Katter’s Party advances Protectionist policies

The emergence of Bob Katter’s Australian Party is an interesting development in Australian politics.

This event clearly shows the influence of the Australian Protectionist Party upon national politics and upon Katter’s Australian Party in particular. The new party incorporates many elements that the APP has been pushing for, such as sensible economic protectionism, less bureaucratic red tape, no carbon tax, government purchasing of Australian products, and support for Australian families.

Katter’s party also shows that the major parties are losing their long-held grip upon the mass of Australian voters. This continues a tradition of a backlash by common-sense voters of supporting patriotic and nationalist parties such as One Nation and the Australian Protectionist Party as well as supporting straight-talking politicians such as Graeme Campbell, Pauline Hanson, and Bob Katter. There has already been some talk of whether some other independent politicians may join with Katter.

It will be of interest to see policies from this new party regarding mass immigration from Third World and Islamic countries, which are destroying our social homogeneity. After all, good policies are not worth much if the Australian people become a minority in their own land. At the very least, we would hope for policies that specifically oppose the implementation of Sharia Law or that curtail immigration to a sensible limit (such as the APP’s zero net immigration policy on a “one in, one out” basis).

Nonetheless, this new party marks a continuing trend of Australian politics shifting to sensible patriotic policies. With more and more people adopting a centre-nationalist position in politics, such as the Australian Protectionist Party has, this can only be good for the future of Australia.

Queensland MP Bob Katter registered Katter’s Australian Party with the Australian Electoral Commission, The Sunday Mail (Qld), 4 June 2011

Pauline Hanson votes for Bob Katter’s new party, The Australian, 6 June 2011

Katter woos Burnett, Bundaberg News Mail, 13 June 2011


  1. A lot of comment on refugees but they make up only a tiny proportion of our immigration intake which is mainly skilled , a policy that allows governments to cut back on training – 25% of our doctors are from overseas. But this is a form of skills poaching and creates havoc in developing countries. –

  2. hi , just want to add my opinion about how protection is working very well for the Swiss economy. Funny how most politicians and the media promote free trade and say protectionism is not the right way forward. Switzerland is one of the most protective trading societies in the world. Go to a pharmacy and try to buy a non Swiss drug or go to supermarket and try to buy foreign meat, the vast majority of products are Swiss. Their economy is steaming along because they export whatever they like because of free trade but have very stringent import controls, especially on products such as pharmaceuticals which could compete with the Swiss manufacturers. Finally, guess where WTO is, that's right, in Switzerland, as is FIFA, as is the IBS international bank of settlements bank. Time for people to open their eyes. Swiss economy is the only economy in the chaos that is untouched, now you know why.

  3. OzPatriot says

    Bob Katter is what true integration is about!!

    This bloke is of Christian Lebanese heritage and a proud Austtalian.

    If only we had more like him!

  4. mike monroe says

    A glimmer of hope, but the far left fight dirty and are murderous. For the sake of our people and Australia and other western countries, I'm prepared to cop the flack from the traitors and the invaders.

    I was hasselled by 'Save the Children' chuggers at my local shopping mall, I refused to sign up for a monthly donation as I said they were racist. They only had pitcures of black children to be 'saved'. I also asked as to where the billions and billions swallowed by African and other 3rd world countries have gone to? If they wanted my money, thats all they had to answer…where has all the money gone?

    They both sat there in silence and I repeated my question; "Please tell me, where has all the billions of our dollars gone to over the decades?"

    The Indian girl then snarled at me and called me a 'racist'.

    But she still didn't tell me where all the billions and billions of our money has gone to.

    • Soothsayer says

      Mike – I agree, billions of dollars have been sunk into these countries and they are still broken. What has happened with all the money? How do Africans perceive this money?

      I sponsored a child for a while and in one of her letters she mentioned that she hoped to move to a Western country one day…so why are we sponsoring these communities so they can be self-sufficient if all the people want to do is uproot themselves and settle in our affluent countries. They don't have the attitude of building up their countries but by getting by until they can move into the West.

      Why are we responsible for the rest of the world?

      I was having a conversation with my sister about some nasty anti-white racism that I had experienced or observed. I wasn't denigrating any other ethnic groups, just criticising the double standards. We were in a public place. At some point I realised we were being tailed, two girls were walking very close so us, as in almost on top of us. I turned around and noticed they were of 'Indian Appearance". I stopped my sister and we had to insist that they passed us because they weren't going to.

      This was obvious intimation because they perceived any criticism by whites of ethnic minorities as racism and felt some entitlement to start harassing us. The word and concept racism has lost its meaning. People immigrate here with the idea that Australians are 'racist' and any time they experience something they don't like they squeal 'racist'.

      It's a shame for the people who have experienced racism in this country and who tirelessly campaigned for a change of public attitude. Their hard work is now being exploited.

  5. Warung Discussion says

    Oh PLEASE. Give us a party to promote our values, our culture. Our lives.

    I am so angry with idiots in power who borrow money at the drop of a hat. who do not care about the Australian people.

    Bring back our industries.

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