Australian Defence League versus globalist extremists

The recent demonstration in Melbourne by the Australian Defence League highlights an interesting contrast in Australian politics.

At the protest were two opposing ideological forces.

On one side was a group which was opposing the development of an ideology which is steeped in opposing women’s rights in many areas, which makes homosexuality an offence punishable by death, and which promotes the severing of people’s hands as a way of punishing criminals. This first group was the ADL.

On the other side was a group, largely comprised of extremist socialists, which was full of people who would usually identify themselves as supporters of women’s rights, homosexuals’ rights, and prisoners’ rights; but not in this instance. Why not?

The fact is that the extremist socialists, along with their inter-related multiculturalist and globalist allies, are engaged in an undeclared cultural war against traditional Australia; even if this means giving direct or indirect support to ideologies which seek to destroy Australia as we know it.

Such globalist extremists are intent on swamping Australia with Third World immigrants, many of whom bring with them cultures that are at odds with our traditional way of life, including ideologies that are anti-democracy and anti-freedom. The self-hatred of the globalist extremists for white western nations is so deep-seated (possibly even pathological) that they seek to destabilize and destroy entire nations and peoples, as part of their attempt to bring about their deeply-flawed vision of a globalist world without borders and without demographic diversity.

The Australian Defence League obviously has good intentions in their quest to halt the threat of extremist Islam and the spread of Sharia law. The intentions of the globalist extremists are questionable, to say the least.

The advent of the ADL can be viewed as part of a general patriotic upsurge against the globalist extremists who seek to destroy our way of life. Defending the Australian way of life is an honourable cause and anyone who does so is to be congratulated on standing up for Australia.


  1. outcast says

    The most dangerous enemy is not external, but that from within:

    The apathy or good natured indifference of Australians & your own anti-Australian globalist, neocolonialist (multiculturalists) tyrannts.

    The Draconian laws to control thought & cower dissident, non-conformist PC thinking into submission has already begun.

    Orwell’s 1984 is prophetic & real. It should be on the compulsory curriculm for every teenage school kid.

    If the arrival of the British had an irrevocable impact on aboriginees, then the arrival of globalized neocolonialism will have an even greater impact on both 1st & 2nd generation Australians.
    Powell’s words are applicable to both.

    “….the impact upon the existing population was very different. For reasons which they could not comprehend, and in pursuance of a decision by default, on which they were never consulted, they found themselves made strangers in their own country. . .”

  2. BootOutTheLefties says

    I agree with EVERY word in this article, and would like to know more about this Protectionist Party. I oppose any and all religious and extremist political scum but so far I really like what I am seeing here. Face it, we are at war yet none of our governments are prepared to admit the fact that Islam declared war on us already and in fact they declared war on the west from the very beginnings of Islam 13 or 14 centuries ago and that war has never ended and will never end till either they or us cease to exist, and if Islam eventually conquers all nations on earth the Sunnis and Shiites will be at war forever until humanity is extinct, as they have also been fighting since the generation after the worlds most famous paedophile….. MOHAMMAD

  3. Dingos Breakfast says

    The West continues to deny the existence of ideological criminality, and violence in the Islam world by Mohammadians. Despite Islam’s murderous ‘way of life’, the West refrains from admitting ISLAM is the PROBLEM.

  4. Proudinfidel says

    Western governments and their press have endangered every believer in freedom and equality for years.

    The people have to take up the fight, and groups like this will increase in number, and it is to be applauded.

    There is nothing wrong in Australia that couldn't be fixed by allowing the police to do what they want with impunity for one month.

  5. Mr Aussie Digger says

    Which makes it a good time to call them out on their hypocrisy, not that the lame stream media will see it, and even if they do they won't report it, they hate democracy, women, gays, human rights, freedom of speach, freedom of religion etc just as much as the jihadists.

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