Africans stab four at beauty pageant

Citizens of Adelaide were shocked to witness a night of street fighting and brawling in their city, where groups of Africans set upon each other with clubs, tyre levers, and knives, which ended with many hurt, including four stabbed in the street. The advent of the Miss African beauty pageant brought together warring factions of Africans in yet another example of how Multiculturalism does not work in the real world.

This incident raises the question of Australia’s sub-standard immigration policies and their connection to higher crime rates in this country.

There is a clear and present danger with Multicultural immigration policies whereby Multiculturalist politicians are importing thousands from certain Third World countries, even though they know these immigrant populations have a higher crime rate here in Australia.

Multiculturalists will offer many excuses why certain ethnic groups have higher crime rates. Culture, genetics, religion, past experiences and poverty can all be contributing factors. However, the reason why someone is bashing you (or a friend or family member) in the street is pretty much irrelevant to the victim. Having an “excuse” does not make it acceptable to bash, rob, or rape Australian citizens.

Nor does having an “excuse” make it alright to import ethnic groups with high crime rates into Australia. The fact that not every individual of those particular ethnic groups will commit a crime is irrelevant when we take a wider view so that we can stop higher crime rates.

Every country and every culture produce criminals, however, some produce more than others. If immigrants from a particular country have a crime rate double that of populations from other countries, then we must realise that this has real world implications.

To take a hypothetical example, if Australians suffer 15,000 rapes per year, then increasing immigration from high crime populations could increase that rate by 10%; that is another 1,500 rapes per year, rapes above and beyond the average. Calculating crime rates is a cold process, far removed from the reality of the crimes, but the fact is that importing certain populations will produce higher crime rates which will create more victims of bashings, rapes, and murders. An extra 1,500 victims every year, people who would never have otherwise have suffered in that way, is the direct result of the callousness of Multicultural immigration policies.

This is about real people suffering real trauma, shocking trauma that no-one should ever have to face. Why would anyone want to increase the numbers of people suffering and hurting like that?

Fundamentalist Multiculturalists have a plan to transform the face of Australia, even against the wishes of the Australian people, and they don’t care if ordinary people get hurt in the process. We have to stand up and say NO to the fundamentalist Multiculturalists and their nasty neo-fascist ideology. Australians should never have to be bashed, raped or murdered just because Multiculturalists want to push a flawed and failed political ideology. The Australian people and their safety are more important than Multiculturalist political dogma.

Common sense tells us that we need to end immigration of those populations which are bringing in high crime rates. If we are going to have a sensible immigration programme, then it should at the very least be sourced from populations with low crime rates.

It is high time that we end the failed experiment of Multiculturalism with its nightmarish street-level realities. It is time we started looking out for the future of our own people. It is time to protect Australia.

Prisoners in Australia, selected country of birth with crime rate*
Australia		203.3
Fiji			474.7
Lebanon			272.3
Romania			450.1
Samoa			577.7
Sudan			433.9
Tonga			634.5
Vietnam			396.1
UK & Ireland		 52.3
USA			 80.2
* Rate per 100,000 adult population of the country of birth.

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  1. Ian Beardon says

    It sounds like much the same is happening in Europe too. London is referred to now as "Londonistan" and most of the whites have either left or want to. The new con-dem coalition government are too concerned with cutting every service going here and people are hurting but it doesn't stop him (cameron) from giving pakistan £650 million for their schools while he closes schools here! It's sheer madness! We are now giving portugal £3-4 billion pounds to bail them out! The eec will ruin the whole continent and we have the muslim threat standing in the corner just waiting it's time… islam is a bigger threat to europe than hitler and all his nazis ever were…they are a threat to any white, christian country like Australia.

    I am sure with the government actually encouraging them into the country that there will soon be civil unrest and perhaps a civil war!


  2. Ian Beardon says

    I live in Scotland and this is exactly what is happening here with the blacks&paks…the pakis have a paedophile thing going on here with young girls being forced into prostitution. We are having a problem with them doing it here, in a scottish town. We also have the added problem of our government importing hundreds of thousands of poles and eastern europeans to take all the jobs and they work for next to nothing…british workers are being sacked and companies are taking on immigrants. You can walk down the main street of my city and not hear a scottish voice and you think you have been beamed down into the Warsaw Ghetto.

    It is so sad what is happening to our countries…it is all down to the politicians…God help us all…

    • Then come over here mate, we need more whites, we are being flooded with Africans, Muslims, Indians…those that will vote for the traitor race parties, Labour and Greens mostly.

      By the way the new termonology for the left winged traitors is now apparantely called


      very appropriate I think. I've given up on watching television now, I tuned in last night and every effin programme had something about 'white racists' more brainwashing from the [] media.

      • Ian Beardon says


        To me it looks like some kind of conspiracy in both Britain and Australia as well as Germany France, Holland and Sweden, these seem to be the worst infected by the islamists&blacks and they have thrown in poles, lats, albanians, and a selection from the unsavoury eastern european toilets that have been taken into the "eec" My country has been invaded by all this scum with the encouragement of the government. I reckon the politicians think that if they flood the country to make it "multi-cultural" it will not take long until the children of today become brainwashed into accepting that the muslim/black/eastern europeans who have invaded the country actually belong here. Out of all the immigrant scum the islamists are by far the most dangerous and need constant watching by the security services…god knows how much that costs the country. Watch out for the pakis buying up shops because it is happenning in my town now out of six shops changing hands, three are paki, two are polish and one is a shop selling equipment to grow marijuana in the house…a sad reflection on Scotland. The strongholds of the moozie in England are powder kegs ready to blow. There is a huge problem with the paki paedophiles grooming and abusing young females and this happens anywhere there is a paki presence and the police have only managed to put a few away.

        All in all my country has become a nightmare to exist in (I will not say live in) and a very dangerous place. I do not think the politicians will take any notice until the indigenous people of this land start rioting in the street…it does not matter what type of government are voted in, nothing about immigration ever changes…no matter what they may promise you BEFORE the elections.

        I think it is time for revolution!

        God Bless Australia…

    • sally be happy says

      Ian, politicians are just that,politicians. Their place in government is bought and sold by industry. Industry is responsible. Companies crying out for cheap labor, claiming that immigrants are twice as skilled,work three times as hard and for a quarter of the price.

  3. Just what the doctor ordered.

    Caucasians are exposed to a new, incremental genocide in South Africa, after being forced into a 'democracy' of pagans.

    This can be viewed at

    I have long ago, said that that which the west is forcing upon South Africa, will come back and bite them in their own countries.

    South Africa was just the laboratory of a neo-communist movement worldwide, under the guise of 'progressive movements', marching into the final battle against "Imperialists".

    You are soon to become the new killing fields after Cambodia.

  4. Raoul Machal says

    What's the big deal? Isn't this what our culture enrichers have been doing for centuries? No surprise here. When they put an old tire around your friend's neck and fill it with petrol and set it alight, then you can start squeeling. Welcome to were Rhodesia was 30 years ago.

  5. Probably too lae for Germany now, but at least one leader has the guts to say the truth,7340,L-3970224

  6. How many of you who comment on this site tell other Australians of this party? I'm constantly telling Aussies, yet they seem so apathetic, whilst complaining how horrible this invasion is. And then they go and vote for labour, liberal or the truely sick vote greens.

  7. Grahame6thgen says

    The answer is simple, Aussies breed, breed like rabbits,then our so called 'government for australians' will have to concede our money back to us and close the door to immigrating filth. 'BREED AUSSIES BREED'.

  8. 85 yr old man brutally bashed outside his home, now in induced coma, arressted black relased from jail one day earlier for bashing a 65 yr old woman…young man walking with his girlfirend slashed in the face with broken bottle by african, two young guys bashed badly and robbed by gang of Abos…and the common denominator? ALL VICTIMS WERE WHITE, yet our p.c. brigade still insist only whites are 'waycist'. I have been trying for years for 'The West Australian' to admitt that these attacks are racist…instead I get a nasty email from one of their reporters calling ME a racist and my letters are now no longer published! You couldn't make it up if you tried. An elderly woman was bashed and the three abo youths JUMPED ON HER LIKE A TRAMPALINE and what did a cartoonist in the community newspaper do? he drew the offenders as white kids…the same in voilent crime scences when the offender was black…white models are used. For christ sake we need a nationalistic government in soon or life will become more Hell than what is already is. I was at the train station last week waiting to go to work, a group of abo kids were hanging around and one very overweight one yelled at me; "you white c**t, you want your head smashed in?''

    But according to the likes of Phillip Adams, journalist for 'The Australian' these attacks are not racist, indeed if you reply to one of his anti-white rants (which is never usually published) he scibbles, you get a nasty, threatening letter sent to you. How he gets ones address? His editor gives him your address and then he collects letters critising his comments, publishes them called "The sickest letters I have ever recieved" and makes money out of the misery the likes of he creates.

  9. Another boatload of asylum seekers today, but nothing on the t.v….been told that Gillard and Brown have censored it. Is this true?

  10. This is what the Americans voted for, all thanks to white 'guilt' (which I don't suffer from) as well as endorsements from the "Hollywood Brigade" none of whom, live in the real world and can afford high security etc.

  11. The only way to deal with foreigners committing crimes in Australia is immediate deportation. No trial or appeals, just out, never allowed back.

  12. At least one WEstern politican has the guts to say the truth, sadly too late for Germany now, how ironic that Multiculturalism has succeeded where Hitler and Tojo failed! It still makes me sick that WW! and WW2 happened, so many of our people killed fighting each other whilst the others were breeding like crazy, whites must never go to war with each other again…unless of course, we are fighting the white far left who seem Hell bent on exterminating their own race, the immigrants are after all, just their foot soldiers.,7340,L-3970224

    • sally be happy says

      Well Mike, I do not see the world as white, black, Asian etc. When people are naturalized as Australian's they must abide by Australian law. I do not believe in racism. If someone commits a crime it's a crime no matter what ethnic background they might have. I know that the law currently does not recognize this point of view though and personally i think the introduction of laws that are based upon ethnicity can often have a more divisive outcome than an inclusive one.As far as your statement regarding non citizens is concerned i do not see how it is unfair. You do have a point in this regard, after all the Australian government has made it abundantly clear to Australian citizens that when we go to other countries we must abide by their laws and take responsibility for out own actions. If we do not we will receive little support from our own government.

      • Hi Sally and thanks for your comments.

        Unfortuneatly whilst nice people like you do not see 'race', so many of the immigrants flooding into Australia most certainly do and it is their own race they wish to advance into this country and take it over aided by the treasonous far left.

  13. Marg Lennon says

    Hurry up Nemesis …

  14. What I don't understand is why with so many white parents being murdered in Africa (The United Nations have admitted publicly it is a genocide)why is it that Australian childless couples are only adopting black/Indian/Asian babies? Why are these poor white kids left alone living in very dangerous circumstances? What is it with whites that they must think they must rescue the rest of the bloody world? This is the year 2010, not 1910, there is contraception available for those who choose to use it, for ethnic groups that refuse I say stuff them. The planet is too full of humans and with us as the lowest reproducing race in the world I don't see why we should constantly pay for the highest, greedy, racist, voilent groups who offer nothing yet demand so much. I DO feel sorry for these children, but it's not up to us to save them. We've done our bit, now lets look after our own for a change.

    • Its trendy mike madona etc , notice they never pick the ugly ones & they always go into middle to upper middle class families, well its got to ooze cohesion & all this multiculti crap is the way forward , anyone else pick up on the channel 10 show the other night where in the shorts it was promoted as showing the polarisation within Australia regards asylumm seekers being the main issue . Well the outcome was an ultra leftie dogooder wowsing on about the plight of the asylum seekers & it will not effect the status of needy australians re housing etc ,yeah right , but what peed me off was the redneck drunk ozzie they held up as being the type that were cuasing the polarization & duly took the pee out of him , left wing journalism at its best , i wouldnt be surprised if he was not an actor dave


    The article and its link

    Under the cover-up

    Julie Szego

    The Age, October 9, 2010

    A bikini ban for a Ramadan event at a public pool should not be taken lightly as it puts fundamental freedoms of Western society on the line.

    A COUPLE of weeks ago a report surfaced about families being ordered to cover up before attending a public event to avoid offending Muslims during next year's Ramadan in August. It involved VCAT approving a bikini ban for a community event to be held at Dandenong Oasis, a municipal pool. Dandenong Council, and pool managers YMCA, successfully sought an exemption from the Equal Opportunity Act to compel ''participants aged 10 and over'' to ''ensure their bodies are covered from waist to knee and the entire torso extending to the upper arms'', and to refrain from wearing ''transparent clothing''.

    Controversy erupted: tabloid TV lapped it up, talkback callers fulminated, bloggers pontificated, politicians, including Premier John Brumby, were quizzed. Amid the outrage came the predictable and inflammatory warnings that the ruling was evidence of a sinister plan to ''Islamise'' Australia.

    The ruling enforcing what VCAT described as ''minimum dress requirements'' for Muslims was certainly novel. I'm not aware of any other instance in which the tribunal has made a religious dress code mandatory at a public venue – as opposed to a place of worship – let alone at the local swimming pool. In fact, the ruling was so novel that for some it simply couldn't sink in.

    Advertisement: Story continues below

    Perhaps this is why some of the fair-minded people in my orbit initially doubted the story's veracity. After reluctantly conceding it was indeed true, they still thought the thunderous response over the top. We're talking about a one-off, two-hour event, they argued. It will be held when the pool is closed to the public and normally used for a women-only swimming session, the attendees of which are almost all Muslims. And hey, aren't we all covering up to be sun-smart now anyway? (OK, maybe not in the middle of August.) Let's keep things in perspective, they said.

    Well, I agree perspective is crucial. And seen from a wider and deeper perspective, the Dandenong pool episode is neither trivial nor insignificant. It is but one example of human rights laws producing outcomes that restrict rights. It raises tough questions about how far public authorities ought to go in accommodating cultural practices that sit uneasily with mainstream Western values.

    And it exposes some disturbing and hypocritical currents in progressive thought, a point best and fittingly made by a Dandenong-based Muslim women's group, set up to help newly arrived Afghan migrants integrate into Australian society. ''I've spoken to a lot of women; they don't want this,'' Women's Better World president Mandy Ahmadi told the Dandenong suburban newspaper, flagging her campaign to overturn the ruling. ''Enough is enough … why run from the Taliban to come to this?''

    And yet, as Ahmadi's ''enough is enough'' phrase might suggest, the VCAT ruling was not the first example of authorities bending to accommodate religious sensibilities at Melbourne's public pools. Dandenong is not the only municipality to allow gender-segregated swimming. The practice is now almost routine: a development that has unfolded largely under the public radar and therefore attracted scant debate. Viewed against this trend, the VCAT decision is perhaps less of a leap than it first appears.

    First some history. When a proposal was floated in 1992 for women-only swimming sessions at Brunswick Baths, all hell broke loose. Preferential access to public facilities is a contentious subject and for good reason. Women-only gyms, gay bars and men's clubs obviously serve a role in the private sector. And any ethnic or religious group can similarly hire out public facilities for private functions and set whatever rules they fancy.

    But municipal services are a different story. Brunswick Council had argued the sessions were needed because many women in the municipality were prohibited, for cultural reasons, from swimming in the presence of men. Councillors also claimed that many other women weren't comfortable using the baths because of ''sexual harassment'' or body image issues.

    The then Equal Opportunity Board invited submissions on the proposal and received ''a mountain of correspondence''. Angry scenes played out at town hall meetings. One outraged ratepayer, David Smith, explained that his wife and daughters had found it surprising that women would want to return to an era of segregation.

    An issue also emerged about whether single-sex sessions would fully satisfy Islamic requirements for modesty. Sheikh Fehmi Naji el-Imam of Preston mosque was quoted as saying that a conscientious Muslim woman should not be seen in the company of women who did not observe the dress teaching. In other words, non-Muslim women turning up in skimpy bathers would pose a problem.

    Cr Cathy Lanigan, described as ''a member of the council's socialist left majority'', was willing to accommodate Sheikh Fehmi's concerns. ''We think the needs of most [of the Muslim women] will be met if non-Muslim women wear either one-piece bathers or a T-shirt over their bikini tops,'' she said.

    Interestingly, Lanigan did not dispute a reporter's suggestion that the swimming proposal was part of a ''radical feminist political agenda''. I would have thought bowing to clerical demands on how women of other faiths ought to dress reflected a radical Muslim agenda, if anything. But remember this thread because to some extent we're still tangled in it.

    The board rejected the Brunswick proposal but it proved to be a temporary setback for the cause. A few years later, councils renewed the push for segregated swimming, and they commissioned research into their communities to bolster their case. Most councils also sought the less visible – and more politically palatable – option of holding sessions outside pools' normal opening hours.

    During the past decade or so, VCAT has approved out-of-hours segregated swimming at many councils. I tried to count how many, but tired of the task after hitting double digits.

    There's a degree of fiction here; a legal sleight-of-hand. It presumably would take a brave council, and even braver tribunal, to endorse a ''Muslim women only'' swim session. But most ''women-only'' sessions are conducted with Muslim requirements in mind, even if non-Muslims can turn up and even if, as appears to be the case, a small number do. Most councils base their VCAT submissions explicitly around the needs of Muslim women. (One pool in the municipality of Melbourne suspends women-only sessions during Ramadan because so few women attend at that time.) Nearly all these councils also obtain approval to staff the sessions with women only.

    The cultural sensitivity goes further still. A spokeswoman for Brimbank City Council, for instance, said their swimming sessions took place in ''visually secure surroundings''. In other words, there's no danger of women being glimpsed in the pool by passers-by. (Such ''security'' is a key demand of some Muslim communities.) And while every council I contacted denied that dress codes applied during the sessions, some of the responses suggested the issue was murky.

    The Brimbank spokeswoman explained that ''participants should be dressed appropriately, as is expected of a centre used by children and families''.

    The City of Darebin's acting mayor, Gaetano Greco, was more candid. ''We don't impose a particular dress code,'' he said. ''However, women attending should be respectful of Islamic beliefs.''

    I admit to being uneasy about our public municipalities treading so carefully around religious sensitivities, particularly when doing so under the banner of ''women-only'' access, with its (radical) feminist overtones.

    But there is another side to this issue because at the centre of this debate are real women whose lives have been improved by these sessions. All very well for the likes of me to lecture about the sanctity of our secular public space, being at perfect liberty to roam through it.

    In its 2006 application to VCAT for segregated sessions, Brimbank led evidence about the large number of disadvantaged women in the municipality. Many are refugees and recent arrivals from Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan. They tend to be poor and isolated. The council even produced data showing some residents had a lower-than-average life expectancy. Research had indicated swimming was an activity these women were keen to participate in, and that it would bring health and social benefits. But without segregated sessions, the women would never experience the joys of the pool.

    It is a powerful argument in support of women-only sessions. The dilemma is a tricky one, and I don't pretend to have all the answers. But flowing from this is a reasonable question: namely, what's next? If the experience overseas is any guide, we're on a slippery slope.

    Britain gives some hint of what's ''next''. Last year, the Telegraph newspaper reported on swimmers being forced to comply with Muslim dress codes during weekly segregated sessions at six public pools. In the most extreme case, Croydon Council in south London instructed on its website that ''during special Muslim sessions male costumes must cover the body from the navel to the knee and females must be covered from the neck to the ankles and wrists''. Some British Labour MPs slammed the dress codes as ''divisive''.

    WITH the Dandenong Oasis ruling – which is what came ''next'' here – we're now almost in Britain's league. Greater Dandenong mayor Jim Memeti defended the ruling as part of a council strategy to promote ''greater respect, tolerance and understanding of others''. And yet this strategy is directly contradicted by the demand for ''tolerance and understanding'' being made of one side only, namely the non-Muslims.

    The most noteworthy criticism of VCAT came (again) from a Muslim woman, Sherene Hassan of the Islamic Society of Victoria, who feared the dress code would undermine the purpose of the event in fostering harmony. (The media blow-up suggests that she has already been proved right.) Otherwise, the official defenders of liberty and human rights fluffed it. Liberty Victoria said the curtailing of liberty at the public pool was reasonable because the event was to be held out of hours. Human Rights Commissioner Helen Szoke compared the bikini ban to dress codes in pubs. Really? Banishing thongs in pubs is about preserving decorum. But surely appropriate dress at a swimming pool would be, err, bathers?

    A request to cover up, however politely made, is layered with intimate messages; about men lusting and women being lusted over, about the dangerous and vaguely shameful nature of sexuality. Such ideas run counter to the West's more than 500-year struggle for individual freedom – including both freedom of religion and freedom from religion – and for gender equality. Our public authorities ought to be pushing back hardest when these values are under threat. Yet this is precisely where they've been buckling under pressure.

    The community workers and VCAT officials who sought and made the Dandenong ruling probably congratulated themselves for their ''tolerance''. Possibly there are a number of like-minded people who would happily attend the Ramadan function and dress as a Muslim for the night. And when the party's over, they could go home and spread the message of tolerance to their daughters, who are, one assumes, free to visit the local pool wearing as little or as much as they wish.

    But what about the young Muslim girl who is beginning to question some aspects of her religious heritage, and wants the same room to move as the daughters of these ''tolerant'' folk? What if her ideas about how a ''conscientious'' Muslim woman ought to behave differ from those of Sheikh Fehmi? What if she dreams of ditching her burqini for a bikini?

    Isn't there at least an argument that all these publicly funded, respectfully modest and ''visually secure'' swimming sessions undermine her bid? And what message does the Dandenong ruling send her? Here are the civic institutions of liberal, secular society effectively saying: your cultural practices are so sacrosanct, so unassailable, that even non-Muslims must comply with them.

    Shouldn't they instead be resisting attempts to water down our fundamental human rights, which exist for the benefit of all? We don't have to go the way of France and force people to break out of their traditions and join us by the democratic poolside. But neither should we be blocking their path to greater autonomy in the name of ''tolerance''.

    If the Dandenong story made you uncomfortable, trust that instinct. It means the line, to which we've been steadily edging closer, has now been crossed.

    • Call me old fashioned but it would seem to me that demanding dress requirments on the basis of "it would offend Muslim women" leaves you with no argument about "intolerance" with regard to banning the burqua.

    • Marg Lennon says

      UPDATE: The is none … not ONE person has put their hand up to come with me on the day to Protest … or even volunteer to make a sign …

      Shows me I'm the only one who'll go out in Melbourne and speak up…

      Very sad … take 2 hours away from typing on facebook and do something in real life Crusading Infidels …

  16. OzPatriot says

    It is true that this went relatively unreported in the mainstream media.

    All we have to do is look at Africa, its a basket case.

    I can see the future now; the politicians that espouse multiculturalism will be still asking for them to be brought in, that they can be assimilated, that it is their society back there that is to blame and not the individual.

    It is easy to see that blacks are regresssive; they have certain traits that make them this way and we should not be afraid to stand up ans say so!!

  17. SICOFTHBS says

    ACA was prettyupsetting last night re the way ozz is being auctioned off to the highest bidders in various asian countries , Malaysia inparticular , the joys of global realestate , central equity limited , southbank melb seeming to be one of the main players . Dick Smith standing up again , but some comments on ACA web site basically calling him a wacist . Make no mistake oprah winfreys little excursion downunder is just another sales pitch ,wow how many wealthy yanks would like to get out of USA, becuase they are in one big mess over there . You would think that our government would want to protect us from this but that is not what they are about ,they are about serving their bankster globalist masters & Australia is ripe for the picking ,unpolluted, clean, freindly & resource rich, Do have alook at………… google it for the full picture…. Dave

  18. if the immigration continues unabated,one day africans will outnumber aust aboriginals in our is only natural that they gang up,as most dont want to assimilate & dont want to know the white fella that lends a helping hand

  19. Marg Lennon says

    Add this event to those statistics.

    Then add in all the other nasty un-reported events. I know the score is far more insidious and terrifying.

    What dangerous times for Australians.

    I never thought I'd ever see a 20-strong machete fight around my corner.

    Or a 40+ strong Gang of pack-raping muslims deciding their jihad would be to abduct and rape as many 'australian sluts' as possible.

    And this, the country that feeds them.

    Is this the meaning of Taqiyya? (and did I spell it correctly?)

    It's all very scary.

    • Marg…taqiyya is the Muslim practice of lying to the unbeliever to further the cause of Islam. In other words its OK to lie to the unbeliever and not considered to be against Allah providing Islam, or the Muslim using taqiyya, makes gains over the infidel. Islam is the only ideology that has a specific term for lying to the perceived unbeliever! No other real religion permits this practice.

  20. Gareth Connors says

    Multicuturalism a failure, demonstrable by any valid measure. Those in power who enable it should (and hopefully will) be held accountable to the valid occupants of the various western countries that have been afflicted by this most stupid of policies.

    Accountability should take the form of personal culpability bordering upon treason for any polotician who aids the continuance of this social cancer.

    The worm must turn, soon


    • Gareth….one day the APP will be in a position to draw a line in parliament and proclaim the act of facilitating the UN Human Rights policies, including multiculturalism and political correctness, is against the constitution, common law and national interest. Henceforth, from that day,anyone known to be wilfully abetting these policies, or their agencies, would be declared a traitor.

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