“I believe in a diverse and multicultural Australia.”

That is what you’ll get if the Liberal party wins the next election, according Greg Hunt:

“Our approach should be colour-blind, ethnicity-blind, background-blind and simply focused on their ability to contribute,” he said.

“I believe in a diverse and multicultural Australia.”
Herald Sun

What is it with our political leaders and blindness? Why do they refuse to see the 800lb Allah in the room? Whoever wins the next federal election, Australians will lose.


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  2. What a load of crap those videos are. As if Agenda 21 is going to eliminate the American middle class. But then again what a brilliant idea! And their golf courses would go too? Great! I hate golf.

  3. And how exactly do we gauge someone's "ability to contribute"? Well, no doubt the Liberal Party is thinking in terms of an ECONOMIC contribution because that's pretty much all they care about. If someone has some skills and they're a good worker then apparently they're going to make a positive contribution.

    But such an attitude is so totally lacking in foresight. There is so much more to a society than simply the economy. And this is the part the Liberal Party don't seem to get.

    Individual immigrants may be good, well-meaning people, but inevitably collective groups of immigrant types will have an impact on our collective society – both now and especially in the future. If you change the racial makeup of a society, that society itself will eventually change.

    It is very difficult to anticipate how an individual immigrant will adapt to living in a brand new society that may be completely different to what he is used to. And of course, immigrants breed. Whilst the government may think Mohammed is a good bloke, they don't know that his son will be also. Immigration isn't just for now – it's for ever. Future generations must live with the impact of today's immigration also.

    • Hi Jaxxen!

      Good points all round. I've talked to some Liberal supporters and they, in their ignorance, don't seem to care what kind of immigrants we get as long as they are willing to work. Nevermind the fact that they've taken a job which should have gone to an Australian or are mixing up explosive chemicals in the backshed.

      As I see it there shouldn't be foreign communities in Australia. There should be only ONE community into which any immigrant should fit. If they can't fit in, then they shouldn't come.

  4. klippies101 says

    when are they finally going to get tuff on crime and start putting people in jail

  5. Both the Lab and the Libs stand to make alot of money out of Multiculturalism.Even if was the idea of the late al Grasby.A labor party MP wi th possible ties to the mafia.



    (and your common law and Constitutional rights)

    The philosophy of the society was written in 1887, and it included the statement: “The Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism – the abolition of private property…etc” (of course, this does not apply to the oligarchy at the top who aim to end up owning the lot). Appropriately, the coat of arms of the Fabian Society is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The fact is Julia Gillard is a Fabian Society member and committed Socialist Left activist and will do her best to sell out Australia to global fascism/socialism, specifically the socialist UN Agenda 21 whereby you lose all common law, Constitutional, private property rights, live in “human settlement zones” and become a sustainable, carbon taxed slave of a socialist/fascist new world order.


    Julia Gillard’s spin doctors are unashamedly using TV celebrity marketing trash to pull the wool over Australians’ eyes.

    Tony Abbott and his Liberal/Nationals are not perfect BUT WERE OPEN ENOUGH to listen to the will of the Australian people and dump the insane carbon tax (ETS). Tony Abbott may give us breathing space from the power hungry Gillard.

    For more information on Agenda 21 and global socialism/fascism

    google “Agenda 21 exposed” or go to:


    • Claire.

      What is the source of this quote of yours?:

      “The Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism – the abolition of private property…etc”

    • Claire.

      What's wrong with socialism/fascism? Are you a Liberal or something?

    • Clair, reading that we now have a Fabian Socialist running our country in the form of a Prime Minister, raises the hairs on my neck………….be careful Australia…….these people are in here to sell us out with lies. Their motto "lie if it justifies the mean to the end result"

      This organisation (Fabian Society) has been function for many many years and now feels it has reach the perfect environment to start controlling the world population…AND I MEAN TOTAL…….remember just like your parents…while you relied on them taking care of you, you did what they said….now these ego maniac's have been busy giving us "so called" free health, dole etc etc…instead of encouraging us to be individuals and use our individualism, to be self made entrepreneurs and create small to whatever size company/businesses……..they have encouraged us not to worry, even though they are outsourcing our industries (jobs), (deliberately). These Fabian Societies are smart and have been moving towards this "global governance" for years. Their agenda is to sweet talk you into how much they care about you……….what a load of BS.

      Sooooooooooo while they are sweetly taking care of you…..WATCH HOW THEY WILL DECIDE FOR YOU WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND WHAT IS NOT…….remember like your parents they are looking after you!!!!!!!


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