Gillard’s credibility in tatters

Julia Gillard has only been Prime Minister for two weeks and already her credibility is shot to pieces.

All three planks of her new leadership are riddled with termites.

Her supposed resolution of the mining tax fiasco has seen three big mining companies bought off with a promised reduction in the tax, while hundreds of other companies are left in the dark.

Her “solution” to global warming will evidently see what amounts to “green police” checking household appliances to make sure they are energy efficient.

How this will save the planet is unclear.

And now her “sustainable and durable” answer to the boat people is not only dead in the water but a total farce.

Evidently Gillard never actually intended to set up a boat people processing centre in East Timor, even though her own Immigration Minister confirmed it on The 7.30 Report.

CHRIS EVANS: Well it’s not about diverting boats. People, if they arrive in Australia as unauthorised boat arrivals, will be returned to East Timor, will be taken to the centre. That will be by plane.

And here is Gillard herself, also on “Lateline”.

JULIA GILLARD: Well, as is a matter of public record, Tony, I had spoken to the president of East Timor, Ramos-Horta. What I want to do here is outline my intention and my actions. This is something that we are going to get done. I had spoken to the president of East Timor.
Why would she bother to speak to the President of East Timor if she didn’t want a processing centre there?

We are now expected to believe that she phones the Timorese President to discuss a “regional processing centre” even though she didn’t necessarily intend for it to be built in East Timor. But the ceremonial President of the smallest and least powerful nation in the region seems a strange choice for your first phone call in this “regional initiative.”

This is just blatant political spin and Gillard is playing the Australian voters for mugs.

The gullible in the Canberra press gallery might buy it, but surely the electorate will not.


  1. In a dramatic coup on June 24 2010, Julia Gillard who was Deputy Prime Minister took over as Prime Minister from Kevin Rudd and became Australia's first female PM. It occurred at a time Rudd was taking a battering in the polls and was not well liked within his own party.

    Gillard is the first PM to be unmarried and a lesbian. She is in a relationship to Tim Mathieson – who is a "beard." She is the first PM to be sworn in without making reference to God. (Gillard is an atheist and has no religious beliefs.) She was sworn in by Australia's first female Governor General (Quentin Bryce.) Bryce has held numerous high offices with the aim of advancing women's and "minority" rights at the expense of the Australia's European majority. Bryce's daughter is married to Bill Shorten who was pivotal in binging Gillard into the office of PM.

    When she was at high school, Gillard was mentored by the Jewish liberal (i.e. Communist) Marlene Pilowski. When she moved to Melbourne to attend university, she became the Education Vice President of the left wing (i.e. Communist) AUS (Australian Union of Students), and later was its President.

    Gillard was in the Socialist Forum from her university days. The forum's objectives were to create a socialist / feminist society through Labor governments. It originally consisted of ex-members of the Victorian branch of the Communist Party and some ALP members. Gillard was one of the two original paid organizers of the Forum. She wrote numerous documents for the Socialist Forum including 'Being a Socialist Teacher' and 'Future Directions of the Left'. It was also through the Forum that she met Labor heavy-weight Joan Kirner and worked closely with her on Labor's Affirmative Action Plan. Gillard wrote the constitution for the pro-abortion feminist organization EMILY's List (in Australia), which supports "progressive" Labor women.

    In 2006, when in opposition, Gillard voted for legalizing the abortion pill RU486 and for stem cell research, which both became law. In March 2010, when she was Education Minister, Senator Ron Boswell said that "Julia Gillard's new [education] curriculum reads like a learners manual for international socialism".

    As PM, Gillard has tried to assuage Australians by painting herself as a moderate. She has also distanced herself from Rudd, who had become the fall-guy for a bad government. Gillard however should take more blame as she was one of the "gang of 4" that made the decisions. She was directly behind the Building Education Revolution (BER) scandal over building unneeded overpriced schhools.

    In less than three years, the Labor Government has gone from a 20 billion dollar surplus (left by Howard) to 148 billion debt, and is borrowing an extra $150 million every day. The common theme in Federal and state politics is that Labor governments create massive debt, and the Conservatives (Liberal / National party governments) pay that debt off. The main point though is missed – governments shouldn't be borrowing or repaying money from off-shore lenders in the first place.

    Before holding the next general election (probably this year), Gillard wll have to straighten out 3 key policy areas. She compromised on the mining tax, which was originally introduced by Rudd to pay off debt. With her dodgy projection figures, she claimed it would bring the budget back into the black, but this is unlikely.

    The second issue, that of the "boat people". Boat arrivals have increased at over 50 times the rate under Howard because of Rudd's loose regulations. Boat people are considered queue jumpers. Gillard said that they will be processed in East Timor although there is no centre there. She is ignoring the centre already built at Nauru. Gusmao, the PM of East Timor claims he wasn't consulted and didn't want a centre in his country.

    The third issue is the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS.) Rudd initially pushed it hard, but it was defeated in the Senate. The average Australian didn't really understand what it was, but many have since woken up that it is essentially a big expense which will effect ordinary people. The ETS is not about saving the environment so much as social change and the redistribution of wealth.

    Gillard who has painted herself to be a bit of a non-scary moderate, is red at the centre. The media distracts and woos the dumb masses with news about about her latest haircuts, etc (her gay boyfriend Mathieson is a hairdresser.) It is her aim however to re-engineer society, but years of the Left's influence in Labor governments, education and the media has already done that.

    As PM, Gillard just looks like another version of Rudd. Pretending to listen to the people, she instead pushes the NWO agenda. Being a non-religious 50 year old woman in a de-facto relationship is nothing unusual in Australia anymore. Gillard simply mirrors what Australia already is, while helping to push it ever closer to extinction in the name of "tolerance."

  2. You can't change a government by simply changing the leader. The entire government was behind Rudd's appalling policies and decisions and they all nodded their heads in agreement whenever he opened his mouth, like puppets with little capacity to think for themselves. Now they have a new leader, they will all nod their heads in agreement at whatever rot comes out of Gillard's mouth also. The leader has changed but it's still the same government which Gillard was a huge part of. How can a government be any better when it's still all the same people? Even Rudd is still sitting in there on the back bench. This Labor government do not care about the "Will of the people" and they have demonstrated that perfectly since they came to government. Occasionally they "pretend" to be listening to the voice of the electorate but it's only to manipulate the polls in their favour. I don't think Australians will trust them as much as what the polls suggest they will. I think that for the first time in a long time the polls will be proved severely inaccurate. Australians are not stupid when it comes to trusting a government.

  3. Gillards credibility can only be in tatters, first as the 2IC hiding behind Rudd and now upfront as PM It's really time that Aussies stopped allowing unskilled politicans run this country. Read the book at and together we can install transparent and accountable government by the people and for the people, not just a select few. Rachel Emmes

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