rahimi with her veil after complaining she had become "too Australian''.

          • – 11/2008 – A TAXI driver from Bangladesh – student Md Kowsar Ali picked the 18-year-old woman up in his cab pulled the taxi over and got into the back seat, sexually assaulting and raping her, before wiping her down with a T-shirt.
            – Jan 2007 – A 21 yr old SUDANESE refugee just one month of arriving in Australia, embarked on a three-day rape spree and sliced an elderly woman's throat will serve at least the next 17 years in jail.
            – May 05, 2001– Christian woman formed a relationship with a Turkish Muslim man they had a daughter and were engaged to be married, the girl broke it off. The man, Ramazan Acar, abducted and violently murdered their 2 year old daughter.
            — An Australian Muslim man, Mohamed Tasleem Tahir, 21 sliced open both sides of his partner’s mouth, cut her tongue in half and beat her with a rum bottle after she refused to repair their relationship.

        • Its about time programmes like current affairs in perth expose those lunatics who we welcome here,write to Monica Voss at channel 7 perth current affairs,she is good on following tough issues.Im
          with you but we need a public voice

  10. Thomas Isaac says

    Why do we allow them here in the first place. Most refuse to accept us or our culture, instead they are trying to enforce the culture on us. They get entitlements which us aussies are denied.
    We have hundreds of thousands of Australian homeless and jobless people who want to work and need a place to call home but cannot get either.
    Nearly every day we hear of more redundancies in the work place which leads to further redundancies in industries which supply to the initial industry that we heard about, thisleads to people struggling to pay rents or mortgages and many facing eviction adding to the homeless numbers.
    I am currently facing the same issues and my slogan is "No Job, No Car and soon to be No Home", yes the bank is threatening foreclosure of my home. I am a victim of redundancy not once but twice in my last 2 jobs.

    • work harder!

      • Jack Lang says

        Australians work the most hours in the world. It was once a great place and I am old enough to remember. We had unions that ensure that capital profits were redistributed throughout society to maintain the standard of living of all. The white australia policy was really the standard of living Australia policy. If you invite people in who are preapred to work 7 days a week for little or no pay just a bowl of food – then the standard of living drops. Back then the people willing to do this was third world so they were kept out. Now we have supremacist muslims being invited in who are showing their muscle. If all this is not stopped soon then there will be real bloodshed when some black swan occurs.

  11. Don't panic, we can give $1 billion to Afganhistan despite a crumbling health and education system here in Australia so I am sure we have a bottomless money pit that Labor can borrow from to fund all these extra non intergrating "refugees". I wonder if Ms Pedersen has opened her home offering the spare rooms in her house to them as the government wants us to do. We can worry about security checks later eh?

    • I am sure that within a year, somewhere in one of those "homestays" there will be a rape or a serious assault, it will not be reported NATURALLY.


  13. MY opinion is that Australia's population is at its peak, we don't need more particularly those at the moment. I find it amazing that people like this professor are the only ones who advocate open borders but that's only because they live in areas not affected and are highly paid and therefore they should not be permitted to give their views. The average Australian do not want this immigration, what we need is democracy and a say for the common people, electronic voting is the way to go.

    • This Government seems to be against democracy, the Finkelstein inquiry has called for the creation of a taxpayer-funded, statutory super regulator embracing print, radio, television and online media – including blogs receiving as few as 43 hits a day – with the power to impose sanctions on journalists and media companies.

      Great video about freedom of speech:

      I agree with Howard, we should have a say who we want to come and live in this country!

      Understanding Islam, since majority of boat people are Islamic!

    • " Agreed."

  14. Soothsayer says

    Unfortunately people like Professor Anne Pedersen most likely go from high school straight into university and stay there, never really interacting with reality. It is nice to be kind and fluffy when you live in a leftist cocoon.

    We need border control, we need to have the right people to come to this country and we need to understand the threat of political Islam.

    Future generations are going to resent us for stuffing this up.

  15. bob johns says

    Who was it said those that the gods wish to destroy they first make mad? I dont know ,but it certainly would apply to Australia under this government.

  16. Gatordude says

    Here's the do gooder's contact details at Murdoch Uni. Not sure but usually BA stands for Bulls..t Artist.
    Please retain the integrity of APP by refraining from sending "hate mail".
    Perhaps tell her – in a polite way – how un-Australian she is.
    Be interesting to see what her responses include.
    Phone: 61 08 9360 6488
    Fax: 61 08 9360 6492
    B.A. (Hons.) PhD.

  17. years ago we were governed by australian people. now it seems we are governed by the unhcr and there is no more free speech in australia even for our politicans.what right has tony abbot got to say he is sorry for the white australia policy? that policy made australia what we are today. he like many others is kow towing to the boat people and their do gooders who now seem to be trying to tell the government what to do. NO MORE ARABS PLEASE, and their muslim ideals.

  18. I have friends on the pension can not get public housing spend most of their pension on tent yet these boat people get everything. I wonder if Professor Anne Pedersen had them move in next door or a Mosque built in her street would she she still be so happy this is now a stealth invasion they should not get any welfare handouts and given Howard’s TPV’s

  19. Professor Anne Pedersen is off her head. We have homeless,families waiting for housing and a housing shortage. Look after AUSTRALIANS FIRST!

    • why cant anne and her mob take 2 or more refugees each and look after them.and thats feed them give them money make sure that they want for nothing and when they fuck up.anne you and your lot can go to jail for them.if you think that iam a bit harsh you know what your right.all that i want is my country that asking to much

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