Success for Australian internet forum

The Australian Identity Forum, the internet forum for Australian patriots, has passed a major milestone.

2.5 million hits in the last twelve months.
4.5 million hits since the forum began in early 2008.

In the last twelve months, May to October 2010, the forum received over 2.5 million page views – an amazing achievement for such a young forum, especially for one dedicated to social-political issues. The forum has received over 4.5 million page views since it began in March 2008.

Congratulations to all of the administrators, moderators, supporting members and ordinary members who have made the forum such a success.

The AIF was set up as a place for Australian patriots to gather on-line and discuss issues of interest. Whilst the forum is an independent entity, it is great to see that members of the Australian Protectionist Party have been involved from its beginnings and with its continued success.

All nationalists are encouraged to join and support the Australian Identity Forum, as a means of furthering the fight for the future of the Australian nation.

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  1. Can anyone else get the BNP website, I can't anymore it has word 'obectional site' on top of screen. Has Gillard and Brown closed it down? And my computer keeps comming under attacks and now freezes a lot. So typical of the real facist's the white far left.

  2. Well done Jasmine, Australia is lucky to have you and your family.

    Cheers, Mike

  3. Yes I am a Nationalist and Patriot! All my Family are and

    I know there are millions of us out there very concerned

    about this very nasty agenda against us. The Aussie Patriots

    are waking up to this realism, so I can imagine why there are

    so many hits on the internet website. I Love Aussie!

  4. ted bullpit says

    Not all hits are human. Deduct the google and yahoo web bots — what are the numbers?

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