Professor Drew Fraser’s ‘WASP Question’ book launch – 19th November Ironbark meeting

It is a great privilege to announce Professor Drew Fraser will be the guest speaker at the Ironbark Social Club in Sydney on Saturday, 19th November 2011 (at 4pm). Professor Fraser will launch his new book, The WASP Question. This new book is of immense importance; totaling 422 pages, The WASP Question has attracted international attention with rave reviews.

Many would remember the brave and truthful comments Drew has made over the years. Back in 2005 Drew warned politicians and the public that bringing in black African refugees threatened to turn Australia into a Third World colony with increased crime, violence and welfare abuse. Drew was vilified by the multiculturalist intelligentsia at Macquarie University and also by the media. Fortunately, Drew’s comments on black African refugees found widespread support throughout the wider Australian community.

The oppressive hammer and sickle style of the Macquarie University apparatchiks stopped Drew from teaching Law at the university, as his straight shooting comments on black African refugees proved too much for the politically correct brigade to handle. Drew found that “truth is no longer a defence when it comes to charges of academic deviance”; under the neo-fascist rule of modern multiculturalist regimes, anyone who deviates away from the multiculturalist line prevalent in academia is subjected to harassment and job loss for their “thought crime”.

The WASP Question begins with prehistory, and the arrival of what were to become the “Anglo-Saxon” hordes that displaced (by and large) the native Britons, early on. He then goes through the history of Christendom, from the arrival of Augustine of Canterbury, to Henry VIII, Elizabeth and James, on to the early 19th Century, before changing his focus to the American Experiment, ‘… for us and for our Posterity’. Along the way, studies of ethno-biological, and cultural, and religious insights are used to point out the things that once we knew intuitively about ourselves, that actually were ‘innate’ racial/national/ethno-biological characteristics, that should not – and now cannot – be ignored any longer.

Signed copies of The WASP Question will be available to purchase on the day. So come along for an insight into this most important literary work and meet like-minded people in a genuine PC-free environment.

Time: 4pm, Saturday, 19th November 2011

Entry is free and light refreshments will be served. Contact Darrin (0431 739 260) or Nick (0417 679 972) for more information.


  1. Sarah Williams says

    Drew Fraser says no blacks, Sudanese, etc…! Only Australians according to Living with the Enemy! He is not even Australian himself! He is a Canadian! Drew Fraser you are just pathetic! No use to call you names as that would make me just as bad as you. You dumb white Canadian! Canada is just as bad as Tasmania! You all have two heads!

  2. Good day and a pretty decent turn out! Well done on the book release Professor Fraser.

  3. There's a new video of Professor Andrew Fraser up:

    It's a long video but he clearly knows Anglo history. The turning point is the shift from a "tradition directed character" to an "inner directed character". I think that means a shift from a group identity to an individual identity. That's what we need to regain: a group identity.

  4. Nick Folkes says

    Sudanese gangs have again been in Melbourne news due to Police reports highlighting the criminal element of African communities. Unemployed African youths involved in gangs have been targetting Australians in violent and also racist attacks.

    On Melbourne Cup day an Australian woman was raped by a black African. The black perpetrator racially abused the woman then raped her. The Australian government should be held responsible and legal action taken. The past Liberal party Immigration Minister Ruddock rolled open the doors for black asylum seekers and the public is now picking up the pieces.

    It is increasingly obvious to see Liberal, Labor and the Greens policies on immigration are a total failure. Islamic, African and third world immigration must be stopped for the survival of our people and nation.

  5. Devon Warrington says

    Reading Fraser's book is definitely on my to-do list! After I get through a few others first!

  6. Ahh the truth hurts.The Left believe in free speech…..their free speech! Drew Fraser just tells it like it is. Africans cause trouble in every white nation they invade. Is coming to Australia going to make them any better? I doubt it. They hate the 'white trash',but don't mind us providing housing,clothing,food,centrelink and stable government for them-paid for by us.

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