Congratulations to Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders fully deserves the acclaim of all supporters of freedom and democracy, following his recent acquittal by a Dutch court of the politically correct charges of offending and inciting discrimination against Muslims.

Wilders faced four charges: 1) intentionally offending Muslims, 2) inciting hatred against Muslims, 3) inciting discrimination against Muslims, and 4) inciting hatred of non-western immigrants. Such charges were, of course, highly political and are directly related to the political ideology of multiculturalism, an ideology that is more and more revealing itself to be authoritarian in nature.

Geert Wilders had simply given his opinion of Islam; his exercizing of his freedom of speech would not be the subject of a court case in a truly democratic society, but the political laws passed by multiculturalist regimes are anything but democratic.

Multiculturalist leaders and idealogues are well aware that importing people from very different cultures and ethnic/racial groups into another society will inevitably lead to social tensions and conflict; they also realise that the harsh street-level realities of multiculturalism are very unpopular with the general population; therefore, to try to maintain the dominance of their ideology over our society, they have imposed various multiculturalism laws, legislation designed to suppress political opposition against multiculturalism and its associated accessories (such as Islamification and Third World immigration).

Multiculturalism laws have been imposed upon quite a few Western nations and it was under such legislation that Geert Wilders was charged. His victory is one more battle won against the forces of authoritarian multiculturalism, although the long-awaited victory in our war for freedom has yet to be won. It is great that Wilders has won his case; however, it would be even better if all such political laws were thrown out altogether, so that the peoples of the democratic nations can enjoy freedom of speech once more.

Wilders extremely happy with acquittal, Radio Netherlands, 23 June 2011
Wilders trial coming to an end, Radio Netherlands, 22 June 2011


  1. Take a democratic vote / referendum asap on do Australian voters want 1.islam to cease all it's activities . 2 revoke all permanent visas i.e. defnitely not permited to hold a permanent Australian visa ].. MAY HOLD A STUDY OR PROFESSIONAL WORK VISA . 3. defnitely no more islamic .. religious , cultural or political activities permitted 4 .CANCEL ALL ISLAMIC SPONSORSHIP IN OUR SOCIETY . e.g. close their schools , mosques ,prayer centres [ public & private ]. 5. revoke all govt. ' hand outs .' 6. actively discourage / reverse their islamic jihad/ take-over of all western countries asap.7. BAN THE KORAN & SHARIA LAW . 8. CHANGE OUR LAWS TO DISCOURAGE THEIR TAKE-OVER .9. BROADEN BY OUR EDUCATION THEIR 'BRAIN WASHED' ANTI- SOCIAL ISLAMIC ACTIVITIES. 10.THEY MUST OBEY OUR AUSSIE LAWS .


    ONYA !!

  3. mike monroe says

    I saw an excellent utube video where an American military man (he was black and that was the only reason why he was allowed to say what he did, if he had been white the media would've crucified him) stated and I quote; 'It is imperative for Western politicans to read the Koran and understand that Muslims are doing exactly what the Koran demands and that is to flood into European countries, outbreed the main population and take it eventually by sheer racial demographics."
    Until such time though as the white far left are silenced and disposed and shown for the treasonous slimeballs they are, nothing will change and our children will hate us for not having the guts to stand up to them.
    But with Bob Brown and the Greens now holding power over parliment we are doomed. The Greens announced last week that they are demanding that all Arab students who study here in Australia are given the right to stay.
    We are fools to accept this and the Greens are nothing but psychopaths, one only has to look at their body language and facial expressions to realise they are not normal mentally.

  4. Third world people stay in your crap corrupt countries and stop coming to our successful modernised countries .We built them up for hundreds of years not for you to come and bludge on with your third world religions.

  5. Warung Discussion says

    There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. either they believe the koran (q'ran) – p*** be upon it – or they don't. in islam there is no middle road. if you believe people telling you "I am a Moderate Muslim" you believe LIES. there is no moderation in islam. moderation is misinformation.

    Don't believe the koran entirely? then you are not muslim. don't go to the mosque. go to a church and repent.

    nobody has to know. just keep your mouth shut. and if people ask you why you are not going to the mosque say "what business is it of yours?" "don't tell me how to live my life." "if i am not going lately .. so?" "doesn't mean anything" etc etc.

    support Australia. support your new country. here is a good life. under islam life is very harsh.

    think about it.

  6. Warung Discussion says

    Absolutely right! Freedom of speech should be a two-way street. We should pass laws to make the multicultural laws apply to all of us. That means if somebody stands up and tells me i am an infidel meaning i am an ape or a pig then it becomes a crime of slander and libel. Equality for all.

    If a person PREACHES hate and war and plots to overthrow us – the country – then that person has/is committed/committing TREASON.

    punishment? expulsion. plus the family and don't give me any humanitarian plea. after all someone who plots war and/or attrition does not have any feelings for others. all they want is power.

    if a person don't fit in then they are not assimilating.

    and secret agendas? people still adhering to old ways will get found out and asked to leave the country. do not pass go.

    If the person was born here that person should be jailed. in solitary so that person cannot convert weak minds into treasonable thinking. rehabilitation will be the "in" word.

    the country will empty very quickly

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