Straight talking on boat people

John Styles writes

When 774 ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine took a call from “Dave of Woodend” this morning, he got the the kind of straight talking on boat people that many Australians have been waiting to hear from their elected representatives.

“I’m just thinking about this immigration racket,” he said.

“It’s not a policy, it’s a racket. And the cause of it is this spineless government that we’ve got.

“There’s two choices that you give these people on the boat.

“One is you get off and get processed. If you don’t want to do that then we will return you from whence you came.

“If you had any spine as a government, and acted in the national interest of this country, that’s what you would do. You wouldn’t let lefties like [Finance Minister Lindsay]Tanner and his mob in the Labor Party white ant,” Dave said.

Jon Faine put one of his stock responses to Dave:

“Do you believe in the United Nations convention on refugees?’ Faine asked.

“No, I don’t believe in the UN. I think it’s a lefty jig, a travelling cocktail party – that’s what I think the UN is,” Dave said.

When Faine pointed out that Australia was a signatory to the UN treaty and obliged to uphold its procedures, Dave wasn’t fazed.

“Okay, well, there’s the procedure. They get off and get processed, okay? That’s the procedure.”

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  1. Zeina and Alibaba’s Bladder

    As the Mujahedeen moved through my neighbourhood in Termiz, my mother loaded the family donkey with pots and pans. My father, Hussein, stood on the roof of the house, calling out to Aziz, my brother, and to his own brother, Ali. He had enough gold to fill a large bladder. He carried it in a hollowed Koran. I wondered if that was a sacrilege.

    My father was righteously querulous. “Quickly, hurry. I can see them coming. Fatima, you are a lazy wife. Must I beat you, to make you pack more quickly? We must be gone before Mustafa’s men find us. They will hand us over to the Taliban. Zeina, where is your burqa? Pity the man who has daughters!”

    I could hear the sound of flogging. The voice of Miriam carried above the sound of chickens and goats in the distance. I was not surprised. Miriam was the worst strumpet in the village. But she was also an explosive personality. In the middle of her beating, she must have pulled the fuse on one of the grenades she carried beneath her gown. I had often said to her, “Miriam, you could easily dislodge a pin and cause an accident.”

    But she would only look at me and reply, rather querulously, “ Do I look like a deliberate remover of pins, Zeina? Can you really sit drinking tea with me stroking my favourite goat and ask me if I am likely to unpin?” So of course I lapsed into silence, stroking Miriam’s goat. I was sure she would go to Paradise one day, and become a virgin for eternity, satisfying the desires of martyrs.

    But when I heard her blow up, I wondered if she would still be a virgin after blowing up Mustafa’s Taliban who was beating her. Theological conundrums continue to elude me. At this time, elusion was uppermost in our minds.

    I pulled my burqa on, so that I looked indistinguishable from my mother. The family hurried away into the hills, heading towards Uzbekistan. “In Uzbekistan, we will find the brother of my wife who lives in Tashkent.” Uncle Ali said, “He will take us through Kazakhstan, and across the Caspian Sea. Once we are in Derbent, in Russia, we can make our way to Turkey; trust me, we will have no trouble reaching Australia. Many Turks live in Australia. As well as Afghanis. It’s more multicultural than Afghanistan.”

    My brother Aziz asked, “This multiculturalism, is it a good thing?”

    Uncle Ali returned, “Can you complain about the multiculturalism in Afghanistan?”

    It was strange hearing such talk of such far away places. But my Uncle Ali had been to Tajikistan, and even through the Khyber Pass to India. He knew the world. So of course I was sad when the Mujahedeen shot him as we passed through the hills leading into Uzbekistan. Though the rest of the family was unharmed, Uncle Ali had wounds that would not allow him to travel far beyond the borders of Afghanistan. We had no choice but to leave him behind with relatives in the area who would take care of his wounds.

    After our encounter with the Mujahedeen, we reached Uzbekistan with relative ease, except that we were trapped in the mountains during a blizzard. Our donkey, Alibaba, died; so we were able to have donkey shish kebabs along the way. My mother said, “I had never thought I would be so sad eating a shish kebab.” My father, Hussein, was able to remove the bladder from Alibaba and use it as a pouch for the gold he had taken from Uncle Ali’s corpse. He kept some shish kebabs on top of the gold to disguise it. He said no devout Muslim would touch the meat from a donkey, a cleft-footed animal.

    I ventured, “But father, we ate Alibaba. Is such consumption allowed us for some reason I cannot understand?”

    He answered me with a clip to my ear, observing, “You have become an impudent child!” So I had another shish kebab. It seemed like an acceptable thing to do.

    But my father told her, “Quiet, foolish woman. The death of Alibaba is the will of Allah.” However, an evident silence fell over us as we travelled, as we remembered Uncle Ali back in Afghanistan.

    Our family arrived one afternoon in Tashkent, and a friendly man awaiting our arrival greeted us with delight. He was Jafar, the brother of Uncle Ali’s wife, and was responsible for leading us over the Caspian Sea, to Turkey. He was disappointed that Uncle Ali was not with us, but did not let this bother him. We were welcomed into a house filled with a delightful aroma; we were invited to have a wonderful traditional meal of Qorma and Palao, with many other magnificent side dishes. Jafar’s wife was certainly a talented cook. She was also very fat. But she was devout. She would have been twice as fat if she ate with her left hand as well as her right. But she knew which hand to use for eating, so she showed holy restraint. I still think of her and admire her culinary piety.

    At dawn on the following day, we embarked on a journey that would eventually lead us towards an unknown, distant land. We ensured that our donkey was packed with all our belongings, and left Uzbekistan. Time passed so quickly after that, and before we knew it, we reached the port of Burynshyk, a dusty market town, where rusty, discoloured freighters and weary, wooden ferries jostled against each other along the crowded quays.

    We boarded a crowded ship, handing the captain a wad of greasy Kazahkstani Tenges, no doubt the value of a dozen goats. It looked like we weren’t the only ones wanting to get away form this war-torn country. People were shouting and pushing, fighting for a place to sit on the crowded deck.

    It seemed hours before the ferry pushed its way out of the harbour into the deep sea of the Caspian. Aziz was so excited by the sight of water, which he had never seen before, except for a few tiny rivulets and streams. He leant over the side, looking for fish and seaweed. After a moment, we heard a splash, and my mother shrieked, “Aziz, my only son, are you drowning!”

    “Yes, my mother. I am drowning,” gurgled Aziz. He stretched out his arms, so I threw him a donkey shish kebab. He spluttered as he chewed on it, then went under the water.

    “Why must you ask such a stupid question,” demanded my father. “Of course he’s drowning. Now I am alone in a household of women!” He scowled as Aziz disappeared beneath the sea, and the ferry sailed onto the shore of Azerbaijan, at a wharf with a road leading to Baku. My father took out a piece of gold he had hidden in the bladder of Ali Baba, disguised as a water-bag, and bought a camel. “We must make our way to Turkey, to Istanbul, and from there to Australia. There the Rudd government will give us visas and government housing.”

    My father was so pleased telling us of the future that he did not notice a large Iranian tank rolling along the street by the wharf. He was run over and flattened dead, leaving my mother and I alone. One of the bystanders remarked, “These Iranian tanks are a curse. They say they must protect us from the Russian Orthodox infidels. But I thought the Russians were communists. It is so confusing. You would think the Iranians would drive their tanks more slowly, or at least toot their horns.”

    I was sure he had a point. Luckily, Alibaba’s bladder was intact; the gold was still there, though the shish kebab didn’t look so good as it had. I wondered if its discoloration had anything to do with Alibaba’s cleft feet. Anyway, I collected his bladder before a crowd came over to inspect the dead body of my revered father.

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    The archangel made an annunciation to my mother, “Fatima, take your daughter and sit together upon this carpet. It will fly, carrying you and Zeina to Australia. Remember to be surly whenever you speak to Christians. God bless you.”

    “Quickly, Zeina. Don’t forget the bladder,” urged my pious mother.

    But as if by a miracle, my mother and I found we were transported to Sydney, where we were greeted by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, and a mullah from Lakemba mosque. The minister greeted us, saying, “Fatima and Zeina, welcome to Australia. Your journey has been watched, and the people of Australia welcome you. Band, play the Afghani national anthem.”

    My mother began to weep as a band made up of forty different nationalities, with all their different instruments, balalaikas, mandolins, sitars, zithers, flugelhorns, castanets, tambourines, bagpipes and Japanese musical bladders, that could be beaten and piped simultaneously, played the Afghani anthem. My mother sobbed so hard she had a cardiac arrest. But an ambulance took her to hospital, where she was cured for free. We were then taken to our public housing estate, where the mullah organized a street party. Some Lebanese boys blew up some cars in the middle of the estate, so it was just like Kabul.

    My mother had another heart attack after the third explosion: it was a double bomb; that’s what Malik told me. I am sure I will marry him. Anyway, once I learned how to use the telephone, I called for help more or less immediately. But the ambulance was too late. It was my destiny to be an orphan, but at least I had the bladder of Alibaba to sustain me. I must claim compensation from the Australian government for not saving my mother from death. That is as the archangel Gabriel had admonished me.

    So now I have a spacious housing commission home to myself, and Mahmoud, a handsome Iraqi from Auburn is courting me. Perhaps I will marry Mahmoud if Malik dies. His sister has moved in with me, and I am also collecting rent from six Pakistanis who live in the small bedroom at the back. They supplement my Centrelink income support nicely. They realize they are fortunate to share the roof of a Pashtun, but I do wish they would not be so noisy when they pray, or snore.

    I am so happy to be in Australia; it is so multicultural and tolerant. I have lost a few relatives and Ali Baba. But here there is opportunity for a new chance at happiness.

  2. I'll sum it up on Islam.

    1.) People often make the mistake of calling it a religion, it is not it is indeed a totalitarian fascist political ideology. It requires its followers to submit to Islam and Allah. The Koran has demands which control just about every part of the followers life, how the dress what they eat when they are supposed to pray their views towards others ( Jews, Christians, Hindus etc ) In the Koran it actually says that Jews and Christians are apes and pigs.

    2.) A lot of the time Islam is spread by forced conversion, in an Islamic country they tax non Islamic people so that they ( Muslims will be tolerant and allow them to keep practicing their religion. Most of these people soon convert so that they will not be shamed by being third class citizens.

    3.) Sharia or Islamic Law is and always has been abusive towards women. Sharia law favors men over women and therefor goes against everything Democracy stands for, equality for men, women and children of all races, colors and faiths.

    4.) Not to mention that in our countries only one set of laws should apply. In the UK – UK law, Australia – Australian law and so on.

    5.) Halal food or non sinful food is basically animals killed without pain relief they are just killed with a slit to the throat which contravenes animal rights laws.

    [youtube JIq7tsVvEoY

    [youtube mM2dC1iWzww


  3. At the risk of boring everyone, can I make a point about the way words and ideals are deliberately changed?

    Think of when 'democracy' was new. Obviously, anyone powerful is likely to be against the idea. Naturally they will tend to adjust the meaning – e.g. giving the vote only to property-owners over 40, or something. You can see the same sort of thing all over the place, which is why there's so much confusion.

    'Liberal' should mean something like free, or tolerant. But in Britain, when a few factory owners were powerful, 'liberal' changed to mean something like 'freedom for the rich to make more money'. The 'Liberal Party' supported the 'Manchester school' of economics, which for example wouldn't permit trade unions. This is why the Liberal Party in Britain faded out and 'Labour' took over from them.

    'International' and 'world government' – if you read up e.g. H G Wells or Bertrand Russell – meant something very honourable, in intent – with world control of weapons and some sort of democratic control over the world. The League of Nations, and, later, the UN, were both set up under the influence of this kind of feeling. But of course it failed – it did nothing useful about things like the Vietnam War, Biafra and so on. As, now, it has oddly metamorphosed into an oddity doing the bidding of secret string-pullers behind the scenes.

    'Socialism' at the time of H G Wells and Wiliam Morris was also an honourable thing. This was the era when mechanisation was primitive by today's standards. You could easily tell who was a farm labourer, or factory worker, or sailor, or miner. The idea was to get what seemed like reasonably fair pay. What happened here was a bit different – Jewish immigrants accepted the idea of more pay, but not the idea of democracy which went with it. When there was a Jewish coup in Russia (a 'Revolution' as it is mis-called) they described their system as socialist, or social democrat when in fact of course it was the opposite. To this day 'Reds' admire Stalin, despite there being nothing traditionally socialist about the USSR at all. 'Communism' meant originally something to do with communes – Italian towns have their 'comune' which just means something like a town council. The way it was used in the 'USSR' ('Socialist Republics'?) of course was intended to take advantage of the attractive and noble feelings connected with the original meaning.

  4. Sorry about that….here is the full adress.

  5. If you think Australia has lost the plot, take a look at this !!!

  6. I had an interesting talk with a German lady who was shocked by the 'interrogation' she and her family had to go through with the department of immigration, not one was a white Australian or Aboriginal and they were very rude to her and her family. She said it was the same in Germany and Australia is headed the same way if we don't elect a proper political party that will stop the rot. And for the comment about our soldiers I couldn't agree more. Afgahnistain is nothing to do with us, if they wish their women to walk around like salt and pepper shakers, let the likes of the cowardly Germaine Greer to sort it out. And yes, I believe the Muslims are using this as an excuse to pour into Western lands, aided by the white far left who have made a lot of money over hating and committing geonocide against their own. They are just as bad as the black african cheifs who sold their own people to the white slavers hundreds of years ago.

  7. continued:

    There is also a growing rise of fundlementalism inside muslim communities………the attitude of their young males is appalling. Many openly sneer at our girls and call them 'aussie sluts'. As they increase their number they are becoming more arrogant and self assured. The Lebs in Sydney have a confident swagger now, especially since they saw the Cronulla Riots as a victory for them. The police didn't arrest them – they turned on our own….for daring to defend our girls& life guards on the beach! They put up with 10 years of these muslim pigs raping & insulting our women and knifing our men. Tim Priest warned the NSW government for years what was coming down the pike………and they IGNORED him because they literally became afraid of the Cedars of Lebanon criminal gangs roaming the suburbs!!! It's enough to make you puke!

  8. Just curious, and a tad suspicious, but could one surmise that the poeple smugglers are already entrenched in the Immigration department.
    The "refugee industry" is worth a lot on money to some on the gravy train, consuming some billion or more Federal dollars annually.
    There is about 90 refugee NGOs in OZ at the moment, and about 1000 in the UN.
    Each NGO is granted money from the Federal purse, and no refugees, no income. Same applys to the UN.
    And, do not forget that the Muslims have powerful contacts within the federal govt, and also the UN.
    Also, our armed forces are in Afghanistan, being put at the sharp end to keep the people safe from the so called Taliban.
    If that is the case, why are the afghan males coming here in large numbers?
    The Taliban are not stupid. They are in a position to say that you are in my country seeking violence,
    therefore we will send our soldiers to your country as "refugees", bog you down with a huge human rights expense, and possible covert activities that will break your legal system.

    Think about it.

    • I thought about it……….and you`re right. The Immigration Centre in Melbourne is literally run by immigrants. My daughter told me that when she showed me where the Immigration Centre is as we passed it. She has close connections with many immigrants through her work at Monash University. She has lived down there for 13 years and she knows exactly what is going on down there. Her close connection with muslim groups is seeing some worrying signs. While most are happy to lead normal lives, they still disapprove of 'the other'. One muslim girl told her to her face that living in a non muslim land is a burden. But most are willing to bear that burden for the sake of Allah. One day they hope to convert Australians and install Sharia. To her FACE!!!!

    • If the situation is anything like Britain, lawyers are in on it. It was recently revealed that our 'Labour' government secretly decided in 2000/1 to ship in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year to 'rub thier noses in it' (i.e. normal whites). The procedure was lax or non-existent. Cherie Blair's autobiography specifically states that her chambers specialising in 'human rights' were set up in 2000. Unfortunately judges make a lot of money, but only in their one sphere of activity. They don't just resign or change jobs, however ridiculous or corrupt the system becomes.

  9. Western leaders, the current ones, will never take their testicles out of their mummies handbags Lyn. That's why such parties as the APP will gain in strength but it needs more publicity…and needs to publise Muslim attrocities around the world, especially the gang rapes in Sweden and the destruction of white graves in Manchester England, to build a carpark for Muslims to park their cars. Many of those graves were women and children killed in the Blitz, their bodies now laying under concrete with Muslim cars on top. If they show no respect to our dead…

  10. Continued:

    The Muslim Brotherhood is on the rise,with Saudi Arabia vertually bankrollling every madrassa and mosque in Indonesia and indeed the West itself (here too) their overall aim is to restore The Caliphate and install Sharia Law as the ultimate tool of expansion. Nothing to do with communism……….it's more like fascism, religious fascism. In the words of another poster here, it's not as if they are hiding their agenda. They openly bragg about it. Mark my words, if western politicans don't grow some b*alls we are going to LOSE!!!


    • Lyn

      Spot on, again. The Muslims are similar to the park bench game. The west sits comfortably on the bench, along comes the Muslim and slowly moves over to the west. The west keeps moving over until there is the abyss, the muslim keeps pushing and by diverse means the west is over and in the abyss.
      There is a lawer of position in Melbourne that has already "requested" that Shia Law be accepted in OZ. He has stated that it is about the same as some of the Catholic legal protocols.

  11. Mmmmmmm……Nicholas, here is a quote of mine from the above article. ou must have missed it.

    "The ONLY reason why refugees VOTE for Labour is because THEY KNOW that socialist governments are SOFT on border protection. Krudd just proved it………."

    Believe me, muslims do NOT like communist ideals. That's one of the reasons why Afghans rose up against the Russians as they came to the aid of the Communist installed regime in the late eighties. Muslims will only follow a government that follows the tenents of Islam. That is true of just about all of them………and Turkey is wavering under a leader who has a Islamist agenda. Secular Turkey (if not careful) could fall to an Islamist installed government. Even Mubarak in Egypt cannot hold his position without brute force.

  12. And in reality we can't blame the Muslims, they have been very open and honest with their intentions for us by words and actions…we can't say we wern't warned. Still Australia voted for KRudd and co, so as he hands over the keys of OZ to Islam (would have been nice if he'd have asked our permission to do so, but the far left never ask, they just dictate, which is why they get on so well with Islam)

  13. Vladimir – Most of our arrivals are coming from Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan ect – the Sri Lankan make up is this: 70% of Sri Lankans are Theravada Buddhists, 15% are Hindus, 7.5% are Muslims and 7.5% Christians. Also to my knowledge most of our asylum seekers don't come from socialist or communist goverments. In fact most dispise socialist & communist values. They are more likely to come from loose democratic / dictatorships where the dominent religion has a powerful influence on goverment. Pakistan is a classic example Of what I mean. The ONLY reason why refugees VOTE for Labour is because THEY KNOW that socialist government are SOFT on border protection. Krudd just proved it………..and now they will flood in in unprecedented numbers. At least Howard kept the barbarians at bay and slowed the flow to a trickle. It's only the West that keeps falling for the UN human rights garbage. Name me a non Western country that has a multi-cutural policy???

  14. I think Rudd wants as many ethnic refugees as possible because most ethnic communities are brought up under socialist or communist governments and are sympethizers to the socialist Labor Party. Very few people change the way which they are accustomed to. It fits nicely with Rudd’s pland for a Big Australia too.

  15. Nicholas Folkes says


    Vladimir is right in some ways. These illegals would prefer to live in a Socialist West as they are entitled to a treasure trove of benefits. If the Socialist and even Communist weflare state didn't exist would they come here? These mifits from Sri Lnaka, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq couldn't compete in an open 'free enterprise' system. Muslims and other third world people do like the ideals of a Communist state but they never had a successful nation of free enterprise where they could rob it blind and collpase the whole nation. They were poor to start with, this is a reflection on their own shortcomings.

    You are right to state that most refugees come from muslim countries but these people are the perpetrators of hate and violence towards the non-believer. Multiculturalism in a non-Western country; it is all one way and full of double standards. The racists of the third world would rip their fellow man to shreads if multiculturalism were forced on them.

  16. As long as we believe our politicians are simply stupid and spineless, we give them a clear runway to launch Oz into global governance.

    All political party candidates who pass preselection understand that they must follow the international agenda. This is why Australia's course has not changed since the day Whitlam signed the Lima Agreement, in which we agreed to share our wealth with the third world.

    Dave of Woodend (above) has good instincts. The UN exists for one reason, to further the globalist agenda. This is what it was set up for in 1946. And this is why the UN HQ is standing on Rockefeller land in New York; it was designed by the Rockefeller brothers and FDR was their first recruit.

    To eliminate national sovereignty, they know they must dilute national identity, and what better way to do this than by flooding each country with refugees and migrants, with radically different cultures. This has the added advantage of causing social division, especially between generations.
    The genius of the programme is that the refugees are all from regions that the globalists want for their oil and gas pipelines; so no need to compensate people.

    As Aussies, it is up to us to tell our politicians that we, the people, were never consulted about all the treaties that were signed so secretly; therefore we are not obliged to honour such treaties.

    In a democracy, our representatives are supposed to implement the will of the people; not make far-reaching decisions on our behalf. That is the function of monarchs and dictators.

    If we want to rescue Australia we have to bite the bullet and grab our politicians by the scruff of the neck, head butt them, and say "Listen mate! You work for us, not them. We pay your wages… now represent us properly or get sacked."

    • Excellent precis of the situation Tony. I believe you are spot on. The real irony is we elect government officials to represent us and they do everything but that while seeming to be acting in the National interest. KRudd is especially globally oriented. We are simply a stepping stone to his next career move. He has his eyes on some international appointment or sinecure.

  17. Of course our Indonesian 'friends' in Jakarta are rolling in the isles pissing themselves with laughter over all this. Krudd's answer is to BRIBE the Indonesians and humiliate ourselves on the International stage. To make matters worse he is doing the same (BRIBING) the Sri Lankans as well. This government is a disgrace! At home we have hundreds of thousands of families doing it tough and he is showering third world governments with THEIR money! No wonder we have become a laughing stock – within a matter of decades Australia has returned her historical past……a dumping ground for the world's poverty stricken masses, criminals and welfare leeches. We are about to turn a once beautiful country into a multi-cultural hellhole. The Brits warned us……and our politicans ignored the signs. Enoch Powells prophetic words are about to turn into reality.

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