Manufacturing consent

Mark Henderson writes –

Frame an opinion poll the way you want and you will get the result you want.

The Fairfax poll this morning on the Hockey/Turnbull machinations includes a side bar poll which found that two thirds of respondents back an ETS [Emissions Trading Scheme].

But look at what the poll asked: “Ignoring the details of particular schemes at the moment, do you support or oppose an emissions trading scheme?”

One can only imagine the result if the question had been more realistic, such as: “Taking into account the financial impost on families and the fact that the proposed ETS will not make any difference to the climate, do you still support Labor’s proposed emissions trading scheme?”

I am willing to bet the result would have been much different.

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  1. I really like Tony Abbott. He reflects what Australians really want instead of focusing on opinion polls. He is also not afraid to say what he thinks and he doesn't care if people try to discredit him. It takes a lot of guts to uphold ones principles, especially in public life when everyone is trying to bring you down. I hope he doesn't change in an attempt to make himself more PM material. It's refreshing to see someone who is true to themselves. I admire that in this politically correct crazy world where words are twisted and misinterpreted.

  2. I think that if we are going to tax emissions then there should be a relaxation of a tax somewhere else. Make a 2% reduction on income tax right across the board to allow for the emissions tax. The problem is that we are taxed in so many directions that by the time one earns a wage and pays so many taxes, there is very little left to put away or enjoy. There's income tax, fuel tax, car registration, a handful of stamp duty taxes, airport taxes, motorway taxes, rates taxes, capital gains tax, land tax, gst and a load more. Australians are simply overloaded with tax. How can a government justify hitting people again with a huge tax? They say that they will subsidize low income earners but it will still effect everyone. I don't think the government is interested in listening to the concerns of the people. We all want to care for our planet but people are hurting more than ever before and are barely able to live as it is.

    • If Krudd & his UN masters have their way we will be paying 7 billion dollars a year (EVERY YEAR into perpetuity) to third world dictators & corrupt regimes. I can already see the likes of Mugabe licking his lips, while he and his ugly wife go shopping in Paris! This whole Climate Change scam is utter madness!

  3. Euro, you too can join the APP as can anyone else, and it is free. The APP needs intellegent people as well as money. 🙂

  4. I refuse to run, i'd rather die fighting for my freedom and Australia the country i love.

  5. Correction. "Are WE ready?"

  6. Well done, mate. I feel that things are happening. Honestly, I feared that we were doomed and the only way was to run…but where? O no, no running – fight! Like my grandfathers did in Stalingrad.
    Catty says we need to collect evidence etc. Good practical point. Question: do APP guys do something like that? Do they have Intelligence team? If not, may be it is because of lack of funds.
    APP – please, put "donate via PayPal" button on the site. You need money to get things rolling faster. I have organised a political party back in Europe – I know how much you need to get the job done. Give us a chance to give you money.
    Another point, if new elections in March 2010, are you ready?
    Should we open another blog topic re: are you ready?

  7. 'Pet lesbian' lol! Hi Catty, Euro and BK, you ARE MY FAMILY NOW! Have a good weeks guys, love Mike
    P.S. good to see some new 'faces' on here. I keep on plugging this site to as many as I can.

  8. It looks like KRudd and his pet lesbian, Penny Wong will re-introduce the Bill back into the Senate in the New Year – I say bring it on. Abbott is right to call this ETS a massive tax….and even though I do believe human activity is causing serious problems, there are better ways to deal with it than to take a wrecking ball to the Australian economy and hurt those that can least afford it. Clearly we have to get smarter how we use engery and we MUST embrace nuclear power. Wind and solar will NOT give us the base load power that we need….and don't forget our Dear Leader, KRudd wantts to burden us with another 15 million immigrants by the year 2040. The man is a ego driven maniac only interested in his own career on the world stage!

  9. Dave Tierney says

    Let us hope that Rudd calls a double dissolution and gives us a chance to vote on the ETS. We could also use the opportunity to vote for the party which has the guts to stop the flow of boat people.

  10. Thank you. I hope you are right about Tony Abbott. I hope he takes the same line as Kevin Andrews re: enclaves, poor assimilation etc. Meanwhile, we should continue doing what we must – promote awareness of looming demgraphic disaster among Australian public.

    It will be interesting to see the politician's responce to activeopinion polls. It is promised on the site that all results will be communicated to MPs and they will be asked for feedback. Feedback will be published by

  11. Frankly I am overjoyed at the decision to make Tony Abbott leader of the Liberal Party – finally we (the hapless sheeple) will get some clear debate on this ETS debacle, and exactly what it will mean for inviduals,families and the country as a whole. I hope Abbott brings up the issue of NUCLEAR POWER for this country, and I hope he screws KRudd down on border protection, and immigration numbers too! All things that will huge impact on this nation during the 21st century. Abbott won't be the compliant little sheep that Turnbull was – he'll tear KRudd to shreds in a honest debate at question time…….looking forward & lovin` it!

  12. Hi Catty. There is a poll place that asked " Senator Cory Bernardi: Rudd’s ETS is simply a massive tax." and 4 option to choose an answer.

    PS: I read every comment of yours- brilliant. Also, hello to BK, mike.

    • Hello Euro. Hope all's well with you.

      • Hello, Black Knight. Yes, I am OK. Just left a comment on how I spread the news of APP around. I believe, I am not alone. Look at the first-time visitors stats going up and totals are up. Looking good. Do you know if APP got 500 members yet? If I was APP I would actually publish daily/ weekly updates on membership rise, similar to church fundraising thermometers. It would attract some nasty remarks from multiculturalist genocidal racists, but it would prompt good guys to act faster as well.

  13. Thank you Euro – I have visited that site before and I just voted again. It's clear that people want serious change – whether our governments take any notice is another matter. I have long held the view that we live in a Clayton's democracy. In truth we don't have any – it's all smoke and mirrors…..smoke & mirrors. I see KRudd has signed off on more UN deals – with no consultation with his countrymen. As I said to BK – the UN is a rat infested den of corrupt third world regimes and Islamic countries with an agenda all their own. The West is being bled dry by these sychophants!! Have any of you noticed how the US has not paid her UN dues for years???

  14. I have noticed that they ask questions in such a way that it excludes asking the bleeding obvious – you can never vote a clear yes/no on a particular subject according to your conscience. Polls are generated by people with vested interests – I NEVER take any notice of poll outcomes as they are tainted to begin with.

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