Please do not feed the animals

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The Political Left knows how to use minority groups for their advantage. And they should be good at it, because they have had more than a century to perfect their technique at co-opting special interest groups. Any sub-set of humanity that now feels itself a ‘victim’ to society at large, such as the homosexual lobby or culturally different ethnic groups within that society, have been seduced by the Left’s Siren Song of Social Equality and Justice, into thinking of themselves as victims, when they were only ever individuals/groups whose special interests were of no particular concern to the majority of the society they happened to live in, and as such, were never really victims to it.

Every Australian, regardless of their social standing or special interest, has the protection of the Australian Constitution and Common Law, which has safeguarded our basic rights as citizens of this country and still continues to do so, but is being subjected to subversion by Human Rights judges and lawyers and the pseudo Human Rights Commissions, who consider the United Nations’ Human Rights Charter as superior to our own well thought out and highly legally functional Australian Constitution, and our system of common law which has been evolved over many hundreds of years which has provided all the protection that any individual needs who considers themselves Australian.

So what has changed that requires some to believe that the United Nations’ law is of better value than the document our founding fathers considered more than suitable to guide a nation by?

Political thinking has changed. The old and proven values of personal responsibility, moral values based on God’s Law and Faith, Hope and Charity, have been abandoned for state responsibility, ethical values based on Man’s Law, and government financial/regulatory intervention which is designed to make us all dependant on what Government can do for us, not what we should be doing as individuals for our nation. The Australian Labor Party and the Greens, and to a certain extent, the Liberal-National parties, are at the forefront of this dangerous ideology which is degenerating our cultural values.

“Please Do Not Feed the Animals” is a sign that one will see on a regular basis at a Zoo or a park, where native animals are known to congregate. That sign is a warning to those who would like to give their scraps of food to the ‘poor’ animals, which they may believe can’t fend for themselves, that giving out food to native animals eventually makes them dependant on the food received and they will give up fending for themselves. In other words, food given out freely to native animals will make them lose their natural ability to look after themselves and become reliant on handouts.

Does anyone see the correlation between humans and a government that believes handing out money through welfare payments, or special interest needs, is necessary for social inclusion, equality and justice, and that sign “Please Do Not Feed the Animals”?


  1. For gods sake, look up Agenda 21's UN Report.

    Its all there in plain sight.

  2. Someonewhocares says

    Well,it is simple really.Lets vote the duds out like in Queensland and bring someone in that will make real changes and stop all the nonsense happening now.Bring on the election and lets do it all together.Do not just sit there behind your computers thinking you are safe and can say whatever you like.You are not safe.At least,instead of just blowing hot air,show some action.I know who I will vote for.Unfortunately their chances a very slim unless we stop the verbal s##t and get into action.

  3. Check this out, is this a window to the future for Australia?

  4. Soothsayer says

    Check out these episodes about forced marriage of girls in New Zealand, pay particular attention to episode 2 where one of the girls describes how her community is taking advantage of New Zealand and how they do it

    Link below.

    This why we have to scrutinise these groups and not succumb to giving them so much special funding.

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