Katter’s Australian Party

For our Queensland supporters:

The Queensland state election is to be held on Saturday 24th March 2012. In the absence of any Australian Protectionist Party candidates, we would like to recommend that our Queensland members give their support to the like-minded Katter’s Australian Party.

We believe that the Katter party best represents the sort of values held by the APP and that the KAP has many thoughtful and common-sense policies. Whilst there may be areas of policy difference between us, we prefer to look at the bigger picture and take the long-term view, and therefore we think that supporting the KAP offers Queenslanders the best way forward.


  1. Nope. He wants 70-90million people in his area.


    "I have spoken in this place a thousand times that you live in a country that is empty. I represent an area that could support a population of 60 or 70 million people. The electorate of Kennedy has got the water and the land resources."

  2. The Kuta Kid says

    I also agree. Katter is one of the best available. A real Australian.

    I wish him well.

    ANYthing you like, there will be a big smear campaign if he looks like succeeding.

    Both the "preferred" parties are dirty and no good fighters.

    Even Nick X is suspect to my mind. He's a multi-culturalist.

    None of our politicians are more than back-stabbing dirty minded grovelling incompetents.

  3. Yes Iagree…. he has my vote!!!!

  4. OzPatriot says

    Bob Katter is one of the finest examples of a patriotic Australian.

    If every person of immigrant descent was this committed to Australia it would truly be a great nation again.

    Shame on our current political elite for their destructive leftist agenda and surrender of our farming land and sovereignty.

    Its people like this that will get Queensland back on track.

    I wish Bob Katter's Australian Party all the very best

    • Its not just a leftist agenda my friend…It's worse.
      Its a combined effort of corrupt collusion with corporations globally.

      For example: Leftist groups and green movement organisations would sell their mothers for Secret profit/promises while in public shout out Co2 is bad or the attempt to ban Coon cheese.
      The tool they use is outrageousness tactics/language to get the point across and gain support from sheeplike supporters.

    • What do ya mean immigrant descent ?

      You are all immigrants.

      So if you dont agree with Katter´s right wing homophobic – racist views you are not patriotic?

      So I´m not patriotic.

      • Terry Odgers says

        Paul….what about you? Do you consider yourself an immigrant as well? I am sixth generation Aussie, so I consider myself a native Australian. You may not consider yourself as such, but please do not include the rest of us who do!

        And I don't think anyone is saying to you that not taking up Bob Katter's policies makes you unpatriotic!

      • OzPatriot says


        I mean recent immigrants – as in 2-3 generations.

        This is not the point, the point is that people like bob Katter are fine examples of integration into this nation.

        People are crying out for decent conservative represenation.

        Just relax!

        Is everyone that does not believe in same sex marriage or selling off the family farm a homophobe or a fascist?

        We just want to put forward our views without being labelled by left wing haters.

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