RIP Bruce Ruxton

On the 23rd of December 2011 the great Australian patriot Bruce Ruxton passed away, at the age of 85.

Ruxton rose to become the President of the Victorian branch of the Returned and Services League, and was a major force for the RSL in general. He was highly dedicated to the interests of veterans and their families and was considered a powerhouse in fighting for their rights, even to the detriment of his business and health.

Politically, he was a giant of a man; well-known for his blunt and brash manner of public speaking on a wide range of controversial subjects.

Ruxton passed judgment on the anti-Australian ways of the political establishment; he condemned the ill-conceived notions of official multiculturalism, massive Third World immigration, and political correctness in its many forms.

Bruce Ruxton fought the political bigots of multiculturalism within the media and in turn was savaged by them continuously. The rabid extremists of political correctness were full of hate for Ruxton and his views; one multiculturalist bigot even physically assaulted his elderly wife (she died a few weeks afterwards).

Ruxton was a private in the army during the Second World War, seeing active service as a rifleman with the 2/25th Battalion. In 1945 he went on to be part of the occupation force in Japan, where he became a cook.

When he was active with the RSL his war service was often disparaged by multiculturalists, who said he was only a cook – in their usual style, mixing half-truths with lies to further their political ends. To his eternal credit, Bruce didn’t cower to the lying multiculturalists and the media, but instead shrugged off their nasty barbs and kept right on fighting.

Bruce Ruxton was a powerful force in veterans’ affairs and patriotic politics. He will be remembered by many with a deeply-held respect, which he so richly deserves. May he rest in peace.

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  1. Nick Folkes, APP Syd says

    We have lost a great man with the passing of Bruce. He represents everything that is the real Australia.

    I was only thinking about him recently when I read a newspaper article on his life and death. He will he sadly missed by many. If there was a bloke to share a mud filled trench with – it would be with Bruce.

    RIP old cobber.

  2. Very sad loss! If Bruce Ruxton was still here the Labor scumbags would not have guts to try to "brand" ANZAC Day.

    Ruxton is one man with a strong following and a strong voice!

    ANZAC Day, arguably the most sacred day on the Australian calendar, is in danger of being "branded" by the Federal Government.

    War veterans say the 2015 centenary of the Australian landing on Gallipoli will speak for itself, without the need for hype, slogans or motifs.

    But federal bureaucrats have spent $100,000 on focus groups to determine how to "brand" the big day.

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  3. Didn't even know. What a loss.

  4. Sad loss. There should be more people like Bruce Ruxton in this country. He had guts. He really took on the fabian reds big time.

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