Population Politics

Cory Bernardi writes –

Kevin Rudd wants Australia to grow our population by 15 million people by 2050.

Amazing, when you consider the fact that Kevin and his carbon dioxide-hating zealots regard every exhale as ‘pollution’ that is destroying the planet.

Even worse, the feral greens regard humanity as a noxious pollutant that needs to be stopped. I have always found it fascinating that those making these outlandish claims always seem to demand that ‘others’ remove themselves from the planet – never themselves.

For his many faults, Kevin Rudd isn’t a feral green but he can be accused of hypocrisy in seeking a more populous Australia whilst complaining about carbon dioxide as the great evil of our time.

But there are a number of broader issues that Mr Rudd has failed to consider in his ‘populate or perish’ agenda. Two of them are water and power infrastructure.

Many towns and cities are facing chronic water shortages. Water restrictions are in place for irrigators and households alike. The continued demands and pressure on the Murray Darling River system has had dire environmental consequences.

Yet Kevin Rudd wants to increase our water needs by growing our population by 15 million people while stopping critical infrastructure (dams) from being built to accommodate future needs.

A similar approach is being taken in regard to our electricity industry. Labor’s ill-named Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will put pressure on the viability of our key power generators. In a nation already struggling to cope with our base load power requirements, what will be the impact of a 70 per cent increase in our population?

If anyone really thinks that wind and solar power will be able to replace our coal fired power then they are living in fantasy land.

Unfortunately, fantasy land appears to be exactly where Mr Rudd has decided to pitch his tent.

Any public figure can make grandiose claims and statements, characterising it as ‘strong and decisive leadership’. But leadership involves more than platitudes. A true leader considers the consequences of their utterances before making public statements.

Australia needs a Prime Minister who has a stronger approach to policy than vocalising every thought bubble.

Cory Bernardi is a Senator for South Australia.

h/t Australian Conservative.


  1. Couple of days old but I don't think I've seen it posted here: http://www.theage.com.au/national/migration-numbe

    Goodness gracious. What the hell do they think they are doing to Australia.

    • rottweiler says

      What is so wonderful about African and Muslim welfar junkies? The only part right was the birth rate would keep the country going without further immigration. But of course the far left have to totally destroy the conservatives so uncontrolled immigration will continue…until the Islamic race will be in the majority. Suicidal lemmings is a good description for Australians now…all thanks to the psychos in the far left.
      And for those wanker lefties who like to get on here and call us 'wyacist's' what is going to happen to you and your family when the Muslim race outnumbers us and sets up their own government? Or haven't your tiny little brains thought that far ahead?

      • Rottweiler – I agree with your assessment totally, but for future reference Muslims are not a race – they are a group of multi-racial individuals that follow the religion of Islam – including anglo – saxons. So when/if you get labelled with the racist tag when confronting these people, you are in effect challenging their religion, and their behaviour, not their race. Don't let any of these left wing turds tell you otherwise.

    • Barry – Thanks for the link. I had not seen that article before. I think the government has gone mad.

      • rottweiller says

        They were mad and evil before they were elected, no-one can tell me they never had this planned….

        • Rottweiler – This is right across the Western world. They are flooding into Europe at a phenomenal rate. Britain, Canada, the US and Australia are experiencing abnormally high rates of third world immigrants – many of whom are the muslim persausion. It has been revealed that Tony Blair boasted about it because he wanted to stick it up the rich establishment. Blair and his Labour cronies, and now Gordon Brown have sealed England fate. The BNP is trying to fight for the survival of England as we know it.

          • Blair? He is the "rich establishment"!

            The BNP is fighting for the whole of Britain, not just England. Have you forgotten Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland etc? My, you are anglo-centric!

          • Not in the same league as the titled blue veined establishment I wager (wink), anyways, it was reported that he said as much to a collegue.

            Arrrrrgh, BK – Now that I am a 9th generation Australian, It's ALL bloody England to me…:))))) I am of Welsh/Scottish heritage myself.

  2. Niholas Folkes says


    "Distributing my own anti-immigration leaflets, a couple of people have responded that they "like" immigrants"………what type? Maybe we should ship in some illiterare Somalis or cousin marrying Muslims and then quiz these alturistic turds? By the mate, good on you for being proactive and distributing your own "anti-immigration" leaflets……that's the Aussie spirit. Keep it up mate. This is the sort of Aussie grassroots resistance APP support.

    It never cease to amaze me even when the hard cold and depressing facts of third world immigration and multiculturalism are laid out and presented to the trough of the Intl. Marxists, they choose to overlook the reality and pretend that no such problems exist. Fabians and lefties are void of intelligence, facts, knowledge and common sense.

    Mike, my local Woolworths looks like a Delhi mini-mart. I worked there many years ago when only Anglo-Celtic, Continental Australians and a couple of home grown Islanders were present. It was a good place to work but these days the place looks like a dysfunctional brothel. There is no coroprate Nationalism in Australia….years gone pass Woolies and Coles did support Aussies farmers and workers but these days they are short sighted and even racist in my opinion. They would prefer to support cheap foreign labour. This sort of short term thinking kills business in the end. The sub Continent diaspora end up sending money back to the slums of Delhi, exaserbating our current account, displacing Aussies at work and on the property market and reducing wages. In the end the Aussie worker will cut down on shopping at Woolies or Coles and sales will suffer when the fullness of globalisation are met.

    • I already shop at independent stores (Aussie) whenever I can. Down our main street already Halal butchers have opened up and the Muslims here never shop at Aussie stores, they stick to their own.

  3. Channel seven tonight 6.30 'Urban Warfare' who is casuing so much trouble in our suburbs

  4. I say, the sooner the water runs out the better. When that happens the state governments will have to go to the Federal and say, enough's enough, no more immigration.

  5. And this too: Unbelievable !!


    I grew up in Wallerawang in the 1950's – it would seem things are pretty grim over the Blue Mountains yet again. Someone should tell KRudd that once you go over the Great Dividing Range things can get bloody awful including devestating fires and doughts………yet he wants to bring in another 15 million immigrants to the driest land on earth !!

    • Maybe that's part of the plan. You'll have Muslims with camels eating every scrap of vegetation, and bare subsistence living.

    • He wouldn't even know about it Catty…too busy travelling, waving to his left winged luvvie 'fans', signing autographs and hugging celebrities.
      He doesn't give a f*ck, Just so long as he gets to strut around with Obama and whatever he does to us mere mortals, doesn't affect him or his family….

  6. And KRudd wants to bring in another 15 million people by 2040 – the man is a class A moron!!


  7. And anyone who wont accept that fact BK is either an idiot or has something to sell 🙂

  8. I remember applying for a job at Woolworths holding store here in Perth four years ago, during the interview I was told that Woolworths regarded immigration as excellent as it meant more profit for them

    • That's a fascinating revelation, Mike. I've always thought it true – immigration is good for business. Businesses big and small benefit from immigration which is why their representative, the Liberal Party, is never going to end it.

    • mike, I've seen this in britain. The crucial point to remember in that all the associated costs are offloaded. There's a welfare state so the 'chap' labour gets your housing, your medical care, your infrastructure – water, roads, sewage, street lights, schools – that have taken generations to build are all offloaded. Plus policing, education, and the rest. Ask Woolworths to issue work permits for a limited time with costs of repatriation paid by Woolworths, who also pay all the associated costs including insurance against crime and housing – see how long their enthusiasm lasts. The cost of immigrants to Britain is astornomical – there must be the equivalent of three million given housing, education, health, all the expense of the lcoals, not counting the social costs of favouritism to immigrants because the authoristies can't be arsed to police drugs, cruel slaughter, polygamy, sex against young white girls, and so on. I'd be willing to take a large bet that your statistical services routinely hide, obfuscate, and fail to mention all this sort of thing.

  9. I actually had a letter published two years ago warning the public when the media described Kevin Rudd as 'The new Tony Blair' I said it only took 10 years for Blair to turn his people into a minority and Rudd will do the same…and we all know how minorities are treated by Africans and Muslims. Both Labor and Liberals have set their own race up for a Holocaust.
    Strangley though, although they all harp on how wonderful diversity is, they themselves don't practise what they preach, not many 'ethnics' in either party I noticed!

  10. In the last 10 years, only 26% of immigrants have come from the Anglosphere (UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, NZ, and South Africa).

    Once upon a time it would have been 90% or more.

    How can we possible maintain a society when 74% of people arriving here have no familiarity with the “Anglo” type of society.
    Cultures are shared, common ground. They are mutually understood customs, speech, etc.
    Without enough people sharing these common understandings (which doesn’t mean everyone is a cookie cutter clone) , everything is on thin ice.

    We don’t even get many continental Europeans anymore. At least they’re “Western”.

    57% of immigrants over those 10 years were Asian (the immigration department trickily segmants Asia into several different regions, hoping nobody will notice).

    Asia itself is several different systems of unrelated (to each other and to us) “common cultural understandings” and none of them are Western/Anglo.

    Without common ground, the individual has no context, and the community no continuity.

    Distributing my own anti-immigration leaflets, a couple of people have responded that they “like” immigrants.
    It’s not about “liking”, it’s about the practical impossibilty of maintaining such a fractured society, with no cooling off period to even enable a new equilibrium to emerge.

    If people really “like” immigrants, they should want to stop immigration now, before the inevitable civil war starts and all their ethnic friends cop it.

    And that war won’t be confined to Australia.
    It could start anywhere in the Western World. It could start in Sweden, in Denmark, in Italy, in New Zealand.
    And once the news reports hit the internet and TV, it will spread like wildfire across the West.
    When the homelands of the immigrants see this, they’ll join in too, and before you know it you have a WORLD WAR of all against all.
    The bloodiest war ever, because it has *no* boundaries.

    People accuse me of “racism”, but I want to stop it now before it gets to that point.
    The people who “like” immigrants are the ones digging their graves.

    • Hi Shockadelic, you write: "If people really "like" immigrants, they should want to stop immigration now, before the inevitable civil war starts and all their ethnic friends cop it"
      "The people who "like" immigrants are the ones digging their graves."

      That what I was tried to explain before. Thank you, You made a much better summary of it. Mass migration hurts migrants first of all. You are not a racist and your views cannot offend anyone. Common sense cannot be offensive.

      I am not sure about WWIII prediction, but some nasty conflict on a local level is quiet possible. I have seen that happening before.

    • I agree with you completely Shockadelic. A mate of mine who sees it like I do often says he predicts a "Kristallnacht part 2". Maybe a harsh way of putting it but might not be too far from the reality.

      My main worry with Europe (where I was born and still spend some time in) is people are too leftist, too fatalistic, and too defeatist. I remember some conservative commentator once saying "Europe is showing classic signs of civilisational exhaustion" – I tend to agree. With the current younger generations there is a resurgence of patriotism, even nationalism, I just hope it builds up enough, soon enough, for something to be done. Many people are convinced it's too late. But if it does, as I hope, I think you are right – there is going to be violence, most definitely. I really feel for countries such as England and France, who are going to have adversarial populations running in the tens of millions to deal with.

    • When the homelands of the immigrants see this, they'll join in too, and before you know it you have a WORLD WAR of all against all.

      The bloodiest war ever, because it has *no* boundaries.


      I bet this is all being engineered – keep the population in eternal warfare, while at the same time making the merchants of death even richer.
      The UN is driving all this crap, but why? What purpose does it really serve?

  11. Well said Catty. *clap*

  12. Continued:

    The fact that George Bush and his wife Laura went straight to Fort Hood to comfort the survivors and their grieving families, and Obama didn't , speaks volumes about his man's character and his role as Commander in Cheif of the free world. Americans are becoming very uneasy about what is occuring inside their country and many are stockpiling weapons and ammo. The sad fact of the matter many no longer trust their government….and unless things change in this country many here will do the same. Gun laws or no gun laws!

    • In fairness to Obama though perhaps he was busy and couldn't just drop things and run to Fort Hood like President Bush did. I was more disappointed that he didn't didn't stick around for the fall of the Berlin Wall celebrations. If he ends up being a one-term president he will only have himself to blame.

      I think you will find that Americans have not trusted their government for a long time, perhaps since at least 1776. It is part of their national character.

      • Sorry, I cannot agree with you over Obama – Over 40 people get killed and injured at a major military base and you can't drop everything to comfort those in need? What could have been more important?

    • Love your new 'persona' Lyn lol!
      I want to change mine, haven't found one I like yet. My last name is monroe so maybe i'll find a nice picture of Marilyn lol.

  13. Lyn is now Cattypuss….. : – )

    • My, you certainly look different!

    • you make me laugh, so good to have great friends on this site, one doesn't feel so alone fighting this horrible p.c. disease. All the best Cattypuss xx Mike

      • Let's be frank – you are not alone. We are the silent majority, and somehow the APP has to ignite that majority just like the BNP has done in England. The BNP is no longer the annoying little terrier nipping at the heels of the major parties – they are a growing force that has the establishment frightened. They only have themselves to blame for marginalizing their indigenous population in favour of immigrants. These fools are destroying England piece by piece. I have a niece living in London and she said whole areas of London have been cleared of indigenious Brits……..and the same will happen in rural areas too. Churchill would weep if he saw London today.

  14. I just made an account so I could vote for certain posts that I liked. But in doing so I had to change my profile name because it was already taken…..: – / So from now on I will be known as Cattypuss. It's a username that I regulary use on other blogs anyway. I will try to find a suitable Avatar to go with it!

  15. Moderator – why has my video been removed? And why has my reply to Shockadelic been removed? If you delete posts the least you can do is to give a reason why, ok?

    • Lyn, what was your video of? I'm wondering whether I saw it or not.

      • Here it is Knight – Listen to what is being proposed by those UN Islamic member countries – if KRudd endorses this ,Australia as a free speaking democracy will be finished! We all know that KRudd is a UN devotee willing to sell his soul if it means getting a leg up in that corrupt den of thieves!!

        [youtube FRb2OKPBswM&feature=player_embedded

        Blasphemy Laws would outlaw any critisism of religion – in particular, the Islamic religion. We are headed for global enslavement at this rate !!!!

        • I hate to break this news, but Judaism already has this, under varous guises. Muslims will inevitably want to get similar protection for their ridiculous rubbish. It puts Jews in a difficult position.

          • Well Revisionist, I hate to break this news- Jews are not a problem for me, but Islamic radicals and their moderate counterparts definately are! The last time I looked Jews were not beheading people and blowing up hotels, nightclubs, buses, trains and butchering schoolkids.

          • The question was about free speech and religion. Jews aren't a problem for me – but then my family wasn't Russian or Ukrainian, and butchered by Jew-run death squads.

            The point is Jews get de facto immunity from criticism. Naturally muslims want the same. If you complain about one, you have a logical problem if you don't complain about the other.

            if you can judge by Jewish behaviour, watch for [1] muslim buying-out of media outlet; [2] muslim thugs going for rationalists and other critics and also influencing police behaviour to get de facto security from prosecution; [3] muslims behind the scenes affecting legislation; [4] muslims threatening economic sanctions.. that sort of thing.

          • Let me try and make this clearer. Some things – like being attacked, raped, told you're white scum, knifed, being made homeless while immigrants are housed – are easy to understand. You can see what's going on, and there's no doubt it's nasty. It has an immediacy which everyone can understand.

            But some things are less easy to understand. If there's a behind the scenes sale or deal, the world looks just the same. But, as a consequence, jobs may be lost, bankruptices declared, wars started, free speech lost. In my view this second class of events is more important than the first, because [1] the consequences are much more widespread, [2] they are harder to uproot.

            Now, whether you like it or not, there are powerful forces that want third world immigration, partly to deaden the spirit of locals, partly just to wreck these places, partly for economic reasons – e.g. to force people into paying rent or force wages down. If you check, you'll find, whether you like it or not, that Jews have been behind the immigration movements in white countries. If you don't believe me, check Kevin McDonald. Obviously, though, it's hard to get at the truth. That's why I want free speech. That's why I don't want 'religions' – including race based cults like Judaism and political cults like Islam – to be immunised from examination.

            There is quite likely to be mass violence in white countries. But the people to blame are the instigators of that immigration just as much as the perpetrators. In that sense, there's an alliance of Muslims and Jews against whites. Even if they don't relasie it! There may be a war between Islam and whites; but if so it makes sense to try to work out who was responsible, doesn't it? The fact that you, catty, have no direct experience of Jewish influence doesn't mean it doesn't exist, or that it isn't malign.

            But we can all agree that in modern politics, where telling lies is routine, it's a difficult issue from the vote catching point of view.

          • I have long suspected that the Jews were behind the immigration movements. I have a couple of Kevin MacDonald's books but haven't read them in their entireity. Does MacDonald allege that? If so, where?

          • I met MacDonald when he was in Britain for the Irving libel trial. (NB – don't get involved in libel trials! Unless you're a lawyer). He wrote I think three academic books with titles like'A People That Shall Dwell Alone'. His experience in mostly in the US. He includes Jewish intellectual movements – Boas, for example, who spent years saying races don't exist. (Apart presumably from Jews). Freud, Erich Fromm, Marcuse, and the Frnkfurt School generally are looked at. His take is that, in order not to seem odd ones out, Jews wanted immigration of all types. The NAACP in the US was (he says) run by Jews with a black front-man. By the way, many people talk vaguely of 'Marxist' beliefs, and includes assorted things from being pro-homosexuality and anti-church to pro-multiculturalism and pro-paper money. Marx believed in things like the labour theory of value and all struggle being class struggle – fantastic rubbish. What these things have in common is Jewishness – which is really very like Islam. If you understand one mind-set, you understand the other. One good book on Jews is Hilaire Belloc's, published about 1925 I think, 'The Jews' – he was Catholic, and never doubted that modern Jews were the same as Biblical ones, somehting now widely accepted to be wrong. Belloc noted that the Russian 'Revolution' was a Jewish movement, and gave a very sympathetic account of Jewry. He also gave a good account of the way English officers etc suddenly became aware, during WW1, that many materials of strategic value were controlled by Jews, who were indifferent as to which side won the war. He correctly says this came as a shock to them. Anyway I'd recommend Kevin MacDonald though his hardbacks are a bit pricy. I think he escaped notice through having a rather dry writing style – as he's become better known, calls for him to be sacked have predictably increased.

            I'm aware this stuff if it's new to you sounds fantastically conspiratorial and weird; and I wish it was. In fact it's very important. If you google Radio Islam (if it's still online – I haven't seen it for ages) you'll find a Muslim view re neo-con type Jews. It had a huge list of important American posts – secretaries of state in this and that department – agriculture, education, food, health … there must have been 50 to 100 names. Maybe someone could repeat the exercise now; I doubt it will have changed.

          • Black Knight —

            Prof. MacDonald on Jewish movements – group evolutionary strategies – which are designed to promote Jewish interests. Six parts I think.

          • Nationalist parties talking about Jews is a slippery slope though, imo. As much as what some of what is said might be true, once you're painted with that 'nazi' tag that's a pretty tight noose to try to slip out of. Best to steer well clear of it for the time being, just in my humble opinion.

          • It's a difficult issue. I'm on my own and not officially representing anyone. So I say what's the truth. But I agree if you're political it's a problem. However, here again, because of Internet mostly, I think times may well change. I hope so, because lurking bits of censorship produce amazing sort of deformed growths of thought and ideas. And really any mass medium that chose could expose the whole thing in a week or two,

          • Yeah I agree with you 100% there, I hope I didn't come across as trying to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't say, I was just putting the thought out there.

        • continued.__
          I suggest a hypothetical scenario. __
          1. There is a religion called X. __
          2. There is also a religion called Z. __
          3. The main text to be followed by religion X claims that it is good to be a follower of religion X. __
          4. The main text of the religion Z claims that religion X as well as any religion other than Z are all wrong and followers of these religions are ignorant and must be converted into religion Z or eliminated.__
          Legal question 1: Is open preaching of religion Z offensive to religion X? If yes,
          Legal question 2: according to Blasphemy Laws, any offended follower of religion X may take legal action against anyone who preached religion Z?
          Question 3: Which of the two major religious denominations fit profiles X and Z? Religion Z pushes for Blasphemy Laws, wouldn't it back fire because followers of X would start lodging claims en mass for being called infidel dogs?

          • euro, as far as I followed the video, what the UN people *seem* to be suggesting is that each separate country should have anti-blasphemy laws, of a type that suits their own legal system. Or something like that. It's devolved. You may find if you poke around that the people behind it are Jews, as much as Muslims. If you recall, Ahmadinejad in Iran hosted a Holocaust debate. I think the first open newspaper reports sceptical of the 'Holocaust' were somewhere like Algeria about 8 or 10 years ago. Both Jews and Muslims have powerful motives for suppressing criticism.

        • Thanks Catty for that. I was aware that this was being proposed. Its a worry all right. I'm worried that Obama will okay it and then Australia will too. It's like we're going back to the Middle Ages but this time we'll be the Dhimmis

          • I am deeply worried about this development. Islamic members of the UN have been pushing this vigoriously. First it was non binding – now they are pushing for a binding resolution that must be adopted by all members. My biggest fear it that our overbloated ego driven PM will fall into line if this ever comes to fruition. It is no secret that KRudd want's a plumb job at UN headquarters once he is done running this country (into the ground). These deals are always done (low key) when the voting public is busy with other matters….and while I believe that this planet is in trouble with pollution, this ETS will not save it. The ETS is nothing short of a new industry to be milked by very powerful people. The average Joe is going to fleeced even further (if that is possible) and be consigned to the status of a modern day slave to pay for it. The ETS is also designed to deflect from important global issues like Islamic terrorism and our capitulation to it. Fort Hood is going to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to protecting the evil deeds of members of this blood soaked religion. The Obama Administration is working overtime trying to paint this animal as a poor victim of American foreign policy.

        • Hi Lyn or now Catty – I adore your posts no matter what avatar you use. As you can see, I am your not so secret admirer.
          Certainly, the news of Blasphemy Laws are very disturbing. At first, being not religious, I thought I might lack some perspective of a religious person. However, not following any particular denomination does, in fact, constitutes a belief that entitles me to receive protection under Blasphemy Laws. (although, only Islam was mentioned as being in urgent need of protection?! poor dear darlings they are, indeed)

  16. Even with today’s economy, we’re still getting 11,000 new immigrants EVERY month.

    That’s a new Wollongong every 2 years.

    A Wollongong where only 54% speak English.

    • Don't worry Shockadelic – KRudd will wave his magic wand and provide for all…but in doing so, he will expect YOU & your tax paying relatives to pay for it!! The man is a ego driven f*ckwit who grovels to his UN masters! It's no secret that after politics he wants a plum job at UN headquarters !!

    • It's crazy isn't it. No wonder there's been a jump in the unemployed. At my local Coles supermarket practically everyone working there looks like they're from India. Perhaps they are students but you can be pretty sure that they are all trying to stay here.

  17. A fine leader for APP could be Pauline Hanson this would likely bring immediate media attention (a good thing for getting word out and extra support). I am sure she would do well this time round giving she be willing, we all need to get behind it though (she did it tough!). There are contact details for her available on the net but unknown if they are current and or legit. Facebook and I assume other sites have many different types of groups relevant to these issues, who I'm sure would come on board….I have recently searched and joined many so when something eventuates for us to have a voice we can all unite and fight…

    • nojaffa – Methinks there are bugs in the system – I gave you a reply yo this, but it is not showing up…:(

      • Sorry about that – you seemed to have posted this twice – so I will as well! lol lol….:)

        I don't recommend your stratedgy – Pauline Hanson has had her run and failed. As nice as Pauline is, she does not have the educational background or the level headed calmness that is required in modern day Politics. I know for a fact that the two major parties feverishly worked overtime to bring her down. At first the Liberal Party were willing to 'court' her, but quickly realised they would loose a large proportion of their voting base to her Party. Tony Abbott was behind her spectacular downfall.

        If the APP is to grow a credible support base it must project itself as a new and fresh Party with winning policies – not a rehash of One Nation. Nah – Pauline needs to be given a wide berth. If APP places immigration and illegal arrivals in amongst other well thought out polices the people will be willing to listen. Just make sure that you don't make yourself a ONE ISSUE Party…that is a death knell as far as I am concerned.

        • If she invented and ran her own party, she must have considerable experience – why throw that away? You should learn from her. Can't you use a messaging system and discuss things with her? Then you don't even need to travel. Her experience must be relevant to the anti-free speech thugs issue – presumably she must have one or two stories.

        • I just read Pauline Hanson's 1996 maiden speech online. She sounds pretty well spot on. Ignore the media-generated fantasies.

          • I think Hanson might be of some use to a nationalist party in terms of giving some basic endorsements in the media and what have you but to have her deeply involved as a spokesperson or figurehead would not be a good move, imo. I think the main reason she had so much success so quickly was because people fell in love with the 'Aussie battler having a go, saying what we all think' aspect of it, but that there was always a glass ceiling for how much success she'd have. She just lacked polish, and while she was reasonably street-smart she didn't have the educational background and the diction to put forward compelling arguments and truly be leadership material.

            The APP needs someone charismatic who can win over Aussie hearts, but I agree with Lyn that Pauline Hanson would be a dead weight on the party.

          • All I know about her is that speech and the sex scandal. I haven't heard her and don't know the fine points of Aussie accents and body language etc.

            I wasn't saying get her as a leader, or even in the APP. I was saying she must have discovered a thing or two and her advice or input ought to be valuable.

  18. dave the pom says

    Well I just 20 mins ago put my membership form in the mail box , is there any tally kept on how many hits this site gets , seems to have grown since i found it via the BNP a couple of months ago , with some issues attracting 200 odd comments . The BNP would be proud of that ,& yes thank you & good on ya for the work done by admin / mediators & staff ,some I notice on the case at 4am ,thanks again . just in passing a while ago now , jerry harvey stated on a current affair that – quote ,dont get the idea that governments run countries ,its big business that runs countries . unquote dave

    • jerry harvey stated on a current affair that – quote ,dont get the idea that governments run countries ,its big business that runs countries . unquote dave

      Which is WHY governments around the world are unwilling to bring in tough regulatory laws to bring Banks and Big Business to heel – both which literally bought the world's financial system to it's knees through their collective GREED! . People like Obama are all talk and little action. It's FAT bonus's as usual, with little change to the Wall Street mentality. Already they are plotting to reel in the next batch of working class dummies. I have seen this happen three times now and the next generation coming up behind us will ALWAYS be seen as the next suckers to be fleeced!

  19. The APP has leaders of intelect. Sun Zu said that a great general not only knows when he can win a battle, but also when he will loose.

    The APP is young, but growing everyday. Gaining momentum as the population of Australia is informed (I wont say educated because that would be an insult, educating is brainwashing) about what is happening not only here but many other countries in the world. When the support is there, you will see a wave of truth hit that will be unstopable.

    But, (and there is ALWAYS a but), the APP needs your support, in any way you can give. Even a letter or post saying that you agree is support, it lets the people who are giving a great deal of their time know that they are not doing it for nothing, they are doing it for you as well.

    There is fear out there. Fear in the minds and heart’s of the ordinary Australian who works for a living. Raises their children, and pays their taxes.

    But that fear will lessen. That fear which is the tool of all those who oppose Australians ideas and culture, will be gone, and sooner then many dare to believe.

  20. dave the pom says

    Think i might have got mixed up no matter , both my kids are in their own places ,with affordable mortgages ,but they are 28&30 .Many people allowed into this country from lands of little oppotunity go head down bum up & they get ahead , they dont want 1 house they want 5, well why not its promoted via crap shows like auction squad ,location location ,how to build youre portfolio etc ,etc ,etc .Realestate is BIG business,full of nepetism ,bankers & lawyers ,you could see it in the uk 40 years ago ,give them 2 generations & they will be your landlord,Governments are traitorous self serving &weak .Where can APP find a leader with some spine because when we do I really believe it will take off ,the poms are not rolling over for it & niether will we

  21. Mike..Lyn
    I just contacted Immigration. They are aware of the booklet, and it can be found at http://www.immi.gov.au/ living in Australia. There is another in a comic book formatt, but I could not find it. It is given to all refugees.
    Another point about Muslims. Due to their religious belief, they can never be politicions in a democracy like Oz.. If they do, then they are absloute hypocrites to themselves, their religion, and to the Australian people.
    Alan .

    • Allan – I have been going thru the Living in Australia section and I cannot see it – maybe I have a case of Domestic Blindness….:( Can you help me out here? Thanks in advance….


    • In case you don't know, the Mexican government publishes a comic-book style piece of information to help Mexicans get into and get benefits in the USA.

    • Alan – don't fool yourself. They WILL become politicians, once their evil brood are old enough to vote. they already outbreed us 8 to 1 (their damn muftis tell them they MUST produce at least 9 children) – in 18 years time, it's possible they will run one of their imams in parliament!

      And we are FAR from being a democracy – if the MAJORITY has no say in how our country is run, how can we be? You know that old adage – the squeaky wheel gets the oil. And the squealing pig minorities get ALL the goodies at OUR (the silent majority's) expense.

  22. I have just read through all the above comments and now I feel so FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, PISSED OFF, that I wonder why I bother trying to show my family the right way to live, by being honest, do a days work for a days pay, treat others fairly, try to follow the laws of "OUR" country when the majority of aliens coming here are much better off for being the opposite as to what we as Australians have had as values. Maybe we need another Eureka Stockade to change things.

  23. Continued:

    Some people have mentioned Glen Beck here – this American is one a the few to take on these destroyers. He stated that America is technically broke. Both Republicans and Democrats are hiding the real truth from the American people. Obama's new health pack will give insurance to illegal immigrants. Insurance that will run into the trillions to pay for. America is toast- and those with any intelligence know it.

  24. dave the pom says

    HI Lyn just whent to the australian article ,404 page cannot be found

    • Dave – Is this the article on "Uncontrolled Muslim influx a threat"
      If it is then I have no trouble accessing. Maybe it might be your computer?

  25. Mike…LynI read in disbelief you comments on the booklet.

  26. dave the pom says

    A mate of mine in a place called Southport , about 50 ks south of Darwin paid $ 8,500 for a bear half acre block about 15 years ago ,they are now selling for $ 150,000, Out of Kununurra a few years ago 20 acre hobby farms on the Ord river were available for around $ 10,000 , you cant find 5 acres under $300,000 any where near Kununurra now .WHY. Well how about massive tracts of our north being flogged off to foreign interests because not so very far away ,water harvesting will be the new gold , & they certainly get plenty of that in their wet season, Lake Argyle when full = about 6 Sydney harbours . The same kind of land aquisition is going on all over the country .All done without our consent . I first came across the northern sell off, I think on 60 mins but they did not let on as to who was doing the buying but the arabs & chinese are dollared up .Maybe some one can enlighten us .Bit off topic but if you have satellite have a look at GLENN BECK on fox news 9am & repeated 6pm est . A passionate American Patriot & tells it as it is ,we need some of that . Just in passing underpriveleged allien belligerant is the new PC speak for terrorist ,can you believe it.dave

    • I live in a rural area on 5 acres. When my husband and I bought it the price was $34,000, and that was 6 years ago. The blocks around us shot up in value literally overnight. They went from 34,000 to 57,000, then up to 75,000, then 120,000, now they are are 170,000 !! In a space of 6 years! Our property which was valued at 200,000 in 2003 is now valued at 520,000 in that same period. Now that KRudd has given the green light for foreigners to swamp the housing market our kids will NEVER be able to afford a home. He and his henchmen in Canberra will turn hard working tax paying Australians into a nation of renters……..paying rent to foreigners!!!! My anger is palpable this morning!!

  27. A fine leader for APP could be Pauline Hanson this would likely bring immediate media attention (a good thing for getting word out and extra support). I am sure she would do well this time round giving she be willing, we all need to get behind it though (she did it tough!). There are contact details for her available on the net but unknown if they are current and or legit. Facebook and I assume other sites have many different types of groups relevant to these issues, who I'm sure would come on board….I have recently searched and joined many so when something eventuates for us to have a voice we can all unite and fight…

    • I don't recommend your stratedgy – Pauline Hanson has had her run and failed. As nice as Pauline is, she does not have the educational background or the level headed calmness that is required in modern day Politics. I know for a fact that the two major parties feverishly worked overtime to bring her down. At first the Liberal Party were willing to 'court' her, but quickly realised they would loose a large proportion of their voting base to her Party. Tony Abbott was behind her spectacular downfall.

      If the APP is to grow a credible support base it must project itself as a new and fresh Party with winning policies – not a rehash of One Nation. Nah – Pauline needs to be given a wide berth. If APP places immigration and illegal arrivals in amongst other well thought out polices the people will be willing to listen. Just make sure that you don't make yourself a ONE ISSUE Party…that is a death knell as far as I am concerned.

      • Pauline has her own party anyway, a new one.

        • Well – I guess I wish her luck….but I believe she is a spent force on the political stage. This country needs a credible alternative that will attract Mum & Dad voters concerned about their childrens future. An influx of muslim immigrants setting up enclaves & and actively plotting our demise isn't what they had in mind as a bright future for their kids.

          • Her party was called, Pauline Hanson's United Australia Party. I went looking for it on the web last night and I couldn't find it. Perhaps it has folded. When it was up I noticed that one of her policies was fixed four year terms. I wasn't impressed. I don't know where you are but we here in NSW are suffering under an incompetant 4 year Labor government. It seems like an interminable wait until the next election.

          • Radio jock John Laws warned you guys down there that it would all end in tears……but then again we Queenslanders can't crow too much. Many of us voted for Dictator for Life, Capitain Anna Bligh. Although I can say with pride that I was NOT one of them. In the absence of a better party I voted National Party. Hell, I would vote for the Devil himself over the Labour Party. Oh and btw – Anna Bligh is NOT a direct decendent of the famed Captain Bligh (as she claims), because he had no sons! He had six daughters. I know this because I am a member of the First Fleeters Association and a decendant of Captain John Piper, the original owner of Point Piper and surrounding suburbs.

          • I think Pauline Hanson was finished when those nude photos of 'Her' (not) appeared. It was obvious they were fake as was the person who claimed to take them, strangley the media only published them at election time, that's the kind of mentality the far left have.

          • That should have given her more credibility! At least she's not one of those pansy buggers who 'didn't inhale' when asked about dope smoking! How lame are they? LIARS to boot!! Like most bloody pollies, they are only in it to feather their own nest at taxpayers' expense.

            Hell, I'LL run for PM! I'm better looking and smarter than Hansen, plus I am not scared of my past OR of calling a spade a spade. If they can't take a few jibes and insults, tell them to take a shot of concrete and harden the f**k up!!

      • Read the book Destiny Aborted. You will find it with Google.


  28. At the risk of boring everyone, can I introduce an element of realism into the 'refugee' and 'asylum seeker' industries. Let me give a now old example to illustrate the point. Vietnam was in large parts carpet bombed, sprayed with teratogenic chemicals, and so on. The victims were of course impoverished masses. They are unlikely to have had access to plane tickets out, pasports, bank accounts etc. Or another example: Congo genocide. You don't need to know anything about the detail; clearly the people chopped up with machetes are unlikely to have been the 'men' supplied with vehicles and food and the rest. Think of Amin from Uganda; he spent the last part of his life in luxury in I think Libya. Generally, 'refugess' and 'asylum seekers' are the ones with money and contacts. I suspect this is one of the reasons many get to Britain; the Foreign Office officials overseas no doubt get involved in local war, corruption, arms deals and the rest, and the Quisling types are then offered British citizenship – or something like that. The people you see emailing about 'loved ones being persecuted' are almsot certainly telling lies, and probably in it for money.

    • You make some good points. I remember when the first Vietnamese boat people started arriving in Australia some of them came with gold bars.

      I think you'll find that Amin spent his last days in Saudi Arabia. Birds of a feather flock together.

  29. The population growth thing is identical in Britain, and indeed Europe. The EU has a policy (the 'Barcelona Declaration' so-called, though it's been kept hidden rather than declared) to bring – wait for it – fifty million Africans into Europe! It is almost unbelievable. Many British politicians – George Galloway, the ex-postman Alan Johnson, for example – think there's plenty of space even though Brtain now Apparently has a denser population than India! Our so-called 'Green' party is led by a stupid woman – these politicians simply have no grasp of such issues as water, food, and transport.

    I don't know if it had publicity in Australia, but some enterprising person put emails and documents from a 'Climate Research Unit' so called in Essex University, up on Internet – search for foi2009.zip (though possibly there may be fakes by now – I don't know). Lots of stuff on claiming funding, how to propagandise successfully, faking figures, and so on. The point here is there's another scam – 'carbon refugees' and other such names – by which consequences of overpopulation in Africa are blamed on everyone except Africans. (Ethiopia's population has I think doubled since 'Saint Bob Geldof' did his money-raising thing – raising money for himself in the process). Don't be naive about this! It's deliberate. And of course we all know who not to blame.

  30. Jesus Joseph Mary! At last………a paper that is daring to speak the unspeakable!!


    • Karen Pouye says

      This is not just about immigration, but a lack of housing. Many Australians cannot afford the roof over their heds because of the cost of housing being over inflated because of the huge immigration numbers and a lack of land release. My kids are financially doomed before they have even started
      People are whinging about housing developments in their local area, but where do they think all these immigrants are going to live?

      • Right, and I've noticed every time they talk about the high cost of living in the news they always skirt around the immigration factor – at best it gets a quick mention. The former Brisbane lord mayor Jim Soorley, once said "people in Brisbane are going to have to get used to high density living" (or something to that effect), I'm like, why?? Who asked me if I want to live in Hong Kong or Tokyo style conditions?

        It's an absolute disgrace that young Australians have to suffer through this, reasonably priced housing is something every citizen should be entitled to. I also think when Asians really started coming here in the 90s they brought a culture of real estate speculation with them that has hit the big cities, that wasn't present to near the same extent in Australia before then, that has not helped this problem at all.

        • Barry – I have been told that KRudd has just dismantled the rules which disallowed foreigners to buy en masse into the Australian housing market. If this is true you can kiss goodbye to any chance of our young people to ever owning a home. KRudd and his ilk want to turn this country into a nation of renters. The more I think about what is happening to this country (and the rest of the West) I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this is an engineered ideology to herd us into one world government. How do you set about destroying a countries sovereignty? You flood countries with alien inhabitants and overwhelm governments with HUGE costs to support them. KRudd and his ilk have plans to bring in another 15 million people by 2040. Can you imagine the monumental strain to taxpayers to provide the infrastructure and water to these new arrivals? Not to mention jobs! An influx of these proportions would send the country broke.

    • Amazing!! bet the poor bastard now has a 'jihad' slapped on his ass like Salman Rushdie did!

  31. Oh yeah – I heard about our wonderful 'refugee' guests rioting on Christmas Island with broom handles, pool cues and tree branches. They were Afghan and Sri Lankan groups. Can you imagine them being settled in Melbourne near people that have to put up with these chimps. Most bring their baggage them and end up forming vicious gangs. I have been told by friends in Melbourne that their kids are causing all sorts of trouble in our schools. Granted, their may be the odd genuine refugee that is law abiding and grateful to start a new life. The problem is there is NOT enough them. Look at the criminal Cedars of Lebanon gangs in Sydney……. their activities are shielded by types like Keysar Trad, Shiek Hilali and his ilk. The Sudanese are using matchettes in their criminal activiites and committing vicious rapes. I hope like HELL that the next victim of these animals sues the arse of the government for knowingly bringing in ex child soldiers and trumatised people with mental problems!!!

    • In other words, at what point the charity towards some populations becomes criminal negligence against our own people?

      Another problem is that asking this question I become a pariah in our over PCeed society. One of our goals should be change in social climat to enable anyone to have an open discussion on any topic.

    • Hello, Mike and Lyn. Glad to see you are back. Lyn, you have rised a very important issue. The issue of Australia is not being equipped to deal with refugees. Most of the refugees have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This condition is one of the most poorly managed psychiatric conditions. Australia has no means of dealing with the mass refugee intake. Poorly managed PTSD in individuals from traditionally violent ethnic backgrouds would lead to significant increase in crime on the streets. It is awfully humane to take up refugees. But is it humane in relation to the future victims?

      • Euro – I don't mind helping a GENUINE refugee. Especially if they are grateful and work hard for the betterment of the nation. Many immigrants have value added to our nation. People like Kosta Tszyu and the late John Ilhan. However, it doesn't seem that we are getting enough of this type over the other. We should not be rewarding people like that Alex (self appointed spokeman for the recent boat arrivals)and his ilk with permanent residency. It's just wrong headed and downright dangerous. This government doesn't have the foggiest what record these people have – this dispite the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka warning our socialist fiends in Canberra that many these people have criminal records and are 'economic' refugees seeking to USE our welfare system for a better life. It Stinks!

        • Yes and that wonderful Victor Chang who was so brutelly murdered for not joining a gang, all he wanted was to serve Australia. I don't mind saying I cried when I saw his story on the tele what a waste of a beautiful life.
          I have many Italian friends, all have worked so hard and are true friends, it's been such an honour to know them, Maoris downstairs always stop and chat to me, I have Veitenmese friends who own a bakery and newsagents the mother calls me 'her son' and makes me the most delicious spring rolls (I call her 'mum') but these are Aussies and have worked their way to the position they have got., They never got free housing etc and never asked for it either. Unlike these mongrels now who get preferential treatment in state housing, food vouchers, mobile phones CARS!…oh yes, and a little booklet on 'white racism in Australia' did anyone know about that? (As told to me by an African co-worker!)

          • and a little booklet on 'white racism in Australia' did anyone know about that? (As told to me by an African co-worker!)

            Ok – that does it !!! Is there any way we can verify this???

    • Which is why every Australian needs to be on their guard in 'monkey occupied territories'. I'veheard about a train route in Adelaide where Somali gang members mug old people getting on and off the trains. Why isn't someone sitting up on a tree with a sniper rifle TAKING THESE BASTARDS OUT? I'm sure the cops wouldn't mind a hand – especially as THEIRS both seem to be tied behind their backs – can't even use a flaming taser against crims these days. What are they supposed to use – HARSH LANGUAGE?

      I have an idea – take down all the names and addresses of the do-gooders, and then dump a load of refugees with THEM. They can clothe, feed, and house them AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. Watch how quickly they change their minds about letting them in!

  32. Oh dear…and I wonder just who this psycho plans on bringing into Australia to make up that 15 million? It does smack of genocide to me, especially when they all waffle on about 'carbon footprints' of which they want to tax us and businesses on.
    Sometimes I just want to give up when I hear things like this. This idiot should ask our permission before he does things like this, at least ask the Aboriginies, after all, according to KRudd and co, this is THIER land…when it suits the far left to say so of course.
    I wonder if Bob Brown is going to kick up a stink regarding all the extra pollution it will cause? Of course not, that would be 'waycist' now wouldn't it?
    This is exactly what the English labour government done, to silence any further objection to our genocide, 'Multiculturlism', how stupid can we get as a race?

    • Most working class English are a wake up now, but it may be too late – many are joining parties like the BNP and groups like the EDL. It is only the well heeled Toffs that are bending over backwards and selling their souls to powerful groups like the Muslims. Why, even that dingbat Charles has toyed with the many mysteries of Islam. He and Cowmilla can't get enough of our Saudi 'friends'…..to the point where they prostitute themselves by wearing muslim garb when visiting one of these desert Kingdoms. In regards to KRudd, his overbloated ego is going to ruin this country. One thing is for sure, the bulk of the 15 million won't be Christian. He and his commie pals will choose Muslims from wartorn regions………and they will bring their loathing of 'the other' with them. I see a dark future for this country…….a country that my forebears died for.

    • Mike – I gave a lengthy reply to your post. But somehow it has disappeared! Anyway – the gist of my answer was about Enlgand, and how many of their constituants are deserting the major parties in droves. Many are joining the BNP and groups like the EDL. While there are those that don't join, there are those that DONATE money to the cause and give support in private. There is a great discontent in England….and it is building. KRudd has an overbloated ego – his arrogance is going to sink this country……..a country that many of my forebears died for!

      • Yes I fear yuo are right Lyn. I do find the Indians to be quite nice, well mannered and educated, but of course that goes back to England colonialism.
        But as for these Africans/Muslims dark days ahead for us. But as I said, sue the fu*king immigration department or Chris Evans should any of us be attacked, it is their fault after all.
        WE have Africans at our work and they have caused nothing but problems, from fake compensation claims (one wanted $70, 000 for a sore wrist!) and talk about lazy and slow! It s***s me that I run my ass off getting my quotas out that the boss requires and yet some African can work so slow and get the same hourly rate as me, yet nothing happens to him because the bosses are scared of the 'waycist' accusation.
        As for the EDL, I saw on the BNP website they want nothing to do with them as they think it is a left winged group deliberatly set up to discredit the BNP which is non-voilent…unlike the far left who threw urine filled condoms at Pauline Hanson. Speaking of whom…maybe she'd be interested in this party? The publicity alone would be good.

        • I must confess I don't know a lot about the EDL – but I have visited their website. Here it is if you are interested in browsing the site. I wish they didn't have a black background because some of their print is hard to read…..: 🙁 As far as I know the EDL is non violent too. But I could be wrong….I haven't done enough research into them at this stage.


          • The BNP view is that they are a government set-up, like 'Combat 18' – the 'intelligence' people having nothing better to do than hire people to disrupt meetings and try to prevent free speech. Watch for the symptoms – police avoidance of arresting them even when they are obviously causing trouble, deliberate incitement to violence by disguised members of these outfits who then melt away into police lines, anonymity, harassment of academic meetings – that sort of thing.

            It's possible this is a wrong view – but bear it in mind as a possibility. You'd think adults in the police etc would have better things to do. … Sigh.

  33. I agree with you Lyn, should any Australian of ANY nationality suffer a horendous rape, bashing etc from a refugee, immigration minister Chris Evans, the department of immigration and any refugee angency found to have bought that individual in, should be sued to the hilt. After all, they are supposed to be 'experts' on the situation and lets face it, any company that causes the death of a person is sued these days, as well as the numeorus sexual harrasement claims that run into the millions. How I wish I thought of this when I got bashed by those f***ing Africans.
    "This is OUR country now white boy!' they sneered at me.
    Sorry about the swearing, just had a gutful.

    • jeebuz Mike – you got bashed by afri-c*nts??

      That does it…they are on borrowed time. ONE false move and I will definitely 'take up arms' against them. It will be THEIR ashes we'll scatter…they're only good for fertilizer anyway.

      Any Australian WOMAN should feel the same as me…do you want to become an Islam slave like their b*tches are? Or would you rather take them out before they take over?

      • RG – As I said to Mike – The Catholic Church is facilitating their arrival through their overseas charity arm, Caritas ! They provide the immigrants with subsidized housing, food & clothing vouchers and jobs. Is it any wonder why the local aboriginals are majorly p*ssed? Already their has been serious trouble between the two.

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