To all our members and supporters…

The Australian Protectionist Party wishes all of our members and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

“Silent Night” – Celtic Woman (Gaelic and English)
O Come All Ye Faithful” – Celtic Woman


  1. Skipping Girl says

    Mike – not sure why Islamic politician thinks England will be Islamic in thirty years.

    It already is Islamic.

    • Thanks for your reply skipping girl, yes the situation looks very bad over there. Unfortuantley we are not far behind.

  2. Thought I'd just post his by an Islamic labor politican in England and his boasting that England will be Islamic in 30 years…they will then control all of England's nuclear and bio-logical weapons.

    This is why nationalistic parties must come together and form one major party to give our voters an alternative the sooner the better before we all are exterminated.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone. Keep Safe.

  4. Nick Folkes says

    Merry Xmas to APP members and supporters,

    I wish you safe holidays and a prosperous and patriotic New Year.

    Rest well over the Xmas break as we have a lot of work next year in resisting and exposing Labor, Liberal and Green parties.

    Onwards and Upwards. God bless 'youse' all!


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