Refugee tragedy is the fault of rotten refugee policies

The deaths of a group of refugees, occurring when their boat crashed upon the rocks at Christmas Island, is a sad indictment of the government’s policies on refugees.

For all its failings, the Liberal government of John Howard had moved in the right direction when it came to refugees; as their policies had reduced the number of refugees coming by boat to Australia. On the other hand, when the Labor government of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard came to power, their pro-refugee policies were well-known and they therefore encouraged a rash of refugees to try their luck in sailing to our shores.

At the time, they were warned that their policies would result in a flood of refugee boats with the associated loss of life as people tried their luck with the heavy seas; but the Labor Party refused to listen – with this latest tragedy being the result.

Refugees do not exist in a vacuum; they listen to the news and hear rumours of what is going on in the world. When the millions of refugees in the Third World heard that Australia had relaxed its policies on refugees, it was as if they had been given a personal invitation to come here; to use a old phrase, “it was on for young and old”.

The fact is that the Labor Party’s pro-refugee policies are bad on several levels.

1) They will increase the number of refugee deaths, as they try to cross dangerous seas to get to Australian territory. If the millions of Third World refugees were aware that Australia was not accepting sea-borne refugees, and being very strict about it, then very few would bother to try to sail here. The more seaborne refugees that Australia lets in, the more seaborne refugees will try to come here.

2) They will increase the amount of mayhem in Australia, as there have already been a number of crimes committed here by refugees; special attention should be paid to those with warfare-induced mental problems and those from fundamentalist backgrounds. Rape, robbery and death is the “reward” for innocent Australians; but those individuals would not have suffered if the Labor government had not brought in bad refugee policies.

3) They are part of the immigration-driven genocide of the Australian people, replacing the Australian population with a Third World population. The Australian people never asked for their country to become a new Hong Kong or a new Mexico, such changes have been carried out in an undemocratic fashion by the Liberal-Labor parties. And how many of these refugees are Muslim extremists? The Australian way of life will be changed – and not for the better – by the major parties and their painfully poor policies.

Nor should it be forgotten that these are not real refugees; they are fake refugees – they are economic immigrants, trying to jump the queue. When they originally fled their home country they were refugees (assuming they are genuine), but once they passed their first safe haven they were no longer refugees, but simply economic migrants on the move. Most, if not all, of the refugees who have sailed to Australia have by-passed several safe countries in order to come here. This is why they are commonly referred to as “illegal immigrants”, because they are fake refugees who are trying to break our immigration laws; indeed, in sailing here to claim “refugee” status, it also raises the question of whether they are committing fraud as well.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on some tens of thousands of refugees coming into Australia (most of whom are flown in by the Australian government, then given financial help for housing, medical care, white goods, and other sundries), that same amount could be used to help millions of refugees in their own regions; which would be a win-win situation – millions more would be helped than are being helped at the moment, and Australia avoids the social strife that will inevitably occur in a non-homogeneous society.

If we want to protect Australia and want to help refugees, then it is imperative that we help refugees in their own regions and not try to use Australia as a sponge to soak up millions of Third World refugees.

It is time to get real on refugees.




“Refugee advocate blames Government, Andrew Bolt calls for Julia Gillard’s resignation”,, 16 December 2010

“Locals witness ‘unbelievable horror’ as asylum boat tragedy unfolds off Christmas Island” by Nicolas Perpitch, Debbie Guest and Tony Barrass, The Courier Mail, 16 December 2010

Note: For some reason the above article in the Corier Mail, along with most (or all) others in the same syndication, changed the story title away from “Crash was ‘tragedy waiting to happen’ say locals”.


  1. Suppressing and eliminating Muslims in reaction to Muslims, in Islamic text and subsequent actions, defining other as less and therefore rightly subject to grevious harm – from a beating to violent death – means you have become what you detest.

    Like the Muslims will you in the end be able to differentiate between friend and foe?

    It is only by identifying the text which constructs the ideas which drive and have driven actions, which are the direct cause of the Islamic violence, and forcing if necessary change to that text through Democratic legislative means will we ever over the long term stop the violence.

    To do what you are proposing to simply follow the protectionist exclusionary line your actions fall prey to an existing Islamic text paradigm which says Muslims are going to be unjustifiably challenged and/or attacked because of their beliefs and therefore have the God ordained right to visit grevious harm upon whom ever at any point in time Muslims determine as non-adherents. This approach alienates fellow Australians you need to enable change.

    Even without challenging Muslims faith the building blocks of genocide contained in the Quran text Chapter “THE COW” makes sure from generation to generation extremists are created along with the so called Moderates to oppress non-adherents.

    In any insurgency not every member of the community needs to turn up in a suicide belt but insurgents do need as they have had in Australia tenets which support their ideology held generally by their supporting community. Notice the Good Muslim boys (terrorists) being determined by their communities as coming from Good Muslim families.

    Yes Islam since the beginning has utilized violence in the place of rational argument, it has not been alone, and conveniently defines non-adherents as being unable to understand the supposed truth of Islamic text even if non-adherents are informed of it (crazy I know) but if we do the same thing we are just as barbaric.

    We cannot have the Moderate Muslim without the extremist until either Muslims change the text or they get out of the way and civilized society does it for them it is more of the same.

    But suppressing Muslims even sending them off to kill each other will no protect you as non-adherents are in the end the enemy and as we have seen lines on the map provide little protection.

    The idea is not to attack people directly for when push comes to shove any group is open to attack in society but to clearly establish the link between text ideas motivation and terrorist action and propose to resolve it with the Muslim community itself. If it is publically seen the Muslim community is not willing to do so then what have you lost and what have you gained?

    Attack the textual construct rather than the person – as for say in the Burka – saying it is a security risk is a ridiculous argument – it is what it means regards women’s place in a Western Democratic society which is the key.

    • The entire world will be in for one hell of a battle until Islam redeems itself through a reformation process much like Christianity went through in the 15th,16th and 17th centuries. There is no such thing as a 'moderate muslim' while their communities secretly approve of what their Jihadist brethern do in the name of Islam. I know exactly how these Islamic communities work. Any muslim that sticks his/her head above the parrapet to challenge the 'status quo' will duly recieve threatening phone calls, ugly emails and in some cases worse. Those truely brave indivivduals like Salman Rushdie, Wafa Sultan and Hirsi Ali, who have lived the price of exposing what Islam has evolved into deserve our protection. All have serious security where ever they go now. Islam is rapidly evolving into an oppressive facist religion that does not tolerate 'the other'. Nothing flourishes under the feet of Islam where ever it has dominant sway. Christians and other minorities are fleeing the middle east in unprecendented numbers. The Middle Eastern Christan population is on the verge of collapse (as is witnessed in all muslim dominated countries) The recent bombing of the Coptic Church in Alexandria is just the tip of the iceberg in open violence towards non muslims. It's happening all over the middle east, Pakistan, and even Indonesia.

      Then there is the oppression & forced submission of women into wearing the burka, recieving very little education, forced to arranged marriages with much older men, prisoners in their own homes, expected to become a breeding machine for 'Allah'….step out of line and you can look forward to an 'honour killing', be raped or worse. Of course Islam uses militant women to carry out many of the abuses that muslim women endure on a daily basis. Many of Iran's religious police are in fact women, who beat those that are not in accordance with 'religious dress'. Who can forget the schoolgirls that were made to burn alive in a Saudi girls school because they fled the building without their all enveloping burkas. It may interest those to know that after the Koran, Mein Kampf is the most read book in the middle east. In fact the Mufti of Jerusalem was an avid supporter of our friend Adolf during the war and supplied Adolf with a muslim brigade to kill Jews. People in this country (Australia) need to know what we are up against. Western countries are in fact importing a trojan horse that will eventually destroy the West. Don't believe me….then I challenge you to get a copy of Samuel Huntington's 'Clash of Civilisations' and argue otherwise.

  2. Since this Labor government came to power in 2007, Australia has now had over 10,000 illegal refugees enter Australia by boat. This is a disgrace due to them fiddling with the Howard governments firm border protection policies.

  3. We say we come in peace… to share your lucky land

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  4. Skipping Girl says

    Sorry I should have said political party not group.

  5. Skipping Girl says

    Australian protectionist party. It seems you have the ability to organize and rally people around why not just focus on the issue of Islamisation of Australia and try to stop this instead of spreading yourselves thin with a whole political group and what it entails?

    • Skipping Girl, any political party wishing to be known as a politcal party and not a pandering party to special interests, like Labor and Liberal, need to be able to tackle ALL the current issues as well as formulate much needed plans for our future.

  6. Off Topic, but just to let you all know, SBS is having another anti-white hate fest, just saw the ad on their crap channel, ruined my evening. It's about how Australia tried to keep its population white, (failed miserably so why the hateful programme SBS?)

    • It seems SBS, have a problem with White people and only White people.

      They aren't fighting Chinese Privilege in China, where the Chinese control their government and private industry from top to bottom.

      They aren't fighting Indian Privilege in India, where the Indians control their government and private industry from top to bottom.

      They aren't fighting Japanese Privilege in Japan, where the Japanese control their government and private industry from top to bottom.

      etc, etc, etc.

      No, it is only White countries where they are doing this. That's because

      anti-racist = anti-white.

  7. As sad as this tragedy is, these asylum seekers came over on their own free will to attempt to enter Australia illegally. Now many have to pay big dollars to get brought here illegally, maybe they should have done it the right way – seek refuge status and brought into Australia legally and safely.

    People entering a country illegally is against our immigration policy, yet they chose to take the risk.

    Hopefully this will deter many attempting to enter Australia illegal, as did the tragedy that happened during the Howard era

  8. "Instead of spending millions of dollars on some tens of thousands of refugees coming into Australia (most of whom are flown in by the Australian government, then given financial help for housing, medical care, white goods, and other sundries), that same amount could be used to help millions of refugees in their own regions; which would be a win-win situation – millions more would be helped than are being helped at the moment, and Australia avoids the social strife that will inevitably occur in a non-homogeneous society."

    This really sums it up. From a pure utilitarian perspective of the greatest benefit for the greatest number, it is far more cost effective to help people where they are.

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