End the fake refugee racket – send them back! – APP rally! – updated location!

It has been one year since the Australian Protectionist Party last held a protest rally against the “invasion” of Australia by masses of supposed refugees from the Third World; during that 12 month period, thousands of “illegals” have attempted to invade Australia.

The Labor/Green coalition government has built or refurbished numerous mainland centers to relieve overcrowding on Christmas Island. There have been some breakouts and protests, even violent protests, by those seeking to illegally enter our country, having been attracted by the Labor/Green government coalition’s soft policies on illegal immigration.

Many of those attempting to invade Australia are men of military age; some of them are Tamil terrorists (or their supporters or sympathizers) who are trying to escape justice for their crimes. Given the violence happening on Christmas Island and the potential for the same in mainland centers, it is clear that these invaders should be turned back. The reality is that they are “asylum shoppers”, having skipped past half-a-dozen or so countries in order to get into the land of the great Centerlink.

The Labor/Green coalition government are all for encouraging this invasion; it is part of their “open borders” agenda, which is supported by the likes of Mark Goudkamp, Ian Rintoul, the Teachers Federation, the Socialist Alliance, and other radical leftist groups and their fellow travelers.

The Labor/Green coalition government have spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars on hotel rooms, internet access, mobile phones, other electrical and technical devices, as well as “culturally appropriate” food and clothing for these invaders – all this occurring whilst over 100,000 Australians are left homeless every night, with some families living in motor vehicles and with some desperate mothers up before the courts for stealing food just to feed their children.

The message from the Australian people to the Labor/Green coalition government is simple: SEND THEM BACK!

They are unwanted and unwelcome. SEND THEM BACK NOW!

Join the Australia Protectionist Party’s protest against the Labor/Green coalition and all the others who have sold out Australia’s sovereignty, your future, and your children’s future.

Where to turn up: Front entrance, Villawood holiday camp, Birmingham ave. entrance, Villawood.
When: 17 April 2011, 3PM

Bring your flags, bring your mates – and help us to win back Australia!

Contact Darrin (0431 739 260) or Nick (0417 679 972) for more information.


  1. bottom line is I don't need to explain myself to anyone – Just tear up the treaty on refugees and if enough people make this the number one priority then the problem just goes away and all the bleeding heart lefties can go overseas and help all they want. its not really all that difficult. if the rest of the world doesn't like that then so be it !!!

    • This is a message I have sent to The PM and the opposition leader. I urge others to do the same, otherwise we are doomed to the annuls of history.


      Like many Australians I am concerned about our Country’s future and our ability to retain its character as a nation of fine men and women. Many sacrifices have been made in the past, so we can be proud of our achievements and always remember the hardships. The Muslim invasion is now on our doorstep, and the present Government is encouraging and assisting in its progress. Why? We need to be told.

      I have some comments to make: I do not expect you to agree with these views, of course, but nonetheless I need to express them.

      Muslim immigrants have a reputation for manipulating the values of Western countries, taking advantage of their hospitality and tolerance. They see our way of life as an aberration and will attempt by what ever means to obliterate the Australian culture. Western societies are under constant threat from them.

      France, for example,

      “The Muslims represent about 10 % of the population, the highest in Europe. The number is increasing and some say it is already too late to stem the flow. There are regions where even the police are scared to go, and militant Muslims continue to change the country's political, economic and cultural fabric, and demanding anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies. Even the UK is experiencing similar problems. Most French people say they are strangers in their own country: a point of no return many say.”

      This will situation will certainly be replicated here in Australia unless we take ACTION. Are you prepared to let this to happen?

      Even in Australia some imams advocate violence. I believe the Government should not let fundamentalist imams come here, and screen them many times before allowing them to enter Australia. These imams will stop at nothing and are compelled, by their own religion, to impose sharia law in this Country. If they are unsuccessful they will do all in their power, using intimidation and threats, to achieve their goal.

      We do not need this fundamentalist approach in Australia. But alas it will ensue unless we have the fortitude to stop it. Is there a leader in Australia that is willing to listen to the people and the real issues confronting us? Maybe we need another “Crusade” to stem the flow.

      Australia cannot continue being " ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE". Our identity as a people will be lost as a result.

      Tolerance has gone too far and we are now paying the price for the bad Government policies, allowing the unabated infiltration of so many Muslims into our society, that have been forced upon the Australian people. Our freedoms are being eroded day by day and our rights and ability to have a say in the direction of our Country are being stifled out of fear of retribution. Open public debate is a thing of the past and your Government seemingly makes all decisions regarding our nation behind closed doors.


      • Soothsayer says

        Well said.

        What you said about debate being a thing of the past is so true.

        On the topic of free speech, Mark Steyn is visiting Australia and going to be doing pubic talks on the topic of ‘Feeedom of Speech in The Western World” in early March 2012.

        So if you are in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane you may like to attend. Tickets are available via the Institute of Public Affairs http://www.ipa.org.au/ .

        Other topics that should be debated are Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism will completely alter the Australian identity and the people selected for the Multicultural Advisory Board are selected by the government, not the Australian people.

      • A N Mouse says

        Although I agree whole-heartedly in your right as a citizen of this great country to voice your opinion and have yourself head by those in places of authority, I still felt I had to say the following.

        This goes for others who post here as well, so please don't think that I am singling you out Alan, I will start with you though.

        History is important, by attempting to make your point by reference to the French Situation via asserting that France's rather strained relationship with Jews and Israel is a reflection of its Muslim population you've left yourself open to being ignored. Everything you wrote in your letter will also be ignored because your attempt to make that link isn't founded in any real evidence. France has for centuries had a negative attitude towards the Jews, this has been well documented in French History. So I suggest that in future if you're going to make a claim you should research it in-depth. You were right about one thing, France does have the largest Muslim population in Europe, although this has caused problems, those problems are largely to do with newer arrivals who remain largely unemployed. The more native French Speaking Algerians who are centred around Nice however are very different and France's experience with the Franco-Algerian Populace is also markedly different.

        So, you could have used that as a background to argue that Australia faces similar problems with its growing Muslim population due to the growth being largely driven by migration. The migration of people who may not share a common affiliation either with Australia or the Muslim Population of Australia. You could then say that Australia should slow the arrivals of new Muslim Migrants in order to allow the long-standing Muslim Population to grow at a natural rate, which it had done so without incident since the 1860s.

        Could then be compassionate to a degree and say that you are thinking of the welfare of the Muslims who are allready here who face significant challenges trying to absorb and make places for new arrivals. That these new arrivals may potentially be a threat to the more homogenous Muslim Community who was here before them. We have seen this throughout various parts of the world, where more native Muslims have traditions impossed upon them by out-sides, such as in Iraq where Syrian supporters of one sect attempted to impose their will on the native Iraqis of a different sect. This is also happening with the Taliban, who are largely Pakistanis and other foreigners attempting to impose their will on a native population who was initially unable to resist them.

        By showing a deeper understanding of the history you can present a far more powerful and convincing argument.

        Secondly, anyone who thinks that the Greeks, Italians and Vietnamese have intergrated into Australia as much as people are lead to believe are the victims of a great con. Even after a century of Italians in Australia very large portions of the Italian Community are still ethnically pure Italian Speakers, Australia(ns) elects two representatives to the Italian Parliament, such is the significence of the Italian Diaspora here in Australia. Much the same can be said for the Greek, Chinese and Vietnamese Communities. Yes, these people have made a significant contribution to the developement of this country but to assume that they all became contented Aussies is really a product of good marketing over actual truth. The influx of people from the former Yugoslavia and other parts of Eastern Europe should also be held as an example of what happens when you allow large groups of people into a country who have no intention of ever changing their loyalties from the lands of their ancestors.

        Slavs are slavs first, Russian/Greek Orthadox Catholic second and all else way down the list, as well as being Australian. Yet no-one here is able to string together the whole history of Australian Migration because everyone is too focused on the easy target.

        This obsession with Muslims will be the end of the APP, the image that people have when they see this website is clear, that is, a single-minded grouping of people who at times are as misguided as they are rabid.

        You have to move past this "Muslims are bad because some terrorists are/were/will be Muslims" and the "Muslims Gang-Rape" along with the "Shari'a is Evil" song and dance routine. It hasn't worked, it doesn't work now and it will never work and trying the same approach expecting things to change is more a sign of insanity rather than persistence.

        You all need three things, first, English Lessons, two, History Lessons and three, Image Coaching.

        You must learn to project a coherent, balanced and well-founded arguments and at the moment you're being spanked by the statistical margin or error in polling data.

        People do want the APP to succeed and maybe that will be best acheived with not only new leadership but a new image and message as well. Work on getting an economics package that is sellable, protectionism isn't sellable as an economic model at a time when Australia has had 20 years of posative economic growth. Find an environmental policy that isn't centred on sending migrants home, give people something that doesn't sound like a front for the Klan and they just might buy it, at the moment though, people are just waiting for you guys to don the white hoods and set fire to some crosses.

        That might appear harsh and long-winded but that is just the way the average passer-by sees it and the sooner you guys realise that, the sooner you can become a real political party.

        A N Mouse

  2. Yes I agree. Apparently the cost for an individual to arrange for an illegal entry from Indonesia is
    $10,000.00 plus. How did they pay for transport to Indonesia to begin with? Our Government in some way must be assisting them financially, as they have been forced by the UN to allow them here. Too many dark secrets and our Government needs to come clean on this issue.

    • Sir ever heard of the Hawala System which is widely practised in MEastern societites?A person gets sponsored by moneylenders to an amount say 10000Us$ the “borrower” is then indebted for life until the debt is paid in full with interest,if the debt is defaulted then the persons assets,family will be held accountable until settled in Full…thats why majority of asylum seekers come empty handed and depend on Centrelink payments to settle their debts!

  3. Ahh feel the diversity, Africans stabbing people with machetees, lovely.

    But I'm sure JM and John O'Hagan will approve…or would they [edited] if this happened next door to them in their street.

    *Note; residents now fear for their lives and are too scared to leave their houses, lovely. But especailly JM, this is for you. Now shut up and go play with your fairies.


  4. Terry Odgers says

    I would like to ask John O'Hagan a simple question.

    If you were standing and waiting to enter an elevator to go to a higher floor, and there were two elevators in operation which arrived at the same time, but one elevator was carrying black people while the other elevator was carrying white people, which elevator would you choose to enter?

    John, I ask people that question because it goes straight to the heart of everyone, black, white or purple, who seem to pander to the multiculti mindset and notion, that any country can be a cohesive country under cultural diversity which is a very dangerous ideology! Everyone has racist tendencies – it is part of human nature to discriminate in favor of your own kind – which the followers of multiculturalism try to deny and hide by labelling the natural discrimination for ones own kind as being somehow racist. Is it only the white man that can considered racist? Hardly! As the Arabs excel in this area of humanity! And is it only white people who wish to preserve their cohesive society as something special? Hardly! Try gaining citizenship in China, Japan, South and North Korea, Arabian gulf states, most African states, India and Pakistan! Is it then fair to only label white nations as being racist?

    You state you are very happy to see this country become multicultural. I ask why? What was so wrong with what we had before this insanity of diversity

    was thrust upon us? Do you also believe it fair that governments have done this to us without any due mandate for such dramatic social change?

    And please stop equating the Greeks, Italians and others who have assimilated and have been welcomed into this country to Muslims who have no intention of assimilating or taking on the very values that have given us the worlds leading civilization. Or is that also too painful for you to reconcile with?

  5. I personally only see a problem with Islam. They don't assimilate, they don't marry out of their religion, and their Koran tells them to kill all non-muslims. There are peaceful Muslims but there were peaceful Germans, when the numbers increase then the peaceful Muslims have no choice than to bec ome more "Religious" "radicalized" otherwise they too are dead. You only have to look at all the killings of non-Muslims in Egypt, Indonesia, tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran,Afghanistan etc….. The eu and united nations (mostly Islamic countries) have an agenda. Cause as much chaos, which creates refugees that bleed their host countries dry and then creates "sleeper cells" in those countries. When turkey sends their flotilla in may to israel, and the euorpean countries are trying to take borders away from Israel so they can't defend themselves, the s*** is going to hit the fan. Israel has every right to defend themselves and they will with their Huge arsenal of nuclear weapons. They also are saying that the 11/09/11 is a significant date for the Islamist to wage a terrorist attack. Why nobody seems to be concerned about this, particularly the media or government is criminal and if we don't bring this to their attention we will suffer the fate of Europe, which is now starting to see the errors of their ways!

  6. Send these people back, they cause roits and think that it will allow them to stay in this country.

    Many Men of Middle Eastern background are in Correctional Centres, By far more in percentage to the percentage in Main Stream Australia, eg We are told Muslims account for under 2% of the population yet they account for about 6% of people in Jail.

    They do not respect Australian Values, they hate us with a passion, Read the Koran, its full of hate towards a non believer, eg, someone who is not Muslim.

    The Majority of Australians don't want them in the Country, yet we the people are given no choice, It is being forced upon us. I for one will not vote Labour at the next election, they are ruining this country.

    I know that tony abbott is mad, but at least he will try and do something.

    • Tony Abbott at least is christian, unfortunately he has to be politically correct, but you have Barnaby Joyce, Cory Bernardy speaking about these things and not afraid to say so! Good on them!

    • You haven't seen the amount of Africans in jail mate, they are outstripping the Aborigines for ethnic representation of imnates.

  7. Did you hold a protest?

    How did it go, I couldn't go

    Maybe a protest outside Chris Bowen's house?

    Particularly after the recent protests at villawood!

    • Protest went well, and seems to have kicked up a storm since we were there on Sunday. And we are looking at protesting outside Bowen's office, will keep people posted.

  8. Here we are still paying for people who abuse the system that cant even look after itself,cmon aussies stand up for ourselves so we have afuture for our kids that has a good health system and public schools, public housing, how about these camps be turned into homes for the homeless , and start looking after our own problems within this country and SEND EM BACK!!!

  9. Mr Aussie Digger says

    They are not asilum seekers, they have moved through multiple countries thus they have ceased to be in immediate danger of human rights abuse, send them back to the first country of origin after they left their homelands.

    Until and unless the UN puts resolutions stating that all the countries they move through to get here are abusing their human rights, we have no obligation to take them unless they obtain visa's and other entry documentation legaly.

    Lets put it right back in the lap of the UN, they refuse to acknowledge these countries are abusing their human rights, ergo, their human rights are not being abused, ergo they have no right to come here claiming refugee status on human rights abuse claims.

  10. Nick Folkes says


    What part of the above article is "not true'?

    You need a reality check. Your hateful racist comments are not appreciated.

    1. There are electrical devices at Villawood for the illegals. These bludging illegals do have access to phones, computers and game consoles.

    2. Where did you get your woeful data from? In the calendar year 2010 Australia imported over 300,000 net migrants plus 13,750 refugees so refugee component is over 4.6% not "2%". Your lack of intelligence is shown as you don't know the difference between an illegal or someone who is classified as a refugee by the UNHCR. The illegals do impact on social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Australia. The illegals know all too well that once they get accepted by stacked tribunals that the access to taxpayer funded gravy train begins. It seems you are not a taxpayer so it doesn't bother you.

    3. What a stupid analogy, just as stupid as its author. Who said, "ban"? The people of Australia want a sensible immigration and refugee policy not one based on emotion and rape of the taxpayer. Australians take billions of dollars to Bali and employ locals through tourism, the illegals on the other hand come here and bludge off welfare, cause crime and create unsafe ghettoes.

    There is no comparison between the post war European migrants and present migrants. The third worlders flooding the country lack the good character of the previous successfully assimilated Europeans.

    In future peddle your anti-Australian, anti-Western trashy comments somewhere else. We don't welcome extremists like you or your racist comments.

    • John O'Hagan says

      I clearly listed in numbered point form which parts of the article are not true.

      My figures are correct. My "woeful data" is from DIAC. Go check. I have visited Villawood and other centres, have you? I am a taxpayer, what makes you think I'm not?. Nothing I said was remotely racist or extreme.

      Your aggressive posturing and gratuitous insults reveal a reluctance to discuss the issues. It seems you would rather stew in your own little ghetto with only those share your narrow, extreme views. Have the courage to debate logically with someone who disagrees with you.

    • Which of his comments were hurtful or racist? Please provide specific examples, with an explanation of how they were racist and/or hurtful?

  11. John O'Hagan says

    The above article is simply not true:

    1) I have visited Villawood detention centre a number of times. It is basically a jail, not a "hotel". There are no mobile phones or "other electrical and technical devices".

    2) Refugees make up 2% of immigration, so have little effect on population or culture.

    3) It makes no sense to ban all refugees because a couple may be "on the run". Should all Australians be banned from Bali because of Shapelle Corby? No, that would be racist.

    To the people who frequent this site I say: remember when Anglos felt the same way about Italians and Greeks, then later about Vietnamese, and so on? It all turned out for the benefit of Australia, and will continue to do so.

    Try talking to some of the people you fear so much; you'll find they are just people. Stop hating. Please.

    • Len Davis says

      Your comment re percentages may be correct but you are terribely wrong when it comes to individual communities and the affect that these people have on the loives of ordinary Aussies in individual streets and communities.

      AS you know it is a basic law of nature that people wnat to live with their own kind (Birds of a feather flock together). Hence these third world people want to live with their own kind,

      Hence when they are released into our communities, they flock together and severly change the communities where they settle.


      Multiculturism has caused so much pain for people all over the world when their communities are hijacked by immigrants and refugees with an alien culture, religion.

      Our own community here in north Brisbane is currently under attack form Indians and Sri Lankans who seems to havce targeted our community as a place to settle.

      Individually these people may be really nice people and good for the Australian economy but as a race – they are so different. Especiually whene thyey bring in their extended families from India who don't speak the language and refuse to assimilate.

      We loved our community the eway it was.

      Surely the lessons of Europe and elsewhere should tell this crazy government that multiculturism simple does not work.

      • Soothsayer says

        Len, which part of North Brisbane. I live in North Brisbane too and I've noticed that there are a lot of Indians etc., My area has always been multi-racial, but I am really concerned about it becoming an enclave.

        I think that an area being multi-racial is a lot different to it becoming an enclave. I've been quite stressed at this as well. I don't want to live in an enclave or a multicultural community.

        I want to live in my community and it is insulting that people think it is a great thing when areas become 'diverse' or 'multicultural' or settled by one group. It's like saying there was something wrong with the area before it was settled by these groups. Theres is nothing wrong with where I live. It's lovely and I want it to stay Australian and I don't want to be displaced.

      • If it's genetic that people will only want to be with their won kind, why does Australia have the one of the highest rate of intercultural marriage in world? Including the APP politician Nick Folkes (Whose partner is Japanese)? Surely such a relationship is important, due to the differences of culture and race?

        And as this survey shows-the majority of Australians see multiculturalism as a positive thing-why do you think that is?

    • Reality check John ! I never had a problem with Italians and Greeks, and Vietnamese, they actually work and integrate, they never caused riots or burned down buildings in detention ! They also never conveniently disposed of all identification or hid their true identity, or passed through other countries on the way to the land of the tax payer funded, no expense spared, soft touch Australia, that the Green/Labor Government provide ! They didn't have terrorist links, they didn't threaten the same country that provided them shelter. And I have met a "Queue jumper" who's attitude is, "we are here, get used to it, there are more coming, your Government allows it, and eventually we will take over !" Well, to me that sounds like a problem, a huge worry, an indication of what Australia is in for ! So John, save your pity for Australia's own homeless and displaced, because they get less help from this communist Government than I'm willing to accept ! Send the boat people back to Indonesia, where they legally traveled and entered with passports and visas, before making the illegal journey without the paper work to Australia !

      • John O'Hagan says

        You may not have had I problem with previous migrant groups, but you must have a short memory if you have forgotten that many people did, and were saying identical things about them as are being said on this site.

        They did no riot and burn prisons because they were not incarcerated!

        Your other allegations – they don't work, they throw their ID away, they are terrorists, etc have been thoroughly debunked elsewhere.

        Refugees often have to move through several countries – for example, Afghan refugees can only get out via Pakistan, but get kicked out of there because that country has the same attitude that you are advocating, and the process continues until they reach a country with a decent approach to refugees. You propose adding another step to that process, yet hold it against them. It's more complicated that you think it is.

        Your anecdote about meeting a "queue jumper" who told you of his evil plans to take over Australia is amusing but has nothing to do with the broader reality.

      • Annie, if you never had a problem with Vietnamese-why are you on the page for a party that

        a) Sees Vietnamese and all Asians as not Australian and unable to ever be Australian.

        b) States a desire to see all non-whites, including the Vietnamese, be encouraged to leave the country through financial incentives.

        c) Only wnats the baby bonus to be put in place in cases where both parents are from a european background, therefore saying a Vietnamese, or even a quarter vietnamese baby is not worth the same as a Caucasian?

    • OzPatriot says


      Its not about hating its about the fact that it is always up to white Western governments to put up with asylum scrounging and the world's problems.

      China is an economic powerhouse, easily able to help out with asylum seekers and bogus refugees – why dont they take them in? Why doesnt Japan do the same?

      Why is up to Australia, Britain, America and most of Western Europe to take in these people who are 1. Jumping the cue & 2. Most of the time not culturally compatible?

      When greeks and Italians and most other Europeans came here they didnt automatically get a roof over their heads, airconditioned lodgings, exercise areas and culturally appropriate food!!

      Wake up and stop being a bleeding heart!!

      Your ancestors (and mine) are the ones that built the foundations of this great nation and it is up to us to defend it from the likes of bogus asylum seeking and those who wish to take advantage of our social security apparatus, whilst some of our own people live on the streets.

      Compassion can only go so far, John!

      • John O'Hagan says

        I agree – we should be pressing all governments to accept their share of refugees.

      • Hi-you say it is wrong to help asylum seekers while some australians are on the streets. I'd like to know how you have helped the homeless recently?

    • Go to England or Europe please and see what mess they are in.

      We don't hate, we just want to perserve our own racial identity, why don't you go some Asian countries like China and demand they be flooded with Africans, Muslims, Samoans, Tongans Indians etc? Why are they allowed to remain homogenous?

      Why do you have a problem with whites wanting to live in safety and mixing with their own kind?

      And until white people are protected under racial vilification laws and against race hate crimes, which we are most defineatly not, multi ethnic will never work.

      Or are you in denial that these crimes are being comitted against us and such things don't happen?

      • John O'Hagan says

        To preserve the whites-only enclave you are fantasizing about would require racial discrimination, which is morally wrong and illegal.

        It did once exist – in South Africa. If you think that was a good idea, you've lost me, and just about everyone else in the world.

        • OzPatriot says


          You discriminate everytime you choose your food, your clothes, your home and who you invite into it.

          It was called apartheid in Sth Africa and that was wrong; however keeping out those that have no desire to assimilate or became part of the Australian family are not welcome here.

          You do sound like a marxist, white-hating racist.

          If you do not wish to advance your own or do not like being with your own then the world has lost you.

          Identity and belonging is everything!!!!!

          • John O'Hagan says

            Please spare me the "marxist, white-hating racist" baloney. I didn't say anything to warrant that and it doesn't advance the debate. Neither does playing word-games with two completely different senses of "discriminate". As you well know (I assume English is your first language, given your views), we are talking about the sense which means "unfairly disadvantaging", not the one which means "choose between".

            Of course identity and belonging are important, but where you are confused is that you equate "your own" with race. Why not height, or shoe size, or political belief, or handedness? You are preoccupied with one superficial difference.

            As a born-and raised Australian with Anglo-Irish roots, I would meet all your racial criteria. But I grew up in the sixties and seventies in a degenerate colonial imitation of a dull English culture, which has since fortunately been invigorated and transformed by waves of migration from other sources. I like it a lot better. The majority share this view. I'm sorry that you don't. Wake up, open your mind, relax and enjoy it!

      • Mike-if you want to live in a country for whites only why are you living in Australia? Or are you saying that you don't consider Aborigines Australian?

        Or-heaven forbid-you wish to deport Aborigines?

        And if being multiethnic is unable to work, why do the majority of Australians (http://www.newkerala.com/news/.....57522.html) see multiculturalism as a positive thing?

    • the italian and greeks didnt cost the tax payer billions of dollars they payed there own way and worked hard to help australia they didnt clog up the courts trying to bulls*** there way into the country or burn down buildings because they didnt get there own way i dont believe any of these things are real refugees they just want to move here by baffling us with bulls*** or why show up with no papers and then sook because it takes longer to work out who they are are they stupid or what and if there life is realy in danger wouldnt a detntion centre be better than what there supposidly running from .why the hell have we got troops in afganastan when there own people run away with there tail between there legs cowards wont even help defend there own country better hope australia doesnt end up with a war on our soil or there will be a mass exadus of afganys heading for new zealand i know i would be here trying to defend my country not like these yellow ** ** ** running away leaving woman and children behind to fight there battles for them what heros just the sort of people we need in australia and god help you if you say a bad word against there religion there is no up side of letting these animals into australia its all down hill from here i think we would be better of with the plague than muslims


  13. Hi

    True words, I am not a racist, but a realist. There is a reason why they left there own country to invade Australia-it is a mess, created by the goverment these refuges voted in .

    • Created by the government these refugees voted in, eh?

      Just how many free elections have there been in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq?

  14. I don't want to sound like a downer, but I already feel it's too late for Perth. I've never seen a city change so much in such a short period of time. I feel really isolated where I live, I'm one of a few whites left in my area. South Perth is still pretty white, but too expensive for me. Depression is setting in and it's not nice. I now have to turn on the tele just to see my own race of people. Although I'm not fond of Africans, the truth is I don't really hate any other race of people, I wish them health and happiness…in their own countries. All I want to do is to exist amongst my own race of people, is that asking too much?

    It won't be long now before they start their own political parties and then it's bye bye whitie.

    I still say though, the biggest terrorist threat we face in Australia are from the white far left, who no doubt, will be flying off in jets to their private getaways when the takeover takes place, leaving us to our fate.

  15. Would it not be better to protest in an area with maximum public exposure [eg Sydney CBD] instead of the refugee holiday resort site?

    • Nick Folkes says

      We have held anti-illegal protests in Sydney City in the past but nothing beats taking the protest to Villawood on this issue. Guaranteed the filthy left will turn up and make the afternoon interesting.

      • At the moment freedom of speech is allowed here in OZ, so go and protest.

        The APP would be better served by formulating clear policies based on their primary policies stated on their website (though they are hard to find if you look for them)The APP should be trying to gain mainstrem media attention based on theses policies and it may come as a surprise the support that arises if they can gain that attention

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