Are some federal politicians in parliament illegally?

The Craig Thomson saga gets bigger all the time. It has now moved into the area of his New Zealand citizenship and whether he ever renounced it before taking his seat in Parliament. As most politicians would know, the High Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to hold citizenship of a foreign country and sit in the Australian Parliament.

It was just that ‘minor’ detail that affected Heather Hill, who was elected to the Senate for One Nation in 1998; she was denied her place in parliament when Chuck Hong, a Malaysian-born Sydney businessman, and his associate Henry Sue, a Queensland kung fu expert, mounted a legal challenge in the High Court regarding Hill holding dual citizenship with both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard was born in Wales and it is unknown if she formally renounced her British nationality before being elected to Parliament; the question has been asked outside Parliament but no satisfactory answer is known to have been given. Some people are asking whether Julia Gillard is taking part in Parliament illegally. The same question could be asked of her Malaysian-born minister, Penny Wong. Tony Abbot, born in England, could be questioned on his nationality status as well. There are other federal politicians in the same situation and we have not heard from most of them on their nationality status either.

To set the record straight and to satisfy everyone that all politicians are being held to the same standard, each Member of Parliament should have to declare whether or not they hold citizenship with any other nation besides Australia. In fairness, even though we would oppose the Greens on many issues, it should be noted that at the time Greens senator Bob Brown was critical of the High Court’s decision to deny Heather Hill her place in parliament. However, the Liberal and Labor parties seemed quite happy to see Heather Hill lose her seat; if they are to abide by the law on this matter, then they should instigate an enquiry into all members of Parliament to determine their eligibility to be there. Or is there to be one rule for patriotic politicians and a different rule for multiculturalist politicians?

The Governor General, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President of the Senate, and the Attorney-General for Australia should all do their duty and promptly investigate as to whether any current members of the Australian parliament are currently holding, or were elected whilst holding, citizenship for any country other than Australia.

The Liberal-Labor parties are ruining the Australian nation through their ill-conceived and nation-destroying policies of dismantling our tariff protections, enabling foreign ownership of companies to be easily obtained, importing massive numbers of Third World immigrants, and funding the divisive ideology of multiculturalism. So, whilst it is possible that there may be some rare individual exceptions, generally the Liberal-Labor politicians do not morally deserve to be in parliament, not because some of them are born overseas, but because they have betrayed the interests of the Australian people, and any of them who are there illegally should be immediately removed.

Here are the names of the federal politicians listed as being born overseas:

In the House of Representatives:
Tony Abbott, Liberal Party (born in London, England)
Bob Baldwin, Liberal Party (born in Gloucester, England)
Darren Cheeseman, Labor Party (born in Christchurch, New Zealand)
Paul Fletcher, Liberal Party (born in Devizes, Wiltshire, England)
Joanna Gash, Liberal Party (born in Groningen, Netherlands)
Julia Gillard, Labor Party (born in Barry, Wales)
Gary Gray, Labor Party (born in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England)
Dennis Jensen, Liberal Party (born in Johannesburg, South Africa)
Sussan Ley, Liberal Party (born in Kano, Nigeria)
Brendan O’Connor, Labor Party (born in London, England)
Bernie Ripoll, Labor Party (born in Pézenas, France)
Laura Smyth, Labor Party (born in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Alex Somlyay, Liberal Party (born in Budapest, Hungary)
Craig Thomson, Labor Party (born in Wellington, New Zealand)
Maria Vamvakinou, Labor Party (born in Lefkada, Greece)
Tony Zappia, Labor Party (born in Platì, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy)
In the Senate:
Eric Abetz, Liberal Party (born in Stuttgart, West Germany)
Judith Adams, Liberal Party (born in Picton, New Zealand)
Doug Cameron, Labor Party (born in Bellshill, Scotland)
Stephen Conroy, Labor Party (born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England)
Mathias Cormann, Liberal Party (born in Eupen, Belgium)
Chris Evans, Labor Party (born in Cuckfield, England)
Alex Gallacher, Labor Party (born in New Cumnock, Scotland)
Scott Ludlam, Greens Party (born in Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Nigel Scullion, Country Liberal Party (born in London, England)
Nick Sherry, Labor Party (born in Kingston-on-Thames, England)
Ursula Stephens, Labor Party (born in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland)
Larissa Waters, Greens Party (born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Penny Ying-yen Wong, Labor Party (born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)

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The birthplaces of politicians listed were sourced from their entries on Wikipedia (House of Representatives list, Senate list) and confirmed with their biography pages on the website of the Parliament of Australia


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  4. Malaysian-born minister, Penny Wong does NOT have dual citizenship simply because Malaysia does not recognise dual citizenship. The minute someone becomes a citizen of another country, Malaysian citizenship is automatically revoked. This does not apply to Britain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and a number of European countries.

    It is utterly disgusting to hold political office and have dual loyalties.

  5. Little Jim says

    You are all on the same wavelength as I. What really gets up my nose is that someone like Mathias Cormann can arrive in Australia & almost immediately be employed within a political career. From that time onwards, all of his wages, superannuation contributions, perks, & eventually a lifetime generous retirement is ALL paid for by the Australian taxpayer.
    And he is one of the Politicians that said” the age of entitlement is over”~!
    Not for him or any of the other Politicians who were born overseas & are now running our country.

    • Corman is a true example of unelected swill. I have checked with the electoral office. no one has ever voted for him. He is a senator and is only elected by virtue of the Senate ticket.

  6. Maureen Harris says

    Has anyone a list of our present Members of Parliament who were born overseas.

    • There IS documented evidence that Julia Gillard relinquished her UK citizenship but there is NO evidence that Abbott has and if this is the case, this loathsome destructive PM should be removed IMMEDIATELY!!

      • It’s just a nonsense anyway arguing that relinquishing one’s UK citizenship deprives them of it forever. It’s just an empty technicality because once the need for its removal is over, a person can automatically take up their UK citizenship again. Effectively you never lose it.

  7. Yes, we knew this was happening to our Parliament. It would appear that interlopers
    have taken us over for their very own agendas. We cannot stand that Far Leftie
    Ludlum, we knew he was breed in NZ & has a big chip on his shoulder.
    He is despised in WA. There were no New Zealanders in The Battle for Australia,
    by the way! Check out Agenda 21.

  8. The constitutions do establish the office through the relevant representative of the monarch in Australia and at law they are all seen to be different entities.

  9. Save Australia says

    Even though the "office of British Monarch, the office of Australian Monarch and even New South Wales monarch" are all different, the Australian Constitution does not refer to those offices.

    The Constitution does not refer to an "Australian Monarch" or a "state monarch", it refers to the "King or Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"

    I am not saying that we should owe allegience to the monarch of the UK, but what I am saying is that the Constitution says we should (or, at least, office-holders and others who pledge allegience as per the schedule of the Constitution). So, I believe that the situation with Heather Hill was iffy to say the least.

    Technically, no act of parliament should be able to override the Constitution, as it should only be changed by a referendum of the people.

    However, it has been changed without permission of the people. For example, as with the Australia Act 1986. And the High Court can change it as much as they want just by giving it their own interpretations in their rulings.

    • Finally, someone else who believes the Australia Act(s) of 1986 were unconstitutional. To the same degree that the Act of Sevres was too, both of these Acts changed the constitutional relationship of the Australia and the UK and the definition and meaning of the "the Crown" by altering to whom it refers and who holds its powers as Head of State, the notion of a "Crowned Republic" is a direct result of these changes.

      Every Government of the Commonwealth of Australia has been sitting unconstititutionaly in my opinion since 1986 because at no time were the electors given their right to consent to the changing of their constitution.

      Democracy died a lonely death in Australia and no-one is willing to do what any other self-respecting people of any other country would do in this situtation and that is man the barricades and demand their rights.

      Our ancestors did exactly that in this land of ours but alas it appears apathy reigns and tyranny is allowed a free ride on the backs of the down-trodden patriots and nationalists who want something better but are driven to-ground by the cowards around them.

      A time will come for every Australian to make a choice, liberty and freedom or faux religion and subjugation.

      I have made mine.

      A N M

      • Hear hear, the last para is closer to reality today than it when you wrote it. Cosseted Cowards do indeed abound, not seeing the seeds of our demise they have sown and are nurturing. MJKD

  10. Save Australia says

    It is incredible how many politicians were born overseas. Almost 30 of them. I wonder how many have dual citizenship?

    That whole business with Heather Hill was dodgy. The Australian Constitution includes an oath of allegience to be sworn to the sovereign of the United Kingdom, so if Heather Hill was a British citizen (that is, she owed allegience to the sovereign of the UK) then she was owing allegience to the same person denoted in the Australian Constitution anyway. So the High Court's ruling was questionable.

    Anyway, what were two Asians doing taking Heather Hill to court? Following their ethnic interests, that's what they were doing. And PM John Howard was thrown out of parliament by the Asians in his electorate rallying together to vote him out – he deserved to be thrown out anyway, since he brought more Asians into Australia than any other PM before him, but once again it shows Asian ethnic interests at work.

    With politicians born overseas, what ethnic interests will they follow? Malaysian-born Penny Ying-yen Wong ("Ying-Yen" is hardly an Aussie name, is it?) is likely to have Asian ethnic interests at heart, just like the Malaysian-born businessman had his Asian ethnic interests at heart when he went after One Nation's Heather Hill in the courts.

    Liberal and Labor politicians are useless. Get rid of 99% of them from parliament and Australia would be better for it.

    • A few points. It is difficult that though the monarch is Queen Elizabeth 11 the office of British Monarch, the office of Australian Monarch and even New South Wales monarch are all different and the single monarch must treat each office very differently. British born people living in Australia were entitled to register to vote and could hold office in Australian parliaments, however an Act while I was overseas meant that British born needed to apply for citizenship. I do not know what effect that had on those who had registered to vote under previous rules. That is a point that needs to be found out

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