Gillard can’t be trusted on border protection

Julia Gillard cannot be trusted on border protection, despite flagging a new “tougher” approach.

By her own admission, Gillard was the architect of Labor’s failed policy which has seen more than 4,000 queue-jumpers arrive illegally since 2008.

Back in the 2007 election, Gillard said this:

“That’s actually the policy I wrote in 2002. I was shadow minister for immigration and developed the policy which remains Labor’s policy now,” she said. “We are tough on border security. You have to be.”

That “tough” policy has led to 143 boats arriving, carrying 4,000 illegal’s, an unknown number of further boats sinking with the loss of an estimated 170 lives, and a bill to the taxpayers of more than a billion dollars to pay for their detention.

Gillard by her own admission was the architect of this failed policy.

She cannot be trusted.

UPDATE 6 July:

Now she says she wants to “wreck” the people smuggling trade. But it is she who put them back in business. When John Howard lost power to Labor at the end of 2007, illegal immigration had all but stopped and the people smugglers were out of business.



    The most Karl Marx follower respect the rules of denial the family ties, without religion and non nation border.

    The socialism considers as the Dawn of communist paradise. In the democratic state, Karl Marx theory has been applied under the form of left wing party or socialist party, they couldn't do the same way in the communist regime as China, Vietnam, North Korea or the others ( Soviet Union, Eastern communist states) when occupied government, the bloodshed has to have, because the left wing party have not control the police force and army, actually the democratic country has multiple politic party.

    However, the left wing party as Labor and Greens in Australia have used the tax as weapon for the Capitalist beaten, so today, Australia people recognize the carbon tax, mining tax those could harm the national interest and people.

    The Karl Marx pupil as Labor and Greens in Australia have less concern about the border protection, they consider without or less nation conception, that is a essential character of communist and socialism. So people have no surprise while seeing Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces without religious believe and socialist. The most Labor leaders don't care about the border protection, they have the easy immigration policy to deserve for asylum seeker ( not refugee or politic refugee). The UN and western state help the people who are being face in the dangerous situation, not for finding the better life, it is clear signification. The world respect refugee, but not for asylum seeker.

    Labor deserves the priority for asylum seeker, annually, they have used billion dollars from tax pay for the unwanted guests and provided the good accommodation in camp in after to be granted the resident status, despite the Australia is facing homeless, hospital waiting list, Aborigines health, education and the low income earner. The asylum seeker has been supported by some one called" refugee action group", then the asylum seeker could know what to do, even using the legal system to appeal ( tax pay money too). The group support outside cause the violence in the camps.

    I lived in the refugee camp in Malaysia in 1982, the refugee had no accommodation, we had to create the bed from the waste timber, without air condition, even wind fan wasn't. The food was just few hundred grams of raw rice, a packet noodle a day, the chicken was luxury, a time for month. But today, I see the camp in Coco island or somewhere else in Australia, it is luxury for the Vietnamese refugee since 1975 to 1989. In the camp, everyone had to keep the conduct, violence was not acceptable, even someone took some coco fruits, they were shaved the head and had the bad record.

    A boat people, former refugee, I would like to contribute the experience about the reality.

    • Terry Odgers says

      Hoa Minh Truong…… own studies have convinced me that some people still believe that Communism is the only way for mankind, and maybe too many people think this. Those who believe such rubbish tend to ignore over 100 years of empirical evidence that shows the failings of Socialism/Communism and will persist with their efforts as educators, political activists and politicians, Church leaders, CEO's and the most delusional of all, celebrities, in furthering what they believe to be in everyone's best interest, but most of all, their own best interest! I believe that those who think this way have some kind of mental deficiency whereby they are not able to think past their emotional side and rely too much on what they wish to be as opposed to how life is really meant to be.

      Most Aussies believe that Communism died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nothing could be further from the truth as we are now witnessing the antics within our own federal government. Communism is well and truly alive in this country and we need to be calling out those who are sympathetic to, or actively participate in bringing about such an evil ideology.

  2. I am about people, Vietnamese refugee, also an Ex-Lieut of ARVN. After Vietnam war ended on April 30, 1975, I was among 800,000 people were imprisoned in 6 years, 9 hell re-education camp. The Vietcong regime released in 1981 by illness. In 1982 I escaped successful to find freedom, the resettled anew life in Australia in 1983. I have never came back to where I escaped to find freedom while the ruthless regime is till powering. However, UN and the western states have made the terrible mistake, so the refugeestatus approval went wrong, the asylum seeker, including the terrorist, espionage agent, even criminals have user the humanitarian program for invasion. Nowadays the problems being by the people smuggling rings, cannabis plantation, drug traffic…

    I knew very well about refugee: the asylum seeker and refugee are the same status, but refugee forced to leave and asylum seeker wanted to leave homeland for better life. So the asylum seekers have less concern about the democracy, they should do something breaching the law even oppose against the grateful country.

    I remember while being in the Malaysia refugee camp in 1982, everyone had to write a statutory, title" reason leaving Vietnam" and confirmed: couldn't return to Vietnam by danger, the to be granted the ID ( refugee card). Buy after to be granted the resident status, many refugee turned asylum seeker, they have came back homeland safe, bought house, do successful business and sponsored family under the reunion scheme ( That immigration scheme has become an opportunity for the fake marriage status to get money).

    I have my mother 88 years old in Vietnam, I sponsored twice the visit visa to Australia, but Vietcong government prevented, it is not fair, because I am the politic refugee, a Vietnamese senior journalist and also author of two English books: The dark journey: inside the reeducation camps of Vietcong & Good Evening Vietnam, published in US ( global publisher, New York).

    I signed a third book:" From Laborer to Author", it will be released within 2012 ( this book tells about the refugee and asylum seeker).

    According the Geneva conference about Refugee on July 28, 1951: the refugee couldn't return homeland, even contact to embassy…so, there is many refugee have came back safe to its homeland, that shows the terrible mistake of UN and the Western states.

    I would like to share my experience to someone, who want to know about refugee and asylum seeker. I wrote my comment to SBS T.V after they have released a rubbish film" came back to where they came from" and there was no more any comment follows.

    I concern: Australia is my second homeland, so we have to protect. Thanks for reading.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author)

    • Terry Odgers says

      Hoa Minh Truong…….thankyou for sharing your personal experience with us. People forget how the loss of South Vietnam to the Communist North caused so much human misery that hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese chose to escape via boat and other means at the risk of their lives and that of their families.

      You have made a life for yourself here, and by your own account, a very successful one. You have experienced what life can be like under totalitarian regimes and now take the time to warn us all about the consequences of having open borders.

      We in the APP do not take that warning lightly and oppose our open borders and treacherous handling of uninvited illegal immigrants who have displayed on so many occasions their total lack of regard for Australian culture, law or its people.

      I hope that you consider becoming a member of the APP.

      • Response.

        Thank very much Terry Odgers, I please to be member of APP, we have to protect our country by any way. I believe APP has strong voice to speak out and also has the strategy to serve for national interest, people. I will contribute my knowledge about the danger of left wing Labor and its sister Greens. Best wish to you and all.

        Hoa Minh Truong

    • The Kuta Kid says

      I agree with you Terry. Mr Truong here deserves this country.

  3. At the time of posting this,Gillards 'solution is already looking shaky. A major policy involving East Timor….only she didn't bother informing its leader! What a farce. But even if boat people are genuine refugee's, do we still want them here anyway? I recently applied for several jobs,and in every case there were hords of Indians in the waiting room applying for the same job. Needless to say,I missed out. Indians work in every service station,Drive every taxi and patrol every train I use. They come out here as 'students' and then won't leave. Whats happening to this country?

    • Goose

      I agree with you. The indians have been cheating the Australian immigration system for nearly 10 yrs. They come here using bogus qualifications and bogus bank documents. They study in private colleges that are predominantly owned by indians. In reality the colleges are pr factories. They dont have any studies happenening there. They are given attendance and pass and work experience for payment of fees.

      They came here manily to study cooking,hairdressing,community welfare courses.In fact 90% of the indian students are studing cooking and hairdressing. After they get permanent residency they usually get into private sector and banks and the met.

      I know various instances where Indians got into private companies with bogus documents prepared in india.

      Once an indian gets into a company within a few yrs of time that place become indianised.

      If they become in charge of recruitment they will allways hire indians. They say that they help their own kind . The funny thing is they work for Australian company. they live here and then they cheat us.

      I have read in news papers about rapes and sexual assaults commited by indian students. The victimes are allways Australian girls.

      The Australian government must make the Immigarion system fool proof. If not it will be too late. I dont think the Afghans or srilankas are a threat. Their numbers are very small. The indians are the biggest threat.

  4. localyokel says

    The people and drug smugglers have caused so much trouble for this country as well as other western nations.

    Australian governments have nothing about this during the past forty years.

    Corruption will continue.

    No one questions nor investigates where immigrants acquire their wealth from.

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