Race Police Seek to Outlaw BNP Policy

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has finally responded to the British National Party’s new constitutional changes — by effectively seeking to outlaw party policy on keeping Britain British.

The EHRC response, delivered a day late, makes a series of claims which have been clearly inserted with the aim of prolonging the court case, based as they are on procedural and minor technicalities which are easily explained by a simple reading of the new constitutional clauses.

“The most important concession that the EHRC response makes is that they now suddenly acknowledge that there are an indigenous people in Britain,” party leader Nick Griffin MEP told BNP News this evening.

“The procedural points they have raised are a few sticks of weak evidence which are actually just straw men put up to keep the legal proceedings going,” Mr Griffin said.

This was contained within the EHRC’s objections to the BNP’s policy which it said put immigrants at a “disadvantage” to the people of “indigenous British ethnic or racial origin.”

The acceptance by the EHRC that there are indeed an indigenous people of Britain is a major breakthrough, because it proves the correctness of Mr Griffin’s earlier statement — for which he was roundly attacked in the media and by the other parties — that immigrants were civically classifiable as British, but were not ethnically so.

“It is good to hear from the EHRC that they agree with me on this point,” Mr Griffin said.

However, the EHRC claimed that two of the BNP’s “provisions, criteria and policies,” which it abbreviated to PCP, should be declared illegal because they put the immigrant population at a disadvantage.

These provisions were identified by the EHRC as the part which refers to the BNP being “pledged to the continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence of the unity and integrity of the Indigenous British people and of the governments of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire . . .” and the part which states that the party is also pledged to “stemming and reversing the immigration and migration into our British Homeland” which has taken place without the consent of the Indigenous British since 1948.

In addition, the EHRC has objected to the BNP PCP which states that the party is dedicated to “restoring and maintaining by legal changes, negotiation and consent, the Indigenous British as the overwhelming majority of the makeup of the population and expression of culture which is part of our British Heritage.”

The EHRC has claimed that this “must be read as a reference to housing estate wards or towns” in Britain where ethnics are in the majority and that therefore any ethnic wishing to join the BNP will have to agree to support this policy.

This is, the EHRC has bizarrely claimed, “inconsistent with intermarriage and miscegenation.”

In essence, the EHRC objection means that they are seeking from the courts an injuction which will give them the right to determine BNP policy.

“This is madness,” Mr Griffin said. “If a non-elected Labour quango, headed up by a self-confessed Marxist sympathiser, allocates to itself the right to decide what policies political parties may have, what is the point of even having parties?

“All parties have policies which make them unattractive to other people. The Labour Party has policies which make it impossible for me to join them. The basis of the EHRC’s objection is that because some people might not agree with a party’s policy, that policy should be outlawed,” he said.

“If this is the case, why do we bother with parties at all? Why not have a nice one-party state like Trevor Phillips’s communist heroes where there are no policies with which anyone can disagree?”

Mr Griffin said the BNP would vigorously defend its right to have its own policy and did not expect any court to endorse the EHRC’s “anti-democratic outburst.”

He said a full defence would be made on 9 March, but warned BNP supporters that this was clearly part of a determined campaign by the establishment to halt the party’s rise by employing every dirty trick in the book.

“Now more than ever we need your support, physically and financially, to see off this outrageous attack on the fundamental principles of our democratic society,” Mr Griffin said.

British National Party.


  1. The rise of the anti-multiculturalists


  2. Ex Digger says

    Yep, so do I. Its no surprise that people now have had a gutful of the illegals and the piss weak Government that is doing nothing to stop these buck male, Christian hating draft dodging ILLEGAL INTRUDERS FROM GETTING HERE.

  3. OZPatriot says

    The resolve of the British will ensure this does not happen.
    The BNP have some amazing people who will stop at nothing to get the message out to their countrymen.
    Thats what we need here as well.
    Leafleting and talking to people will do wonders – i encourage everyone to assist the APP in getting the message out there and become politically active.

  4. Column – If more Muslims are truly a problem…



    SUBJECT: Climate, Sorry Day in curriculum overhaul

    Brainwashing school children about Australian History and about this global warming HOAX.

    This Chairman rudd is truely evil!



  6. MELANIE PHILLIPS: The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling us | Mail Online



  8. Just another example of how bleeding hearts want the masses to suffer in silence as the core values on which oursocieties were established are eroded to the point of armagedon

  9. These complaints are so shallow it's ridiculous.
    Anti-discrimination in principle was supposed to prevent *arbitrary* exclusion, not exclusion in a context where exclusion makes sense (a British party for British people). The irony is this law would prevent immigrants from setting up an immigrants-only party too.

    BNP policies don't stop immigrants participating in democracy. They can still join and vote for other parties.
    And an "overwhelming majority" British population/culture doesn't mean in every street, only the nation as a whole. Nor does it stop anyone intermarrying or miscegenating.
    If the UK had a referendum on immigration, the "overwhelming majority" of the voters would be indigenous British. Anti-majoritarians are really anti-democrats.

    • but according to the black African Trevor Phillips, 'there is no such thing as an indigenous white person' as apparently, we all come from Africa! And this is now being forced down our kids throats at school too as well as on the loathsome ABC

  10. Just seen in the Kalgoorlie Times, a blind (white) guy was set upon by a gang of Aboriginies for mugging and a bashing (what a bunch of heros) the words used was 'Get the white c*nt' but to everyone's amazement because he had been blind by birth, he could tell trouble was coming and hit back at them with his cane!
    Of course it wasn't a 'waycist' crime…yeah right, although I'm surprised the blind guy didn't get arrested for defending himself and hitting back at these poor vicitms of white oppression

    • Being white is the same as being black, we are capable of being on the receiving end of racism as we are of dishing it out, everyone is capable of racism, irrespective of race, skin color or religion. Besides the fact that this man was blind, it was a racist attack, the is irrefutable,

  11. The fact that a black African immigrant can do this to a democratic English party spells bad news for us here in Australia, given how many of the savages KRudd has imported with Liberals help…they started the mess

  12. giuseppe de santis says

    What is happening in the UK will soon happens in australia as the globalist elite decided to destroy nations and create a one world government.
    Look also:

    • Walter Horsman says

      Fearing the future or (Britain), I left there in 1954 after serving 5 Years in the RAF.
      Now I have fears for my adopted country AU.
      I cannot stand by and let it happen here, This time I cannot migrate, No where worth while left.
      What can WE do?

      • Exactly, Walter, and this is what I always tell Brits who say they've had enough and want out. You come here, then what? In not too long it's going to be the same here, make no mistake about that. Yet many of those same people are still under the illusion that multiculturalism is fine and the BNP are evil etc. They just can't put 2 and 2 together.


  13. The Establishment will throw as much money as necessary into various court actions to try and cripple the BNP financially. The BNP needs to stay strong and its supporters need to keep on rallying behind their leaders.

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