March to Victory

We are witnessing an awakening of the Australian people on a range of diverse issues facing our nation.  No longer are Patriotic Australians just content talking about economic, cultural and social issues created by our treasonous and inept political elite but now understand the need to take to the streets in protest and they are in large numbers.

For too long the left have held the keys to public demonstrations and public disobedience but no more. A new era of grassroots activism has begun, supported by real people genuinely opposed to the rubbish peddled by the left. The new Patriotic activists have valid concerns and want to be heard, not ignored or paid casual lip service by deceitful so-called representatives.

This weekend two important protests will be held in Sydney. On Saturday, 30th July, the ADL will stage a protest promoting opposition to Shari’a law including the burqa. Then on Sunday, 31stJuly a ‘No Carbon Tax’ rally will be held at Hyde Park, Sydney.

Various Islamic associations have been calling for the implementation of sharia law and establishment of sharia tribunals.  Keysar Trad of the Islamic Friendship Association and Ikebal Patel of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils have both called for Australia to compromise with Islam and embrace legal pluralism.

The push is on for polygamy to be recognised, acceptance of the burqa, female genital mutilation to be legalised and performed in Australian public hospitals and divorce and civil cases to be heard in Islamic tribunals. We do not need a parallel legal system promoting Islamic law and constitutional codes, which challenge our laws and norms. The cold darkness of chauvinistic sharia law has no place in our nation.

In 2009 Labor Party Senator Nick Sherry announced that the Board of Taxation would undertake a comprehensive review of Australia’s tax laws to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not inhibit the expansion of Islamic finance, banking and insurance products in Australia. The ALP advocate for the expansion of Islamic finance, culture and immigration regardless of public opinion overwhelmingly opposed to Islam’s loud and childish demands.

Anti-carbon tax rallies have been gaining momentum throughout Australia as more electors realise the economic destruction a carbon tax will wreak on our economy.  The polls indicate the vast majority of Australians are opposed to a carbon tax and validate Labor / Green coalition government in electoral and policy quagmire. Not since the days of Whitlam have voters observed such a hopeless government in daily distress, drifting from one policy failure to another.

Gillard lied to us on the carbon tax. Ju-liar said before the last election, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Gillard and her cohort of economic vandals want to de-industrialise our economy and tribalise our society.

A carbon tax will make no difference to non-polluting Co2 emissions but will increase interest rates, inflation, the cost of fuel and food, send jobs offshore, and swell the welfare queues for a non-existent problem.  The families of Australia face a bleak future under a carbon tax.

The pressure being maintained by Australians against an unnecessary carbon tax is producing positive results. Gillard has been on a sales campaign flogging the monstrous carbon tax over the past couple of weeks and the public reaction has been one of opposition and resistance. It is encouraging to see Mums and Grandmothers in shopping malls take Julia to task over the carbon tax. This sort of community activism is producing an outpouring of support amongst Australians.

Far-left Socialist political parties always ignore the free will of men and women. The leftist agenda is one of control, high taxation, wealth redistribution and the crushing of free men and women into submission. The planned leftist decay will only become a reality if we allow apathy and defeatist attitude to rule our thoughts. Instead, Patriots should continue to take to the streets and reclaim our sovereignty. The fighting spirit of the Australian people is still there and may it burn bright like a mighty fire through the night. Join us in protest against the evil establishment this weekend. So bring your flags, megaphones and friends to support both rallies.

March to Victory is a new dynamic protest page on Facebook promoting patriotic protest information to the public. Feel free to post relevant protest, meeting or forum details to gain support and publicity.

ADL (Australian Defence League), No Sharia law & No burqa rally

Meet:             Between Elizabeth & Philip Sts., Martin Place, Sydney

Time:             12 noon to 2pm, Saturday, 30th July 2011


No Carbon Tax rally

Meet:            Hyde Park (fountain side), Sydney

Time:            12noon to 2.30pm, Sunday, 31st July 2011.



Nick Folkes, Sydney Organiser of APP


  1. grahame6thgen says

    Seen the news, four men dressed in Burkas attack British Compound in Kabul.Men in dressess, speaks for itself does'nt it. I thought only gay men dress in womens clothing, three things need to happen in this country right now,

    1. Cut all religion off at the head if this nation and world is to progress

    2. Labour and Liberal are not compulsory, we had an Australian gov. before world war one, but after the finish Labour and Liberal have crept in and stayed- not 'COMPULSORY PEOPLE'

    3. Fix our own backyard before any other nation- period!

    Yes i am a die hard convict breed generation Aussie and proud, and i have no allegiance to a country or a Political structure that banished my ancestors!

    Nothing British is working in this country ie, Gillard/Abbott because their actions are not Australian. I for one am ready and so are a lot of country folk. Yes i am from the bush where logical thought and process are used commonly. The Gov. does not use this process and this is why the saying goes' Life is different on the other side of the mountains', which is correct. When was the last time we were given a vote to the actions of this Gov.

    Accept sharia law and islam, i will die first!

  2. mike monroe says

    I asked someone on the train today if Australia was a Muslim country now, Perth is swamped with them!!

  3. OzPatriot says

    Hi Steve,

    Best thing to do is become an organiser yourself or support members in Melbourne.

    Contact Darrin (0431 739 260) or Nick (0417 679 972) and they will steer you in the right direction.


  4. I shall be at the rally with a few friends. I am trying to round up more. 3 at moment hoping for 14. Has anyone heard anything about the school curriculum learning from each other where school children are taught all about Islam, teachers are given a poem about Islam and Alla to discuss with their students. I do not know if this is all fact but a school teacher is giving me the info Friday night.

  5. Why are all the protests and marchesactions taking place in Sydney?? A lot of good people, who want to take action, are in Melbourne…We need somethingsomewhere to attend here too !!!

    • The organisers tried to get a No Carbon Tax march organised in Melbourne and Brisbane, plus the other states, but no-one would put their hand up to help. Keep an eye on the website under the Rallies tab. It's updated regularly.

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